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 Kangana Ranaut’s Life introduction Kangana Ranaut Biography
Kangana, one of the Bollywood actresses, is known for her tremendous acting in films. So they have crores of fans across the country, and if you are also one of them. So in this article, Biography of Kangana Ranaut Going to discuss
Kangana is one of those few celebrities of Bollywood. Those who have brought themselves to this level, where reaching many people is just a dream. So they are the most in Bollywood Paid celebrity Finds a place in the list of.
Of bollywood “Queen” Kangana, who is going somewhere, has a lot to do with the controversies, whether it was her fight with Hrithik a few years back or the debate she had with Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Rawat. This is the reason that this actress remains at the center of discussion with her acting as well as controversies. But Kangana’s personality, who is steadfast in her stand with boldness, is an example for those who dream of winning the world.

Kangana Ranaut Biography

Who is Kangana Ranaut?
Name Kangana Ranaut
Birth 23 March 1987 (age 33)
birth place Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
The business Actress
Years active 2006 – present

Kangana Ranaut Biography

Kangana is an Indian film actress who mostly works films. He is known as a self-made actor in Bollywood. Who have been awarded for many National Film Awards, including the Film Fair, Kangana Ranaut has also made her place in the Forbes Top 100 Celebrity 6 times so far.

Kangna Ranaut Wiki, Age, Family Career

Kangana Ranaut was born on 23 March 1981 in a Rajput family in a place called Bhamla in Himachal Pradesh. His father is a businessman, and Mother’s name asha ranaut Huh. Their A brother named Akshar Ranaut Is one There is an elder sister named Rangoli Ranaut is. Which in many cases has also been seen on camera defending them at the time of the dispute.
Their Height 165 CM And Eye color brown And Hair color black is. Their favorite sport Basketball Hai, Sridevi is her favorite actress.

Kangana Ranaut Education

Seeing the stage this Bollywood actress is currently in, hardly anyone will say that her father and family would want to make Kangana a doctor. However, Kangana was also studying with a science subject to become a doctor.
They own Completed elementary education from DAV School, Chandigarh. But due to lack of interest in Kangana’s studies, she failed in Science subject in class 12th. She was only 16 at that time, but ignoring the resentment of the family, she moved to Delhi without the family’s will, seeing her career. Kangana’s father was very angry about her decision so it is believed that she had also talked about ending the relationship with her daughter.
Due to lack of education, Kangana tells that after coming to the film industry, she was also ridiculed many times due to lack of good English in the initial stages. But by making herself better, she is not only known for her brilliant acting but also speaks fluent English.

Kangana Ranaut’s film career

After coming to Delhi, Kangana joined the Asmita Theater Group to follow her passion and made her move to modeling there. Gradually, she got a chance to work in some serials as well and she was well praised for her acting, and then she came to the city of dreams, Mumbai, looking at her future destination. Where he did a 4-month course from a drama school.
Next year 2005 Came in Gangster movie Kangana, who made her debut in the film world, left a deep impression on the audience with her acting in her first film. This young talented actor for this film Filmfare On behalf of Best Debut Film Award Also found. So Kangana Bollywood that she is the only actress who Received National Award at age 22 did. After this, in the coming years, he gave Bollywood “Woh Lamhe” (2006), ‘Life in Metro’ (2007), and ‘Fashion’ (2008) Hit films like. In which Bollywood gave him a different identity due to his brilliant acting.
The years went by and with time the actress now worked on herself and continuously improved her acting and Year 2011 In Tanu Weds Manu This movie proved to be a game changer in his life thanks to his brilliant acting. Which gave him a lot of name and the film also earned quite a lot. Kangana Ranaut has never looked back since then.
‘Queen’ then ‘Krrish 3’ in 2013, ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ in 2015 and ‘Simran’ in 2017 Films like this actress have reached the pinnacle of success in the Bollywood industry where people come to see only the dream. Today Kangana Ranaut is not interested in any introduction. He has millions of fans across the country. Not only in Bollywood but also in politics, his impeccable style draws towards his personality.

Kangana Ranaut Affairs

While this Bollywood actress earned a lot of name in the Bollywood industry by doing great films, she also got involved with controversies. Discussions of his affair were seen the most in controversies. with them News of relation of Aditya Pancholi After which Kangana also filed a case of harassment on Aditya Pancholi. Study Suman She also had a relationship with the latter which ended with separation. other than this Kangana’s controversy with Hrithik Roshan made a lot of headlines.
In one of his interviews during his interview, he wrote to Hrithik Roshan Silly x Having said that, the dispute between the two increased considerably and the media gave coverage to every news related to this dispute.

Disputed statement of Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, who has always been known for her outrageous statements, has given controversial statements many times during her film career, which has created a stir in Bollywood. Due to these disputes, every time there are new debates, this actress is also trolled.

Kangana POK to Mumbai

recently There has been a lot of debate between Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, And the dispute between them is still not stopped. But this debate got heated when he tweeted on Twitter that “Sanjay Raut is threatening me not to come to Mumbai. Wherever the streets of Mumbai used to be openly slogans of freedom, now there are threats, it seems that Mumbai has also become a part of PoK”

Kangana Ranaut gave a controversial statement on drugs

Not only this, this star also had to face the displeasure of Bollywood stars. When they Sushant Rajput case investigation During the tweet in one of his statements on the drugs case, he said that 99% of drugs are consumed in Bollywood. If all these stars are tested, then all will be found in jail. After this statement, the entire section of Bollywood has turned against Kangana’s statement. Many people were accusing him of joining politics or even being a liar.

Kangana Ranaut also speaks openly about Nepotism

Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Since then, the issue has spread like a fire among the public on social media regarding nepotism. People also pulled up the stars who spread nepotism, but the credit for bringing this topic to the discussion only goes to Kangana. Several times he directly attacked some Bollywood stars by accusing them of spreading nepotism. For this they consider Karan Johar as a symbol of nepotism. Apart from this, other Bollywood biggies like Mahesh Bhatt And she has also made controversial statements about Star Kids.

Kangana Ranaut’s wedding, what is Kangana’s husband’s name?

After achieving success in the film career, the 33-year-old actress has also been questioned by the media many times to find out the reason for not getting married yet.
Kangna did not give any spast answer to the questions asked about the wedding so far. Recently during the shooting of the film Panga, when he was asked about the wedding plan. So he said that Panga film director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari wants to see them get married as soon as possible. He said that finding a right boy of your level to get married is also a challenging task. They want a boy who is talented, intelligent, so it will be a matter of time to see who and how long Kangana gets her soul mate.
Turning the question this way, he finally said that he was deeply influenced by the relationship between Ashwini and her husband and filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari. However, even before when the question was asked by the media about marrying her in a bridal show in the year 2016, she said that at the moment I do not have such a plan right now but can be thought of getting married by the year 2019.

Kangana Ranaut Biography

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