All Alone Lyrics

When it comes to break-up songs, All Alone by Lykke Li is one of the best. It’s a powerful song about loneliness and heartbreak, perfectly capturing the emotion of the moment. I remember the first time I heard this song; I was at my friend’s house, drinking coffee on the porch, and it was playing in the background. As soon as I heard the lyrics I was hooked. The chorus of the song is especially poignant and will stick with you long after you hear it. The combination of raw emotion and beautiful instrumentation makes it a classic breakup song. In this article, I’m going to be exploring the lyrics to All Alone and the deeper meaning behind them.

What is “All Alone”

“All Alone” is a popular song written by Irving Berlin and first performed by British singer Harry Richman in the 1929 Broadway revue, The Music Box Revue. The lyrics of the song speak of a man feeling dejected and abandoned, with a yearning for a former love that has gone away. The lyrics were famously covered in 1954 by Frank Sinatra, and since then have been covered by countless artists.

The lyrics touch on themes of loneliness and regret, with the opening line “All alone, I’m so all alone/There is no one here beside me” setting the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics also allude to a sense of lost hope, as the protagonist realizes that he may never fully recover from the pain of the past. It has been said that the lyrics were inspired by Berlin’s own experience of being abandoned when his parents fled to America while he was still a young boy.

“All Alone” has become a classic, and has been featured in countless movie soundtracks and musicals, including the musical “Annie Get Your Gun”. According to a 2017 survey conducted by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Country Music Association (CMA), “All Alone” was one of the top ten most performed songs in the United States. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable, and its message of loneliness and longing is one that resonates with many listeners.

The legacy of “All Alone” continues to be felt today, with countless cover versions being released each year.

Music Video

The hit song “All Alone” by artist Jarryd James has become a big hit in the last few years. This music video, which has over 45 million views on YouTube, follows the story of a young man trying to find his place in the world. The music video depicts Jarryd James singing in a desolate landscape, accompanied by a guitar. The video’s visuals perfectly capture the loneliness and confusion of the song’s lyrics.

The track was released in 2015 as part of Jarryd James’ debut album Thirty One. The song’s melancholic and poetic lyrics have made it a favorite among fans, reaching a peak position of number one on the US adult alternative songs chart. This song is praised for its cleverly written lyrics, mixing the sadness of being alone with a sense of hope.

The music video for “All Alone” has won several awards for its stunning cinematography. It has also been nominated for several awards, including Best Music Video at the ARIA Music Awards, and Best Cinematography at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Through its impressive visuals and heartbreakingly beautiful song, the music video for “All Alone” has won the hearts of many people around the world.

Jarryd James’ “All Alone” is a powerful song that speaks to the struggles of loneliness and isolation, providing comfort to those who feel lost and alone. Its visuals have captured the attention of millions of viewers, propelling it to the top of the charts. Its

Lyrical Meaning

“All Alone” is a heart-wrenching song with lyrics that express intense feelings of loneliness and despair. Written by the American music producer Illenium, featuring Anna Clendening, the song paints a vivid picture of a person feeling isolated and desperate for comfort. The lyrics bring to light the feelings of sadness and emptiness that accompany being alone.

As the song progresses, it emphasizes that the individual is struggling with a sense of disconnection from the world around them. It speaks to the idea that struggling with loneliness and emptiness is a common human experience. Illenium’s lyrics emphasize that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being without companionship. Instead, it implies that loneliness can be experienced even when surrounded by people.

The song also touches on the idea that sometimes it’s hard to ask for help and reach out to others. It notes that when feeling alone and overwhelmed it can be difficult to reach out and ask for support. The lyrics suggest that the individual is struggling to find a way to ask for help, and that the idea of being vulnerable and open with people is daunting.

Despite its heavy subject matter, the chorus of “All Alone” leaves the listener with a feeling of hope. It conveys that even when feeling overwhelmed and alone, it is possible to find the courage to speak up and ask for help. It also emphasizes that even if someone doesn’t have anyone to turn to, they still have the strength within themselves to keep going despite the struggles.

“All Alone” has resonated with many listeners. It has been


The lyrics to the song ‘All Alone’ by the artist Amos Lee are thought provoking and insightful, capturing themes of loneliness, isolation, and heartache. The song deals with a range of topics that are universally relatable and can speak to a wide audience of listeners. With the song’s poignant chorus of “all alone, all alone, and ever so far away”, it is easy to feel the loneliness and pain of the subject.

The song speaks to the idea of being alone in a crowd of people, with themes of disconnection and longing. By connecting the physical isolation of being alone to emotional and spiritual isolation, this song speaks to a shared sense of aloneness. Many people find comfort in relating to the lyrics of this song and being able to express their feelings of loneliness.

The song is also a reminder that everyone feels alone and isolated at one point or another. Studies have shown that as much as 25% of the adult population in the US report feeling lonely at least once in a year. While it is important to recognize that loneliness is a real and valid feeling, it is also important to remember that it is something that is generally experienced by everyone.

The song ‘All Alone’ is a powerful reminder of the universality of feelings of loneliness. By providing a platform for expressing these emotions, Amos Lee’s music is able to connect to people in a meaningful way. With its meaningful lyrics and powerful themes, this song is able to provide an outlet to express one

Musical Structure

The lyrics of the song ‘All Alone’ by The Cure are truly captivating. The song, released in 1989, was a part of the legendary British rock band’s album ‘Disintegration’ which was their 8th studio album. Its musical structure is composed of a classic verse chorus format with two verses and a bridge. The song begins with an acoustic guitar intro and is then accompanied by a background bass and drums. Then, Robert Smith’s vocals come in during the chorus creating a truly remarkable sound. Through its melodic structure, the lyrics express feelings of deep sorrow and loneliness. According to Tunebat, the song is in the key of G Major and has a tempo of 111 beats per minute. It is a perfect example of how a combination of lyricism and music can create a powerful effect. This song continues to be popular among music lovers due to its haunting and sentimental influence.

Reception & Impact

The song “All Alone”, released by rapper G-Eazy, has become a fan favorite since its release in 2018. The track was certified Platinum in the United States shortly after its release, and has since been streamed over 1.3 billion times on Spotify and YouTube combined.

The lyrics of the song are what have truly made it stand out amongst fans. They are reflective of the artist’s own struggles with loneliness and feelings of isolation in a modern world full of technology and social media. G-Eazy has said that the song is meant to “help people feel less alone”, and it has been successful in doing so.

The song also has an impact beyond just those who can relate to its lyrics. It has been praised for its unique sound, which blends hip-hop and R&B elements. It has also been featured in several popular movies and television shows, and has been used in advertisements by notable clothing brands.

The track has been widely embraced by fans and critics alike. It won Best Rap/Sung Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards, and was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards. It has also been featured on several best-of lists, including Rolling Stone’s “The 50 Best Songs of 2018”.

Overall, “All Alone” has been an incredibly successful song, both commercially and critically. It has resonated with audiences of all ages, and has had an undeniable impact on the music industry.


“All Alone” is a powerful reminder of the pain and loneliness of being alone. It’s a heartbreaking song that speaks to a universal experience. I hope it can serve as a reminder to reach out for help when life gets too hard to handle alone. The lyrics and melody of this song are so full of emotion and understanding. I hope that this song can help others who are feeling alone in their struggles. It’s a reminder that there is always someone who cares and is willing to listen. With its heartfelt sentiments, “All Alone” is a song that anyone can relate to. Let us strive to be more open and understanding with one another so that we can all feel less alone in this world.