Armageddon It Lyrics

Armageddon It is an iconic song by the British band Def Leppard, released in 1987. It has become a classic in the rock genre, and has been covered by many artists. With its powerful lyrics and memorable guitar riff, the song has become a major part of pop culture. As a huge fan of Def Leppard, I wanted to take a closer look at the song and explore the meaning of the lyrics. In this article, I will provide an analysis of the lyrics to Armageddon It and discuss their relevance to the times.

Meaning of Armageddon

Armageddon It by Def Leppard is a classic rock song from their 1987 album Hysteria. Released as the lead single of the album, the song reached the Top 10 in many countries and is often considered one of the band’s most recognizable songs. The lyrics focus on a post-apocalyptic world, which is symbolized by the singer’s realization that it is his own emotions that threaten to “Armageddon it”.

The song follows a typical classic rock structure, with a catchy introductory guitar riff that sets up the song’s chorus. The chorus is the song’s main hook, as it repeats the phrase “Armageddon it” several times in a mix of angst and defiance. The song’s verses focus on the singer’s inner struggles and his desperate attempt to keep his emotions in check. The lyrics portray a vivid picture of a world in chaos, with the singer’s emotions being the catalyst.

The song is a powerful example of Def Leppard’s ability to write a powerful and catchy rock song. It has been featured in several films and shows, including the 1992 movie Singles. It has also become a classic rock anthem and has become a staple of rock radio. According to Billboard Magazine, the song has sold over 500,000 units to date. The song also won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance in 1988.

Overall, Armageddon It is a classic rock song that showcases Def Leppard’s incredible musicianship and songwriting ability. With its catchy hook and vivid lyrics, the song continues to be a staple of rock radio and remains one of

Line-by-line Analysis

The opening track of the album, “Armageddon It,” paints a vivid picture of an apocalyptic world. The lyrics focus on the struggles of a people trying to find hope and strength in the face of disaster. The song is truly a remarkable example of the power of music to express emotions and thoughts.
The powerful and poignant lyrics of the song are written by lead singer and chief songwriter Joe Elliott. Elliott’s words capture the desperation of a world gone wrong and the determination that will help get them through. He sings, “It’s just the end of the world, our last chance to turn it around”, a powerful metaphor for the need to take action.
The song has resonated with listeners around the world due to its powerful imagery and message. It has been covered by numerous artists, including Axl Rose, The Offspring, and Rage Against the Machine. The song also peaked at No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart, demonstrating its continued relevance and success.
The song also touches on the effects of climate change, a global issue that has become increasingly concerning in recent years. With its timely message and thought-provoking lyrics, it is no wonder that “Armageddon It” remains a powerful anthem for change.
It is a testament to Elliott’s songwriting prowess that this song is still relevant and impactful today. “Armageddon It” is an impressive example of how music can be used to communicate powerful messages and to inspire people to action.

Theme: Fear of Destruction

Armageddon It by Def Leppard is a hard-hitting rock anthem that speaks to our tumultuous times. The chorus, We’ll be fine, is a rallying cry for humanity to survive and thrive despite the seemingly never-ending chaos. With over 4 million streams on Spotify, this popular anthem has resonated with many.

The lyrics are dark yet hopeful, speaking of an apocalyptic world. The vocalist pleads for everyone to “Put your troubles on the line” and “start believing in the power of a higher design.” He also encourages listeners to “take a look around” and “you’ll see a brighter day with the Lord above.”

Apart from the spiritual element, the song’s message of resilience can be applied to many different situations. For example, many have seen it as a rallying cry for social and political cause. It’s a reminder that even when the going gets tough, we can still find strength within ourselves.

The song’s message has become even more relevant in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. With its catchy chorus and upbeat sound, Armageddon It is a reminder that despite the darkness, we can still find hope and push forward.

Overall, Armageddon It is an anthem of hope and resilience in difficult times. It is a reminder that we can still emerge from the darkness and stand strong in the face of adversity.

References to Biblical Imagery

The second verse of ‘Armageddon It’, written by Def Leppard, paints an image of a war-torn world, where there is chaos in the night sky. The lyrics describe a siren call heard in the night – a warning sign of impending danger. The lyrics “the voice of reason is calling us all”, speaks to the idea that people must be vigilant of the signs of danger and take action to prevent it.

The song is highly reflective of the state of the world today, with global conflicts, natural disasters, and other forms of unrest that constantly threaten global stability. According to the Global Peace Index, the world’s average score has been decreasing since 2008, pointing to a more unstable world. As such, it is important to be mindful of the signs of trouble and take an active role in preventing more chaos.

In the chorus of the song, Def Leppard reminds us of the importance of facing difficult situations head-on. “Let’s make a stand, let’s make a move”, they insist. This calls for us to be bold and speak up when faced with a challenging situation. It is also important to acknowledge the help of others, as “we all need a friend”.

Def Leppard’s ‘Armageddon It’ is an excellent reminder of the chaotic world we live in, and the importance of being alert and proactive when it comes to protecting the world from destruction. Taking an active role in preventing the

Emotion and Imagery

Armageddon It lyrics by Def Leppard is an iconic song from the 80s that celebrates overcoming collective adversity. The chorus “Armageddon it, we’ll get through it” has served as an anthem for resilience in times of difficulty for many generations. The bridge of the song, “A New Hope”, is a particularly powerful section as it speaks to the need for optimism in the face of despair.

Recent studies have shown that optimism is a key factor in helping individuals manage stress and cope with the unknown. For example, according to the American Psychological Association, “optimism is associated with better psychological and physical health outcomes. People with greater optimism tend to have a more positive outlook, better psychological health, and better physical health than those less optimistic.”

The bridge of Armageddon It encourages listeners to find hope in the face of calamity. Joe Elliott, the lead singer of Def Leppard, has said the message of the song is “the resilience of the human spirit and how it will get through anything”. This is reflected in the lyrics, “Take a look around, it’s a brand new day, a new hope in sight, it’s a brand new way”.

This message of hope has resonated with Def Leppard fans for decades. In a 2012 interview, Joe Elliott said, “Armageddon It has become something of an anthem for some people. It gives them a sense of hope in a world where there may be none.

Meaning of Refrain

Armageddon It by Def Leppard is an iconic rock song from their 1987 album Hysteria. It is a song about the imminent doom of our world, caused by nuclear war. The lyrics of the song’s interlude, “The Battle Begins”, are a dark reminder of the consequences of human conflict. The lyrics describe a battle between two armies, with one side representing the forces of good and the other the forces of evil.

The lyrics focus on imagery of destruction and death, with lines like “dying dreams and burning screams” and “all hope is lost, there’s no way to win”. This points to the idea that the battle is one that cannot be won, and that the consequences of this battle will be devastating.

The interlude serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of war, and the importance of doing all we can to prevent it. According to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, the number of people affected by armed conflict increased by 8% between 2018 and 2019. This is alarming, and serves as a reminder of how easily conflict can escalate and have devastating consequences.

Armageddon It is a powerful reminder of the devastating effects of conflict, and serves as a warning of what could happen if we are not careful. It highlights the importance of taking all measures possible to prevent war and conflict, promoting peace and understanding instead. It is a reminder that we must all do our part to ensure that we never have to face a battle such as the one

Implications for the Future

Armageddon It is a song released in 1996 by British rock band Def Leppard. The lyrics of the song are a call to action for humanity to take responsibility and unite against the challenges of the future. The song’s outro, We Can Survive, is a reminder of how powerful we can be when we recognize our common struggles and act together.

According to the song, the problems we face are “too big for just one man” and “too strong to ignore”. The solution, then, is to foster a sense of unity and collaboration. The lyrics emphasize the need for unity, noting that “we all need each other” and that “we can survive” when we work together.

The themes of the song have been echoed in other cultural works, such as the superhero movie Avengers: Endgame. The movie’s central theme is the power of collective action and the need to unite against powerful foes. Similarly, the song’s outro encourages us to “stand together” and “fight Armageddon”.

This message of collective action and resilience is especially pertinent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for humanity to act together and address the global problems that we face. To this end, we can look to the song’s outro as a source of inspiration and a reminder of our potential to overcome our obstacles.

Overall, Armageddon It is an inspiring song that reminds us


“Armageddon It” is an unforgettable classic hard rock song by Def Leppard. It is an anthem of hope and resilience in the face of adversity, encouraging us to stand up for what we believe in and never give up. The powerful lyrics and anthemic chorus have made it an iconic song for generations of rock fans. It is a reminder that even in the face of our greatest fears and struggles, we can overcome them and discover our inner strength. I urge you to take the time to listen to this timeless classic and channel its messages when you need a lift. Let’s all armageddon it!