Ave Maria Lyrics From Sur: The Melody Of Life [English Translation]

Ave Maria Lyrics: This is a Bollywood song from the movie ‘Sur: The Melody Of Life’ in the voice of Marijke D’souza. The song lyrics was written by Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli and the music is composed by M. M. Keeravani. This film is directed by Tanuja Chandra. It was released in 2002 on behalf of Universal.The Music Video Features Lucky Ali, Gauri Karnik, Simone Singh, Achint KauArtist: Marijke D’souzaLyrics: –Composed: M. M. KeeravaniMovie/Album: Sur: The Melody Of LifeLength: 3:35Released: 2002Label: Universal

Ave Maria Lyrics

एव मारियामारिया ग्रसा प्लेनमारिया ग्रसा प्लेनएवडोमिनोस टेकमबेनेडिक्टा तू इन मुलैरिबूसेते बेनेडिक्टसेते बेनेडिक्टस फ्रुक्टुस वेंट्रिसवेंट्रिस तुईएव मारिया.

Ave Maria Lyrics English Translation

एव मारिया
Ave Maria
मारिया ग्रसा प्लेन
maria grasa plane
मारिया ग्रसा प्लेन
maria grasa plane
डोमिनोस टेकम
Dominos Tecum
बेनेडिक्टा तू इन मुलैरिबूस
benedicta tu in mulariboos
ेते बेनेडिक्टस
ate benedictus
ेते बेनेडिक्टस फ्रुक्टुस वेंट्रिस
te benedictus fructus ventris
वेंट्रिस तुई
Ventrice Tui
एव मारिया.
Ave Maria.

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