Breland For What It S Worth Lyrics

As a country music fan, I’m always in search of the next big hit. Breland’s debut single “For What It’s Worth” is an instant classic. With its catchy melody and profound lyrics, it has hit the top of the country music charts and become a fan favorite. I’m constantly singing along and listening to the song. I’ve been particularly drawn to the lyrics and their meaningful message. In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at the lyrics of “For What It’s Worth” and explain what makes it so special.

Breland’s Worth

Breland’s latest single, “For What It’s Worth,” is an emotive and thoughtful ballad. The song explores the idea of life and one’s purpose in it, and asks the listener to evaluate their own life choices and relationships. The lyrics are heavily influenced by Breland’s own life experiences, and the song has already resonated with fans and critics alike.

The song was co-produced by Daxz and Breland himself and features an all-star cast of songwriters, including Grammy-nominated songwriters Jozzy and Stokley Williams. The song has been streamed millions of times, and has already topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was also featured in the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 and the Top 10 of the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The song has been praised by outlets such as The New York Times for its powerful and relatable lyrics, its production, and its overall message. Breland, in an interview with Complex, shared that “For What It’s Worth” was “a song about life and the way we all try to make sense of it.” This sentiment is echoed in the chorus, which speaks to the beauty of life, even in the midst of all its complexities: “For what it’s worth/Life ain’t no game we can win or lose/It’s just a lesson that we learn from the blues.”

The song truly captures the essence of life and how it can

Verse 1 Meaning

Breland’s song “For What It’s Worth” is a powerful anthem for anyone struggling with self-worth and self-esteem. The first verse of the song explores the idea that, in order to be truly valued, you must first value yourself. Breland sings “I’m worth more than I was yesterday, I’m worth more than what they had to say,”, emphasizing that our worth is not determined by what others think or say about us.

The lyrics also suggest that it’s important to understand our strengths and weaknesses and to work to improve ourselves. Breland sings “I’m worth more than the person I see in the mirror, if I’m gonna level up I gotta work harder.” This speaks to the importance of embracing who we are and striving to become better versions of ourselves.

The chorus of the song is a powerful declaration of self-worth. Breland sings “I’m worth more than the money, I’m worth more than the fame, I’m worth more than the power, I’m worth more than the names.” This speaks to the idea that our worth is not based on material things or the opinions of others, but instead on our own unique value.

Finally, the song speaks to the idea that the only thing that can truly define our worth is ourselves. Breland sings “I’m worth more than what you see, I’m worth more than what they can say, I’m worth more than what I can be, ’cause worth is found in my faith.” This line encourages us to look inward and

Verse 2 Meaning

Breland’s song “For What It’s Worth” is a powerful song about how he has been mistreated and overlooked in the music industry. The second verse is an especially powerful moment in the song, with Breland singing about feeling alone and isolated. The chorus of the song is the perfect place to reflect on the meaning of the song.

The song’s second verse focuses on Breland singing about his feelings of isolation and loneliness. He speaks of how he is overlooked and undervalued, despite his hard work and dedication to his craft. He also mentions feeling judged and taken for granted, while struggling to make his way in the music industry.

The song is a powerful reminder that racism and discrimination still exist in our society, particularly in the music industry. Breland’s lyrics are a call to action for people to support and uplift marginalized voices in the music industry, as well as to recognize the talent of those who have gone unrecognized.

Breland’s song has resonated with fans, earning him a Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song and a Grammy nomination, as well as critical acclaim from music critics. It has also sparked conversations about racism within the music industry, which is an important part of the conversation about dismantling systemic racism.

Ultimately, Breland’s “For What It’s Worth” is a powerful song that speaks to the experiences of marginalized musicians. It is a reminder of the importance of recognizing and supporting diverse voices in the music industry, and it is

Chorus Meaning

The chorus in Breland’s “For What It’s Worth” is a defiant declaration of self-worth and resilience, inspiring listeners to stay true to themselves despite any obstacles they face. The lyrics, “Everybody talking ’bout who I should be, but I’m gonna be me” sends a powerful message to listeners to be unapologetically themselves.

Breland’s chorus is an anthem for everyone who has ever felt judged or misunderstood. The catchy chorus has resonated with many young people today, with the music video for the song surpassing millions of views on YouTube. According to Billboard, the song has concurrently charted on both the Hot Country Songs and Hot 100 charts, showcasing its overwhelming popularity.

The lyrics to the chorus capture the essence of the song, encouraging listeners to embrace their authentic selves. Breland has even performed remixed versions of the song on popular shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show, further highlighting its cultural significance and impact.

The chorus in “For What It’s Worth” has the potential to positively influence its listeners. By reminding people to stay true to themselves, the chorus sets a powerful example of the importance of being resilient and fighting for what you believe in. Breland’s song has become a source of inspiration for many, and it continues to motivate and encourage its listeners.

Production Analysis

The debut single from country artist Breland, “For What It’s Worth”, is a catchy, upbeat track that has made waves all across the country music scene. Produced by hitmaker Shane McAnally, the track is an infectious mix of modern, future-country production and classic country storytelling. McAnally’s production style is heavily influenced by pop and hip-hop, which gives the song a contemporary feel. He utilizes drum machines, 808s, and bright synths to create a dynamic soundscape, which is then reinforced by the traditional country instruments of guitar, fiddle, and steel guitar. With its mix of modern and classic elements, the production can be seen as a representation of Breland’s music as a whole.

The song’s lyrics are driven by Breland’s signature story-telling songwriting style. He uses clever wordplay and imagery to tell the story of a couple trying to make it through a chaotic relationship. His lyrics are both introspective and reflective, as he examines his own feelings and behaviour in the song. He paints a vivid picture of the couple’s struggles, which gives the song a powerful emotional connection that resonates with many listeners.

The track’s success can be largely attributed to its combination of catchy production and expertly crafted lyrics. The track has been streamed over 17 million times on Spotify, and it has been certified gold by the RIAA. Its success is a testament to the power of modern country music, and to

Breland’s Message

Breland’s song “For What It’s Worth” is a powerful, emotional take on perseverance and hope in spite of societal challenges. His message speaks to the racial inequalities people face across the United States, and it calls for action. By drawing attention to the current state of civil rights movements and the political climate, Breland’s lyrics are a reminder that change can happen if everyone does their part.

According to the Civil Rights Movement Archive, African Americans have faced countless obstacles in the fight for justice and equality: police brutality, mass incarceration, and disproportionately low wages. Through Breland’s eloquent lyrics, he highlights the courage and strength of those who continue to fight for civil rights in the face of oppression.

“For What It’s Worth” speaks to the power of resilience and determination. Breland’s lyrics motivate people to take action, even when the odds are against us. His words offer an inspiring reminder that hope and change can come if we are determined to make our voices heard.

The song’s success has been unparalleled; it has earned Breland numerous awards and accolades as well as a Grammy nomination. The track has achieved critical success across various platforms, demonstrating its ability to resonate with listeners on a deep level.

Overall, Breland’s “For What It’s Worth” is an important reminder of the need for societal progress and the power of perseverance. The song’s success reinforces

Reception & Legacy

The song “breland for what it’s worth” has had an incredible impact on popular culture since its release in May of 2020. The song has been streamed over 100 million times and has topped the Billboard charts across the world. It has become an anthem for the younger generations, and its message of resilience and hope resonates with many.

The song’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with many critics praising the song’s innovative production and powerful lyricism. The lyrics tackle personal issues such as mental health, technology and relationships, while also inspiring listeners to strive for their goals.

The song’s legacy has been long-lasting. It has been cited as an inspiration for many up and coming artists, and it has also been used in media campaigns and commercial advertising. The song has been featured in the soundtrack of the popular video game Fortnite, and it has also been covered by artists such as Ed Sheeran and Elvis Presley.

The success of this song is a testament to the powerful impact music can have. It is a reminder that even the most seemingly simple lyrics can have a profound impact on people’s lives. With its catchy beat and uplifting message, “breland for what it’s worth” is sure to remain a classic for years to come.


Breland’s lyrics for “For What It’s Worth” are a reflection of his own experiences and a timeless message of understanding and perseverance. He speaks of the importance of realizing one’s true potential and to not be afraid to go against the grain. The lyrics are simple yet profound and will continue to be relevant to generations to come. By the end of the song, he encourages us to be our own heroes and do what we can to make the world a better place.

For those who identify with Breland’s story, these lyrics offer comfort and hope in the face of adversity. By inspiring us to be more aware and mindful of the struggles of others, he encourages us to take action and make a difference.

It is with this message that Breland has given us a powerful anthem to live by. His message and music will continue to inspire us to be our best and to make a positive impact on the world. Let us take his words to heart and use them to help us create a brighter future.