Bridgit Mendler Ready Or Not Lyrics

As a fan of Bridgit Mendler, I am always excited to hear her new music. Her latest single, “Ready or Not”, has been released, and I am thrilled to take a look at the lyrics. While the song has a catchy beat and upbeat melody, the lyrics themselves are deep and meaningful. They explore the concept of destiny and whether or not we have control over our own fate. It is a powerful and thought-provoking piece of music, and I am eager to uncover the true meaning behind the lyrics.

Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler is an American actress and singer-songwriter best known for her starring role in the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie. Her musical career began in 2012 when she released her debut single “Ready or Not”, which quickly became one of the biggest hits of the year. The song’s lyrics explore the feelings of insecurity and uncertainty that come with starting a new relationship.

The song’s success led to the release of her debut album Hello My Name Is… in 2012, which peaked at number 30 on the Billboard 200. “Ready or Not” was the only single from the album to chart, reaching number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her follow-up single “Hurricane” reached number 95 on the Hot 100.

Bridgit Mendler’s music has earned her numerous awards and nominations. In 2013, she was nominated for an ALMA Award for Outstanding Music Video for “Ready or Not”. The song was also nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Lyric Video and a Radio Disney Music Award for Best Breakup Song.

“Ready or Not” is a much-loved classic of Bridgit Mendler’s discography. The song’s upbeat and cheerful melody combined with her honest and thoughtful lyrics make it a fan favorite. The song is an anthem for anyone facing the uncertainty of a new relationship, and its message of accepting yourself and being confident in who you are is timeless.

For fans of Mendler’s work, “Ready or Not” is a must-listen. The song can

Background of Song

“Ready or Not” by Bridgit Mendler is a pop/R&B song that was released in 2012. It was co-written by Mendler and Emanuel Kiriakou, and produced by Kiriakou and Evan “Kidd” Bogart. The song is from her debut album, Hello, My Name Is…, which reached number thirty on the Billboard 200.

The song was praised by critics for its anthemic pop sound and uplifting message of self-empowerment. It was released to positive reviews with some calling it one of the best songs of the album. The lyrics of the song promote self-confidence and encourage the listener to move forward with their goals and dreams despite the obstacles that may present themselves.

The song peaked at number fifty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her first charting single in the United States. The song was certified gold in the U.S. and Canada, and was also certified platinum in Australia. It was a moderate success in other countries, charting in the top twenty in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and Scotland.

The music video for the song was released in April 2012 and received more than 37 million views on YouTube. The narrative video follows Mendler as she attempts to navigate her way through an unfamiliar city in search of her true destiny. It was praised for its interesting plot and for highlighting the message of the song.

“Ready or Not” by Bridgit Mendler was a breakthrough hit for the young artist

Meaning of Lyrics

Ready or Not, singer Bridgit Mendler released this single in 2012. The lyrics explore the idea of taking risks and making bold decisions, as well as confronting one’s own fears and doubts. The song speaks to the idea of personal growth and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. According to Mendler, the song is “about accepting the responsibility that comes with growing up.”

The chorus of the song sums up the main message, “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide/Gonna find you and take it slowly/Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide/Gonna find you and make you want me.” Mendler is encouraging listeners to take a risk and boldly face their fears.

The lyrics also suggest that in taking a chance, one can gain an understanding of their own inner strength. This is evident in the verse: “I’ve been waiting for somebody like you/To come around and stand in the same shoes/Now I know that I can make it on my own/Just have to be strong.” Mendler is highlighting the importance of developing one’s own internal resources and strength.

The message of “Ready or Not” resonates with many young people who are facing the challenges of growing up. A Gallup poll conducted in 2019 found that nearly 40% of young people struggled with feelings of anxiety or depression. Songs like “Ready or Not” can serve as a source of

Verse 1

Bridgit Mendler’s “Ready or Not” is a catchy and upbeat song that’s been a fan favorite since it’s release in 2012. The track is the title song from her debut album Hello My Name Is… The song features a strong beat, fast-paced lyrics and a modern pop sound.

The lyrics open with the verse “Ready or not, here I come, You can’t hide, gonna find you and take it slowly”. These words can be interpreted to mean that the singer is ready to take on whatever comes her way and that she won’t be deterred. The chorus then follows with “Ready or not, here I come, You can’t hide, Gonna find you and make you want me.” This is an empowering message, showing that the singer is not afraid of taking charge and going after what she wants.

The song was a commercial success, reaching number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It was also certified Gold in Australia and New Zealand and Platinum in the UK and US. This demonstrates that the track resonated with a wide variety of audiences.

The “Ready or Not” music video was nominated for the “Choice Music: Break-Up Song” award at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. The video follows Mendler as she visits various places on a road trip to forget the person who broke her heart. It features a strong visual metaphor of Mendler slowly leaving her old life behind and taking the power

Verse 2

Bridgit Mendler’s 2012 track “Ready or Not” is a powerful pop song that has been enjoyed by fans for over eight years. The second verse of the song is especially poignant, and speaks to many listeners’ experiences. The first line of the verse is, “No one ever said it would be easy,” a sentiment that is relatable for anyone who is striving to reach their goals. The chorus follows with the upbeat lyrics, “Gonna get it, whatever it takes,” emphasizing the importance of persistence in achieving success.

The rest of the verse is equally as impactful, with Mendler singing, “Sometimes you gotta lose it all just to find out who you are.” This lyric speaks to the idea that in order to find out one’s true identity, they must first lose everything that they hold dear. Through the process of trial and error, people can discover who they really are.

Finally, the last two lines of the verse are, “Ready or not, here I come,” and “Ready or not, I’m gonna rise up!” Mendler’s words express her desire to take control of her destiny and not let anything stand in her way. It is a powerful message for anyone who is working towards their dreams, no matter the obstacle.

Since its release, “Ready or Not” has received over 85 million plays on Spotify, making it one of Mendler’s most


Bridgit Mendler’s hit single ‘Ready or Not’ was released in 2012 and has since become a fan favorite! The chorus of this song is an infectious beat, and Mendler’s sweet and soulful vocals make it an instant classic. The lyrics “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide, gonna find you and take it slowly” have become an anthem for young people everywhere. Since its release, the song has been streamed over 96 million times and has been covered by numerous artists. Mendler’s timeless message of being true to yourself and not being afraid to take risks resonates with fans of all ages. It’s no wonder this song is so popular; it’s a great reminder to “be ready or not”!

Music Video

Bridgit Mendler’s song “Ready or Not” has become a pop music sensation, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This catchy tune has been streamed and downloaded countless times by fans, and its music video has had over 130 million views on YouTube. The song’s lyrics, penned by Mendler and Emanuel Kiriakou, are full of clever wordplay that speaks to the complexities of growing up and the inevitable challenges of life.

The music video, directed by Elliott Sellers, features Mendler as she navigates a surreal world of childhood innocence and the pressures of adulthood. The video is full of creative visuals, from a giant floating moon to a dancing house of cards. Throughout the video, Mendler is seen facing inner struggles of self-doubt and conformity before ultimately embracing her individuality.

The impact of “Ready or Not” has been far-reaching. Mendler’s song has been featured in various television shows and films, including Teen Wolf and The Fault in Our Stars. Her single has also been covered by artists from all genres, from country to rap. The song’s popularity has made it a modern-day classic that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

The success of “Ready or Not” is a testament to Mendler’s skill as a songwriter. She has crafted a powerful anthem that speaks to listeners of all ages. Whether you’re ready or not, Mendler’s song is sure to get your


Bridgit Mendler’s song, “Ready or Not,” is an inspirational anthem for the listeners. It encourages us to never give up and to strive for success, no matter what the obstacles may be. It’s a reminder that delays do not determine destiny. It’s up to us to take charge of our lives, be brave, and keep pushing forward. Mendler’s upbeat, optimistic lyrics inspire us to make the most of every opportunity and take risks that will lead to our ultimate success. “Ready or Not” is a great song to put on repeat when you need a boost of courage and motivation. So, if you’re ready to take on the world, turn up the music and embrace your destiny!