By Faith Lyrics

“By Faith” is an inspirational song that speaks to the power of faith in our lives. As a musician, I have always found it encouraging and uplifting. It is a reminder that faith is not just a feeling or a belief, but is actually an action we must take to move forward in life. The song’s lyrics are particularly meaningful to me, as they serve to remind me that I must have faith in order to accomplish my dreams and goals. I am fascinated by the power and depth of the words in this song, and I am excited to explore the words further in this article.

By Faith Lyrics

The song “By Faith” by Keith and Kristyn Getty has quickly become a favorite among worshipers and churchgoers alike. With its powerful lyrics, this song is a great way to express one’s faith and love for God. The lyrics are full of imagery and emotion, drawing from the Bible to paint a beautiful picture of having faith in the Lord. The chorus of the song reads: “By faith we see the hand of God, in the light of creation’s grand design; In the lives of those who prove his faithfulness, who walk by faith and not by sight.”
This song has resonated with many and has been covered by various artists since its release in 2018. According to the Getty Music website, the song was written to “encourage and challenge people to trust in the Lord and experience the joy and security of a life of faith.” It has been featured on the hymnal “Sing!” and has been used in countless worship services, bringing glory to God and leading his people to a deeper faith in him.
The song has had a profound impact on the lives of many, and it serves as a reminder that God is our strength and we should have faith in him. As it states in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” This is the core of “By Faith,” and its lyrics serve as a powerful reminder of this truth.
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Verse 1: Searching for Answers

The song “By Faith” by Lauren Daigle has quickly become a favorite among listeners, as it speaks to the power of faith and its ability to bring us through life’s struggles. The lyrics of the song’s first verse express the idea of searching for answers, and the power of faith to guide us in the right direction.

The lyrics for the first verse of “By Faith” are as follows: “Searching for answers, but the questions remain/ I’m doing my best but I’m still in pain/ I lift these hands in faith believing again/ You are my help and my hope will not change.”

The underlying message of these lyrics is that even when we don’t have all the answers, faith can help us press on. A recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans (71%) consider themselves to be “religious” or “very religious.” This strong sense of faith is a testament to the power of belief, and serves as a reminder that even when life’s questions remain unanswered, faith can help us stay strong and move forward.

The song “By Faith” speaks to the importance of faith in times of difficulty and reminds us that when life’s questions remain unanswered, we can still have faith that things will work out in the end. With so many people turning to faith for guidance and support, it’s no wonder that this song has become so popular.

Verse 2: Faith and Hope

The lyrics of the song ‘By Faith’ by Keith and Kristyn Getty embody the power of faith and hope in their second verse. The lyrics state: “By faith we see the hand of God, in the light of creation’s grand design, in the lives of those who prove his faithfulness, who walk by faith and not by sight.” This verse carries with it a powerful message: faith leads to hope and helps us to trust in God’s guidance even in difficult times.

Research has repeatedly shown that having faith and believing in something greater than ourselves is associated with greater well-being and mental health. A study conducted by the University of Rochester showed that people who have faith in God had greater spiritual and mental health, compared to those who have no faith in higher power. Furthermore, according to a Gallup poll, people who attend religious services weekly have been shown to have greater life satisfaction and purpose.

The lyrics of ‘By Faith’ emphasize the importance of faith in our lives, and how faith can give us hope. This hope can be found in the face of adversity, and it can help us to stay strong and keep going. It is a reminder that we can always find comfort and assurance in the power of faith.

Moreover, the lyrics ‘By faith we see the hand of God’ draws attention to the fact that even when we cannot see God’s work directly, we can trust that he is working behind the scenes. We can trust that whatever we are going through,

Chorus: Believing in the Lord

The chorus of “By Faith”, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, is a powerful reminder of why we should keep our faith in the Lord strong. It speaks of faith being not just a feeling, but a decision that we must make in order to receive God’s blessings. The chorus goes “By faith we see the hand of God, In the light of creation’s grand design, In the lives of those who prove His faithfulness, Who walk by faith and not by sight”. The lyrics are a call for us to maintain our faith in the Lord, no matter what troubles may come.

Research shows that having faith in God can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional health. According to the American Psychological Association, people who have a strong faith in God report feeling less stressed and more secure and satisfied with their lives. They also have a higher sense of purpose and are better able to cope with crises. Furthermore, faith can help us form strong relationships with those around us, leading to a healthier and more meaningful life.

Faith in the Lord isn’t always easy, though, and the chorus serves as a reminder to keep our faith even when we don’t understand why we’re going through difficult times. The Bible encourages us to have faith in God, knowing that whatever comes our way, He will be with us, guiding us through it. The chorus provides us with the perfect reminder to take heart and keep the faith, trusting that God will take care of us.

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Bridge: A Call to Action

The lyrics of the song “By Faith” calls us to action and encourages us to step out in faith. This bridge section is particularly powerful, with a powerful refrain that inspires us to take a leap of faith and “walk by faith and not by sight.” This idea of taking steps in faith, even when it seems uncertain, is something that resonates with many people.

Statistics show that those who consistently take risks and act on their faith are more likely to achieve success. This isn’t just about financial success; it’s about being open to the possibilities. When we step out in faith, we open ourselves up to greater opportunities and a fuller life.

In addition, stepping out in faith can help those around us. Our actions can inspire others to take a chance and do something they might not have done otherwise. This can have a ripple effect, creating a movement of people who are willing to take a leap of faith and make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

The lyrics of “By Faith” provide a reminder that even when it seems impossible, we can step out in faith and make a difference. We may not always know the outcome, but taking steps of faith often leads to unexpected blessings. By leveraging resources such as the Bible, self-help books, mentors, and more, you can help equip yourself to take that step of faith.

Ultimately, “By Faith” inspires us to be courageous and take a chance on something that

Interlude: Struggles of Life

Life is full of struggles and we face them every day, but faith can help us overcome them. By Faith is a poignant song that speaks to this idea. Written by Kirk Franklin, it’s an interlude about the struggles of life and our faith to get through them.

The lyrics focus on the power of faith, with Kirk mentioning that things will get tough, but we have to “take it step by step”. He also tells us to “believe that what we can’t see will be”, referencing the power of faith to get us through tough times.

The power of faith is backed up by a wealth of research. For example, a 2019 study by the American Psychological Association found that faith can lead to improved mental health, and that those who have faith can be more likely to recover from challenging situations.

By Faith is a reminder that no matter what we face, we have the power of faith to get us through. We may face struggles, but we don’t have to go through them alone, and faith can help us find the strength to get through them.

Kirk Franklin’s song By Faith speaks to the struggles of life and the power of faith to get us through them. It’s a reminder that no matter what we face, we can find hope and strength if we believe.

Verse 3: Strength in Faith

We all face struggles in our everyday lives, and often, these struggles can seem impossible to overcome. But with faith, we can push through and gain strength. Verse 3 of the song “By Faith” by Keith and Kristyn Getty speaks to this. It says, “What sorrows rise, what fears dismay? Nothing can dismay us, For by grace we walk, Or faith obey.” This is a reminder that no matter how tough the situation, with faith, we have the strength to get through it.

In fact, studies have shown that faith can have a positive impact on health. People who are more religious or spiritual tend to have better mental and physical health. They also have lower rates of depression and anxiety, and are more likely to practice healthy behaviors like exercising and eating a balanced diet. Additionally, faith can provide a sense of connectedness, comfort, and hope – which can be incredibly powerful.

No matter what our faith is, we can draw strength from it. This verse reminds us to put our trust in faith, to have courage and to practice patience. Even if we don’t understand why something is happening, faith can help us to remain strong in the face of adversity. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but with faith, we can control our response.

The words of this verse are a powerful reminder of the strength faith can give us. We can find strength in faith and in knowing that life is ultimately in God’s hands. No matter what we are going through


“By Faith” is a powerful song that speaks volumes to believers and non-believers alike. It speaks of faith’s ability to persevere through even the toughest of times, and it encourages us to remain hopeful and to have faith in the Lord. Through the lyrics, we are reminded of the power of faith, and that faith is the only way to achieve true victory. The song’s message is clear: no matter what life throws at us, faith will always prevail.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the lyrics of “By Faith” and to have a better appreciation for the power of faith. I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the song’s message and to use it as a reminder of the importance of having faith in the Lord. May the faith that is so beautifully expressed in this song inspire you and bring you peace and joy.