Cecilia And The Satellite Lyrics

When I first heard the song “Cecilia and the Satellite,” by Andrew McMahon, I was struck by its captivating lyrics. I had never heard a song quite like it before; it was heartwarming, yet heartbreaking at the same time. The lyrics tell a story of love and loss, and I found myself drawn in, wanting to know more. I knew I had to get the full story behind the song and so I set out to research the meaning and background of the lyrics. With a closer look, I was able to gain a better understanding of the story behind the song and the emotions behind the lyrics. In this article, I will be exploring the meaning of “Cecilia and the Satellite” and will be uncover

Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is an emotionally-charged anthem about the joys and struggles of being in a relationship. The song carries a strong message of hope, as it conveys the idea that even when obstacles come into our lives, we can still overcome them with enough effort and will-power. It’s a perfect song for anyone going through hard times in their relationship and needs a reminder that they’re not alone.

The lyrics of Cecilia and the Satellite have been praised for their heartfelt and honest delivery. The chorus features Andrew McMahon singing “When I look into your eyes/The satellite’s alive,” which can be interpreted as a metaphor for the connection between two people, regardless of the distance between them. This line has a powerful impact and has resonated with listeners all over the world.

In addition to its strong lyrical content, the song has a great melody. The track features a catchy vocal hook, a classic rock guitar riff, and a powerful drumbeat. All of these elements work together to create a memorable and uplifting tune. The song has become a fan favorite and has been featured in multiple television shows and movies, including Grey’s Anatomy, Pitch Perfect 3, and We Are Your Friends.

Since its release in 2015, the song has gone on to be certified platinum in the United States, and has been streamed over 200 million times on Spotify. It’s also been covered by numerous artists, including James Bay, New Hope Club, and Ingrid

Cecilia and the Satellite

Cecilia and the Satellite is a powerful, empowering song written by alternative rock artist Andrew McMahon. It tells the story of a woman named Cecilia who courageously faces a difficult battle with cancer and survives. Released in 2015, the single has become a favorite among fans and has been streamed over 3 million times on Spotify.

The lyrics of Cecilia and the Satellite explore both the physical and emotional struggles of the protagonist. McMahon uses vivid imagery to capture the experience of Cecilia’s journey, as she bravely “sails through the ghosts of her past.” His words offer hope and strength to anyone facing a difficult circumstance.

The song has resonated with many listeners, who find comfort and inspiration in its message. It has since been covered by numerous artists, including Blake Shelton and American Authors. In addition, it has been featured in the soundtrack of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Cecilia and the Satellite has become a source of strength and courage for many. Its inspiring message and uplifting sound have earned it a place in many people’s hearts, reminding us that we can overcome any obstacle with a little courage and a lot of faith.

Verse 1:

The first verse of “Cecilia and the Satellite”, by American Indie rock band Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, begins with a catchy rhythm and gentle melody. The lyrics depict an anxious and uncertain protagonist who is desperate for a glimmer of hope and belonging. The song paints a vivid picture of a young person looking for a place to belong in the world.

The opening lyrics “I’m calling out your name, through the darkness, I can barely see”, describe the protagonist’s desperation to find someone to trust; a person to lean on for support. The chorus, “Cecilia, won’t you come and save me”, builds on this image of longing and insecurity. It’s clear that the protagonist is relying on this person, Cecilia, for help and guidance.

The song speaks to a new generation of youth facing the same anxieties and worries that face young people today. Many studies depict young people feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of college, career, and the ever-changing world around them. According to the American College Health Association, nearly 67% of college students report feeling “overwhelming anxiety” in the past year.

The song “Cecilia and the Satellite”, provides an anthem for young people seeking solace and a sense of belonging. Andrew McMahon’s lyrics provide a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult it may seem, there is always hope. The song also serves as a reminder that we all need

Anxiety and Uncertainty

Cecilia and the Satellite, originally performed by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, is a popular song that speaks to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. The lyrics explore how feelings of anxiety and the unknown can affect our ability to move forward in life. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million adults in the US suffer from anxiety disorders, making it the most prevalent mental health issue in the country.

The song speaks to how difficult it can be to take those first steps in the face of uncertainty. As the lyrics say, “We can’t get away from the things that we can’t control.” This anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways, from feelings of insecurity and fear of the future, to difficulty making decisions and a lack of self-confidence.

Despite this, Andrew McMahon speaks to the idea that it is possible to break through these feelings. He sings, “We don’t need no wings to fly”, suggesting that with a little self-belief, we can “learn to rise above”. While it’s not easy, there are resources available to help those struggling with anxiety. Organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness are dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for those living with a mental illness.

Cecilia and the Satellite is a powerful reminder of how difficult it can be to move forward with uncertainty, while at the same time providing hope and inspiration for those struggling with anxiety. If you or someone you know is looking for help,


The chorus of “Cecilia and the Satellite” is truly captivating and has resonated with many listeners. Written by Andrew McMahon in 2014, this catchy indie-rock song has been streamed over 238 million times worldwide. The song’s relatable lyrics and upbeat melody have made it popular among today’s music fans of all ages. Its chorus, in particular, speaks to anyone who has ever experienced the roller coaster of emotions that comes with a relationship. “Cecilia and the Satellite” is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and forge lasting connections. It serves as a reminder that although relationships can be hard, they are worth it in the end. To this day, fans continue to find solace and hope in the chorus of “Cecilia and the Satellite” as they navigate the highs and lows of life.

Yearning for Clarity

The yearning for clarity is a common human feeling and this is well-reflected in the evocative lyrics of “Cecilia and the Satellite” by American rock band, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Released in 2014, this song has resonated with fans all over the world, scoring over two million views on YouTube. The song’s lyrics reflect the emotions of an individual trying to make sense of life and the struggles they face.

The lyrics tell of a person searching for clarity in a chaotic world. They express their longing for something better and a longing for an answer to the questions life poses. The person in the song is looking for a way out of the confusion and frustration they feel, with the chorus containing the line “Cecilia, I’m not ready for the satellite”. This conveys the idea that the person is not ready to accept the facts of life and is still searching for answers.

The metaphor of the satellite is an interesting one; the satellite in this case is a companion of sorts, and a symbol of hope. The person in the song needs to find the courage to accept the truth of the situation and the clarity that comes with it. The accompanying music video supports this sentiment, with the protagonist finding solace in a lighthouse, suggesting that they have a newfound sense of peace.

The popularity of this song is testament to its relatability. It touches the hearts of many and speaks to the human need for clarity and understanding. The song is a reminder that life can be confusing at times, but it is important

Verse 2:

Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness has been an incredibly popular song since its 2014 debut. The second verse of the song talks about the experience of being in a relationship and the difficulties that come with it. The song starts off with the line “If I told you I love you, would you hold it against me?” which encapsulates the fear of vulnerability. The lyrics also reflect the reality of how relationships can be hard and how both partners have to try in order for the relationship to be successful. The chorus of the song speaks to this idea with the lyrics “We will stumble, we will fall, but I’ll be there for it all”.

The second verse of Cecilia and the Satellite speaks to the difficulty of relationships but also the reward of trying. The lyrics “Oh my love, you bring me joy, you bring me pain, you bring me truth” speak to the idea of how relationships can be both trying and rewarding. This sentiment is echoed in the lyric “We will always find a way, if you just never lose faith” which conveys the idea of how with effort, relationships can persevere.

The second verse of Cecilia and the Satellite has resonated with many listeners and the song has gone on to be certified platinum in the US and gold in Australia. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness has since released two other albums which have had similar success and the song has been covered by many other artists. This highlights how the song and its message of relationships

Facing the Unknown

Cecilia and the Satellite, written by American singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon, is a popular song that resonates with many listeners. It’s a reflection of the unknown and how it can be frightening, yet exciting and promising at the same time. The song captures this feeling through vivid imagery, inviting the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

The track starts off with the lyrics: “I found a place I’d never seen, I saw the smoke on the horizon”. These words illustrate the feeling of stepping into the unknown, as if a new world is opening up. McMahon also emphasizes this feeling of facing the unknown through the powerful chorus “Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily”.

While the lyrics may be interpreted to refer to a romantic partner, they are also applicable to our own personal journeys. The words “confidence” and “heart” emphasize how we can be both scared and brave simultaneously. It’s a reminder to accept that the unknown can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to stop us from exploring.

The song is an empowering reminder that uncertainty can be a source of strength and growth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the track was very popular when it was released in 2015, reaching number 1 on the Hot Rock Songs chart and number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Even today, it continues to be a source of inspiration for many, with over 65 million streams on Spotify


Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is a captivating song about the journey of life. It is a testament to how we can take control of our own lives and overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. According to Genius, the bridge in the song serves as a reminder of the importance of living courageously and not allowing fear to control our lives. The lyrics of the bridge “I will never let my fear decide my fate, I’m gonna keep on reaching for the stars, I’m gonna keep on living like I am for now” expresses the singer’s determination to stay strong and remain optimistic despite the fear and uncertainty that life throws at us. By relying on faith, courage, and resilience, we can overcome any hurdle that life throws at us. Additionally, this song serves as a great reminder of the importance of living and embracing every moment of life, as it is a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics of the bridge provide us with a powerful message that we should keep believing in ourselves and never give up on our dreams, no matter how hard life gets.

Reaching for Hope

Cecilia and The Satellite is a popular song by American rock band, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Released in 2015, the song has become a fan favorite and has gained acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics and inspiring message. With its anthemic chorus of “Don’t give up, reach for the stars”, Cecilia and The Satellite is a powerful reminder that there is hope in times of despair.

According to research by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), an estimated 40 million adults in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder. This statistic highlights the importance of songs like Cecilia and The Satellite in helping people cope with tough times. The song’s lyrics convey an uplifting message that can help to give those suffering from anxiety or other forms of mental health issues a source of reassurance and hope.

The song’s captivating and relatable lyrics have resonated with many fans. The song’s message of strength and perseverance is a powerful reminder that no matter how tough the situation, there is always hope of a better tomorrow. The song’s music video, which was released in June 2015, features glimpses of McMahon’s journey throughout his career as well as interviews with fans who share their heartfelt stories about the song.

The success of Cecilia and The Satellite has earned the band multiple awards over the years, including the 2015 Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song. Furthermore, the song has been featured in several TV shows, including Grey’s


Cecilia and the Satellite is a song written and performed by American alternative rock band, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. It was released in 2014 as the lead single from their debut album of the same name. The song has since become a fan-favorite and has been covered by many artists since its release. The song’s powerful, repetitive refrain features the lyrics “Cecilia, come down from the stars / I could use a little sympathy / Got no one here but me and the moon / Singing songs to pass the time”.

The song has seen great success on both the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and the Billboard Rock Songs chart, where it peaked at #5 and #8, respectively. In addition, the song has been streamed millions of times on Spotify and has been featured in various television and film soundtracks.

The song is beloved by fans for its uplifting and inspirational message. It is a reminder that, no matter how alone one may feel, they are never completely alone. This message has resonated with many, as evidenced by the song’s immense success.

In addition to its inspiring message, the song has been praised for its composition. The combination of McMahon’s powerful, soaring vocal delivery, the song’s tight production, and the catchy refrain have all been cited as contributing to its appeal.

Cecilia and the Satellite is an inspiring and timeless song that has brought joy to many through its thoughtful lyrics and powerful composition. Its resonance is further evidence that music has

Embracing the Future

Cecilia and the Satellite is a single by American rock band, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, off their self-titled debut album. The song was released in 2015 and quickly rose to the top of the US Alternative Songs charts, becoming the band’s most successful hit to date. The lyrics in Cecilia and the Satellite focus on the idea of changing times and moving forward with the future.

The chorus reflects an acceptance of this idea, embracing the uncertain future with the lyrics “This is the part of the story you know, you don’t have to be scared of the future no more”. The verses of the song discuss the instability of the world and how we can’t let it stop us from living our lives and becoming who we are supposed to be.

The message of this song resonates with many people, especially young adults facing the uncertainties of life and the future. The single has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and has over 200 million streams on Spotify.

The song has become an anthem for many people, inspiring hope and courage in the face of a changing and uncertain world. It has been featured in a variety of media, from television shows to movies. The lyrics of Cecilia and the Satellite have become a source of comfort and inspiration for many people, reminding them to keep hope alive and embrace the future.


The closing track on Andrew McMahon’s album “Cecilia and the Satellite” is an uplifting anthem about overcoming the fear of change. The lyrics speak to believing in yourself and striving to reach your dreams, no matter what the odds. This song has touched the hearts of people, with over 5 million streams on Spotify.

The lyrics suggest to keep imagination alive, regardless of the obstacles, and to keep pushing forward. McMahon has said in interviews that he wrote this song about his own experiences with career shifts, and how he was able to survive and even flourish.

The song has become a symbol of resilience, and many people have connected to its powerful message. It has been featured in several TV shows, including “One Tree Hill”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, and “The Good Place”.

The song has received multiple awards, including the “Song of the Year” award from The Academy of Country Music in 2018. It has also been listed as a “Must-Hear Pop Song” by Billboard, and was featured on Rolling Stone’s “20 Best Pop Songs of 2015”.

The lyrics of “Cecilia and the Satellite” have resonate with people around the world, inspiring them to keep pushing forward and pursue their dreams. It is a powerful reminder of our immense potential and strength.

Finding Peace

Cecilia and the Satellite, a hit song by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, is an emotional piece that speaks to the struggles of finding peace in a chaotic world. The lyrics are both inspiring and relatable to many individuals. This track emphasizes how difficult life can be and how difficult it can be to find a sense of peace. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 1 in 5 adults in the US are suffering from a mental illness, and even more individuals are struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression.

The lyrics of Cecilia and the Satellite tell the story of how overwhelming life can be and how it can feel impossible to ever find peace. The chorus speaks to the power of love and how it can be a source of strength when life feels unmanageable. It reminds listeners that they are not alone in their struggles and that they can find solace in love. McMahon’s lyrics have resonated with many people and it is easy to see why.

The song brings to light the importance of self-care and recognizing when you need a break from the chaos of life. Although it may seem daunting to take a step back and practice self-care, it is absolutely necessary for mental health. Taking a break can come in many forms, such as reading a book, talking to a friend, or simply taking a few minutes to breathe.

Cecilia and the Satellite provides a source of inspiration and understanding for those looking for peace. It is a reminder that you are never alone in your struggles and that there are sources of love


“Cecilia and the Satellite” is a song that speaks to many, as it captures the struggles and successes of young adulthood. Its lyrics are both clever and poignant, and the song’s upbeat melody and catchy chorus make for an enjoyable listening experience. Above all, “Cecilia and the Satellite” is a reminder of the power of resilience and hope in the face of life’s obstacles. So the next time you’re feeling down, take a moment to take in the words of “Cecilia and the Satellite” and remember that life’s journeys are often filled with moments of joy and sadness. After all, that’s just part of the beauty of life. So take a listen and embrace the journey.