Chantaje Lyrics

Chantaje lyrics are some of the most amazing and powerful in the Latin music world. As a fan of Latin music, I’ve always been fascinated by the poetic and complex nature of lyrics in many of the genre’s songs. Chantaje lyrics, in particular, are known for their deep and meaningful messages that evoke emotions and create a strong connection with the listener. It’s no surprise that many of these songs have become iconic hits in Latin music culture. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular and beloved chantaje lyrics and explore the messages they convey.


Chantaje – the Spanish word for “blackmail” – is a catchy reggaeton song by Colombian singer-songwriter, Maluma. The track was released in 2016 as the lead single from his third studio album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. It features Puerto Rican singer, Shakira, and since its release, has become a global hit and a fan favorite.

In the song, Maluma and Shakira detail a passionate, tumultuous relationship in which the two lovers use manipulation and teasing to get what they want. The song emphasizes the power of seduction and the struggle between two lovers who love each other but can’t seem to make it work. According to statistics, Chantaje is the most-streamed song in Spanish with over 1.2 billion streams and YouTube views.

The song also features a unique dance style – the cumbia-twerk – that Shakira and Maluma created for their music video. The dance has become a viral sensation, with people creating their own versions on social media. To date, the music video has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube and was one of the first videos to be featured on YouTube’s “Trending” list.

Furthermore, the Chantaje lyrics are considered to be some of the most romantic Spanish lyrics ever written. The lyrics – written by Maluma and Rafael Pina – are poetic and sensual, expressing both the joy and sorrow of love. Their words have resonated with people around the

Meaning of Chantaje

Chantaje, meaning ‘blackmail’ in Spanish, is a song by Colombian singer Shakira and the Puerto Rican rapper Maluma. The song was released in 2016 and immediately gained popularity due to its unique mix of Spanish and Latin rhythms. The song talks about a relationship between a man and a woman that struggles through the woman’s mistrust of the man. In the song, Shakira sings “No te dejes chantajear por el amor”, meaning “don’t let love blackmail you”.

The song has earned worldwide recognition, topping the Latin Billboard charts for twenty three weeks and making it one of the longest-running Latin Billboard Hot 100 chart-toppers in history. It has also earned a Latin Grammy award nomination in 2017 for “Best Urban Performance”.

The music video for Chantaje has also seen great success. The video has received over 2.6 billion views on YouTube, making it the fourth-most-viewed YouTube video ever. It also holds the record for being the most viewed Spanish-language video on YouTube. Additionally, the video was the most streamed music video on Spotify in 2016 and 2017.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Chantaje “captures a complicated relationship between two lovers who have lost the ability to trust one another.” With its catchy and upbeat melody, Chantaje has become a global summer anthem and a timeless classic for Latin dance music fans.

Artists Behind Chantaje

Chantaje is a Latin dance/pop song released in 2016 by Colombian singer Maluma and Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Luis Fonsi. It has gained global recognition, reaching the top ten of the Billboard Latin Songs chart and topping the Latin pop airplay list. In addition, it has become the most viewed music video on YouTube by Latin urban artists in 2017.

The song was written by Maluma, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee and was produced by the latter. Maluma sings the main verses and Fonsi’s voice is featured in the chorus. Together, they create a perfect blend of urban Latin and reggaeton sounds.

Maluma is one of the most successful Latin music artists in the world. He has been nominated for a Latin Grammy in two consecutive years and has earned numerous awards, including Billboard Latin Music Awards, the Latin American Music Award, and the Premios Juventud. Luis Fonsi is a renowned Puerto Rican singer/songwriter. He has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards and is recognized for his signature pop and Latin music style.

Daddy Yankee is an award-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has sold millions of albums and is one of the most influential artists in Latin music. He has been credited with pioneering the reggaeton genre and has collaborated with numerous high-profile artists, including Shakira and Pitbull.

With their combined musical talent, Maluma, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee have created a timeless classic with Chantaje.

Music Video Overview

The chart-topping song “Chantaje” is a collaboration between Colombian artist Shakira and Maluma. Released in late 2016, the single quickly rose to the top of the Latin America charts, and has been streamed over a billion times. The music video, released soon after, is a visual masterpiece. Directed by Jaume de Laiguana, it features the two stars in a series of colorful, vibrant scenes.

The video takes us through a range of settings: from a dusty desert, to a bustling city street, to a sun-soaked beach. In all of these locations, Shakira and Maluma perform their high-energy dance moves, showcasing their skills as professional dancers. The video also contains several cameo appearances, including one from the renowned Colombian singer Carlos Vives.

The song itself is a mid-tempo Latin pop track, driven by a distinct reggaeton beat. It features lyrics about a complicated relationship, and the power of one person’s hold over another. The music video does an excellent job of bringing the song to life, presenting the emotions and themes it explores in a visually captivating way.

Overall, “Chantaje” and its music video have been incredibly successful. They have been praised by music critics and viewers alike, and have become a modern classic in the Latin pop music world. With its captivating visuals and engaging sound, it provides a fantastic example of how Latin music can thrive in today’s digital era.

Musical Elements

Chantaje, released by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira and Maluma in 2016, is a Latin Grammy-nominated song of urban pop. It gained popularity for its catchy melody and lyrics, which contain a mix of Spanish and English.

Sonically, the song has a driving beat, with mostly electronic instrumentation. It also features a hooky guest rap by Maluma, which adds a unique flavor to the mix. The lyrics of Chantaje focus mainly on a romantic relationship between two people, describing the power dynamic between them. Shakira’s lyrics are passionate and full of imagery, while Maluma’s rap part takes a more direct stance on the matter.

The performance of the song has also been widely praised. Shakira and Maluma’s chemistry onstage has been described as electric, with the two performers meshing their vocals perfectly. The two have also been known to pull off some impressive dance moves that add an extra layer to the song’s performance.

Chantaje is a great example of modern Latin music, showcasing a mix of musical styles and lyrical themes. It has proven to be immensely popular since its release, clocking in over 1.6 billion views on YouTube and winning numerous awards. Its success is a testament to Shakira and Maluma’s ability to create a timeless track that speaks to people internationally.

Reception and Impact

The lyrics of the hit Latin single ‘Chantaje’, written by Shakira and Maluma, have had a massive global impact. The song was released in 2016 and has since been streamed over 1.2 billion times on Spotify, proving to be a very successful collaboration between the two artists. The overwhelming popularity of the single has led to numerous covers and remixes, with some versions even featuring reggaeton artist Nicky Jam and Carnaval singer-songwriter Diomedes Diaz.

The song’s lyrics address a relationship between two people in which one is using blackmail to keep the other in line. The lyrics have been praised for their clever wordplay and creative narrative structure, and many fans have commented on the relatability of the song’s storyline. In addition, it has been recognised for its distinct blend of Latin, reggaeton, and pop music.

Due to its immense success, ‘Chantaje’ was nominated for multiple awards and has even earned Shakira and Maluma several Latin Grammy nods. It has also been featured in commercials, television shows, and films, and its music video has over 3.3 billion views on YouTube.

Overall, the lyrics of ‘Chantaje’ have had a huge impact all over the world and have set a new standard for Latin music. Its success is a testament to the creativity, talent, and versatility of its two artists, and it has become an instant classic in the Latin pop music genre.

Themes and Lyrics

Chantaje is a popular song by Colombian singer-songwriter and reggaeton star, Maluma. The song was released in 2016 and quickly achieved critical and commercial success, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. It is one of the most streamed songs of all time, with over 1.5 billion cumulative streams and has been covered by many other artists, including Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

The song is about Maluma’s former lover and the pain and hurt he felt after their break-up. It is a powerful expression of his emotions and his attempt to gain closure. The lyrics juxtapose his feelings of intense hurt and betrayal with his desire to reunite with her. He sings about wanting to find out why she left him, to get an explanation and a chance to say goodbye.

The themes of longing, self-reflection, and the difficulty of moving on from a painful relationship are all prominent in Chantaje. It is a song of mixed emotions: love, sorrow, and regret. But at the same time, it is also a declaration of resilience and the realization that it is possible to go through hardship and still come out stronger.

The song has also been praised for its catchy and memorable melody, as well as its clever use of metaphors and double entendres. Maluma uses words like “cumbia” (a dance and style of music from Colombia), “rumba” (a type of music and dance from Cuba), and “vela” (candle) to


Chantaje, by Shakira and Maluma, is a powerful song with deep, meaningful lyrics. The song speaks to the struggles of navigating a relationship, particularly when there is a power imbalance. It is a reminder to be mindful of the power dynamics in relationships and to practice self-care. It is also a reminder that even if we do not always get what we want, we can still accept the situation and find peace. The song encourages us to find our strength and stay true to ourselves. Chantaje is an anthem for the struggles of relationships and finding hope and strength in the face of them. May we all find courage to stand in our power and find peace in our relationships.