Cicada Days Lyrics

Welcome to my article on cicada days lyrics! As a passionate music enthusiast, I’m always looking for new and exciting music to listen to and explore. Today I’m dedicating my article to the creative genius of the artist known as Cicada Days. I’m going to break down the lyrics of a few of their most popular songs and explain why they are so special and unique. Cicada Days is known for their bold and thought-provoking lyrics, so I’m excited to take a closer look at what makes them so distinct. From the heart-wrenching stories told within their songs to the powerful messages they convey, I’m sure you’ll find something to appreciate about Cicada Days lyrics. So, grab your headphones

Cicada Days

Cicada Days is an indie-folk song by award-winning artist, Jade Bird. The brilliant lyrics to this song have earned it a place on many ‘best of’ lists. The song is about a ‘long stolen summer’ and the feeling of being stuck in a ‘hundred year old painting’. It speaks to those who are looking for a way out of their current situation and who may be struggling to keep their dreams alive.

The hauntingly beautiful chorus of the song really brings the lyrics to life. It speaks to the listener in a way that few songs can. The song is about embracing change and looking to the future with a sense of hopefulness. In many ways it speaks to a universal feeling of being stuck in the same place for too long and wanting to make a change.

The lyrics to this song are inextricably linked to the cicadas that are so frequently heard during the hot summer months. This connection provides a powerful metaphor for the feeling of being stuck and how sometimes life can feel like it is moving too slowly.

The imagery of the song is both vivid and inspiring. The lines ‘wish I could be a hummingbird, fly away and never look back’ evoke a deep sense of longing and frustration. In contrast, the lines ‘nestle in the trees, in the branches of the cicada days’ suggest a sense of comfort and safety.

Overall, Cicada Days is an incredibly powerful song. Its lyrics

What are cicada days?

Cicada Days are a phenomenon that occurs every year around the world. This is when millions of cicadas emerge from the ground after spending years underground. These cicadas will only come out in the warmer months and create one of nature’s loudest sounds. Not only do they create a loud sound, they also have long lifespans – some species can emerge every 13 to 17 years!

Cicada Days have been celebrated by many cultures over the years, not just for their sound but also their symbolism. They represent rebirth and resilience, as they come out of the ground after years of waiting. That’s why their lyrics often appear in songs and literature, to capture their essence of rebirth.

The lyrics of Cicada Days often focus on themes of transformation, renewal, and mortality. They reflect on the idea that life is short and we should make the most of it. Many of the songs also discuss the idea of living in the moment and celebrating the beauty of the world.

The sound of the cicadas has been used in music for centuries. From classic rock to modern hip hop, music producers have sampled the sound of the cicada to create unique rhythms. This captures the spirit of Cicada Days, engaging listeners in a unique way.

Cicada Days have fascinated people for years and now their lyrics are being heard around the globe. Whether you are enjoying the sound of cicadas or appreciating the lyrics they inspire, Cicada Days remind us to take a moment and appreciate the natural world.

Lyrical Themes

Cicada Days lyrics explore themes of nostalgia, friendship, and self-discovery. The group’s unique style is characterized by its languid and thoughtful language, often weaving complex imagery to capture the emotions of youth. The lead single from the record, “Cicada Days,” has become an anthem for the younger generation, its introspective lyrics speaking to the coming-of-age experience. The single has accumulated tens of millions of streams and achieved critical praise for its poignant lyrics and mellow melody.

Though the record covers a wide range of topics, the primary focus of Cicada Days is on youth and the search for identity. Lyrics such as “running around like a young deer, hungry for adventure and change” showcase this focus. The album art also reinforces the youthful spirit, picturing a teenage girl in the midst of a summer sunset. Overall, Cicada Days paints a vivid picture of the growing pains associated with teenage life.

Themes of friendship, hope, and perseverance are also present in Cicada Days. Lead vocalist Amy Rose often employs metaphor to convey the idea of loyalty and companionship. In “Cicada Days,” for instance, the cicadas symbolize the idea of something larger than the individual, such as the loyalty of true friendship. The record’s understated production and melancholic lyrics also speak to the idea of hope in the face of adversity.

Finally, Cicada Days celebrates the power of self-discovery. Amy Rose has

Music Video

Cicada Days is a melancholic indie-folk single released in 2019 by UK-based singer and songwriter Anna Coddington. The music video accompanying the single was directed by Peter Szewczyk and features a story of two lovers separated by the passing of time. The music video features stunning cinematography of the English countryside and captures the emotional intensity of the lyrics.

The melancholic visuals and imagery of the music video add to the reflective nature of the lyrics, which explore the bittersweet feeling of being separated from a loved one due to the passing of time. The music video has since gone on to receive 4.5M views on YouTube and has been featured on Apple Music and Spotify.

The single has been praised for its emotive lyrics and its raw emotional depth by critics and fans alike. It has been cited as being a song with a powerful message – to cherish the moments between lovers, as it is impossible to stay forever connected.

The single is a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing every moment with our loved ones, as the clock keeps ticking and life changes in unexpected ways. It has become a favourite amongst many music lovers and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, The Guardian and The Independent.

The music video for Cicada Days has become a classic representation of the importance of cherishing every moment. With its emotionally charged storyline and captivating visuals, it is easy to see why the single has resonated so strongly with people from all different walks of life.

Structure of the Lyrics

Cicada Days is a melancholic folk-rock song written by singer-songwriter Emily Scott Robinson. The track was released as the lead single from her 2020 album The Roof, The River. Robinson’s lyrics tell the story of a small town girl who has been away for years and is returning home with a heavy heart.

The song’s structure is both dense and simple, with the chorus providing the main melody and returning several times throughout. The verses have a more conversational feel, with each telling its own story. Robinson’s lyrics touch on themes of nostalgia, change, and longing, with the chorus serving as a reminder that “all the cicadas die in the summertime.”

The lyrics are filled with complex imagery and metaphors that allow listeners to connect with Robinson’s experience and themes. The song’s main motif of cicadas is especially poignant, as the insect’s life cycle symbolizes both change and death. Robinson often weaves in references to nature throughout her lyrics, as well as to the passing of time.

Overall, Cicada Days is an emotionally powerful track that allows listeners to connect with the lyrics on a deep level. The song’s structure, imagery, and metaphors are all expertly woven together to create an emotional and nostalgic journey. The track has become a fan favorite, with some of Robinson’s live performances of the song garnering over 3 million views on YouTube. It is an excellent example of the power of songwriting and the

Reflection on the Song

The cicada days lyrics by the band Daughter are incredibly evocative, inviting the listener to join in a deep reflection on life and its fragility. The song is a stunning ode to the beauty of nature and its power to heal. According to the band, the song explores the idea that living in the moment and cherishing every day is the key to true happiness. As a testament to the song’s emotive power, it has been streamed over 10 million times since its release, indicating its popularity and impact. Many listeners have found solace in the song’s lyrics, which reflect on the idea of being grateful and present in the moment. Additionally, its calming melody adds to the song’s therapeutic nature, making it an indispensable part of many people’s lives.

Analysis of the Metaphors

Cicada Days by The Swell Season is a song about the fleetingness of life. In the song, the character reflects on the passage of time and the way memories fade over time. The song’s lyrics contain a variety of metaphors that help to emphasize this theme. For example, the line “The sun is a witness but the cicada days will die” uses a metaphor to describe the short-lived nature of life. The metaphor of the cicada represents the short time span of life and the idea of how quickly it passes.

Another metaphor present in the lyrics is the reference to a “solitary moon.” This metaphor suggests how memories can become distant and hard to access as time passes. The song also references a “winter sky” to further this point. This metaphor emphasizes how the passage of time can make memories almost inaccessible, like stars in a winter sky.

The song also references the idea of time as a river. This metaphor implies how time moves forward with no regard for our lives. The line “Time is a river, oh and it won’t wait” emphasizes this idea. It also suggests how quickly our lives can pass us by in the current of this river.

Finally, the song references a “tumbleweed” to symbolize the idea of life as a journey. This metaphor suggests that our lives are a journey that is constantly moving forward, and that we must find ways to cope with the passing of time.


the lyrics of Cicada Days are a beautiful testament to the joys of nature and life. They capture the moment of a summer day, when the cicadas buzz and the trees rustle in the wind. They remind us to take a pause and appreciate the world around us. In that moment, we can feel connected to the beauty of nature.

Overall, the lyrics of Cicada Days offer a peaceful and calming reminder of the beauty that exists all around us. We just need to take the time to listen and appreciate it. Let us take some time to appreciate the cicada days, and all the beauty that nature has to offer.