Darkness Settles In Lyrics

The sun has set and the darkness of night has begun to take its place. In this moment of transition, one can’t help but feel the solemn stillness of the air. As the night progresses, the darkness grows deeper and deeper, and with it, comes a deep sense of reflection and connection to the world around us. This is the core of the emotion that is encapsulated in the lyrics of the song “Darkness Settles In”. The song speaks to the various ways in which the darkness of night can bring out a sense of calm, stillness, and peace. In this article, I hope to explore these ideas more deeply and analyze the lyrics and the meaning behind them.

Exploring the Lyrics

Darkness Settles In, is a hauntingly beautiful song by the band The National released in 2020. It’s a reflection on the struggles of life and the inevitable sadness that comes with it. The lyrics are poignant and powerful, exploring themes of grief, loss, and the difficulty of finding solace.

The chorus of the song speaks to the real struggle of dealing with sadness: “The darkness settles in, like a hurt that never ends”. It speaks to the feeling of being overwhelmed by sadness and having no way to escape it. The rest of the lyrics focus on the idea of finding solace in the darkness. It speaks to the idea that even in the midst of darkness, one can still find peace.

One of the most interesting aspects of the song’s lyrics is the way it weaves together different imagery and metaphors. For example, the lyrics describe the darkness as a “blanket,” a “net,” and even a “thick fog,” all of which emphasize the idea of being surrounded by darkness.

The song also speaks to the idea of finding comfort in the dark, noting that it can help us feel “alive” and connected to the world. This speaks to the idea that sadness can be a pathway to understanding and connection, rather than something to be feared.

Ultimately, the song speaks to the idea that darkness is an unavoidable part of life. But it also speaks to the idea that in the midst of darkness, we can find

Verse 1: Descriptive Metaphors

Darkness Settles In is an emotionally charged song by the American band, The National. The lyrics focus on the idea of darkness settling in as a metaphor for life’s struggles, which can take on many forms. In the first verse of the song, lead singer Matt Berninger uses descriptive metaphors to convey the sense of darkness and hopelessness that comes with life’s struggles. He sings, “Walking through the garden of the dead / With the blood that I have bled / The darkness settles in.” To emphasize this feeling of despair, he also sings “And the wolves are at my door / I’m so tired, I can’t take anymore / And the darkness settles in.”

The darkness settling in is a metaphor for the struggles of life becoming increasingly overwhelming and difficult. For many, this darkness can be a result of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, which can be exacerbated by life events. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 300 million people suffer from depression globally and over 800,000 people die by suicide annually. These staggering numbers emphasize the importance of understanding how to handle the darkness that can settle in.

The song Darkness Settles In by The National offers an artistic and emotionally charged exploration of the struggles of life and provides a message of hope and resilience. By using descriptive metaphors to express the darkness of life’s struggles, Matt Berninger gives a voice to the struggles and pain that so many people face. The song serves as a

Chorus: “Darkness Settles In”

Darkness Settles In, written by the alternative rock band, The National, has become one of their most popular songs. It was released on their seventh album, Sleep Well Beast, in 2017 and was also featured in the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The song’s heartbreaking chorus paints a vivid picture of the sense of loneliness and despair we all feel at times. The chorus reads: “Darkness settles in, it’s a slow decline, I’ve got a hundred hearts, they’re all on the line.”

The song has resonated with many fans over the years, leading to its inclusion in various music streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Since its release, the song has been streamed over 200 million times worldwide. Additionally, the song has been performed live during The National’s world tours.

The song’s lyrics showcase the unique style of The National’s lead singer, Matt Berninger. The lyrics are highly personal, addressing universal themes of loneliness, heartbreak and despair. The song has been praised for its ability to touch upon these dark emotions in a way that feels familiar and comforting.

Darkness Settles In is an emotional anthem that speaks to the darkness we all feel at times. It’s one of The National’s most beloved songs and has proved to be a timeless classic. The song’s combination of unique and personal lyrics, paired with its haunting melody, make it a must-

Verse 2: Contrasting Images

Darkness Settles In is the second verse of a popular song by singer-songwriter, John Legend. The lyrics of this verse describe the contrast between a bright, happy place and a darker, more somber one. This contrast serves to illustrate the idea that life can be a roller coaster of highs and lows.

The lyrics suggest that while the bright and happy place is always in the background, when darkness settles in, it’s difficult to go back to the original state. This is an idea that many of us can relate to in our own lives. During difficult times, it can be hard to remember the happy times, as the darkness takes over.

The concept of darkness settling in is also explored in other works of literature and art. The lyricist conveys this theme in a unique and powerful way, making it particularly memorable. Further, the use of contrasting images helps to emphasize the idea of darkness taking over and the sense of helplessness that comes along with it.

The concept of darkness settling in is an important one, as it serves as a reminder that life is full of highs and lows, and that it is important to appreciate the good times while they last. To get a better understanding of this concept, one can look to the works of authors, poets, and musicians who explore this theme in their work. Resources such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness can also provide assistance for those struggling with the darkness.

Bridge: Reflection and Despair

The bridge of the song ‘Darkness Settles In’ brings in a wave of reflection and despair that reflects the state of our current society. Lines such as “The darkness envelops, the darkness that is part of life” are both haunting and powerful. This feeling of despair is something that is a lived experience of many people around the globe, with an estimated 264 million people suffering from depression worldwide.

The song’s ability to capture and express complex emotions is an important part of what makes it powerful. It creates a space for the listener to connect with their own pain and sorrow, while also providing hope of a brighter future. This can be seen in the lyrics “Just one spark and the fire will ignite, and the darkness will never be the same”.

The bridge of ‘Darkness Settles In’ also serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. It speaks of the power of our emotions, and our ability to overcome and transcend difficult times. This is an inspiring message for anyone struggling with depression or other mental health issues.

The song is not just a reflection of despair and depression, but also a reminder that we can all work together to create a brighter, more positive future. By discussing mental health issues openly and honestly, we can create a world where people feel safe and accepted.

The bridge of ‘Darkness Settles In’ is an important reminder that we all have the power and ability to create positive change in our lives and

Instrumentation and Vocalizations

The track “Darkness Settles In” by artist Stephen Bishop features an intimate piano as the main instrumentation, which is complemented by acoustic guitar, drums, and various string instruments. The song’s sparse instrumentation gives it an air of introspection and melancholy, which is further reinforced by Bishop’s emotional vocalizations. Bishop’s voice has a rich, soulful texture that intertwines with the song’s instrumentals, creating a mood that can only be described as deeply heartrending.

The song’s lyrics are equally as captivating as the music. Bishop paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to be struggling with inner darkness. He uses vivid imagery and metaphors to convey his deeper feelings, which allows listeners to relate to the song, as it is a feeling that many of us can identify with. Furthermore, Bishop’s vocalizations are especially effective in conveying his emotions, as he navigates through various vocal registers and dynamics to create an affecting performance.

In conclusion, “Darkness Settles In” is an incredibly powerful song that uses minimal instrumentation and expert vocalizations to create a feeling of deep, introspective emotion. The lyrics allow the listener to connect with the artist’s struggle, creating a memorable and thought-provoking experience that will stay with them long after the song has ended. If you’re looking for a track to add to your emotional playlist, “Darkness Settles In” is definitely worth considering.

Themes and Interpretations

Darkness Settles In is a song written and released by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi in 2019. It is a haunting ballad about loneliness and regret, full of sad and poetic imagery. The song has become widely popular and is often interpreted to be a reflection on the realities of life and relationships.

The lyrics are full of motifs of darkness and isolation, and the lyrics reveal a deep inner struggle between facing up to the truth and running away from it. The chorus is a cry for help, as the narrator begs for someone to break the darkness that has settled in: “Oh, why won’t you show me, show me, show me that I’m not alone?”.

The song has resonated with a large audience, with over 100 million streams on Spotify and reaching over 200 million views on YouTube. In interviews, Capaldi has stated the song was inspired by a difficult time in his own life, and the music video features a symbolic representation of that dark period.

The song is often interpreted as a call for acceptance, and a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles. It serves as a reminder to tap into our own strength and resilience when facing adversity. The lyrics suggest that although loneliness may seem like it will last forever, there is always hope and light on the other side.

Darkness Settles In has become an anthem for those who feel isolated and misunderstood, reminding them that they are not alone. The song has been praised for its honest and relatable lyrics, and


“Darkness Settles In” is a captivating song that speaks to the human experience. Its powerful lyrics communicate the emotions of anguish and grief while the musical arrangement creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. By relying on metaphors and imagery, the songwriters were able to capture the essence of the lyrics. Through a combination of emotion and creativity, “Darkness Settles In” succeeds in conveying a sense of deep sorrow. I encourage everyone to give it a listen and appreciate its profound yet simple message. Let the song bring comfort to those who are struggling with darkness in their lives.