Everybody Wants You Lyrics

The lyrics to the song Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier are incredibly catchy and memorable. As soon as you hear the first few lines, you can’t help but sing and dance along. The song talks about the power of being wanted, and how it can make you feel more confident and loved. It’s a great reminder that we all need to be appreciated and valued. No matter what kind of day you’re having, Everybody Wants You will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. This article will explore the meaning behind the lyrics of Everybody Wants You and discuss why it’s such a timeless classic.

Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier is a classic 80s rock anthem showcasing the artist’s powerful vocals and signature sound. The song is about a man who is feeling the pressure of romantic competition, but is confident in his own abilities and emphasizes the importance of embracing individual strengths.

The chorus catchy and memorably draws people in with its repetition of the lyrics, “Everybody wants you, everybody wants you, everybody wants you, but I want you.” This chorus further emphasizes the theme of the song and captures the desperate plea of one man competing for attention.

The song was a popular hit, peaking at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 and has been featured in several films, including The Wedding Singer and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It has also been featured in various video games, including Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Just Dance.

The song has been covered by several other notable artists, such as Katy Perry and Def Leppard, and was even sampled in the popular house song “Dreams” by The 2 Bears in 2011. This is a testament to the song’s enduring popularity, which continues to remain strong decades after its initial release.

Billy Squier has remained an iconic figure in the music industry and Everybody Wants You stands out as one of his most recognizable and beloved tracks. The song is a powerful reminder that everyone has unique strengths and talents that should be embraced.

Everybody Wants You

“Everybody Wants You” is a 1982 hit single by Billy Squier. It peaked at No. 14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and was also a Top 10 hit in Canada and the UK. The song was Squier’s first Top 40 hit in the United States and the main single from his 1982 album Emotions in Motion. The track was composed by Squier and is one of his best-known songs to this day.

The lyrics in this song tell the story of a man who is struggling to accept his fame and newfound attention, as he is constantly surrounded by people desiring his affections. Lyrically, the song is full of bravado and its chorus of “everybody wants you” reflects the arrogance and confidence of its character. The song has become a fan favorite and it is often played at concerts and other live events.

This song has been covered by several artists, including Cheap Trick, Honeymoon Suite, The Georgia Satellites, and Paul Gilbert. Additionally, it has been featured in multiple movies and television shows, such as Glee, The Simpsons, Scrubs, and more. The song has since become a classic, and is often considered one of the most iconic songs of 80s rock.

“Everybody Wants You” has become a staple of classic rock radio and continues to inspire modern day artists. It is an iconic and timeless song that transcends decades and still resonates deeply with fans of all ages. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can

Verse 1:

Everybody Wants You, written by Billy Squier, is an iconic 80’s rock anthem and the title track of his album of the same name. The song is about a womanizer enjoying the attention of multiple women, portrayed through an upbeat, lighthearted tune. The first verse starts off with Squier singing “I got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane.” This line sets the stage for the song’s underlying theme. According to the Billboard Charts, the song peaked at number 11 in the U.S. and is considered to be a classic rock anthem.

The song was Squier’s first Top 10 single, and it was certified Gold and Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Throughout the song, Squier expresses his willingness to date multiple women, singing “Yeah they’re gonna love me, every woman’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” The lyrics highlight his confidence that the women will be drawn to him regardless of his reputation.

The song has been covered by numerous artists, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their 1995 album One Hot Minute. This version has a slower tempo than the original, showcasing a more sultry side of the song. This cover version has since become a classic in its own right, with multiple renditions being done by bands around the world.

In conclusion, Everybody Wants You is an iconic rock anthem from the 80s that

Desperation and Fear

Lyrics from the song “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier became an instant classic when it was released in 1982, sharing the story of a man desperate to make a bad situation better. With its catchy chorus of “Everybody wants you, why don’t you want them too?”, it captures the uncertainty and fear of rejection that so many people feel.

The song, which peaked at number 18 on the US Hot 100 chart, has been covered numerous times and has been featured on countless TV shows. It expresses the feeling of desperation as the protagonist attempts to win back the love of someone who has left them. Research shows that about half of all marriages end in divorce and that 50 percent of adults worldwide have experienced a break-up in their life.

The song also explores the fear of being alone and the need for companionship. According to the Human Rights Campaign, LGBTQ people are five times more likely to experience social isolation, underscoring the importance of fostering connections and belonging.

The lyrics of “Everybody Wants You” can provide comfort to people who feel like they’ve been left behind by a partner or an important person in their life. The song’s message is that although it may feel like you’re alone, you are not; others want you and care about you. With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, this song is sure to bring a smile to your face and provide a sense of hope.


The chorus of the song “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier is a classic 80s rock anthem. It’s a song about how quickly fame can overtake someone and the pressure it can bring. The lyrics express the singer’s desire to remain true to himself while others try to mold him into something he is not. The chorus goes, “Everybody wants you/Everybody wants you/And everybody wants what you got/But everybody starts to forget you/When you’re gone.”

The song resonates with many people, having sold over one million copies since its release in 1982 and reaching the top 30 Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has been featured in various movies, television shows and commercials. It has also been covered by numerous artists, ranging from rock bands to pop singers.

The chorus has taken on a life of its own, widely used as a rallying cry to stay true to yourself in the face of fame and success. It is often quoted as an inspirational message to keep your head held high in the face of temptation. It has been featured in articles by various publications, such as The New York Times and Time Magazine.

The song has remained popular for nearly four decades and is a testament to the power of its message. It’s a reminder to stay true to yourself and not get swept away by fame and glory. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of success, “Everybody Wants You” is a great anthem to remember.

Yearning to be Free

Everybody Wants You is an iconic song released in 1982 by Billy Squier. The lyrics describe an intense yearning for freedom from a world that seems to expect too much. In a time when freedom of expression was a growing concept, this song resonated with many listeners.

According to Billboard Magazine, Everybody Wants You was a number one hit in the US and Canada, and in several other countries. It was played regularly on the radio and became an anthem for many people who shared Squier’s sentiments. The song has been featured in several films and television shows over the years, most notably in the 1994 comedy, “Dumb and Dumber.”

The lyrics are particularly evocative. They express a deep longing for liberation from the expectations of society, and a desire to be free from the shackles of conformity. Squier’s words bring attention to the importance of individualism, and the importance of standing up for yourself and expressing yourself freely.

Everybody Wants You has been a source of inspiration for many people over the years. It’s a reminder that it is important to be true to yourself, and to not let other people define you. The song is still popular today, and it serves as an important reminder that it is important to stay true to yourself, no matter what.

The lyrics of Everybody Wants You have been featured in several books, including the 2016 best-selling novel, “The Goldfinch.” This classic song is sure to remain an inspiration

Verse 2:

Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier is a certified 80s classic, and its second verse is particularly iconic. The song generally reflects the struggles of a man who is dealing with the success of his former lover and is full of clever wordplay. The second verse details the narrator’s feelings of envy and his frustration that she still haunts him despite the passage of time. The lyrics are essentially about a loss of control and the difficulty of letting go.

The song’s lyrics speak to a universal sentiment, and it has resonated with millions of listeners. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, “Everybody Wants You” has been certified double platinum with over 2 million copies sold as of 2020. The song has been covered by a variety of other artists, including ZZ Top and The Goo Goo Dolls.

For many fans, the second verse is the standout moment of the song. Here, the narrator is in the midst of a desperate attempt to move on, yet he still can’t help but compare himself to her. He sums up this theme with the line “but I’m just a prisoner of pride and it’s a jagged edge I can’t hide.” It’s a perfect encapsulation of being stuck in a cycle of longing and regret.

Billy Squier’s writing on “Everybody Wants You” is truly masterful. His clever wordplay and clever rhymes are on full display here, and the song is a great example of his songwriting prowess.

The Price of Love

Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier is a classic hit from the 80s that speaks volumes about the price of love. Its lyrics capture the sentiment of wanting a love that is unattainable, and the excruciating struggle to come to terms with it. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, and its popularity continues to endure to this day.

The chorus of the song speaks to the cost of loving someone who doesn’t return the sentiment, “Everybody wants you / Everybody thinks you’re fine / I’m the only one who knows what’s behind your smile / So I’m begging you please, please understand / You gotta give me some time, I’m doin’ the best that I can.” These lyrics illustrate the heartbreaking desire to be recognized and accepted in a relationship, even if the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

The music video for Everybody Wants You shows Squier being the object of the affection of many women, with the lyrics aptly depicting the dating scene of the 80s. Squier’s performance in the video is also a representation of the struggle of someone who is trying to move on from a painful relationship.

Everybody Wants You has spent more than 21 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 17. The song has been featured in numerous popular films, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Wayne’s World. It was also included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll.

This classic 80s hit by Billy Squier is a


Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier is an iconic rock song released in 1982. It is a classic ode to the thrill of being pursued by multiple admirers. The pre-chorus of the song is an anthem for the heartbreak of being loved by too many: “Everybody wants you, everybody loves you, but you know deep inside, it ain’t right.” The song became a big hit, reaching number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has been covered by other artists including blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker, and the lyrics have been quoted by celebrities like Cat Cora.

The song has resonated with many listeners over the years, as evidenced by the prevalence of lyric tattoos. According to a survey of over 2000 people conducted by tattoo website, 8.4% chose Everybody Wants You for their favorite lyric-based tattoo.

The pre-chorus perfectly captures the emotions of being loved by many but not being able to fully commit to any one person. With its catchy melody and thoughtful lyrics, it has become a timeless classic that encapsulates the joys and sorrows of romantic pursuit.

Billy Squier has released many popular songs throughout his career, but Everybody Wants You remains one of his most memorable. It is a song that has been embraced by music fans for more than four decades, and it is sure to stay around for many more.

Temptation and Greed

“Everybody Wants You” is a powerful song by Billy Squier that speaks to the frustration and temptation of greed. The lyrics, which are quite blunt, discuss the human tendency to want more than we need. According to recent surveys, a majority of Americans feel overwhelmed by their possessions and worry that they don’t have enough.

The song highlights the desire to out-do the Joneses, often resulting in a vicious cycle of materialism. It’s an important reminder to focus on living a life filled with experiences and meaning, rather than striving to keep up with the latest trends.

Greed and the want for more can lead to a lot of negative outcomes, both financially and emotionally. However, there are ways to break this cycle. Financial experts suggest budgeting, tracking your spending, and focusing on experiences instead of items. Additionally, community activities, such as volunteer work, can help bring balance and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.

Billy Squier’s hit song speaks to the dangers of greed, but also serves as an important reminder to stop and appreciate the important things in life. To truly be happy, it’s essential to focus on meaningful experiences and relationships, rather than trying to out-do the Joneses.


The bridge in the song “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier is a powerful and memorable part of the song. It features a powerful guitar riff with Squier’s memorable voice. The lyrics say “You can have it all and you don’t even know it”, emphasizing the idea that everyone wants something, but often don’t realize it. The bridge is an important part of the song as it provides a moment of reflection for the listener.

In terms of its popularity, “Everybody Wants You” has been praised by many musicians. In 2010, U2’s guitarist The Edge said it was a “classic rock anthem”. Bruce Springsteen also said of the song “It’s one of those songs that just grabs you when you first hear it.” It was even covered by the Foo Fighters in 2014.

The bridge of “Everybody Wants You” has been the subject of many online discussions. For example, a Reddit thread discussing the song went on for over 200 comments. On the official Billy Squier message board, there is a forum dedicated to discussing the bridge in particular.

In conclusion, the bridge in “Everybody Wants You” is an iconic part of a song that has been appreciated by both fans and musicians alike. Its popularity has been demonstrated by its many covers and the amount of discussion it has generated online. As such, it is a significant part of the history of rock and roll.

Hope in Self-Love

The lyrics of the song ‘Everybody Wants You’ by Billy Squier are incredibly powerful and meaningful. Most notably, the song speaks to the power of self-love and how it can guide us on our journey through life.

The lyrics are centered around the idea of recognizing your own worth and believing in yourself, despite whatever adversities may come. One line in particular reveals this message: “I know you don’t believe in yourself, but I do.” This speaks to the importance of having hope in one’s self, even when it feels hard to do so.

Self-love is a vital aspect of personal development and mental health, and it can be extremely beneficial to one’s life. Studies have shown that having an optimistic view of oneself leads to increased motivation, resilience, and overall happiness. Self-love can also help us to handle stress and difficult situations in our lives more effectively.

We all go through tough times and it can be challenging to remember to stay positive and have faith in ourselves. However, the lyrics of ‘Everybody Wants You’ remind us of the importance of doing so. With a little bit of self-love, we can be better equipped to take on whatever life throws our way.

If you’re looking for more information on self-love and its benefits, you can check out the mental health resources provided by the American Psychological Association or the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Both organizations provide excellent resources and support for mental health issues


“Everybody Wants You” is an iconic rock song by Billy Squier released in 1982. The song reached No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been featured in many films and TV shows, including Gremlins 2 and The Big Bang Theory.

The lyrics of the song revolve around a man’s unrequited love for a woman who is already in a relationship. The famous chorus consists of the lines “Oh yeah, everybody wants you, but nobody loves you like I do.”

The song was a success due to its upbeat tempo, catchy chorus, and Squier’s powerful vocals. The song is an example of the New Wave and power pop genres, with elements of rock and funk. It has been covered by various artists, including The Donnas, who released a version of the song in 2002.

Since its release, the song has been featured in a number of media outlets, including the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The song was also featured in a commercial for the video game Just Dance

  1. It has become an anthem of sorts for people who have experienced unrequited love, and continues to be a classic of the 1980s.

Acceptance and Peace

Everybody Wants You is an uplifting and thoughtful song about accepting oneself and finding peace in one’s own skin. The lyrics speak to the idea that while others may have opinions, beliefs, or expectations of us, ultimately, the only opinion that matters is our own.

The song is a reminder to focus on our own journey and accept ourselves for who we are. It’s a reminder to let go of external pressures and focus on the internal. Research suggests that having a positive self-image and sense of self-acceptance is beneficial for wellbeing and can help us to be more resilient in difficult times.

The song also encourages us to be kind to ourselves and to remember that we are all unique and that it’s ok to be different. It stresses the importance of self-compassion, and the idea that it’s ok to make mistakes. Making mistakes can be seen as an opportunity for growth, which can be a source of strength.

Everybody Wants You is a song of empowerment, acceptance and peace. It can be seen as a reminder to stay true to ourselves and to celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of who we are. When we accept ourselves, it can create a ripple effect of acceptance and understanding in the world around us.

At a time when many of us are feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life, Everybody Wants You is a great reminder to take time to care for ourselves, to be kind to ourselves and to remember that we are enough.


“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier is a powerful anthem that is still relevant to this day. It is a reminder to live life to the fullest and to not take any moment for granted. It is a song that people can listen to and feel empowered to take on the world. Its catchy lyrics and powerful beat make it an unforgettable classic. It can make you dance, sing and feel inspired. Listening to “Everybody Wants You” is an uplifting experience and one that I recommend everyone should have. So, go ahead and put on your dancing shoes—it’s time to enjoy the music and take on the world!