Falling In Love Phantogram Lyrics

As a long-time fan of the indie-pop duo Phantogram, I have come to appreciate the heartfelt lyrics they put into their music. In particular, their song “Falling in Love” is an ode to the beautiful and sometimes painful process of falling in love. The lyrics of this song are especially meaningful and speak to the different stages of love, from the initial excitement to the more difficult parts of commitment. In this article, I will be exploring the lyrics of “Falling in Love” in depth, examining both the poetic beauty and the underlying themes of the song. I hope to show how Phantogram’s powerful words can help us better understand the complexities of love.

Falling in Love

Falling in love is a topic that many people can relate to. The lyrics of the song “Falling in Love” by the band Phantogram accurately capture the feeling of this emotion. The lyrics speak of falling in love as a process that is not fully under our control, since “our hearts can do the thinking, ‘til our heads catch up”. This is a sentiment that is shared by many, as a 2019 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 65% of respondents felt that love is something that just happens to us.

The chorus best captures the intensity of infatuation, as both people are willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work: “We will make it through, you and me, feeling love so deeply, if we can’t have it all, we can try at least”. This is a hopeful and powerful message that resonates with many people, as falling in love is a journey that requires commitment and trust from both people involved.

The lyrics of “Falling in Love” are a beautiful reminder of the amazing feeling of love, and how it can bring out the best in us. It can be difficult to express these emotions in words, but Phantogram does an excellent job of expressing what many of us feel. If you are looking for a reminder of why it’s so amazing to fall in love, “Falling in Love” by Phantogram is an excellent choice.

Meaning of Falling in Love

Falling in Love by Phantogram is a catchy and poignant love song that speaks to its listeners. It paints a picture of what it is like to fall in love, showing the excitement, joy, nervousness, and butterflies that come along with it. The lyrics tell the story of someone entering a new romantic relationship and discovering the feeling of being in love.

The song captures the feeling of being in love in a new and complex way. It speaks about the vulnerability and enthusiasm that come with falling in love. The chorus states, “When I see you, I fall in love all over, all over again.” This line speaks to the feeling of falling in love with the same person over and over again, even if the relationship has gone through a rough patch.

The song’s lyrics describe the feeling of being in love in a different and unique way. According to a 2018 survey, 70% of Americans believe that they have found their one true love. Falling in Love by Phantogram captures the essence of what it feels like to find that special person who makes your heart skip a beat.

Falling in Love speaks to people in different stages of love, whether they are just starting out, in a long-term relationship, or even going through a break-up. It is a beautiful reminder of the unique and special feeling of being in love. It captures the joys, vulnerability, and trepidation that come with being in love.

Falling in Love by Phantogram is a stunning love song that speaks to its

Themes in the Lyrics

Falling in Love by Phantogram is a beautiful and heartbreaking song about the complexities of relationships. The lyrics are full of longing and emotion, highlighting the difficulty of making it through a break-up and coming out the other side. In the song, lead singer Sarah Barthel sings about how difficult it is to keep on loving when the other person doesn’t feel the same way. The song looks at the idea of “staying in love” in spite of the obstacles, but also realizes that sometimes it’s impossible.

The lyrics of “Falling in Love” touch on a few key themes, most noticeably the idea of self-love. Barthel sings about how even when one person in the relationship has moved on, the other can still love themselves and move on with their life. This is a powerful reminder that our sense of self-worth and self-love should not be determined by the actions of someone else. The lyrics also focus on the idea of hope and resilience in the face of heartbreak, which is a common theme in many break-up songs.

A 2016 study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that break-ups often lead to a sense of loneliness and depression, while also impacting an individual’s sense of self-worth. This makes the message of “Falling in Love” even more relevant, as it encourages those who are going through a difficult break-up to keep on loving themselves and eventually find their way to something better.

The lyrics of “Falling

Musicality of the Song

Falling in love to the lyrics of the indie-pop band Phantogram is an experience like no other! The musicality of this song is something to be admired. The duo consists of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter and they have been making music since 2007. Blending genres such as electronic, indie rock, and trip-hop, they bring a unique and captivating sound to the table. The song ‘Falling in Love’ in particular is the most successful of their singles peaking at number 6 on the U.S Alternative songs chart. This song is characterized by its sparse electronic-based sound, which allows for the powerful lyrical content to shine through. The track has been well-received by fans and critics alike, and it has gained over 50 million streams on Spotify. It is a true testament to the impeccable musicality of the song, and the power of love.

Lyrics Analysis

Falling in Love by Phantogram is an emotional and powerful song that speaks to the joy of love and the pain of losing it. The lyrics explore the idea of falling in love and the heartache that follows when it doesn’t work out. The song is an expression of pain and longing, and the beauty of the lyrics lies in their simplicity and depth. The chorus of the song is particularly poignant: “I’m falling in love again. I’m falling in love again and it’s killing me, so why don’t you just leave me?”.

The lyrics are an exploration of the idea of love and its power to bring joy and pain. The narrator is in a vulnerable position, expressing the vulnerability of being in love and the fear of being hurt. The song speaks to the idea that, even though love can bring pain, it’s still worth fighting for. This idea is reflected in the lyrics, as the narrator is determined to keep fighting for love, despite the heartache it brings.

The song also speaks to the idea of vulnerability. The narrator is open to the possibility of love, but also aware of the risks. There is a sense of unease in the lyrics, as the narrator is aware of the potential for pain and heartache. This idea is further highlighted in the bridge of the song, when the narrator acknowledges the risk of falling in love and the need to be strong and brave: “So I’m gonna take a chance and I’m gonna be brave and I’m gonna jump right in”.


The Success of the Song

The indie pop duo “Phantogram”, consisting of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, released their hit single “Falling In Love” in 2015. The release of this song marked a huge milestone in the music career of the duo, as it sent them onto the Billboard Top 100 Chart, peaking at number 87.

The lyrics of the song are incredibly romantic and tell the story of two people falling in love and starting a relationship. The music video for the single was shot in a carnival setting, perfectly capturing the fun and excitement of a budding romance.

Since its release, the song has been incredibly popular, with over 60 million streams on YouTube, and over 3 million plays on Spotify. It has been featured on various television shows, including Riverdale and Teen Wolf, and was even included in the 2016 movie Me Before You.

Phantogram is now a well-known duo in the indie music scene, and “Falling In Love” is one of their most successful songs. It has resonated with fans around the world and continues to be a favorite amongst fans and music critics alike.

The success of “Falling In Love” is a testament to the talent of Phantogram and to the power of music. It’s a song that will continue to be remembered for many years to come.

Reflection on the Lyrics

Falling in Love by Phantogram is a beautiful and melodic song that captures the feelings of being in love. The lyrics are both romantic and thought-provoking, and the message can be interpreted in many ways. It is no surprise that this song has been listened to over 5 million times, and continues to be a popular choice for many.

The lyrics describe the feeling of being in love, and falling for someone without knowing what the outcome will be. Romance is something that can be unpredictable, and often uncertain. The lyrics of Falling in Love are reflective of this, as they are filled with hope and an eagerness for the unknown. They also illustrate the joy that comes with love, and remind us to savor it while it lasts.

The chorus of Falling in Love especially stands out, with its catchy melody and memorable lines. The lyrics emphasize the idea of taking a chance on love, and trusting the process of it all. It is a thought-provoking reminder to take a chance on love and to believe in it, despite the uncertainty of the outcome.

The poetic nature of the song’s lyrics adds to the beauty of it all. The imagery and symbolism used throughout the song creates a romantic atmosphere and allows listeners to connect with it. Falling in Love demonstrates the power of music to express complex emotions that can sometimes be hard to put into words.

In conclusion, the Falling in Love lyrics by Phantogram are a beautiful reminder of taking a chance on love, and trusting in its process. The romantic and thought-prov


falling in love with Phantogram’s lyrics is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I am constantly blown away by their creativity and unique perspective. The combination of captivating beats and beautiful lyrics gives each song an emotional depth that is hard to find elsewhere. When I hear Phantogram’s music, I feel like I’m in a dream. It is the perfect way to express my love for music and to share my emotional journey with others. I highly recommend giving Phantogram’s music a listen and I’m sure you’ll appreciate its beauty and magic. So don’t wait, put on your favorite song and let the music take you away!