Feed Me Seymour Lyrics

Welcome to my article about the beloved song “Feed Me Seymour” from the musical Little Shop of Horrors! I’m sure you’ve sang along with this classic song from the 80’s, but do you know the lyrics? In this article, I’ll take you through the lyrics of this iconic show tune so you can put the song to memory and sing along with confidence. We’ll go through the meaning of some of the lyrics, the origin of the song, and how the song has been interpreted over the years. So if you’ve ever wanted to know the words to “Feed Me Seymour”, you’ve come to the right place!

Feed Me Seymour

Feed Me Seymour is an iconic song from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Composed by Alan Menken, the lyrics were written by Howard Ashman and the song was originally sung by the characters Seymour and Audrey. Since its debut in 1982, Feed Me Seymour has become a classic, sung in countless school productions and performed by a variety of artists.

The song is a pivotal point in the narrative of Little Shop of Horrors, a popular musical comedy horror movie. During the song, Seymour is begging an anthropomorphic plant, Audrey II, for food. The song is packed with wordplay and clever references, as Seymour pleads for nourishment from the plant, named after his beloved Audrey.

The lyrics of Feed Me Seymour tell a gripping story of a man desperate to feed a monster that will consume him in the end. In the chorus, Seymour implores “feed me, Seymour” in a desperate tone. The lyrics also reference plants from other horror movies, such as Audrey II’s predecessor, Audrey Jr., from the 1960 film.

As a song, Feed Me Seymour is upbeat and catchy, incorporating doo-wop backing vocals and a light-hearted tone. It has become synonymous with the musical, and is often used to reference Little Shop of Horrors as a whole. Though the song has a macabre theme, the catchy beat and amusing lyrics make it a guaranteed classic.

Feed Me Seymour is a widely recognized and beloved song from a timeless classic. The song’s clever

What is the song about?

“Feed Me Seymour” is a song written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken for the 1982 musical Little Shop of Horrors. The song is sung by the lead character Seymour, who is trying to convince a giant man-eating plant, Audrey II, to eat him. The song is an upbeat, humorous number with dark undertones.

The lyrics describe a moment of desperation, as Seymour begs for his own death in order to save the plant, as well as the people of Skid Row. The song is packed with wordplay and references to classic sci-fi and horror films. Despite its morbid subject matter, the song has become a beloved Beatles-esque classic, with some critics considering it one of the best musical theatre songs ever written.

The song’s popularity has endured since its release. It was featured in the 2006 movie version of Little Shop of Horrors, as well as the 1987 children’s cartoon The Little Shop of Horrors, and the song was even covered by the Foo Fighters on their 1995 album, Foo Fighters: Skin and Bones. According to Spotify, Feed Me Seymour has been streamed more than 10 million times, showing its continued relevance today.

Overall, Feed Me Seymour is a memorable and clever song that captures the desperation and dark humor of Little Shop of Horrors. It has become an enduring classic, delighting audiences for nearly four decades. It’s a song that has managed to capture both the darkness of horror and the joy of musical theatre in a perfect pop package.

Musical Analysis

The musical “Little Shop of Horrors” is one of the most beloved musicals of all time. It features the iconic song “Feed Me Seymour”, in which the titular character Seymour Krelborn pleads with a giant alien plant for sustenance. The song is an upbeat, jazzy number, and its lyrics capture the desperate situation Seymour is in. The lyrics are full of humor, wit, and double entendres, making it a memorable part of the musical.

In terms of structure, “Feed Me Seymour” is divided into two main sections: the verse and the chorus. The verse puts the audience into Seymour’s shoes, as he pleads with the plant to give him the sustenance he needs. The chorus is where Seymour’s desperation really shines through, as he pleads with the plant to “feed me Seymour”. The song also features a bridge, which is a brief interlude and helps add a sense of build up to the song.

The lyrics of “Feed Me Seymour” are clever and witty, with many double entendres. For example, the line “I need so much more than this provincial life” can be interpreted as both a plea for sustenance and a plea for freedom. Additionally, the song employs a lot of wordplay, such as the line “Say the word and you’ll be fed” which can be seen as both literal and figurative.


Interesting Facts

The musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is a classic. The song ‘Feed Me (Seymour)’ is one of its most beloved tunes. Written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman, the song is sung by Audrey II, a man-eating plant, as it attempts to persuade Seymour to feed it human blood.

The lyrics of ‘Feed Me (Seymour)’ are a darkly humorous reflection of human needs and the lengths people will go to in order to get what they want. The song was an instant hit and has been covered by numerous artists over the decades. It even received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song in 1986.

Before its release, ‘Feed Me (Seymour)’ was one of the first musical numbers to be composed for Little Shop of Horrors. Ashman and Menken wanted the song to strike a balance between comedy and horror. The result was a toe-tapping number that featured a blend of doo-wop, rock, and gospel.

The song’s popularity was further boosted by the music video, which was directed by Frank Oz and featured Rick Moranis as Seymour and Levi Stubbs as Audrey II. As of September 2020, the video has racked up over 5 million views on YouTube.

The success of ‘Feed Me (Seymour)’ has made it one of the most recognizable songs in musical theater. It’s been

Behind the Scenes

Feed Me Seymour is a song from the iconic musical, ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ Composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Howard Ashman, it is a duet between the protagonist, Seymour Krelborn, and an alien plant, Audrey II. The song was featured in the Broadway production of the musical in 1982 and the film adaptation in 1986.

This iconic song is an ode to Seymour’s relationship with the alien plant he accidentally cultivates. As Seymour feeds it, the plant grows increasingly large and demanding. The lyrics draw on this relationship, highlighting the power dynamics between the two characters.

The song has been covered by many renowned artists, including Rick Moranis, who sang it in the film adaptation. It has featured in multiple Broadway revivals, TV adaption, and concert versions of the musical. Feed Me Seymour has been a fan favorite for decades and remains an iconic song from the musical.

In addition to its popularity, Feed Me Seymour has earned various awards and nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. The song’s popularity is so wide-reaching that it was even featured in an episode of The Simpsons in 1993.

Whether you’re a fan of the musical or just the popular song, Feed Me Seymour offers a unique commentary on power dynamics in relationships. The song continues to captivate audiences around the world with its witty, memorable lyrics.

Music Video

“Feed Me Seymour” is a catchy and lively song from the iconic musical Little Shop of Horrors. Written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, the song is performed by the character Seymour, as he plays the role of a root-hungry carnivorous plant. The music video released in 1986 features Rick Moranis singing the song, with Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist, Orin Scrivello. Since its release, the music video has grown in popularity as a cult classic, and it has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

The lyrics of the song are a great example of how Howard Ashman and Alan Menken combine lighthearted and clever wordplay with dark comedy, to create something truly unique and memorable. The song is about Seymour’s struggle to satisfy his plant’s appetite, with lines such as “Feed me, Seymour. Feed me all night long,” and “Mushrooms, French fries, even a quiche.” The song also features a number of humorous sound effects, which add to the overall comedic feel of the track.

Since its release, “Feed Me Seymour” has become a popular karaoke choice and a favorite of musical theater fans. The song has also been featured in a number of films, video games, and television shows, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park. It has even been covered by a number of artists, including Weezer, Maynard James Keenan, and Stan Lee.

The music video for “Feed Me Seymour” is a great example

Cultural Impact

The song “Feed Me Seymour”, from the cult classic musical Little Shop of Horrors, has become an iconic part of pop culture. Written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, it tells the story of a plant, Seymour, longing to be fed as he grows hungrier for human blood. With its catchy melody and witty lyrics, the song has become a beloved classic.

Since its debut in 1982, “Feed Me Seymour” has become a pop culture phenomenon. It has been featured in films, television shows, video games, and even commercials. In the musical, the song serves as a metaphor for ambition and how it can become dangerous. It has also been used as a reference for films and TV shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Stranger Things.

The lyrics of “Feed Me Seymour” have provided inspiration to countless artists, from bands like OK Go and Panic! At the Disco to solo singers like Lady Gaga. The song has become a favorite among karaoke singers around the world, who regularly take on the challenge of singing the song’s famous chorus. In 2020, the song was featured in a primetime commercial for Chevrolet, continuing its legacy as an iconic part of popular culture.

The song’s popularity is no surprise. According to a report by Nielsen Music, the song was streamed over 20 million times in 2020 alone, making it one of the most streamed songs of the year. Clearly, the catchy tune and clever lyrics of “Feed Me Seymour”


“Feed Me Seymour” is an iconic rock song that has withstood the test of time and stands as a memorable, timeless classic. Its unique combination of catchy hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics make it a favorite among diehard fans and casual listeners alike. As a musical masterpiece, it’s a song that will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. It’s an anthem of joy and celebration that ignites a fire in the hearts of all who listen. As we all continue to search for the perfect song to rock the night away, “Feed Me Seymour” is sure to be one of the frontrunners. So, turn up the volume and let the music fill your soul. Let’s dance to the beat of “Feed Me Seymour” and never forget the iconic legacy it has left behind.