Get Off Of My Cloud Lyrics

The Rolling Stones classic, Get Off of My Cloud, is one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century. It has been covered by countless artists, and its lyrics have been quoted in countless books and movies. The song was released in 1965 and was immediately a hit, reaching number one in the US and UK charts. It has since become a classic rock anthem, and its lyrics remain meaningful today. For those who are not familiar with the song, the lyrics can be daunting. In this article, we will break down the meaning of the Get Off of My Cloud lyrics and explain why they are so powerful.

Get Off My Cloud

“Get Off of My Cloud” is a classic rock song released in 1965 by the Rolling Stones. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the song peaked at number one on the United Kingdom Singles Chart and the United States Billboard Hot 100. It was an anthem of the British Invasion, and has gone on to become one of the Rolling Stones’ most recognisable hits.

The lyrics of “Get Off of My Cloud” are opaque, but generally address the feeling of being overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life and the need to find a moment of solitude. The song has been the subject of much interpretation, with some believing that it is about the feeling of being constantly watched and judged by the public.

Musically, “Get Off of My Cloud” features an uptempo beat and a catchy guitar riff. It also features prominent use of the harmonica, a signature instrument of the Rolling Stones. The song has been praised for its sonic and lyrical simplicity, capturing the spirit of the era.

The song has been a mainstay in classic rock radio programs and has been used in numerous film and television soundtracks. It has remained highly popular over the years, with a 2017 poll of Rolling Stone readers finding it to be their third favourite Rolling Stones song. It has been covered by countless artists, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, and The Who.

In summary, “Get Off of My Cloud” is a timeless classic from one of the greatest rock bands

Origin of Song

The classic rock anthem, “Get Off of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones, was released in 1965. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, this iconic song made it to #1 on the UK Singles Chart, and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It stood the test of time, and is still beloved by rock fans today.

The song is about freedom and the desire to be left alone. Jagger and Richards were both reportedly fed up with the constant attention and demands that they experienced as members of the Rolling Stones. The lyrics of “Get Off of My Cloud” perfectly articulate those feelings of frustration.

The song has enjoyed a long life beyond the original release. It has appeared in dozens of films, television shows, and commercials. In 2006, Rolling Stone Magazine named it the 145th Greatest Song of All Time. It has been covered by everyone from the Foo Fighters to the Muppets.

“Get Off of My Cloud” is an anthem of independence and a testament to the power of great songwriting. Its popularity, both then and now, is a testament to its ability to communicate a powerful message to listeners, no matter their age or background.


The Rolling Stones hit song “Get Off of My Cloud” is a classic rock and roll anthem about telling someone to steer clear of your life. The lyrics tell the story of a narrator who is fed up with people coming in and out of their life, trying to interfere and control their decisions. The track was released in 1965 as a single, and quickly reached #1 on the Billboard Charts.

The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of a narrator fed up with people giving them unsolicited advice and commenting on their lifestyle. The narrator rejects these intrusions, telling them to “get off of my cloud”, emphasizing that it is their personal life and decisions and no one else’s. The song is seen as a representation of the youth culture of the 1960s, which was marked by a spirit of rebellion and a desire to break away from traditional norms.

The song has gone on to become an important part of rock and roll culture. It has been covered by several artists over the years and is a staple in many rock and roll concerts. Its message of standing up for yourself and individual autonomy has resonated with generations of listeners. According to a recent survey, “Get Off of My Cloud” has been named by listeners as one of the most influential songs of the last century.

The Rolling Stones have said of the song that it’s about standing up for yourself and not letting anyone else make decisions for you. The lyrics remain as relevant today as they were when they were first released


The Rolling Stones hit “Get off of My Cloud” is one of their most iconic songs and a classic example of the British Invasion of the 1960s. This upbeat, rolling pop-rock tune was released in 1965 and quickly reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, and then a month later, the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who each developed their own individual styles that made up the well-known hallmark of the Rolling Stones sound.

The song follows a classic 12-bar blues structure with the verse and chorus repeating throughout while the lyrics follow a story-like arc. The lyrics depict a protagonist who is trying to tell someone to get off of their ‘cloud’ – a metaphor for their own personal space. Jagger and Richards’ vocal harmonies and instrumentation create a playful, light-hearted atmosphere that allows the listener to draw a connection to their own individual experiences.

The song’s message can often be interpreted differently depending on the individual’s own interpretation. In addition to this, the song’s structure and instrumentation have been noted to be highly expansive, with elements of both folk and blues music. For example, the use of a simple two-chord progression is a common blues style approach that is used to create a sense of tension throughout the song.

The Rolling Stones’ “Get off of My Cloud” is a timeless classic of the 60s that has been covered by many iconic artists since then

Musical Elements

The Rolling Stones classic “Get Off of My Cloud” is one of the most iconic songs of the 1960s, and still resonates with audiences today. The song is composed in a classic twelve-bar blues structure, which is typical of the band’s early work. This structure is comprised of three four-bar phrases, each of which focuses on a particular lyrical idea. The instrumentation of the song features an intense combination of electric guitar and bass, creating a driving rhythm that supports the lyrical message. In the chorus, the lead vocals are supported by a lush background of harmonized singers. The combination of these elements creates a powerful and memorable sound.

The lyrics of “Get Off of My Cloud” display Mick Jagger’s signature wit and sarcasm. The song is about Jagger’s frustration with people asking him for favors, which is a feeling that many of us can relate to. The lyrics are clever and somewhat subversive, expressing a desire to be left alone without any interference. This sentiment is further reinforced by the aggressive attitude of the instrumentation and vocal delivery.

In the context of the 1960s, “Get Off of My Cloud” was a powerful cultural statement against conformity and traditionalism. The song challenges listeners to be independent and to question the status quo. It is a reminder of the importance of individual autonomy and self-expression, which are still relevant themes today.

Overall, The Rolling Stones’ “Get Off of My Cloud” is a timeless


The Rolling Stones’ 1965 ballad “Get Off Of My Cloud” is a classic rock anthem that has stood the test of time. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the song reached number one on the U.S. and UK charts and has become a lasting symbol of the British Invasion. While the song has had its share of controversy, its legacy is undeniable.

In the song, Jagger and Richards take a stand against conformity and materialism, expressing their disdain for the status quo. The lyrics are an emphatic statement of nonconformity, encouraging the listener to break away from societal norms and express themselves. The song also has a strong focus on freedom of expression, embracing individuality and creativity.

This sentiment is echoed throughout the Beatles’ catalog as well, with a focus on peace and love. As a result, “Get Off Of My Cloud” has become an anthem for generations of music-lovers who strive for peace and to challenge the status quo.

The song has since become a popular track on classic rock radio, with over 200 million plays on Spotify since its release. It’s also been covered by countless artists, from Aerosmith to the late David Bowie. Its popularity has even spawned a website dedicated to the song, where fans can share their own interpretations of the lyrics.

Throughout its 55-year life, “Get Off Of My Cloud” has become a timeless classic, a symbol of the power of individual expression and an inspiration for generations of music-lovers. The Rolling Stones

Cover Versions

The Rolling Stones’ 1965 hit single “Get Off of My Cloud” has been covered by numerous artists over the years. The song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and was recorded in 1965. It was the first UK no.1 single from the group and it reached no.2 in the US. The song has been covered by a range of artists including Billy Idol, The Who, Jackie DeShannon, Elvis Costello, and countless others.

The song has been an inspiration to many artists, with each version offering a unique interpretation of the classic Rolling Stones track. One such cover, released in 1974, was performed by the American rock band Grand Funk Railroad. The band’s cover was featured on the album “Closer to Home”, and the accompanying music video was filmed in concert at the Long Beach Arena.

In 1976, the British rock band The Who also released their own version of “Get Off of My Cloud”. This version was included on the album “Who Put the Boot In” and featured on the band’s 1976 tour. The cover was praised for its use of the synthesizer, and it became a staple of the band’s live performances.

The song has also been covered by Australian singer Jimmy Barnes, and British band The Zombies. In the late 1980s, the song was covered by alternative rock band The Blasters for their album “The Blasters Live”. In 1989, the song was also covered by French band Les Inf


“Get Off Of My Cloud” is an iconic song with a timeless message. Its simple yet thought-provoking lyrics convey an important lesson that we should all keep in mind – that life is too short to be bogged down by other people’s expectations or what society deems as the norm. It encourages us to live our lives the way we want and to stand up for ourselves when necessary. The song is a reminder for us to stay true to ourselves and to be brave enough to take risks. It uplifts the spirit and emboldens us to make the best out of our lives. So, let’s break free of all the restraints and be open to exploring the world with an open mind and heart. Let’s be brave and live our lives to the fullest.