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The indie rock band Mother Mother has released many memorable songs, but none may be as memorable as their song “Ghosting”. Written by the band’s lead singer Ryan Guldemond, the song lyrically captures the pain of a relationship coming to an end. In this article, I will be exploring the lyrical content of “Ghosting” and the meaning behind the words. The lyrics of this song are incredibly powerful, and they are sure to move any listener. Guldemond’s words are so poignant and heartfelt that it makes the listener feel like they can relate to the story in some way. By delving into the lyrics of “Ghosting”, I will be revealing the hidden messages of the song and uncovering the

Ghosting | Mother Mother | Lyrics


Ghosting Mother Mother

Ghosting Mother Mother is an indie-rock band from Vancouver, Canada. The band consists of Ryan Guldemond (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Molly Guldemond (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Jasmin Parkin (keyboards/vocals), Ali Siadat (drums) and Mike Young (bass/vocals). Their most recent album, Dance and Cry, was released in 2019.

The lyrics of their songs have been described as “deeply introspective” and “brutally honest”; covering topics such as heartbreak, loneliness and mental health. Themes of love, loss and the search for meaning can be found throughout the band’s discography. The single “Ghosting” was released in 2018, and is said to be a “poignant reflection on the complexities of relationships”.

In 2017, Mother Mother was nominated for the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards, and their single “Letter” was nominated for the 2017 Juno Award for Single of the Year. They have also been shortlisted for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize and the 2018 SOCAN Songwriting Prize.

Ghosting Mother Mother has a dedicated fanbase, with their concerts often selling out. They have toured extensively, selling out shows in Europe, Australia, the US, and Canada. They have been featured on radio and television shows such as CBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 1, and Last Call with Carson Daly.

The band’

Definition of Ghosting

Ghosting is a term used to describe the sudden and unexplained disappearance of an online relationship. It can apply to any form of communication, including texting, emailing, and social media. In the context of mother mother’s lyrics, ghosting is used to describe the feeling of being abandoned by a loved one.

Recent studies have shown that ghosting is becoming increasingly common in modern relationships. In a survey of 1,000 people, 60% reported experiencing ghosting in some form. The mental impact of ghosting can be devastating, with some studies finding that it can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It’s important to remember that ghosting isn’t always intentional. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including fear of conflict, a lack of confidence in the relationship, or even a lack of communication skills. Whatever the reason, the impact can be devastating.

Ghosting can be difficult to process, and it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Seeking professional help or talking to a trusted friend can help you work through your feelings and move forward.

By exploring mother mother’s lyrics, we can gain insight into the complex emotions associated with ghosting. We can also gain a better understanding of how to cope with the pain and move forward.

Mother Mother’s Music

The indie rock-pop Canadian band Mother Mother have gained widespread fame for their catchy lyrics and unique style. Their hit single, ‘Ghosting’, which was released in 2018 has become a favorite amongst fans. The song’s deep, powerful meaning has made it a fan favorite.

The lyrics of ‘Ghosting’ are about feeling like you’re being ignored and feeling like no one is there when you need them. It speaks to being ghosted, a term meaning when someone cuts off contact, without explanation. The lyrics speak to the feeling of loneliness and despair that often accompanies this experience.

The chorus is especially poignant: ‘You don’t know what it’s like/When you’re ghosting/And I’m so alone/And you don’t know what it’s like/To be thrown away/And I’m so alone’. The song has resonated with listeners who have experienced being ghosted. According to a survey conducted by Mental Health America, 72% of respondents reported being ghosted in the past.

The song has a unique sound, starting off quietly and slowly building. This, combined with the powerful lyrics, creates an emotionally charged atmosphere. The song also speaks to hope and resilience in continuing on, even in tough times.

Mother Mother have done an incredible job of capturing the feelings of loneliness and despair associated with being ghosted. Their lyrics, combined with their unique sound, creates an emotionally charged atmosphere which resonates with fans experiencing the same thing.

Meaning of Ghosting Lyrics

Ghosting, the single by Canadian Indie rock band Mother Mother, is an emotionally charged song about the fear of abandonment. With its powerful lyrics and hauntingly beautiful vocals, its message resonates with listeners from all walks of life. The song’s title, “Ghosting,” refers to the act of ending a relationship without any closure or explanation. According to the American Psychological Association, ghosting is a common form of relationship termination, with as many as 20% of people reporting that they have been ghosted.

The chorus of the song paints a vivid picture of the sense of loneliness and fear that often accompanies the experience of being ghosted; “Oh, I’m afraid when I cannot feel you, so I’ma follow you into the night, to the edge of reason, and the bottom of the deep blue sea”. It expresses the intense longing and desperation to stay connected, even when it’s clear that the relationship is over.

The song also speaks to how ghosting can take an emotional toll. The lyrics, “Oh, I’m haunted by this, I’m a ghost of days that never last, I’m a ghost of love, of a love that’s not mine,” reflect the inner turmoil that often arises in the wake of an abrupt breakup. Whether the ghoster or the ghosted, no one is left unaffected by this increasingly common occurrence.

Ultimately, Ghosting is an important reminder of the importance of communication and closure in relationships. While ghosting may sometimes

Musicality of Ghosting

Ghosting Mother Mother is an indie rock music group from Vancouver, Canada. The band’s musical style is heavily influenced by folk, electronic, and pop music. The lyrics of their songs are often intricate and poetic, making them stand out from other indie bands.

The song “Ghosting” is one of their most popular songs and is often regarded as a song that embodies the musicality of the band as a whole. In this song, the lyrics discuss the idea of being haunted by a past love, while the music is laid-back and reflective. The song features interesting time signature changes, and subtle yet effective vocal layering. The combination of the two creates an atmosphere that is both melancholic and hopeful.

The musicality of this song is unparalleled. The lyrics are crafted in a way that allows them to build on each other, resulting in an emotional journey that draws the listener in. The layered vocals create a haunting atmosphere and the subtle building instrumental section further enhances this feeling.

Not only is Ghosting Mother Mother’s music interesting and unique, but the band has also had great success in the music industry. They have won numerous awards, including the Juno Award for Group of the Year in 2014. Additionally, their music has been featured in numerous television shows and movies.

Overall, Ghosting Mother Mother is an incredibly talented group that has created a unique and captivating sound with their lyrics and music. The song “Ghosting” is a perfect example of the band’s ability

Interpretations of Ghosting

The term ‘ghosting’ is a relevant topic in modern society, and is explored in depth in the song ‘Mother Mother’ by Canadian indie rock band, Mother Mother. Ghosting is defined as the act of completely cutting off contact with someone, without explanation or warning. It is a phenomenon that has become increasingly common, with research from The Harvard Business Review finding that up to 45% of people have been ghosted at least once.

The lyrics of ‘Mother Mother’ describe the feelings of confusion and frustration that come with being ghosted. Lead singer Ryan Guldemond sings about not understanding the sudden shift in behavior, and how difficult it can be to be the one left behind. The lyrics highlight the sense of betrayal that comes with ghosting, and how it can bring up unresolved feelings of pain.

The music video for ‘Mother Mother’ also builds on the message of the song, illustrating the idea of being ghosted in a creative way. It shows a girl literally running away, leaving behind a trail of her memories (represented by polaroids). The video also highlights the idea that ghosting is a two-way process; while it is easy to blame the one who ghosts, the lyrics remind us that both parties are responsible.

While ghosting can be hurtful, it is important to remember that it is just one form of communication, and that many people resort to it in order to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how to best handle these situations.

Analysis of Ghosting

Ghosting, a term known to many, has become increasingly common in today’s society. Mother Mother has released a song, “Ghosting”, that cleverly shines a light on this issue. The song is about a person who has been left alone after being ghosted and their consequent search for closure.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 1 in 5 Americans reported having been ghosted by their romantic partner. This behavior of leaving without warning or explanation has become an all too normalized occurrence in our lives – especially in the realm of dating. It can be hurtful, confusing, and can lead to feelings of rejection and depression.

The lyrics of “Ghosting” paint a vivid picture of the pain of being ghosted, and how it can leave us feeling “like a lost soul in a never-ending night”. The song was written to bring awareness to this issue and to make people more conscious of how their actions may hurt others.

The chorus speaks of the heartbreak and frustration of being ignored, as they sing “Why do you keep ghostin’ me, why do you keep ghostin’ me?”. The lyrics, combined with Mother Mother’s signature indie-rock sound, make the song both an emotional and uplifting experience.

Ultimately, “Ghosting” is a powerful song that has the potential to start meaningful conversations about an issue that is often brushed under the rug. Hopefully this song can help people realize


Ghosting Mother Mother’s lyrics have been an inspiration to many. The band’s creative and unique way of expressing raw emotion has been an influence to their fans. It’s easy to see why the band has been so successful and why their music has been so widely enjoyed. The lyrics and the music have created an atmosphere that people can relate to and connect with. The power of Ghosting Mother Mother’s lyrics has been a source of strength and comfort to many and they will continue to provide inspiration for years to come. I encourage all to listen to Ghosting Mother Mother’s music and experience the power of their lyrics for yourself.