Giving Him Something He Can Feel Lyrics

Giving Him Something He Can Feel is a timeless classic by the iconic R&B band En Vogue. This empowering anthem has become a staple in the music industry and continues to be a popular song for many. This article will explore the lyrics of the song, delving into the emotions and messages behind the words. It will also provide an analysis of the song, examining the underlying themes and messages. Finally, the article will look at the impact the song has had over the years, and why it continues to be so popular. Through this, we will gain a greater understanding of the meaning behind the lyrics and why En Vogue created this song.

“Giving Him Something He Can Feel”

The song “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” was written by Curtis Mayfield and released in 1976 as part of the soundtrack for the movie Sparkle. The song has become a classic soul/R&B song and an anthem of female empowerment, with the lyrics encouraging women to take control of their relationship. According to Billboard Magazine, the song showcases Mayfield’s “stylized funk,” and peaked at number four on the Hot Soul Singles chart.

The song’s message of female empowerment is still relevant today. According to the US Department of Justice, one in three women will experience some form of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. This song encourages women to take control of their relationships and stand up for themselves.

The cover version by En Vogue was released in 1992 and quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This version featured new lyrics and a different arrangement, but maintained the empowering message of the original. The group earned two Grammy nominations for the song, and it was certified gold in the US and UK.

The En Vogue version of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” has been featured in numerous films and television shows. It can be heard in the films Set It Off, 13 Going on 30, and Pitch Perfect, and on the television shows Glee, The Simpsons, and the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The song’s message of female empowerment is timeless, and its impact continues to be felt today. It is a staple of

Background of the Song

“Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a classic R&B slow jam from the iconic group, En Vogue. Originally released on their 1992 album, “Funky Divas”, the song is a sultry jam about female empowerment and self-worth. It has become a cultural touchstone for women everywhere, delivering a powerful message of worth and strength.

The single peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, and spent a total of twenty-one weeks on the chart. It was also certified gold in the US, and sold over 500,000 copies. Additionally, the song also charted in the UK, peaking at number three.

The single was written by band members Maxine Jones and Terry Ellis, along with Foster and McElroy, and was produced by Foster and McElroy, as well. The song was chosen as the third single from the album, and its success helped the album reach double-platinum status.

The song is often used as a feminist anthem, and has been featured in films such as “Mean Girls” and “Legally Blonde.” It has also been sampled and covered by many artists, including Missy Elliott and Ciara.

To this day, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is an iconic song that continues to inspire women everywhere. It has been cited as an important and influential song by many critics and music historians alike.

Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The song “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a classic R&B tune that was released in 1976 by En Vogue. It has been featured on numerous greatest hits compilations and is still one of the most recognized tunes in the genre. The lyrics of the song discuss a woman’s desire to feel appreciated and desired by her lover. She wants him to show her his love in a tangible way rather than simply telling her that he loves her.

Statistics show that over 60 percent of adults in the U.S. feel that they do not receive enough physical expressions of love from their partner. This song is a reminder that meaningful gestures of love should not be taken for granted. To demonstrate their love, partners should make sure to take the time to give each other something they can feel, such as a hug or kiss.

The music video for this song emphasizes the point that expressing love can be as simple as taking time out of a busy day to show affection. The video also highlights the importance of communication in a relationship, as the couple is seen having an honest conversation in the car. This emphasizes how powerful communication can be in a relationship and how it can often be the best way to show someone you care.

The song serves as an important reminder that it is essential to show physical expressions of love in a relationship. Taking the time to show your partner that you care can be a simple and effective way to show them how much they mean to you. Ultimately, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”

Lyric Analysis

The song “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue is an empowering anthem about female autonomy and self-love. It was released in 1992 as the second single from their debut album, Funky Divas. The lyrics to the song discuss topics like rejecting toxic relationships and embracing one’s own worth. According to Billboard, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified Gold in the US.

The lyrics of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” are often interpreted as a statement of female empowerment. The song stresses the importance of self-love and not settling for anything less than respect in a relationship. The lyrics also reaffirm the idea that “no man is worth your tears,” and that a woman should never be dependent upon a man for her happiness.

In addition to promoting female independence, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a reminder that love should never be taken for granted. The song celebrates the idea that a woman should feel appreciated in a relationship and should never feel like she’s giving more than she’s receiving. The lyrics also emphasize the importance of never settling for anything less than the love and respect that one deserves.

The overall message of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a powerful one of self-worth and female empowerment. It’s a reminder that a woman should not be afraid to stand up for herself and to never accept anything less

Connection to the Music

The lyrics of the popular song “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue offer a powerful message about the importance of connection in relationships. The song was a major commercial success, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in 1992 and reaching the top 5 in multiple countries. It is considered one of the most iconic and influential songs of the 1990s.

The lyrics of the song focus on the importance of communication and trust in relationships. The songwriter, Denzil Foster, has said that “the song is about being able to connect with someone on an emotional level and give them something they can feel and understand.” The lyrics emphasize the importance of being able to give your partner something they can relate to and make them feel special.

The song’s powerful message has resonated with listeners for decades. In a survey conducted by Nielsen Music and Billboard, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” was voted as the eighth most popular song of the 1990s. Additionally, the song has reached cult status among millennials, with many citing the song as a major influence on their relationships.

The powerful lyrics of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” provide a timeless message about the importance of connection in relationships. The song’s impact has been felt across generations and its influence is still being felt today. By emphasizing the importance of communication, trust and empathy in relationships, the song provides a lasting reminder of the importance of giving your partner something special.

Production and Instruments

Giving Him Something He Can Feel is an iconic soul song sung by Aretha Franklin. The song was released in 1972, becoming an instant hit and one of Franklin’s signature songs. Produced by Jerry Wexler, the production of the song is a mix of gospel and soul, creating a unique sound. It contains a range of instruments, such as drums, bass, piano, organ, electric guitar, and a horn section. The drums provide a strong, steady beat throughout the song, and the piano and organs give it a gospel-like sound. The electric guitar gives the song an edge, and the horn section gives the soulful tone of the song a powerful lift. Additionally, the background vocals help to create a powerful choir-like atmosphere. All the elements together create a powerful and emotive song that has stood the test of time.

Impact and Legacy

“Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a classic Motown song from the 1970s, written by Frederick Knight and sung by the famous group, The En Vogue. It is considered a cultural phenomenon due to its powerful lyrics and its impact on the music industry. The song has earned critical acclaim for its messages of empowerment and has been featured on multiple “Greatest Songs of All Time” lists.

The song was a huge success in the United States and Europe, reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the U.K. Singles Chart. It also won an ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Award for Top R&B/Hip-Hop song of the year in 1993. It was one of the most successful singles of its era and has been sampled, covered, and remixed by many artists since.

Not only has the song been a commercial success, but its messages of self-love, female empowerment, and resilience have resonated with countless people around the world. It has inspired many to find strength in their voices and take back control of their lives. The song has been featured in many movies and TV shows such as Thelma & Louise, Empire, and Saturday Night Live.

“Giving Him Something He Can Feel” has certainly left its mark on the music industry. The unique blend of funk, soul, and R&B makes it a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences of all ages. It is truly a testament to the power of music and its ability to impact and


“Giving Him Something He Can Feel” is a timeless song, written by Curtis Mayfield. It speaks to the importance of understanding the feelings of your partner and being able to give them something they can feel. It’s a powerful reminder that relationships require work and effort, and that it’s worth it to take the time to make sure your partner is getting what they need. It’s a song that will remain relevant for many years to come.

We should all take a moment to reflect on the song’s message, and think about how we can apply it to our relationships today. Taking the time to understand the needs of our partners is a great way to make sure that our relationships are healthy and strong. So take the time to listen to “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”, and let its message of love and understanding inspire you.