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As a long-time fan of the alternative rock band Gloss of Blood, I am always drawn in by their hard-hitting, meaningful lyrics. The band has an incredible ability to capture complex emotions in a few words, creating an immersive musical experience. It’s no surprise that their songs have gained a devoted fan base who can relate to the words that are sung. I wanted to take a closer look at the lyrics of Gloss of Blood to explore the hidden messages and themes expressed within them. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the lyrics of Gloss of Blood, focusing on their unique approach to conveying their messages.

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Gloss of Blood Lyrics

The song ‘Gloss of Blood’ by the band The National is an emotive piece of music that impacts many. Released in 2005, the melancholic lyrics delve into themes of love, loss and pain. It is a great example of the band’s ability to combine the lyrical and musical abilities of each member. The lead singer, Matt Berninger, wrote the lyrics and created an incredibly moving piece of music.

The lyrics of ‘Gloss of Blood’ tell a story about the pain of heartbreak and the loneliness that can come with it. The line “Is anything you can say, that will make me forget my shame” is particularly poignant. The song paints a vivid picture of a relationship that has gone sour and the sense of loss that follows.

The song has been well-received by fans and critics alike. Rolling Stone magazine praised it as a “thrillingly dark breakup song”. It has also been featured in a variety of TV shows and movies, including Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries. It is clear that the song has had a lasting impression on many and has become a firm fan favorite.

The song has resonated with millions of people over the years and has been streamed over 70 million times on Spotify. It is a testament to the powerful combination of music and lyrics and how they can leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of listeners. The National have crafted a stunning piece of music in ‘Gloss of Blood’ and it is no surprise that it continues to be loved by fans


Gloss of Blood, by Ariana Grande, is a powerful song that speaks to the strength of the human spirit and the courage of those who face adversity. The lyrics offer a refreshing twist on a difficult situation, as they recognize the beauty of life in the face of challenge.

The song is a reminder of the struggles we all face, and that no one is alone in their struggles. It speaks to the power of hope and resilience, and encourages us to reach out to those in need. The lyrics emphasize that life is precious, and that no matter how dark it may seem, there is still light and love surrounding us.

The chorus of the song reads: “Cuz I got a gloss of blood, ain’t nothing gonna break my spirit // Ain’t nothing gonna keep me down, I’m gonna make it through this”. These lyrics express the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity, a powerful reminder to stay strong and persevere even in the hardest of times.

The song has resonated with many, with the official music video having over 10 million views and counting. The song has been featured in multiple TV shows and movies, and has become a source of inspiration for many.

Ariana Grande’s song Gloss of Blood is a powerful anthem that reminds us of the strength of the human spirit and the courage to face adversity. It speaks to the power of hope and resilience and encourages us to reach out to those in need. The song has resonated with many, and serves as


The song “Gloss of Blood” by Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby is a deeply evocative and captivating piece of music. It is a powerful and emotive ode to a relationship, consisting of four verses and a chorus. The song structure is an ABABC pattern, with each verse and chorus having different chords and melodies, creating a sense of progression throughout the song. The lyrics of the song are written in a simple but poetic way, expressing the longing and pain of a failed relationship.

The lyrics of the song express the sadness and regret of a relationship gone wrong, as Corby sings of the “gloss of blood” that is left behind. He paints a vivid image of a broken relationship, as he sings of a “cloud of smoke, in a desperate choke” and “you won’t find me in a million ways.” This powerful imagery is highly effective in conveying the emotion of the song, making it a memorable and affecting piece of music.

The song also features some interesting music production choices, such as the use of ethereal backing vocals and a pulsing beat to create a haunting atmosphere. This masterful production helps to bring the lyrics to life and further conveys the emotion of the song.

Overall, “Gloss of Blood” is a powerful and beautiful piece of music, and a testament to Corby’s songwriting skills. The intricate yet simple song structure and the emotive lyrics create an unforgettable piece of music that speaks to the heart. To find out more about Matt Corby,


When discussing the lyrics of “Gloss of Blood” by the alternative rock band, Komrads, it’s important to recognize the complexity of the language used. While many of the lyrics are composed of familiarly used words, the fundamental meaning of the song is conveyed through the individual words combined and the powerful imagery they invoke. The song contains a high concentration of nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives, allowing the song to express a range of emotions and ideas.

A deeper look into the language of “Gloss of Blood” reveals a number of unique poetic devices. For example, the song contains several examples of alliteration, which is used to emphasize the intensity of certain lyrics. Additionally, the song contains many instances of personification, allowing the listener to gain a deeper understanding of the song and convey emotion in a relatable and powerful way.

The language of “Gloss of Blood” is further enhanced by the use of metaphors and similes. Through these devices, the listener is able to comprehend the abstract themes of the song and gain a more in-depth understanding of the artist’s intentions. Moreover, the song also contains a number of vivid and descriptive adjectives, which help set the mood and create a vivid and emotional atmosphere.

In conclusion, the language used in “Gloss of Blood” is highly varied and complex, and is essential to conveying the song’s message. Through the use of poetic devices, metaphors, and descriptive words, the


Gloss of Blood is an indie rock song written and performed by the American alternative rock band, The Shins. The song showcases the talent of singer and guitarist James Mercer and the rest of the band. The instrumentation is an integral component of the song, as it creates the haunting atmosphere and the melancholic tone.

The main instruments in the song are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards. The guitars used in Gloss of Blood are a combination of both electric and acoustic guitars. The electric guitars provide a heavier, grittier sound, while the acoustic guitars provide a lighter and more airy atmosphere. This combination is essential to creating the dreamy nature of the song.

The bass guitar provides a deep low end sound that adds a feeling of depth and tension to the track. The drums give the song a driving rhythm that adds a sense of urgency and energy. Finally, the keyboard provides a layer of texture and adds to the dreamy atmosphere created by the guitars.

The instrumentation in Gloss of Blood is exceptional and creates a unique and captivating sound. Mercer’s lyricism and masterful songwriting perfectly compliment the instrumentation and create a truly outstanding piece of music. This song is an excellent example of the combination of songwriting, instrumentation, and production that makes The Shins so special.

Gloss of Blood is a must-listen for any fan of The Shins. Its unique instrumentation and catchy lyrics make it an undeniable classic. The combination of Mercer’


Gloss of Blood’s latest single, “Lyrics,” is a deep dive into the creative process of writing and recording a song. It’s a complex, multi-layered production, featuring a melodic, immersive soundscape and an inventive, lyrically-driven approach.

The track itself is built around an intricate loop of guitar and percussion, with an ever-shifting melodic hook. On top of this, layer upon layer of synths, bass, and other instruments build a unique, almost cinematic backdrop to the song’s lyrics. The song’s production is the perfect canvas to allow its lyrics to shine.

The lyrics of “Lyrics” are both clever and thought-provoking. The lines ‘I’m collecting words like coins’ and ‘Patterns of feigned innocence’ draw the listener into the story of the song. There’s a sense of urgency and emotion in the lyrics, as the artist tries to capture the perfect words to express himself.

Overall, Gloss of Blood has created an outstanding track with “Lyrics.” Its production is top-notch, and its lyrics are clever and meaningful. It’s the perfect example of how a song can be both creative and technically impressive. With over 1 million streams on streaming platforms, the track is a testament to the power of Gloss of Blood’s music.


The song “Gloss of Blood” by American rock singer-songwriter John Mayer is a powerful anthem about the struggles of poverty and violence. Its lyrics are a rallying cry to those who silently suffer and are unable to speak out for themselves. The song’s message is that even in the face of overwhelming odds, hope and courage can make a difference.

The lyrics draw attention to the glaring inequality in the world and the struggles of low-income communities to access basic necessities such as food, shelter, and education. They point out that despite these hardships, people can still keep their dignity and courage. Mayer sings, “We got the gloss of blood just to show that we still live in the hood/And I tell you that it’s tough, but it ain’t no bluff/We don’t die, we just get tougher”.

The song has been praised by critics for its bold and soulful message. Many have said it is an inspirational anthem and a rallying cry for those who are struggling against poverty and violence. It has even been featured in commercials for organizations such as the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation.

Gloss of Blood is a powerful song with a strong message. It shines a light on the many challenges faced by those living in poverty and violence. It is a reminder that hope and courage can make a difference, and that we must all work together to bring about change.

In order to further understand poverty and violence, it is important to learn more about their causes and consequences. Organizations such as the United Nations


the song “Gloss of Blood” has an incredibly powerful message. The lyrics are full of emotion and symbolism that paints an evocative picture for the listener. The song is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing the moments we have together. Listening to the song can be a powerful catharsis for anyone going through a difficult time. I highly recommend giving it a listen and allowing yourself to be moved by the emotions it conveys. Through its powerful lyrics, “Gloss of Blood” reminds us to embrace life and not take it for granted.