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Gogo dancing is one of the most popular forms of dance in the world today. It is a style of dance that originated in the early 60s in the United States, and has since become popular in countries around the world. While most of the songs used for gogo dancing are usually in Spanish, there are also some great songs with English lyrics that you can use to get your groove on. In this article, I will explore the top 10 gogo dance songs with English lyrics that you can use to make your gogo dance experience even more enjoyable. From classic rock to hip hop, you’ll find something to suit your tastes and get your hips swinging. So grab your dancing shoes and let’s get grooving!

Gogo dancing, also known as go-go, is a popular form of contemporary dance celebrated in nightclubs and music videos. The dance style is characterized by its fast pace and repetitive dancing to electronic music. Although a few of the iconic artists associated with the genre had English-based lyrics in their songs, most of the lyrics remain in Japanese or other languages.

Since its rise to the mainstream in the late 2000s, many fans have become curious about the lyrics of their favorite gogo songs. Therefore a number of websites have sprouted up in recent years dedicated to translating the complex gogo lyrics into English. From sites like Nihongogo and Gogo World to Youtube channels like Gogo Lullaby, there is no shortage of resources to help individuals understand the music they love.

In addition to the lyrics, fans have also created their own English translations of the choreography that goes along with gogo songs. Popular groups like World Order and EBiDAN have become well known for their highly technical dances, and many of their steps have been broken down into tutorials and instructional videos. This has also helped to spread the popularity of the genre both inside and outside of Japan.

As gogo dancing continues to gain traction, the need for English translations of the lyrics and choreography will only grow. For those looking to learn the gogo moves and understand the music, there is no shortage of helpful resources to get them started.

Gogo Dance Lyrics

Gogo dancing is an exciting form of dance entertainment that originated in South America. It has since grown in popularity, with a diverse range of music and styles embraced across the globe. One of the most popular forms of Gogo Dance is the Latin-infused hip-hop style, featuring lyrics in English and Spanish.

Whether you’re looking for something to dance to at a party or just want to learn the words to the latest Latin hip-hop song, Gogo Dance Lyrics English is a great source of help. The website features a comprehensive list of songs in both English and Spanish, plus translations and explanations of the lyrics.

For those who want to learn the Gogo dance moves, the website also offers video tutorial tutorials. This makes it easier to get the hang of the dance moves and learn the lyrics at the same time. With over 500 Gogo Dance videos available, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking to try out Gogo dancing for yourself, you’ll find plenty of resources to help you get started. There are Gogo Dance classes in many cities, with dance studios offering classes in a range of styles. To find out more about Gogo Dance and its many benefits, you can also check out books, documentaries and other resources.

Gogo dancing is an exciting and dynamic form of entertainment that’s becoming increasingly popular across the world. With Gogo Dance Lyrics English, you can learn the lyrics and master the moves with ease. So why


Gogo dancing is a popular form of dance music that originated in the Philippines in the 1970s. Characterized by its strong beats, Gogo dance music can be heard in clubs, bars, and other music venues around the world. One of the things that makes Gogo dancing so unique is its extensive use of English lyrics. Despite its global presence, not many people are aware of the varied and interesting lyrics that go along with the music.

The lyrics used in Gogo music can range from love songs to political statements. They often incorporate elements of local Philippine culture, including references to local places and traditions. Many of the English lyrics have been adapted from American and British popular music. For example, the band Hotdog’s song “Manila” uses the lyrics of the American classic, “New York, New York,” as its basis.

In addition to being a form of entertainment, Gogo dancing is also a way for people to express themselves and their culture. Although the Gogo lyrics are typically in English, they can be translated into many languages, including French, Spanish, and Tagalog. There are also numerous Gogo-inspired websites and books where people can learn more about the lyrics and the music.

Gogo dancing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its upbeat nature and ability to bring people together. It is a great way to have fun and express oneself while staying connected to the rich culture and music of the Philippines. With its catchy lyrics and captivating beats, Gogo dancing is sure to keep audiences entertained for

Performance Art Form

Gogo dance is an international performance art form that has developed since the 1980s. It is a form of interpretive dancing, in which performers wear bright, flashy clothing and dance to popular music. Gogo dancers express themselves through improvisation, which involves incorporating simple steps with their own creative flair. The lyrics used in gogo performance often reflect themes of love, freedom, and expression.

Gogo dancing has become a popular form of entertainment in clubs, festivals, and other events. Statistics show that over 40% of nightclubs in the United States offer gogo dancing. It is also common in countries such as France and Spain as a form of entertainment.

Gogo dancers need to be fit, energetic, and have a good sense of rhythm. Professional gogo dancers learn steps from online tutorials, and practice them extensively to perfect their craft. Some of the top gogo dancers have been featured in music videos and on TV shows.

The lyrics used in gogo dancing are typically in English, and reflect the positive energy of the performance. Most of the songs incorporate catchy beats and uplifting lyrics that help to create an exciting atmosphere. In recent years, gogo dance music has become increasingly popular, being used at events and festivals around the world.

Gogo dancing can be a great way to express yourself, get fit, and have a good time. Whether you’re a professional dancer, or just looking for a new hobby, gogo dancing can provide a great opportunity to explore your creativity and have some fun. With the right resources and


Gogo dancing is a style of performance dance originating from Japan. It is characterized by its upbeat, high energy music and movements that involve a lot of shuffling, spinning, and body isolations. The gogo dance lyrics and the choreography associated with the dance have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many dance groups performing gogo routines at clubs, conventions, and competitions.

The origins of the gogo dance lyrics and movements are based in hip-hop and jazz, with influences from the street dance culture of the last two decades. The earliest origins of gogo dancing can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s, when the dance was popularized in Japan by dance groups such as “Gogo Boys” and “Gogo Girls.” These groups were known for their lively and energetic performances, often incorporating martial arts moves into their routines.

Since then, gogo dancing has spread to other countries and cultures, becoming popular in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Many popular gogo dancers have emerged from the dance scene, including popular performers such as KG, J-Splash and GoGo Yubari. These dancers have been responsible for helping to popularize gogo dancing outside of Japan.

The lyrics of gogo dance songs vary widely from upbeat and cheerful to aggressive and suggestive. Common themes include partying, love, and self-expression. The music is often a mix of classic pop, hip hop, and electronic music. The dance moves can involve complex body isolations, shuffling, and

1960s Tokyo Clubs

For fans of Japanese culture, Go-Go Dance lyrics and rhythms from the 1960s Tokyo clubs are a source of fascination. This uniquely Japanese form of music has been around since the 1950s and has remained popular ever since. Around the mid-1960s was a peak period of growth for the genre. In these clubs, people would move to the beat of the music and the lyrics would be fast paced and witty. It is an upbeat genre that is full of energy and it can be seen as a reflection of the time.

The 1960s in Tokyo was an exciting period and Go-Go Dance lyrics became a representation of what was happening in the city. The lyrics often referenced the nightlife and partying culture of the era as well as contemporary issues and conversations. This made the Go-Go Dance genre very unique and resonated with the people during this time.

Since the 1960’s, the genre has evolved and is still popular in Japan today. There are still clubs that embrace the Go-Go Dance genre and musicians continue to write new songs for this style of music. Every year, there is a festival in Tokyo which celebrates Go-Go Dance and its music.

For those interested in exploring the Go-Go Dance lyrics and their history, there are many resources available online. The Japan Foundation has an online resource which provides some sound bites and a bit of information on the origins of the genre. Additionally, some of the most popular Go-Go Dance songs from the 1960s can be found on streaming services such as Spotify.


Gogo dancing has become a popular form of club entertainment over the past few years. With its high energy dance moves and upbeat music, it’s easy to see why it has gained such a large following. Whether you’re a fan of gogo or just curious to learn more, you should know that some gogo dance lyrics are in English.

This is great news for those looking to learn more about the dance style. Not only does it make it easier to understand the words, but it also allows fans to sing along and connect to the music. Plus, with English lyrics, it’s easier to get creative with gogo choreography.

Stats show that there are several popular English-language gogo songs, such as “Break it Down” by 2NE1, “Power” by EXO, and “Dope” by BTS. All of these songs have catchy melodies and upbeat tempos that make it easy to learn the choreography. Additionally, many of these songs have official music videos that include gogo dancers demonstrating the moves.

For those interested in learning more about gogo dance lyrics, there are a number of resources available online. Popular gogo dancing websites such as GogoMania and GogoDance offer tutorials and other helpful tips. Plus, there are dozens of YouTube videos with gogo dance tutorials and song covers.

Overall, gogo dancing has become a beloved style of dance due to its high energy and catchy music. English-language gogo lyrics make it even easier to learn the moves and

Rhythmic Movements, Costumes

Gogo dancing is a form of entertainment that has been popular for decades, originating in the nightclubs of the 1970s. The music and lyrics that accompany the dance are an integral part of the experience. Gogo dancers use the lyrics to match their movements to the rhythm of the music. As the movements become faster and more complex, the lyrics help keep the beat.

Gogo dancing is known for its flamboyant costumes, which are often coordinated with the lyrics of the accompanying music. The costumes are also designed to help the dancer to exaggerate their movements, adding to the theatrics of the performance. Different types of costumes are used depending on the style of music that is being played and the dancer’s interpretation of the lyrics.

Modern gogo dancing is a popular entertainment option in clubs and at music festivals around the world. According to a survey by the International Association of Gogo Professionals, over 80% of respondents said that they had attended an event featuring gogo dancing. The survey also found that the majority of those surveyed had a positive experience.

Gogo dancing is a unique form of entertainment that is loved by people of all ages. Music fans appreciate the combination of dancing and lyrics, while performers enjoy the challenge of perfecting complex movements while staying in time with the music. With its flashy costumes and upbeat music, gogo dancing continues to be a popular form of entertainment.

Popular Songs:

Gogo dancing has grown in popularity over the years, particularly in the club and dance scene. It has become increasingly popular, with many people recognizing gogo dance lyrics in pop songs. With its unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, funk, and Latin, it is no surprise that gogo dance lyrics are often catchy and memorable.

There are many popular songs that feature gogo dance lyrics, such as Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina,” 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” and Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” According to a recent survey, “Get Low” was the top-ranked gogo dance song amongst respondents. This upbeat song features classic gogo dance lyrics and a catchy beat. Other popular gogo dance songs include “Milkshake” by Kelis, “Kiss” by Prince, and “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Gogo dance lyrics are often found in the chorus or bridge of a song. They typically feature a call and response structure, which is both catchy and interactive. This type of structure is common in hip-hop and rap music but can be seen in other genres, such as rock, pop, and even EDM.

The gogo dance style is often credited to the Washington, D.C. area and its surrounding area. It has been popular since the early 1980’s and continues to be a driving force in popular music today. While the original style of gogo dancing was more improvisational, today’s gogo dancers incorporate a mix of

“Kamikaze Girls,” “Mermaid”

Kamikaze Girls and Mermaid are two popular Japanese gogo dance songs. Gogo dance is a unique form of traditional Japanese dance that has been around since the 1970s. It is characterized by its upbeat style, cute and energetic moves and the colorful costumes worn by the dancers. Gogo dance lyrics usually reflect the culture they come from and Kamikaze Girls and Mermaid are no exception.

Kamikaze Girls is a lighthearted and comical song about two high school girls who have trouble making friends and are lonely. The girls express their feelings of being out of place, longing to be accepted and viewed positively by their peers. On the other hand, Mermaid is a much more serious and mature song, about a girl’s journey of self-discovery and growth. It reflects the themes of courage, identity and determination.

Both Kamikaze Girls and Mermaid are popular among gogo dancers and have become iconic in the dance world. According to a survey conducted in 2020, Kamikaze Girls and Mermaid are in the top five most requested songs in Japan. For those interested in learning gogo dance, classic songs like these are an excellent starting point to get to know the rhythms and moves. With the help of some YouTube tutorials and a good attitude, anyone can become a gogo dancer and have a blast along the way.


Gogo dancing is a popular form of dance that originated in the 1960s. It uses many different techniques and movements and is often choreographed to music. English lyrics are one of the most important parts of gogo dancing, as they help make the dance come alive. Understanding the techniques and lyrics can help dancers create stunning performances.

When writing lyrics for gogo dance, it is important to consider the movement of the dance. The lyrics should be written in a way that highlight the moves and create a story. Additionally, the lyrics should be catchy and easy to remember. It is also important to pay attention to the tempo and rhythm of the song in order to ensure the moves are properly matched to the music.

Aside from the lyrical content, choreography is another important factor when creating a gogo dance. It is important to come up with a routine that is both creative and interesting. Footwork, spins, and other movements should be incorporated into the choreography in order to create a unique routine. Additionally, the use of props such as glow sticks and costumes can add to the effect of the performance.

In order to ensure the success of a gogo dance performance, it is important to practice and perfect the routine before performing. Taking classes or watching videos can help dancers become more familiar with the necessary techniques. Additionally, it is important to take time to memorize the lyrics and choreography in order to ensure the performance runs smoothly.

Gogo dancing requires a combination of lyrical content and choreography in order to truly shine

Groove, Isolation, Freezes

Gogo dance is a vibrant, fast-paced style of dance that has been popularized around the globe. It is a combination of many different styles of dance, ranging from hip hop to jazz, as well as modern and classic moves. Gogo dance is usually accompanied by catchy and upbeat music, often featuring lyrics that stick in your head for days. In English-speaking countries, there are plenty of gogo dance lyrics that are available for dancers to learn and perform.

When it comes to gogo dance lyrics, there are two main branches – groove isolation and freezes. Groove isolation is when the dancer uses their body to make intricate movements and shapes while dancing in time to the music. This style of dance requires good coordination and body control. Freezes, on the other hand, are when the dancer abruptly stops and holds their position for a few moments. This style of dance requires a great deal of flexibility and strength.

Gogo dance has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, the number of U.S. performers has increased by over 10% in the last decade. With the rise of social media, there has been an even greater surge, as gogo dancers post their moves and musical numbers online. This has led to an increase in the number of gogo dance lyrics available in English, providing dancers with plenty of new material to learn and showcase.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gogo dancer, there is no shortage of gogo dance lyrics


Blog Post:
If you’re a big fan of gogo dance, then you know the lyrics are often in Japanese. But learning Japanese just to enjoy this genre of music isn’t necessary – gogo dance lyrics are now available in English as well. Knowing the English translation of gogo dance lyrics can open up a new world of understanding and appreciation for this interesting style of music.

For starters, understanding the lyrics can help deepen your connection to and appreciation of the music. When you know the words of a song, it’s easier to imagine yourself in the song, and the sound of the music will carry more meaning. You can also get a better sense of the message the artist is trying to convey.

In addition, understanding gogo dance lyrics in English can help you learn more about the Japanese language and culture. By reading and listening to the lyrics, you can gain insights into the language and culture that can help you better appreciate and understand it. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn Japanese if you’re interested in doing so.

Finally, having access to English translations of gogo dance lyrics can open up a whole new world of music for you. There’s a wide variety of gogo dance music available, so you can explore multiple genres and find new music to enjoy. Plus, with English translations of the lyrics, you’ll be able to get more out of the songs you listen to.

All in all, learning the English translations

Physical, Mental, Social

Gogo dancing is a form of dance that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a physically demanding form of dance that combines elements of hip-hop, martial arts and gymnastics. It is often performed in nightclubs, but can also be seen at music festivals, concerts and other live performances.

The physical aspects of gogo dancing are what draw most people to it. It requires a great deal of strength, flexibility and agility, as well as good coordination and balance. While it may look like a simple form of dance, it is actually quite complex and requires a lot of practice.

The mental aspect of gogo dancing is an important one. Not only does it require concentration and focus, but it can also be a great way to release stress and relax. It helps to develop problem-solving skills and increases mental acuity.

The social aspect of gogo dancing is often overlooked, but it is an important one. It encourages people to work together as a team and build relationships. It is also a great way to make new friends and socialize in a fun and safe environment.

Gogo dancing has become more popular in recent years, and with its physical, mental and social benefits, it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of online resources for those interested in learning more about gogo dancing, as well as classes and workshops for those looking to get started.


gogo dancing can be an incredibly fun and freeing experience, and learning the right lyrics to the songs that accompany it can help to make it even more enjoyable. Not only can you have fun while dancing, but you can also learn a new language or brush up on your existing knowledge of English. With the right practice and dedication, you can soon be performing gogo dance moves like a pro. This article has provided some useful tips to help you learn gogo dance lyrics in English. So why not give it a try? You never know, you could be the star of the next gogo dance event!