Goodnight Irene Lyrics Eric Clapton

As a passionate fan of classic rock, I’ve always been drawn to the love song Goodnight Irene, which was famously performed by Eric Clapton. I’m particularly moved by the heartfelt lyrics, which tell a story of a man who is dealing with the pain of a lost love. The song has become a classic due to its powerful message and Clapton’s soulful delivery. As a long-time admirer of the track, I’m excited to explore the lyrics of Goodnight Irene and analyze their deeper meaning. I’m sure I’m not alone in my appreciation of the song, and I’m sure many readers will appreciate this closer look at the timeless lyrics.

Goodnight Irene

Goodnight Irene by Eric Clapton is a classic blues song about a man’s love for his lover, Irene. It was originally recorded by Leadbelly in the 1930s and has since been covered by many legendary musicians including John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, and Van Morrison. Eric Clapton’s cover of the song was released in 1976 as a single and his version was certified gold in the US.

The song’s lyrics tell a story of a man yearning for his beloved Irene, and of the pain caused by her absence. From the opening line of “Good night, Irene, Good night, Irene” to the concluding chorus of “I’ll see you in my dreams,” Clapton conveys a range of emotions throughout the song. His version of the song has since become a classic of the blues rock genre.

Goodnight Irene is one of Clapton’s most successful and popular songs. It has been covered in various versions by many artists over the years, and it remains one of the most beloved blues songs of all time. In 2008, Rolling Stone named the song #315 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It is considered by many to be an example of Clapton’s best work as a blues musician.

Goodnight Irene has also been featured in various films, television shows, and commercials. Most recently, it was used in the opening credits of the movie Deadpool 2.

History: Traditional folk song

Goodnight Irene is an American folk song made popular by blues artist Lead Belly in the 1940s. The song is thought to have been composed by Lead Belly, who was a slave in the late 19th century. In the 1940s, Lead Belly was performing at a festival, and was noticed by musicologists John and Alan Lomax. They recorded a version of the song, which later became famous.

Eric Clapton covered the song in his 1988 album “Crossroads”. Clapton’s version of the song has been a success, peaking at number three on the Billboard hot 100 chart. The song is a classic example of a “12 bar blues”, with the lyrics telling a story of a man who is struggling with his faith and is trying to make sense of life. The song has become a staple of Clapton’s live shows, and is one of his most requested songs.

Over the years, the song has been recorded by a number of other artists including Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Bob Dylan. The song has also been featured in films such as The Big Chill and The Last Detail. The song has become a classic, and has become a staple of American folk music. It is one of the most covered songs of all time, with more than 500 versions being recorded.

Goodnight Irene is a classic American folk song, and Eric Clapton’s version is a great rendition of this timeless tune.

Eric Clapton Version

Eric Clapton’s version of “Goodnight Irene” was released in 1992 as part of his album “Unplugged.” It was the title track of the album and his signature version of the traditional folk song. The song captures the soulful essence of the original melody with Clapton’s gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar.

Clapton’s version of “Goodnight Irene” was warmly received by fans and critics alike. According to Billboard, the album sold over 10 million copies and was the best-selling live album of the 1990s. The single also peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The lyrics of the song were written by Huddie William Ledbetter, also known as Leadbelly. Leadbelly wrote the song in the 1930s as a tribute to his girlfriend Irene. The lyrics are a simple love song about a man’s longing to see his loved one again.

Clapton’s version of the song is an ode to Leadbelly’s original. Clapton added more instrumentation to the song, including organ, strings, and vibraphone. This added a more complex texture while still keeping the feel of the original folk song.

Clapton’s rendition of “Goodnight Irene” has become a classic. It is a testament to the power of the original song and the influence of Clapton’

Lyrics Analysis

Goodnight Irene, written by the folk musician Huddie Ledbetter and popularized by Eric Clapton, is a timeless classic. The song follows a traditional blues format with its gentle vocals and comforting lyrics. Every time Eric Clapton sings the song, it captivates the audience and evokes an emotional response.

The lyrics of the song are about a man missing his lost love, Irene. With simple yet beautiful lines, he speaks of his longing for her and expresses his deep sadness. He is desperately asking her to come back to him, but knows that it’s too late. He’s left with nothing but memories of their time together.

The song has a slow, sorrowful feel to it, making it an effective tool for conveying emotion. This is particularly evident in the powerful chorus, which is made up of the repeated line “Goodnight, Irene.” This line has become iconic and is a testament to the song’s lasting legacy.

Goodnight Irene is one of the most popular songs of all time, having been covered by numerous artists throughout the years. It has been performed by the likes of Johnny Cash, The Animals, and Bob Dylan, and it is a staple of the blues genre. It has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, solidifying its place in music history.

Overall, Goodnight Irene is an iconic and timeless song. Its heartbreaking lyrics and passionate delivery make it a classic and a must-

Musical Structure

Goodnight Irene, as performed by Eric Clapton, is a timeless classic. The song follows an AABA structure where each verse and chorus has the same eight bars of music. The verses and chorus are performed in a moderate tempo of C blues, and feature Clapton on lead guitar, Nathan East on bass guitar, and Steve Gadd on drums. Clapton’s guitar playing is highlighted by a strong vibrato and highly melodic licks, giving the song a bluesy and soulful feeling.

The song was first popularized by folk singer Leadbelly in the 1940s and has since been covered by a variety of artists. Clapton’s version peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 and has since gone on to become a staple of classic rock radio stations. It remains one of Clapton’s most well-known songs and has received critical acclaim for its memorable guitar riffs and lyrics.

The song’s lyrics follow a traditional twelve-bar blues pattern and tell a story about unrequited love and longing for a lost lover. Leadbelly’s 1940 version of the song includes certain lines that Clapton omitted in his version, such as the lines “Sometimes I live in the country, sometimes I live in town / Sometimes I take a great notion to jump in the river and drown”.

The lyrics of Goodnight Irene have been cited as being deeply symbolic, as they speak to the difficulties of life and the importance of finding strength in moments of hardship. The phrase

Cultural Impact

The classic folk song “Goodnight Irene” has become one of the most iconic tunes in American culture, and its popularity was further boosted by Eric Clapton’s version. It has been covered by numerous artists over the years, including Hank Williams and Bob Dylan. The song has become a defining part of the American musical landscape, and has even made its way into pop culture. The lyrics of the song have a profound and lasting impact, dealing with themes of love and loneliness, and have been cited as a source of inspiration to generations of musicians.

Even today, the song remains popular, with a total of over 200 million views on YouTube alone. It has been used in films, television shows, and video games, and has even become the theme song of a Netflix television series. Its impact is undeniable, and its timeless message of love and loss still resonates with listeners.

Moreover, many consider Eric Clapton’s version of “Goodnight Irene” to be the definitive version of the song. His rendition captures the emotions of the lyrics, and has been praised for its sensitivity and depth. As a result, Clapton’s version is the most popular one, with an estimated 2.5 million downloads from iTunes.

The song’s powerful message has impacted generations of listeners since it was first written in 1933. “Goodnight Irene” is a classic example of how music can capture a moment in time, and how it can transcend its original era to still touch people today. It continues to be a source of inspiration for


Goodnight Irene, written by Huddie Ledbetter in 1933, is an iconic song of the 20th century. It has been recorded by hundreds of artists, including Eric Clapton. Clapton’s version, released in 1975, was a chart-topping hit and earned him a Grammy nomination. The legacy of this song lies in its widespread influence on popular music.

The enduring popularity of Goodnight Irene is evidenced by the fact that it has been recorded by the likes of Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. In addition, it has been frequently featured in films and television shows. The lyrics of Goodnight Irene, a melancholic and lonely story of a broken heart, resonate with many.

The influence of Eric Clapton’s rendition of Goodnight Irene can also be seen in the works of various songwriters. For instance, after Clapton released his version, Bruce Springsteen wrote his own adaptation called I’m On Fire. Clapton’s version of Goodnight Irene was also a favorite of the late Bob Marley, who once commented that it is his favorite song of all time.

The story of Goodnight Irene is one of resilience, hope, and strength in the face of adversity. As such, Clapton’s update of this classic tune is a fitting tribute to the legacy of the original song. Clapton’s version has become a staple of classic rock radio and has become a lasting reminder


“Goodnight Irene” by Eric Clapton is an iconic blues song that speaks to the power of music to capture the human experience. The song is a reminder of the timelessness of blues music and its ability to express emotion in a unique way. Clapton’s version of “Goodnight Irene” is a perfect example of how music can evoke powerful feelings and transport the listener to another place and time. Listening to Clapton’s version of this classic song can be a powerful and emotional experience. The next time you want to hear a classic blues song, I recommend you give “Goodnight Irene” by Eric Clapton a listen. You won’t be disappointed.