Here S My Heart Casting Crowns Lyrics

When it comes to contemporary Christian music, few bands have had the impact that Casting Crowns has had. With their unique blend of rock, pop, and gospel, their music has been a soundtrack for many seeking to deepen their faith. As a long-time fan of their work, one of my favorite songs has always been “Here’s My Heart”. With its powerful message of surrender, the lyrics of this song have always inspired me to seek God’s will in my life. As a testament to its enduring power, this song continues to be a favorite of fans from all over the world. In this article, I will analyze the lyrics of “Here’s My Heart” and explore the ways in which it speaks to both the joy and

Here’s My Heart

The song “Here’s My Heart” by Casting Crowns is a beautiful, soul-stirring ballad that speaks to our need to surrender to God. It was released in 2009 as the first single from the band’s album Until the Whole World Hears. The song is all about reaching out to God and yielding our hearts to Him. It expresses God’s unconditional love for us and encourages us to put our faith in Him.

The lyrics of this song are quite powerful. “I’m laying down my shield, I surrender all to You, I lay down my sword, here’s my heart, here’s my heart,” speaks of our willingness to give our lives fully to our Heavenly Father. We are reminded that He will never turn us away and that He will always accept us with love.

“Here’s my heart, here’s my heart, so You can make me whole, here’s my heart, here’s my heart, keep it in Your control,” is a beautiful reminder that we need to put our faith in God and be willing to surrender our hearts to Him. This song speaks to us to trust and have faith in God’s providence and love.

“Here’s my heart, here’s my heart, pour out Your love on me, here’s my heart, here’s my heart, make it what You want it to be,” is an invitation to God to come into our lives and fill us with His love. We are invited to accept His love and trust in His guidance and protection.

This song

Background: Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is an American contemporary Christian music band founded in 1999. The band initially gained popularity through performing at their local church, but eventually rose to national fame. They have released nine studio albums and won three Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, twelve Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and one Billboard Music Award. The band has become one of the most influential Christian rock bands of all time.

The music of Casting Crowns is deeply rooted in their faith and their lyrics often reflect the struggles of modern life. Their song “Here’s My Heart” is no exception. Released on their album Come to the Well, the song talks about finding solace in Jesus and putting one’s trust in him. The lyrics are thoughtful and inspiring, with the music providing a powerful backdrop.

The song has become popular among Christian music fans and has been covered by many artists such as Francesca Battistelli and Kari Jobe. It has been featured in many church services and has been used by organizations such as Young Life and MercyMinistries to bring hope to those in need.

The song has resonated well with listeners due to its heartfelt message. It has reached over 10 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over 19 million times on Spotify, making it one of the most popular songs from Casting Crowns.

Overall, “Here’s My Heart” is an uplifting and inspirational song that speaks to the struggles that we all face in life. It serves as a reminder of God’s

Verse 1 Meaning

The modern Christian rock band Casting Crowns released the song “Here’s My Heart” in 2005 as part of their album Lifesong. The song speaks to the idea of surrendering to God one’s life and declaring to Him “Here’s My Heart.” In the first verse, the singer pleads with God to find them and meet them where they are.

The lyrics of this verse reflect the idea of God’s omniscience, that He knows us better than we know ourselves. It’s a powerful call to action to surrender our life to Him. It’s a beautiful image of letting go of all that we think we are, and just trusting that God will take care of us.

The song’s lyrics have resonated with many people, and it has been featured in several different churches across the US. It has also been recorded in a variety of different languages, showing that this song speaks to people of different backgrounds and religious beliefs.

The song has also been featured in movies, such as the popular Christian film “Fireproof.” This is a testament to the powerful message the song conveys and the importance of trusting in God’s plan.

The song “Here’s My Heart” is a powerful reminder of the importance of trusting in God and surrendering one’s life to Him. Its impact has been felt across the world, with millions of people being touched by its message

Verse 2 Meaning

Casting Crowns’ “Here’s My Heart” is an inspiring power ballad from their 2007 album The Altar and the Door. Its lyrics explore the theme of surrendering to God and finding joy in that freedom. The second verse of this song, which reads “Here I am, no pride in sight, open hands and open arms, here I stand, no fear inside, here’s my heart, here’s my heart”, is particularly poignant.

The lyrics of “Here’s My Heart” refer to a transformation in attitude. The narrator is moving away from pride and fear and embracing open-handedness and vulnerability. By giving up their pride and fear, the narrator is able to offer their heart to God. This act of surrender is an acceptance of God’s grace and an acknowledgement of the power of faith.

Additionally, the second verse of “Here’s My Heart” speaks to the power of gratitude. When we surrender to God, we can begin to find joy in the freedom of faith. The lyrics of “Here’s My Heart” suggest that, when we offer our hearts up to God, we can find true joy and peace.

This message of surrender and freedom is a universal theme in many religious beliefs and practices. It encourages us to look past our own pride and fear and to open up our hearts to God. This is a powerful message of faith, hope, and love which speaks to the power of surrendering

Chorus Meaning

“Here’s My Heart” by Casting Crowns is a beautiful and emotional ballad that speaks to the power of giving and offering our hearts to God. This song’s chorus emphasizes the importance of living from a place of surrender and humility: “Here’s my heart, Lord, take and seal it, seal it for Your courts above. Here’s my heart, Lord, here’s my heart, Lord, speak what is true, speak what is true”.

This song was written by front-man Mark Hall, who said, “We all struggle with pride and trying to hold on to our own plans and dreams, but when we truly give it up to God, His peace and joy will come flooding in”. It captures the feeling of letting go of our worries and entrusting God with our hearts.

In a recent interview, Hall said, “When you truly give your heart to God, you are laid bare before His feet. You’re trusting Him to take that heart and do something beautiful with it”. This sentiment is echoed in the Bible, particularly Psalm 51:17, which reads, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise”.

The powerful message of this song speaks to our need to give our hearts to God and humbly surrender to his will. As the chorus states, we must trust in God and allow Him to speak His truth, as only He can do. This song encourages us to practice living a life of trusting God and believing

Bridge Meaning

The bridge of Casting Crowns’ song “Here’s My Heart” offers a meaningful and reflective message to its listeners. The lyrics, “Here I am, a living sacrifice, everything I have I lay aside,” are meant to be a call to action, a reminder to put God first in our lives. This message has resonated with listeners, as the song is one of the group’s most popular tunes, with over 25 million streams on Spotify alone.

The “living sacrifice” is a reference to an ancient practice of worship, where individuals offered animals as sacrifice. This act of humility and reverence to God served as a way of displaying faith and devotion. Similarly, in the bridge of “Here’s My Heart,” Casting Crowns is emphasizing that we, too, can offer up sacrifice in the form of prayers and acts of service.

The bridge contains a few other key phrases that further illustrate the song’s message. The lyrics “I want to love You more than my heart can sing,” emphasize the idea of expressing love to God that surpasses all other forms. Additionally, the line “I want to live within Your will,” serves as a reminder of the importance of putting God’s will above our own.

The bridge of “Here’s My Heart” is a powerful reminder of the devotion we can show to God through showing love, offering sacrifices, and living by His will. It

Music Video Analysis

Music plays a major role in our lives and many of us are drawn to certain lyrics that speak to us in meaningful ways. “Here’s My Heart” by Casting Crowns is one such song that has resonated with many people over the years. The lyrics are quite thought-provoking and raise several questions. This song was released in 2009 and it’s music video has been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube.

The main narrative of the music video presents a story of a man and a woman who are struggling to repair and revive their relationship. We see the man going through his day-to-day routine, while the woman is at home dealing with the aftermath of their strained relationship. As the music video progresses, we can see the man becoming increasingly frustrated and helpless. Finally, he ends up surrendering his heart to the woman, symbolizing his willingness to commit to the relationship.

The lyrics of this song are inspirational and highlight the importance of communication and compromise in relationships. The lyrics portray a sense of surrender and a willingness to forgive. This message can be very uplifting for many viewers and can be a source of comfort, especially if they are also going through a tough relationship themselves.

The music video has been praised for its effectiveness in conveying the message of the song. The visuals are striking and the colors used in the video add to the atmosphere of the song. Moreover, the use of animation adds a certain level of depth to the visuals. This helps draw the audience’s attention and allows them


“Here’s My Heart” by Casting Crowns is a powerful song that speaks to the heart of its listeners. The lyrics are filled with emotion and vulnerability, allowing us to consider and appreciate the beauty of a relationship with God. The song encourages us to look beyond our struggles and to give our hearts to God. It is a reminder that He is with us, even in the hard times, and that when we surrender to Him, everything will be alright. I hope that this article has inspired you to listen to this amazing song and to take the time to reflect on its powerful message. Take a moment to meditate on God’s love and offer up your heart to Him. He will never turn away.