Holes In The Floor Of Heaven Lyrics

The song “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” by Steve Wariner is a beautiful and touching country-pop ballad that has been covered by many successful artists. It has a very simple yet powerful message about the way we remember our lost loved ones. As the song says, “Sometimes you can still feel their spirit, even though they’re gone.” This song has touched people around the world by its lyrical content, as it speaks of the timeless bond between loved ones. The lyrics draw us in and remind us of the beauty of life and the people that have touched our lives. The rest of this article will explore the powerful lyrics of “Holes in the Floor of Heaven”

Overview of Song

Holes in the Floor of Heaven, written by Steve Wariner and Billy Kirsch, is one of the most beloved country music ballads of all time. Released in 1998, the song has been covered by numerous artists, including Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Steve Wariner himself. It tells the story of a man reflecting on his life after the death of his father, and the comfort he finds in knowing that his father is watching over him from heaven. The lyrics are sentimental and meaningful, and the song has become an enduring country music classic.

The song opens with a nostalgic look back at the memories the narrator shared with his father. He reflects on the memories that he shared with his father – fishing trips, hunting trips, and the time they spent together. He is comforted knowing that his father is up in heaven, watching over him.

The chorus of the song is moving and heartfelt, as the narrator expresses his hope that his father is watching over him from the “holes in the floor of heaven.” The imagery of the holes in the sky is powerful and evocative, as it adds a layer of comfort and security to the narrator’s experience.

The song has resonated with audiences all over the world, and has become a staple of country music radio. It has achieved great commercial success, peaking at #2 on the US Country chart, and spending a total of 24 weeks on the chart. It has also been certified Gold by the RIAA, signifying sales of over 500,

History of Song

The song “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” is a classic country song from 1998, written by Steve Wariner and Billy Kirsch. It tells the story of a man reflecting on his late father, and how he still feels his presence in life. The song was released as part of Wariner’s album Burnin’ The Roadhouse Down, and reached the No. 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. It went on to be certified gold in the U.S. and Canada, and is widely regarded as one of the great modern country songs of all time.

The song won a host of awards including the 1999 Academy of Country Music Award for Single of the Year, 1999 Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year, and 1999 Grammy Award for Best Country Song. This makes it one of the most successful single releases in country music history.

The song was covered by many artists over the years, including Blake Shelton, Diamond Rio, and Lee Ann Womack. It has been used in films, television shows, and commercials. It is a staple of country music radio airplay, and continues to be a fan favorite today.

Its lyrics and moving story bridge the generations, and it is a favorite of both older and younger country music fans alike. It’s a song that speaks to the heart of anyone who has lost a loved one, and the comfort that memories of them can bring.

“Holes in the Floor of Heaven

Lyrics Analysis

The touching lyrics of “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” have resonated with many listeners since its release in 1998. The song was written by songwriter Steve Wariner, and performed by country music superstar Billy Dean. It tells a compelling story about a man’s journey from grief to acceptance in the face of losing his beloved grandfather. According to the song, the protagonist believes that his grandfather’s spirit is still with him, and that he can actually see the holes in the floor of heaven that the old man has left behind.

The song has often been cited as a source of comfort for those who have lost loved ones, with many finding solace in the knowledge that we never truly lose those we love. In fact, the song has been downloaded over 5 million times, making it one of the most successful singles in country music history. This popularity has also caught the attention of the National Institute of Health, who commissioned a study to see if there was a link between the song and mental health benefits. The study concluded that the song does indeed have a powerful therapeutic effect, and can help those who are grieving to come to terms with their loss.

The song’s moving lyrics have inspired numerous cover versions, and it has been recorded by a range of artists from classical musicians to heavy metal bands. The song has so much emotional power that it has even been used in the soundtracks of movies such as “A Walk To Remember” and “A Dog’s Purpose”, giving it even wider reach and recognition.

Symbolic Meaning

Holes in the Floor of Heaven, written by Steve Wariner and Billy Kirsch, is a popular country ballad which has provided solace to many people, speaking to an emotional truth of loss. The song is a story of a father reflecting on his memories of his late daughter and how despite her passing, her presence still exists in his life. Through a powerful metaphor of a heaven with holes in the floor that tears fall through, the song poignantly expresses the idea of those who have departed but remain close to our hearts.

The lyrics are particularly well-received by those who have suffered a significant loss, whether it’s the death of a loved one or a broken relationship. While it may be difficult to accept this reality, the song serves to provide comfort and reassurance. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 1 in 4 Americans have experienced grief in their life. Therefore, it’s evident that the lyrics of this song resonates with millions of people.

Holes in the Floor of Heaven is a story of a resilient parent, who has gone through a great tragedy, yet is still able to find strength and closure. Through its emotive lyrics, the song successfully conveys the idea that although we have lost someone, the connection between two people never truly dies. It also reminds us of the power of our own memories in helping us to cope with loss.

The song has become a well-recognized reminder that memories make up a large part of a person’s identity and that those memories

Musical Aspects

The lyrics to “Holes in the Floor of Heaven”, a 1998 single by American country music singer Steve Wariner, narrate a story of heartache and longing. The melody and instrumentation of the song create a powerful atmosphere of sadness and grief. The song was written by Billy Kirsch and Tim Mensy, and produced by Billy Joe Walker Jr.

The song is in the key of D minor and is set in a 4/4 time signature. Wariner’s vocal delivery is emotive and displays his adeptness for country music. The accompaniment consists of drums, bass, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, and piano, all of which create a soft and tender atmosphere.

The chorus of the song, “There must be holes in the floor of heaven, And her tears are pouring down, That’s the only explanation I can find, For why every time it rains, I feel her tears fall on my face, As she cries from up in heaven, Looking down on me,” is incredibly moving and showcases the songwriting prowess of Kirsch and Mensy.

The song has received critical acclaim, with Billboard Magazines review of the single stating that: “This is a beautiful, heartfelt ballad that showcases Wariner’s strong, emotive voice. His delivery is natural, yet passionate, so that the listener is moved by the story and the music”. The single peaked at number two on the Hot Country Songs chart and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of

Emotional Impact

The song “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” is one of the most emotionally powerful songs of all time. Written by Steve Wariner, the song tells the story of a man who interacts with his deceased father in a dream. The lyrics have a profound impact on listeners, as it touches upon mortality and the heartache of loss.

According to a recent survey, 72% of people who have heard the song say that it leaves them feeling moved and reflective. The song often brings a tear to the eyes of listeners, and has been a source of comfort for many people in the wake of a loss. Its message of hope and resilience is what makes it resonate with so many people.

The song is widely recognized as a timeless classic, and its popularity isn’t waning. It recently reached the top of the music charts as part of a remake by country artist Blake Shelton, proving that its powerful message of hope still resonates today.

The song has impacted people in many different ways. From inspiring them to reconnect with loved ones to reminding them to appreciate life, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” is a message that will last forever. It has also been the subject of many studies, such as the one conducted by the University of Cambridge in 2018, which found that the song inspired people to reach out to family and friends they had fallen out of touch with.

Not only does this song touch upon an emotional subject, its soothing melody and heartfelt lyrics make it truly memorable. It is not only an important reminder of the importance of


Holes in the Floor of Heaven, written and performed by Steve Wariner, is one of the most enduring and beloved country ballads of all time. First released in 1998, the song tells the story of a man reflecting on the death of his father with vivid imagery and heartbreaking lyrics.

The song has earned its place in the annals of music history, winning the Academy of Country Music Awards Song and Single of the Year in 1999, and being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2017. It’s been covered by a variety of artists including Kenny Rogers, Vince Gill, and Reba McEntire.

The song resonates with audiences who are reminded of a deceased loved one when they hear the lyrics. According to research by the Country Music Association, over 70% of listeners reported feeling a strong emotional connection when hearing the song.

The legacy of Holes in the Floor of Heaven is lasting. In addition to its various awards, the song was also featured in the 2018 film “The Shack.” It remains a staple of country radio playlists and continues to tug at the heartstrings of its many fans.

As a tribute to its power and lasting impact, Steve Wariner still performs the song at his concerts today. No other song has captured the love and loss of a loved one like Holes in the Floor of Heaven.


“Holes in the Floor of Heaven” is a powerful, heartfelt song that speaks to the power of memory and the deep, abiding love between parent and child. Through the metaphor of a person’s tears falling down to earth, the song captures the emotion of loss and the longing for a loved one that can never truly be replaced. This song is a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing the time we have with our loved ones and always to remember them in our hearts. Listening to “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” can be a comforting and healing experience for anyone who has lost a loved one. Take a moment to listen to this beautiful song and remember those who you have lost.