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As a longtime fan of the music of the band i2i, I have always been captivated by their powerful lyrics. I have been listening to their songs since I was a young teenager, and the words of their songs have always resonated with me. I have found myself singing along to their chorus lines and often wondering what the words actually mean. In this article, I will explore the lyrics of some of the most popular songs from the band i2i. We will look at the meaning behind the words, the story they tell, and the emotions they evoke. I hope that this article will shed some light on the heartfelt messages that i2i has been sharing with their fans for years.

Tevin Campbell & Rosie Gaines – I2I (Lyrics HD)


i 2 i lyrics

i 2 i is a song by the R&B singer Tevin Campbell. The lyrics of this song tell a story of overcoming obstacles and finding strength in yourself. The lyrics emphasize the idea that, no matter what adversity or obstacles you face, you can find the strength to get through it with the help of your peers. This motivating message resonates with people of all ages, and is an incredibly popular song.

The song is a perfect example of the power of friendship and the strength it can bring to individuals. It speaks to the idea of being there for one another and having a strong support system in times of need. The lyrics emphasize the idea that no one is alone and that, with the help of friends, anything is possible.

The song has become a classic R&B anthem and has been covered by numerous artists, from Beyoncé to Mariah Carey. It has become an inspirational song for people going through hard times, giving them strength and courage to keep going. It has become a symbol of hope and is an uplifting reminder that with help, anything is possible.

In addition to its inspirational message, the song has become a staple of the R&B genre and has been featured in many films, television shows, and commercials. It has also been featured on several compilation albums and has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

i 2 i is an iconic song that will continue to resonate with people for years to come. Its inspirational message and catchy beat make it a classic and a favorite amongst R

Meaning of Lyrics

When it comes to deciphering the meaning of lyrics, it can be tricky to know what the artist is really trying to say. The song “i 2 i” by Tears for Fears is a great example. Released in 1993, the single made it all the way up to number six on the US Billboard Hot 100. It has remained one of the group’s most beloved songs, but there are many interpretations of its meaning.

The lyrics of “i 2 i” are full of life lessons and optimism, something the band has become known for. The chorus of the song emphasizes that “we can do anything if we stick together”- something that is particularly meaningful to us amid the global pandemic. The phrase “i 2 i” is a reference to the idea of interconnectivity and understanding one another.

The verses of the song talk about the importance of communication and understanding in relationships, as well as highlighting the power of dreams and ambition. The lyrics also touch on the idea of self-fulfillment and the importance of believing in yourself. It is a reminder that the only limit to what you can achieve is you.

Overall, the lyrics of “i 2 i” can be interpreted in many ways. Some believe it is about finding comfort in another person, while others see it as a song about rising to the challenge and never giving up. Whatever the interpretation may be, this song is sure to inspire and motivate its listeners. It is a reminder of the importance of staying

Verse 1

i 2 i is a popular song by American R&B artist Tevin Campbell, released in 1994 as part of his album I’m Ready. The lyrics tell a story of two people finding understanding and acceptance in each other despite differing backgrounds. The chorus of “i 2 i” reflects this idea, as Campbell sings: “There’s a bridge that connects me and you/I 2 I know what we can do.”

The song was released to critical acclaim, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It won a 1995 Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Single, Male and was also nominated for an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Single.

The song has been covered by many artists in various genres, including Mandy Moore, the Glee cast, and the cast of High School Musical. According to Campbell, the song has been included on over 500 compilation albums since its release.

“i 2 i” has been used in multiple films and television shows, including the hit movie Karate Kid 2 (1986) and the TV series Dawson’s Creek (1998 – 2003). It has also been featured in numerous commercial campaigns, including a 2013 ad for Kia Motors.

The song’s simple, uplifting message has resonated with fans around the world for more than 25 years, making it one of the most well-known and beloved R&B songs of all time.


The chorus to i 2 i, a 1993 song by R&B duo “Teddy Riley and Guy”, has a catchy hook that has become a classic favorite. Lyrically, the song speaks of the strength of the bond between two people in spite of the challenges that life throws at them. The chorus expresses the idea that whatever happens, these two people will always have each other’s back: “No matter what you do, I’ll always be right here for you/ I2I no matter what, always together you and I.”

The song has become so popular that it reached the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at number 3 in 1993, and it also reached number 1 on the R&B Chart. It was further featured on the soundtrack for the 1998 animated movie, “A Bug’s Life”. Since its release, the song has become a classic and has been covered by numerous other artists, including Big Time Rush and Lance Bass.

The message of the song is universal and timeless. Even today, people can relate to its message of finding strength in friendship and relying on each other no matter what. The song is a reminder to appreciate the friends and family that will always have our back and stand by our side.

The chorus of the song is particularly powerful and it can be interpreted in many different ways. It’s a reminder that even if things seem hopeless, we can rely on the people closest to us for support and strength. Additionally, it serves to

Verse 2

i 2 i, written by singer-songwriter Tevin Campbell, is a classic R&B song released in 1994. The song’s second verse talks about the importance of staying true to yourself and not letting anyone else control your destiny. It encourages independence and self-determination, reminding listeners that the only person who can make their dreams come true is themselves.

The song’s lyrics inspire listeners to take risks and live life to the fullest. They express the sentiment that it is worth it to take chances in life, even if it means being alone and facing consequences.The lyrics also speak to the power of collaboration, stating “we can make a difference if we join together and try.” This message of teamwork is particularly relevant today, as recent research shows that people in the workplace are more successful when they collaborate with one another.

Additionally, the second verse of i 2 i emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself. The lyrics say, “If we want our dreams to come true, we gotta believe in me and you.” This is a powerful reminder that being courageous and having faith in one’s self is the key to achieving one’s goals.

Finally, the song’s chorus is an uplifting and hopeful message of self-empowerment. It tells listeners to not be afraid to be themselves, and encourages them to stay focused on their goals and keep striving towards their dreams. The chorus is a reminder that no matter how difficult the journey may be, the rewards are worth it in the end.

Overall, the second verse of i


i 2 i is a hit song by the artist Tevin Campbell released in 1998 that was a chart-topper for the R&B genre. The lyrics of the song focus on the need for true companionship and the importance of understanding empathy. The bridge of the song is particularly powerful and inspiring; it expresses the idea of how two people can come to understanding one another.

The bridge of the lyrics paints a picture of companionship through its inspiring words; “We can make it through the storm, so that we can see the rainbow,” which is often quoted as a metaphor for overcoming difficult times. This shows that two people can overcome any obstacle when they are connected with understanding and compassion.

Moreover, the bridge of the song also highlights the idea of the importance of communication in a relationship. The lyrics go on “Let us talk, let us touch, let us find out more” which showcases the need for openness and honest dialogue in relationships.

The lyrics of i 2 i will continue to be a source of inspiration for many individuals who are searching for a meaningful connection. The song stands as a reminder of the power of communication and understanding when two people come together. Through its catchy melody and meaningful lyrics, the song will remain iconic in the R&B genre for years to come.


Creating a great song starts with production. As a musician, the production process requires skill, creativity and imagination. For “i 2 i”, the production involved a great deal of hard work and dedication from the entire production team. Utilizing the latest technology, the team was able to bring the song to life, creating a rich and dynamic sound.

The lyrics for the song were written and performed by the artist. The lyrics explore the idea of identity, focusing on the struggles and triumphs that come with being an individual. The artist was able to capture a range of emotions in their words, creating a song that speaks to the human experience.

The production team also worked hard to create the perfect instrumental accompaniment for the song. They used a combination of real instruments and synthesizers to create a vibrant and layered soundscape. Each instrument was carefully selected and used to its fullest potential, creating a truly captivating sound.

The production team also worked hard to mix and master the track, ensuring that it was ready for release. This includes balancing the levels of each instrument and adjusting the EQ to create a balanced mix. Once the mix was complete, the track was mastered to ensure it had the perfect dynamic range.

The production process for “i 2 i” was a long and arduous one, but the hard work and dedication of the production team paid off. The song has since been featured in various media outlets and has received critical acclaim from fans and industry professionals alike. It is a testament to the


the lyrics of I2I are a powerful reminder of the importance of connecting with others and understanding our differences. They encourage us to look beyond our own experiences and beliefs and recognize the humanity in everyone. We have the power to create a more peaceful and tolerant world when we open our eyes and our hearts. Let us take the lyrics of I2I as a call to action and work to build bridges of understanding and compassion. Together, we can create a better world for everyone.