I Ll Be Over You Lyrics

As a music lover, I have always found solace in the lyrics of songs. One song that has particularly resonated with me is the 1996 hit “I’ll Be Over You” by the band Toto. The song, written by band members David Paich and Jeff Porcaro, is a moving ballad about the struggle of moving on after a relationship ends. The lyrics speak to the pain of letting go, the resilience of the human spirit, and the hope of finding love again. With its heartfelt words and emotive melody, it has become an enduring classic. In this article, I will explore the meaning behind the song and discuss why it has become so popular.

i’ll be over you lyrics

“I’ll Be Over You” is a popular song made famous by the band Toto in 1986. The song was written by David Paich and produced by Nile Rodgers. It was the first single from Toto’s album Fahrenheit, and it peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has become a classic love ballad, with its catchy chorus and memorable lyrics.

The lyrics of “I’ll Be Over You” are essentially about trying to move on from a past relationship. It talks about how it will take time to get over the hurt and pain of the past, but eventually the speaker will be better off. It’s a classic story of heartbreak and resilience, and it has resonated with many listeners over the years.

The song has since been covered by a number of other artists, including Maroon 5, Bryan Adams, and even the Jonas Brothers. It has also been used in various movies and TV shows, such as the Netflix hit Stranger Things. It continues to be a popular song, and it is still played on radio stations around the world.

Ultimately, “I’ll Be Over You” is an enduring love ballad that speaks to the cyclical nature of heartbreak and recovery. It’s catchy and meaningful, and it has resonated with millions of people. It’s a song about hope, and it always will be.

Song Background

“I’ll Be Over You” is a song by the band Toto, released on their 1986 album “Fahrenheit”. It was written by keyboardist and singer David Paich, and was the first single released from the album, reaching #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was a major success, becoming Toto’s third Top 20 hit on the chart and their second Top 10 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The song was inspired by the death of Paich’s father, and the lyrics evoke the sorrow of a relationship coming to an end. The song was also featured in the 2005 film “The Wedding Crashers” and was part of the soundtrack to the 2007 video game “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock”.

The song has been covered by a number of artists, including Michael Bolton, Reba McEntire, Olivia Newton-John, and Ronan Keating. It has also been sampled in other songs, such as “Get It On Tonite” by Montell Jordan.

In 2020, the song was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll list, cementing its place as an influential and timeless classic. It remains a popular favorite with fans of the band, as well as those who enjoy the song’s melancholic but ultimately hopeful message.


“I’ll Be Over You” by Toto is a power-ballad released in 1986, becoming a huge hit for the band. The song was written by Toto guitarist and songwriter Steve Lukather, and it has become one of Toto’s most beloved tracks. The song’s message is of being able to eventually move on and get over a difficult break-up. It expresses that although love can be tough to cope with, eventually it will get easier.

The track reached the top ten in five countries, and eventually went Platinum in the US. It was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1987. The lyrics convey the message that, even though it may be difficult to do, it is better to move on after a break-up and find a way to heal. It also recognizes that it will take time to get over the person, but it is possible.

The song is also noteworthy for its instrumentation, containing a signature solo from David Paich and a rolling piano line from Steve Porcaro. It also contains a classic 80s drum sound from Jeff Porcaro. All these elements contribute to the song’s power and its memorable melody.

In the music video, the band are seen performing in front of a large moon and a castle in the night sky. This is a visual representation of the song’s theme of finally being able to move on. It underlines the lyrics, and also reflects the 80s feel of the track.


i ll be over you lyrics is a song written by the English singer-songwriter, Tom Odell. It was released on his third studio album, Jubilee Road, in 2018. The song is about letting go of a lost love. It has a strong and emotive chorus, with an upbeat rhythm and catchy melody.

The structure of the song follows a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus pattern. Each verse has two lines, followed by the chorus twice, before a bridge. The bridge is a moment of reflection, where Tom Odell questions if he will ever be over the lost love. The chorus is the most memorable part of the song, with a memorable and soaring melody.

The lyrics of the song, although simple, are incredibly effective. They are direct and emotive, and the listener can easily relate and connect with them. The song is largely driven by the powerful and emotive chorus, with the verses creating a narrative that builds to the chorus.

Tom Odell’s vocals are also a key element of the song. His strong and emotive delivery is a perfect fit for the powerful lyrics. The song is also very well-produced, with the use of a wide variety of instruments that work together to create a powerful and moving soundscape.

Overall, ‘I’ll Be Over You’ is a powerful and emotive song that captures the feeling of letting go after a break-up. The combination of emotive vocals, powerful lyrics and strong production make it


The song “I’ll Be Over You” by Toto has been around since 1986 and is a favorite among many fans. This song utilizes a wide range of instruments to create its unique sound. The main instruments used are piano, bass, guitar, drums, saxophone, and keyboard. Each instrument brings something unique to the table to create a powerful melody.

The piano serves as the basis for the song and provides a great deal of emotion. The bass helps to provide a strong foundation, while the guitar and saxophone add a unique flavor. The drums give the song a nice groove and the keyboard provides some of the unique sounds to the song.

The song is often noted for its catchy melody and memorable lyrics. According to Songfacts, the lyrics are about accepting that the end of a relationship and being able to look back on it without sadness, but rather with the understanding that the relationship had experienced its time.

The song has gone on to have a great deal of success, and has been featured in various films, shows, and commercials. It was named the 48th best hard rock song of all time by VH1. It was also the band’s only U.S. top 10 hit and reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1986.

This song is a great example of how different instruments can come together to create a unique yet powerful sound. Each instrument adds its own flavor to the song and helps to create its signature sound.


The production of the song “I’ll Be Over You” was a unique and collaborative process. The song was written by Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro, and was originally performed by Toto in 1986. Porcaro wrote the song the same year he had just parted ways with the band, so the track carries a certain amount of emotional depth. The production features Porcaro’s synths, lead vocalist Lukather’s guitar, and an incredible rhythm section.

The song was produced by Toto keyboardist David Paich and guitarist Steve Lukather. Their production style helps to create the unique sound of the track. They incorporated a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments to provide the song with a lush soundscape. The song was then mixed by Toto engineer Elliot Scheiner, who is known for his ability to create a wide range of sounds.

Overall, “I’ll Be Over You” is a great example of the power of collaboration and production. The track was a hit single in the U.S., peaking at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has since gone on to become a classic track in the pop/rock genre. It is a testament to the talent of the production team and the songwriting of Steve Porcaro. It is an excellent example of how a simple idea can be turned into something truly special.

Critical Reception

The release of the song “I’ll Be Over You” by Toto was met with a great deal of critical acclaim. Rolling Stone magazine called it a “heartfelt ballad” and praised its “dynamic production” and “soulful hook”. It was nominated for a Grammy and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song resonated with audiences, and its success could be partially attributed to its universal themes of understanding and acceptance. According to a survey conducted by the music streaming service Spotify, the song was the tenth most played track of all time.

Critics have also noted the song’s lyrical content and raw emotion. The lyrics tell of a man trying to move on from a past relationship, and the songwriter’s ability to capture the feeling of heartache has been praised. The New York Times referred to the song as a “lyrical masterpiece” and “a timeless ballad of heartbreak”.

The song remains a fan favorite, and its legacy continues to be celebrated to this day. In 2019, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, further solidifying its place in music history. It remains a classic in the rock genre, and its influence can be seen in many contemporary songs.


‘I’ll Be Over You’ is a powerful and emotive song that speaks to the human experience of love and heartbreak. It is a classic example of how a relatively simple song can convey a powerful message to its listeners. While the lyrics are simple, the song’s raw emotion and catchy melody make it an evergreen classic that will be loved by generations to come. It is a reminder to us all that in the end, love will heal all wounds, and that it is only through facing our pain that we can truly grow. I hope that this article has helped give you a deeper insight into the meaning behind ‘I’ll Be Over You’. As always, I encourage you to listen to the song and experience it for yourself.