I See The Moon Lullaby Lyrics

I have always been fascinated with lullaby lyrics, from the gentle and calming melodies that soothe infants to the words that give them comfort and peace. One of my favorite lullabies is “I See the Moon”, a classic folk song that has been passed down for generations. The lyrics of this beautiful lullaby are full of imagery that is perfect for a soothing bedtime song. In this article, I will explore the origins of the song and the meaning behind the lyrics of “I See the Moon”. I hope you will join me on this journey of discovering the beauty of this timeless lullaby.

“i See the Moon”

“i See the Moon” is a beloved traditional folk song that has been recorded by many artists since the 1930s. It is thought to be of English or Irish origin, and is also known as “The Moon Shines Bright”. The song tells the story of a mother sending her children to bed, with lyrics such as “I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me”.

The popularity of this song is due in part to its cheerful melody, which is often sung in a round or as a call and response. It has been sung by household names such as Judy Collins, The Osmonds, and Bing Crosby, and is a favorite of many children’s choirs. The song is also frequently used as a lullaby, due to its calming and soft message.

In addition to the traditional lyrics, some versions have been adapted to include phrases such as “Goodnight, Sleep Tight” or “Sleep in Peace”. An adapted version of the song was even featured in the 2018 Pixar film, Incredibles

  1. Though the exact origin of the song is unknown, the first known recorded version was performed by American folk singer Bascom Lamar Lunsford in 1929. Since then, it has been recorded in various languages including Japanese, Spanish, and French. It is a timeless classic that is sure to continue to bring joy to children and parents alike.

Origin: Traditional English Tune

The song “I See the Moon” is a traditional English tune that has been passed down through generations. It is believed to have originated in the 1800s as a traditional English nursery rhyme. The first known recording of it was in 1891, by a group of British singers. Since then, it has been adopted by countless cultures around the globe and is still sung today.

The lyrics of the song are simple and have an almost hypnotic effect that make it particularly suitable for a lullaby. The song is mainly composed of short repetitive phrases, conjuring a peaceful and sleepy atmosphere. It is a great way to soothe a crying baby or to help a child drift off to sleep.

This beloved traditional English lullaby has been covered by many famous artists over the years, including Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Elvis Presley. It has also been featured in many movies and other media, such as The Simpsons and a 2008 commercial for GAP clothing.

The song is often used to represent the passing of time and the fleeting nature of life. It’s not just for children either: adults have been known to enjoy its calming and comforting effects and it has been used in many yoga classes and meditation sessions.

Overall, “I See the Moon” is an incredibly popular traditional English lullaby and continues to be enjoyed by many people around the world. Its timeless, comforting lyrics have been passed down through generations and it remains an important part of many cultures.

Lyrics: Verse by Verse

I See the Moon is a beautiful lullaby that has been passed down from generations. It is a popular song all around the world and is often sung to children to help them drift off to sleep. The lyrics to this lullaby tell the story of a little girl looking out her window to the moon in the night sky. The imagery the song creates is very calming and soothing, perfect for helping little ones get to sleep.

The first verse of the song depicts the little girl looking out her window to the night sky, stating “I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God bless the moon, and God bless me.” The second verse follows the same sentiment, but the lyrics take on a more spiritual feel, with a prayer to the Lord asking for a blessing; “The moon sees the little stars, and the little stars see me. God bless the little stars, and God bless me.”

The chorus of the song is a declaration of faith, with the little girl stating “The Lord bless the moon, and the Lord bless me.” The repetition of the chorus helps to emphasize the importance of faith and prayer. This is an especially important message for children, and the imagery of the moon and night sky helps to create a calming atmosphere for the listener.

I See the Moon has been sung for generations, and has been recorded in various languages. According to statistics from the International Lullaby Association, I See the Moon has been recorded in over 20 languages. This is a testament to the

Meaning: Interpretation

The song “I See the Moon” has been a lullaby staple for centuries. Originating as a Scottish folk song, the lyrics tell the story of a child who sees the moon, stars, and dreams of a better life. The song is thought to have been written in the early 1800s, and is still popular today, being sung by parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren alike.

The lyrics of the song reflect the importance of the moon and stars to the human race, and their power to symbolize hope, dreams, and love. The first two lines of the song, “I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me” are particularly powerful, as they remind us that even in difficult times, the moon can bring us comfort and security.

The song also has a deeper, metaphorical meaning as well. “I see the stars, they’re twinkling bright, Showing me the way to a better life” are the last two lines of the song. This can be interpreted as a reminder that with hard work and dedication, we can all create a better life for ourselves.

Though the song has been around for centuries, the message remains relevant today. According to a recent study, lullabies are important for early childhood development, as they can soothe and comfort babies. As such, this song continues to be passed down through generations, so that future generations can also experience its calming effects.

In conclusion, “I See the Moon” is

Recording: Notable Versions

The classic lullaby “I See the Moon” has been a beloved bedtime song for generations. First published in 1902 by composer William F. Sherwin, this song has been recorded and sung by many notable singers throughout time. In 1935 it was recorded and released by The Weavers, an American folk music group, and this version has been popular ever since. In more recent years, the song has been recorded by big names like John Denver, Joan Baez, and Raffi. In addition, the song has been featured in movies and television shows, making it an even more recognizable lullaby. This classic lullaby has been recorded in many different languages, indicating just how widespread its influence has been. For example, versions have been recorded in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages. Clearly, “I See the Moon” has become a beloved song for children of all ages.

Video: Performed on Screen

Moon lullabies have been around for centuries as a way to soothe and comfort babies and children. The lyrics for this timeless lullaby are a simple, repetitive set of phrases. The song is traditionally sung in a soothing and gentle voice, as the simple lyrics are often all that is needed to get a child to sleep.

The particular rendition of this traditional lullaby being featured in this video was performed by the talented musical group, Silver Screen. The group specializes in performing classic lullabies, and their performances have been featured in a variety of media, including television and movies.

This particular performance of the moon lullaby was filmed against a backdrop of a tranquil moonlit sky, making the video both tranquil and mesmerizing. The gentle and soothing sounds of the band’s instruments, combined with the calming lyrics of the song, creates a truly magical atmosphere.

The video of the performance has been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube, demonstrating its popularity and its effectiveness in helping children and adults alike relax and sleep. The video is also available for purchase on iTunes and other streaming services, making it possible to bring the soothing power of this traditional lullaby to people all over the world.

Whether it’s being used to help children fall asleep, or just to provide a moment of peace and calm, this performance of the moon lullaby is sure to help anyone relax and unwind.

Cover Versions: Adaptations

As one of the oldest children’s songs, “I See the Moon” has been around for centuries. Its simple but beautiful melody has been passed down through generations. The most popular version of this song is the 18th century English lyrics, which are often sung as a lullaby. Over the years, many different versions of this song have been written, adapted, and covered, including versions in French, German, and Spanish.

In recent years, the song has become popular in folk and folk-rock genres, with versions from the likes of Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, and Nick Drake. Some versions of the song have been adapted to include new and modernized lyrics, while others remain true to the traditional version. Additionally, there are several instrumental cover versions, including ones from Canadian composer Mark Sirett and the American post-rock band This Will Destroy You.

This beloved lullaby is still cherished by many and remains a popular choice for parents wanting to put their children to sleep. It is one of the most frequently covered songs, with over 60 versions available online. Additionally, there are even more versions of the song available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

The popularity of this song has endured for centuries, and will likely continue for centuries to come. Its simple, lullaby-like melody and timeless lyrics make it a favorite for parents and children alike. No matter the cover version or adaptation, “I See the Moon” will remain a beloved song for many years to come.


the “I See the Moon” lullaby is a beautiful and timeless piece of music that will remain in our hearts and minds for generations. It is a reminder of the beauty of nature, and of the bond between parent and child. Not only is it a perfect song for bedtime, it is also a source of comfort and joy for families, friends, and people of all ages. I hope that this article has inspired you to take a few moments to appreciate this classic lullaby. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the moon and the soothing sounds of this timeless lullaby.