I Will Be Here Steven Curtis Chapman Lyrics

Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the most beloved Christian singers and songwriters of our time. His music has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world, and his song “I Will Be Here” is no exception. It is a beautiful and tender reminder of God’s faithfulness and promises, and its lyrics are a source of comfort and hope for those in need. In this article, I will be exploring the lyrics of “I Will Be Here” and discussing the themes and messages of the song. I will also share how this song has been a source of encouragement in my own life.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is an American Christian music singer-songwriter, who has been a dominant force in the genre since his debut album in 1987. His song “I Will Be Here” from his third album, The Great Adventure, is one of his most recognized and beloved songs. It was the first Christian song to reach the number one spot on contemporary Christian music charts and still ranks as one of the top 100 Christian songs according to Billboard Magazine.

The lyrics of “I Will Be Here” describe the unconditional love and enduring faithfulness of two people in a relationship. It speaks to the promise that a couple makes to one another to “always be here”, no matter how hard times may get. It encourages listeners to be willing to stand by their partners, no matter what.

The song has been featured in movies and television series, including New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and Grey’s Anatomy. It has been covered by artists such as Josh Groban and Ryan Cabrera, and has become a popular choice for weddings. It’s even been performed by The White House Choir at the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The song’s lasting popularity is a testament to Steven Curtis Chapman’s songwriting and musicianship. He has released 18 albums, won 55 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and has been nominated for five Grammy awards. He is considered one of the most successful Christian music artists of all time and continues to be a major influence in the genre.

Song Background

“I Will Be Here” is a song composed by American Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. It was released in 1999 as the lead single off his album Speechless. This single was the most successful of Chapman’s career at the time, receiving heavy airplay on Christian radio stations and reaching #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.

This song was written shortly after Chapman’s youngest daughter, Maria, was born. Even though it is a love song, it is also meant to be an assurance of his faith and commitment to his family. The lyrics talk about the promise of being there for his family, whatever the future may bring. The song has become a beloved classic among couples and is a popular choice for weddings.

“I Will Be Here” has been covered by many artists, including Greg Long, Mandisa, and For King & Country. It has also been featured in several films and TV shows, such as What To Expect When You’re Expecting and The Originals. It was even inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

Overall, “I Will Be Here” is a timeless and powerful love song that continues to be treasured by many. It’s a beautiful reminder of the promises we make to our loved ones and the strength of our faith.

Lyrics Meaning

“I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman is an inspirational and uplifting song that speaks of enduring love and friendship. The lyrics are a beautiful reminder of the power of love and how it can transcend any distance, time, or circumstance. This song is often performed at weddings and other special occasions as a symbol of hope and commitment.

The song is composed of three verses and a chorus. The verses explain how love is like a promise that the singer will always be around. The chorus reinforces this promise, reiterating that no matter what happens the singer will always be there. The lyrics speak of a deep faith in God and the power of love to always prevail.

The song was released in 1994 and quickly became a hit in the US, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has sold over 500,000 copies in the US, and has been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. It has since been covered by several major artists and featured in numerous films and television shows.

The individual lyrics of the song have a powerful and personal meaning to many people. It is a reminder of the power of love and how it can sustain us through difficult times. It can also be seen as an encouragement to remain faithful and hopeful in times of doubt or change. As the lyrics often say “love will be here”, no matter what is happening.

The song has been embraced over the years by millions of people. It is a timeless reminder of the power of love and how it can bring us together

Faith Themes

Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “I Will Be Here” is considered an anthem of faith among many Christians. The song has been covered by many artists and has become popular due to its powerful message of comfort and support during times of difficulty. The lyrics present a sense of assurance and unwavering faith in times of struggle or pain. The song conveys a message of hope and reassurance that God’s presence and faithfulness will never fade away, even when it feels like everything else around us is crumbling. The song also emphasizes God’s ability to bring peace into the chaos of life.

The song is based on the Biblical passage of Isaiah 43:2 which states, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” This Scripture is often seen as a metaphor for the journey of faith, and Chapman’s song captures this sentiment perfectly.

The song also emphasizes the importance of faith as a source of strength and courage, and how it can provide solace in times of darkness. The chorus of the song includes the line “I will be here, in the morning, in the evening, in the hour of need”, which speaks directly to the power of faith in God.

The song has also been a source of comfort and inspiration during difficult times. According to a 2019 survey, 62% of people said that this song had

Musical Analysis

Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “I Will Be Here” is an incredibly touching and reflective song about family and togetherness. It has been incredibly popular since its release in 1993, becoming a staple at weddings and during special family moments. It has become an anthem for marriages and relationships, resonating deeply with listeners.

The song’s lyrics are full of emotion and symbolism, with its lines of undying love, commitment and determination to be there for each other. Chapman himself has said that the song was inspired by his own experience with marriage and family life, making it particularly meaningful for listeners.

Musically, the song has a mid-tempo country-pop feel, with an accompanying acoustic guitar and strings. It has a steady beat and a very catchy chorus that is easy to sing along to. The song’s main strength is its strong melodic structure, which keeps it consistent throughout and makes it very easy to remember.

The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including Kenny Loggins and Bon Jovi. It has also been featured in numerous films and television shows, and has been covered on shows like Glee and The Voice. It has been used in countless commercials and advertisements, showing its lasting impact and popularity.

Overall, Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “I Will Be Here” is an incredible and heartwarming song that continues to be a timeless favorite. Its lyrics and music capture the essence of love and commitment, and its catchy chorus and melody make it easy to remember and sing along to.

Cultural Impact

The song “I Will Be Here” by Grammy Award-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman has been a mainstay of the Christian music genre for decades. The song’s lyrics address themes of faith, resilience, and hope, and has made a lasting impact on popular culture. It has been performed by choirs and cover bands in churches across the country, as well as for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The impact of this song has even reached beyond the church walls, with many non-religious listeners citing it as one of their favorite songs.

The song has been used in a number of movies, television shows, and commercials over the years. It was featured in the 2008 motion picture “Fireproof”, the CBS television show “How I Met Your Mother”, and an episode of the ABC family drama “Grey’s Anatomy”. The song has also been used in advertisements for many companies, including AT&T and Target.

According to the 2009 ASCAP Christian Music Award, “I Will Be Here” was the most played song of the year, and the sixth most-played song across all genres. Its popularity is evident on streaming services, with over 70 million plays on Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, the song has received over 2 million views on YouTube, and has become a staple of many radio programs.

The song’s lyrics are powerful enough to have a lasting impact, no matter what genre of music the listener is accustomed to. Its message of


Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “I Will Be Here” is a timeless classic that has moved millions of listeners around the world. The song, released in 1989, was not only a hit in the United States, but also made it to the top of the charts in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

The song expresses the unconditional love of a parent for their child and is still popular today, more than 30 years after its release. It is one of the most frequently requested songs at weddings and has been used in many films and television shows.

The lyrics of the song speak to a parent’s promise to always be there for their child, through good times and bad. The lyrics have also inspired many parents to pass on a legacy to their children. Steven Curtis Chapman has said that the legacy he hopes to leave to his children is a good example of a life spent in pursuit of God’s calling.

The legacy of “I Will Be Here” continues to live on. In 2020, Steven Curtis Chapman released a Deluxe Edition of the song, featuring new versions of the hit single and a bonus track. The Deluxe Edition has received critical praise from both fans and critics alike, and has become an instant classic.

The impact of “I Will Be Here” is vast and far-reaching. It has been covered by hundreds of artists, translated to many languages, and continues to inspire countless people every day. Steven Curtis Chapman’s song is an enduring reminder of the power of


“I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman is a beautiful song that conveys the power of love between two people. It is a reminder that, no matter what circumstances arise, two people can rely on each other’s love to get them through. The lyrics are so meaningful and poignant that they can move even the most stoic listener to tears. It is no wonder why this song has been so popular for so many years. Whether used as a wedding song or simply as a reminder of the power of love, “I Will Be Here” is a timeless classic that has the power to speak to the heart. I encourage everyone to take the time to listen to this song and reflect on the beauty of love and the power it has to make lasting memories.