Ic3peak Lyrics

The Russian band IC3PEAK has been making waves in the global music scene with their unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, and pop music. Their lyrics are dynamic, captivating and often take listeners to strange, new places. I have been following the group for a few years now, and I thought it was time to dive into the depths of their lyrical genius. In this article, I will take a closer look at IC3PEAK’s lyrics and explore what makes them so special. From their surreal and dreamy sound to their thought-provoking messages, I will be delving into this band’s impressive repertoire. So, let’s get started and take a closer look at IC3PEAK’s lyrics.


IC3PEAK is a Russian duo consisting of vocalist Nastya Kreslina and producer Nikita Kostylev. They specialize in dark, ethereal and experimental electronic music, which they call “witch house”.

Their lyrics reflect a heavy, dystopian narrative, often laced with political and social critiques. Their songs tackle issues such as censorship, authoritarian rule, and the refugee crisis. For example, their song “SOS” speaks out against the persecution of minorities.

Censorship has been a major problem for IC3PEAK. Their music has been blacklisted by Russian authorities, and they have even faced legal troubles for their lyrics and performances. Despite this, they have continued to use their music as a platform to speak out against oppressive forces.

IC3PEAK’s influence has grown in recent years, particularly among younger listeners. They have been featured in multiple international festivals and have won several awards, including the 2018 Russian National Music Prize.

By speaking out against injustice and oppression, IC3PEAK’s music has become a powerful force for social change. Through their lyrics, they have become a voice for the voiceless, and their message has resonated with people all around the world.

“Siren Song”

It’s no surprise that ic3peak’s music has captivated fans all over the world. Their latest single, “Siren Song” is a shining example of their unique and intriguing approach to music. The track was released in 2017 and has since received millions of plays online.

The lyrics of “Siren Song” are full of powerful emotion and vivid imagery. The song explores themes of longing and regret, as well as the inner battle between letting go and holding on. The chorus is a haunting refrain that sticks with the listener long after the song ends.

The song has also become a beacon of hope for many fans. The lyrics encourage listeners to take charge of their own lives, to pursue their dreams, and to move beyond past failures. ic3peak’s music continues to provide an inspiring message to its listeners.

Since the release of “Siren Song”, ic3peak have become one of the most popular Russian music groups. ic3peak have achieved international success with their unique blend of electronic music and dark, philosophical lyrics. The song has been covered by various artists, including Kavabanga & Depo & Kolibri.

In just a few short years, ic3peak have become a global phenomenon. Their music transcends language and culture, providing a powerful and relatable message to fans all over the world. With the release of “Siren Song”, ic3peak have cemented their place in the music industry and continue to captivate fans with their extraordinary talent.

“Kremlin Kremlin”

The Russian electronic music duo ic3peak is well known for their signature sound and their thought-provoking lyrics. Their song “Kremlin Kremlin” is one of their biggest hits featuring heavy synths and bass along with a catchy chorus. The song speaks to the power and influence of the Russian government, specifically the Kremlin.

The lyrics are composed of a mix of Russian and English, conveying a sense of duality. The song explores the power of the Kremlin in a critical and satirical way, with lines such as “Kremlin diktat, dictate, dictate” and “What was once a regime of lies, now is the rule of law.” This critique of the Russian government is consistent with the band’s other work, which often tackles issues such as corruption, inequality, and censorship.

The song’s music video has gained over 5 million views online and it has been featured in various music festivals around the world. Additionally, the song has received acclaim from both fans and critics alike, with some citing it as a modern masterpiece.

Since its release, “Kremlin Kremlin” has become a global phenomenon, representing the struggles of the Russian people. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of the importance of free speech and expression in a society. It is a powerful reminder that even in a society with powerful forces, the power of the people cannot be silenced.

ic3peak is an important symbol in the Russian music scene and their work speaks to the oppression of the Russian people. “

“Black Light”

ic3peak’s song “Black Light” is a hard-hitting critique of the societal injustices that plague Russia. The song is full of captivating lyrics that detail the corruption and discrimination that many Russians face on a daily basis. It speaks to the struggles of the working class, drawing attention to the gap between the wealthy and the poor.

The duo has used their music to address social issues in Russia for years, with their song “Black Light” being one of their most explicit and powerful critiques. The lyrics highlight the unequal treatment of various groups and minorities, such as refugees and people of colour. They also challenge the concept of “Russian nationalism”, positioning it as a smokescreen for systemic oppression.

The song’s video is just as bold and powerful as the lyrics. Directed by the award-winning filmmaker Kseniya Simonova, it features a montage of scenes that illustrate the realities of the country’s political system. The video makes it clear that the corruption and discrimination that many Russians face is not a figment of the imagination, but a very real and often ignored truth.

The impact of “Black Light” has been felt far and wide. The song has been nominated for multiple awards, including the prestigious Musonov Prize and the MTV Europe Music Award. It has also been praised by critics and fans alike, with many pointing out how the song’s message transcends borders and speaks to the struggles of people all around the world.



ic3peak is an electronic music duo from Russia whose unique sound blurs the lines between darkwave, synth wave, and industrial music. With their latest single, “VHS”, the duo has created a hauntingly beautiful track that is full of visual lyricism. The raw emotion and bittersweet nostalgia of the lyrics demonstrates the duo’s songwriting prowess.

The song begins with a distorted voice saying “one two three, let’s play”, a perfect representation of the dystopian, sci-fi themes of the song. The lyrics of “VHS” act as a metaphor for the fast-paced lifestyle of our modern world, comparing it to the slow-motion world of a VHS tape.

The chorus of “VHS” is particularly memorable, with the lyrics “I will be here, living in slow motion/I will be here when the world starts to fall/I will stay here, no matter what’s happening”. These lyrics are a comforting reminder of the nostalgia and beauty of simpler times.

The track is further enhanced with the addition of a cinematic, sci-fi inspired music video directed by co-producer Kirill Krasnoperov. The video perfectly complements the lyrics, adding a visual element to the eerie atmosphere of the song.

It’s no surprise that “VHS” quickly gained traction online, leading to the release of an accompanying music video and multiple remixes. The

“Synthetic Sun”

The Russian indie trio ic3peak has been making waves with their unique blend of music, and their latest single, “Synthetic Sun,” is no exception. Taking influence from EDM, hip-hop, and rock, ic3peak’s sound is genre-bending and experimental. The song’s lyrical content is a commentary on the shallowness of modern society, as well as a call to action for personal growth and self-reflection.

The song’s hook is a powerful call to arms to “question everything,” conveying a sense of urgency and a struggle against the dehumanizing forces of modern society. The lyrics are thoughtful and poetic, touching on themes of alienation, disillusionment, and the need for solidarity. With its catchy chorus and pulsating beats, “Synthetic Sun” is a prime example of the innovative sound ic3peak is capable of creating.

The trio is composed of vocalist and songwriter Anastasia Kreslina, producer Aleksandr Kondrashov, and guitarist Igor Sidorenko. Since forming in 2015, ic3peak has released two full-length albums, one EP, and a number of singles. “Synthetic Sun” is the first single from their upcoming album, set to be released in 2021.

In their short career, ic3peak has garnered attention from a number of major music outlets including Pitchfork, Stereogum, and SPIN. They have also been the subject of critical acclaim from publications like The Line of Best Fit and


ic3peak lyrics provide a unique insight into modern Russian society. They are often dark and cynical, yet full of hope and optimism. The message is clear—the band is determined to speak up against the powers that be and stand up for what they believe in. It is this boldness and strength of conviction that has made their music so popular and resonant with a global audience. It is my sincere hope that they continue to create music that reflects the reality of life in Russia and that their message of liberation and freedom continues to spread. I encourage all readers to listen to their music and to support this remarkable and important band.