Jack Harlow Poison Lyrics

The American rapper, Jack Harlow, has made waves with his latest single, “Poison”. The song has become an instant hit, with its infectious beat and clever lyrics. The track has been praised for its intricate rhymes and witty wordplay. In this article, I will explore the lyrics of “Poison” to examine how Harlow has crafted a clever and catchy song that has earned its place in the rap industry. Through this analysis, it is clear that Harlow’s lyricism and songwriting skill have made him a prominent figure in the hip-hop genre.

Jack Harlow “Poison”

Jack Harlow’s debut album “That’s What They All Say” features the hit single “Poison” which has become an anthem for a new wave of hip-hop music. In the song, Harlow includes lyrics about his experience as an up-and-coming rapper, being underappreciated by the industry, and how he needs to find strength in himself to make it. The song also features references to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and his life there.

The lyrics to “Poison” include lines about the difficulty of coming up in the rap game, such as “I don’t fit in/They won’t let me in/I’ma get it on my own/I don’t need no trends.” He also speaks about the difficulty of being recognized and respected in the music industry, saying “I’m tryna get respect from the industry/But to them I’m just a nuisance.” The chorus of the song is a call to action for himself and others to take control of their lives and make something of themselves.

The song has resonated with both hip-hop fans and the industry alike, as it is a reminder to people without privilege that they can still make it in the world. Jack Harlow has been praised by music critics for his lyricism and storytelling and the song has been streamed more than 117 million times on Spotify. Harlow’s debut album has garnered a lot of attention and has been certified platinum by the RIAA, having sold over 1 million copies.

“Poison” is

Production: Who Produced It?

The production of Jack Harlow’s “Poison” was handled by none other than music producer, JetsonMade. JetsonMade is a multi-platinum producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Drake, Lil Baby and even Cardi B. His production can often be heard on the radio and his beats are known for their unique sound.

The sound of “Poison” is no different, it has a very high-energy beat with a catchy hook and clever lyrics. With its smooth, melodic, and vibrant sound, it’s no wonder the track is such a hit. The song’s success is also due to the fact that it has received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

JetsonMade has already made a name for himself as a highly-acclaimed producer, with over 3.6 billion streams on Spotify alone. He has earned several accolades, such as a Grammy nomination for Producer of the Year and is known for his ability to create innovative, and forward-thinking beats.

The song is sure to be a hit for some time, as it has reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and has been streamed over 65 million times on Spotify. It is also featured on Jack Harlow’s debut album, That’s What They All Say, which debuted as number one on the Billboard 200 Chart.

With JetsonMade’s production, Jack Harlow’s

Meaning: Themes & Lyrics

The song “Poison” by Jack Harlow has been on the rise since its release in April 2020, gaining over 60 million streams worldwide. The lyrics of this track are particularly impactful, as they explore themes of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. The song’s message is one of hope and determination, encouraging listeners to push past any obstacles they might face.

At its core, the song talks about overcoming obstacles and not letting them stand in the way of success. Jack Harlow’s lyricism draws from his own experiences, as he raps about being “haunted by the ghost of a past that I keep running from.” This serves as a reminder that though it may be difficult, it’s possible to move past one’s struggles and reach a better place.

The song also touches on the idea of “poison” and how it can be both destructive and beneficial. Jack Harlow uses this metaphor to discuss how certain people and things can have a negative impact on our lives and how we can use that as a means of growth. He raps about “drinking from the poison cup and turning it into medicine,” which speaks to the idea of taking a difficult situation and turning it around to your advantage.

The song’s message of resilience and perseverance can be seen in its chorus, in which Jack Harlow declares “I don’t need no antidote, I’m already immune.”

Feature: Who Features?

We’ve all been playing Jack Harlow’s latest hit, “Poison”, on repeat, and the catchy tune is definitely one of the hottest tracks out there. But what is the story behind these clever lyrics?

In “Poison”, Jack Harlow features rising artist, Roddy Ricch, to lend a hand in delivering a conscious, thought-provoking message to listeners. The two rappers display a unique style of lyricism, as Harlow rhymes about the struggles of the youth in the inner city and Ricch’s verses focus on the power of money and its potential to influence the minds of the youth.

The song details the struggles of growing up in the inner city, with Harlow describing the “poison” that can be found in the streets, such as crime, drugs, and poverty. His lyrics also focus on the power of education and the importance of following your dreams.

Furthermore, “Poison” brings to light the issue of police brutality against the Black community. Both rappers provide a unique perspective on the topic, with Ricch emphasizing the need for change and Harlow noting the need to remain strong and united against the injustice, reminding us all that the “fight ain’t over yet”.

The poignant lyrics of “Poison” demonstrate the power of hip-hop to serve as a platform to address social issues and to provide a voice to the unheard. This song is a reminder

Reception: Critics & Fans

The release of Jack Harlow’s “Poison” has been met with critical acclaim from music industry professionals. Pitchfork noted that the track “serves as a reminder of Harlow’s ability to tap into a mood, to craft music that both reflects a moment in time and transcends it.” Rolling Stone said the track “perfectly encapsulates the current energy of the rap game,” while Billboard praised the “smart, hook-laden bars” Harlow delivered on the track.

Reception from fans has been just as enthusiastic. Since its release, the track has accumulated over 32 million streams on Spotify and over 19 million views on YouTube. On social media the track’s hashtag has been used over 3.2 million times, and the song is currently the #2 song on the US Top Rap Songs chart.

Critics and fans alike have praised the track for its clever lyrics and its ability to capture the current energy in the rap game. Harlow himself has said that “Poison” is his “most honest and most personal record to date,” and that he wanted to “show the world what I’ve been through and what I’m going through.”

It’s clear that “Poison” has been a huge success for Jack Harlow. With such overwhelming reception from both critics and fans, it looks like the track will remain a fan favorite for a long time to come.

Music Video: Visuals & Symbolism

The recent release of Jack Harlow’s music video for “Poison” has been acclaimed for its captivating visuals and symbolism that speaks to the current political and social climate. The video, directed by Cole Bennett, has already earned over 21 million views on YouTube.

This video is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, with Harlow in a robe symbolizing freedom. Harlow is surrounded by a world of chaos, representing the chaos of 2020, and is shown as the sole source of hope in this world. As the video progresses, Harlow is shown as a beacon of light in the darkness, freeing those around him and inspiring them to resist against the oppressive forces of the world.

The symbolism is further reinforced by the visuals of a toxic gas cloud throughout the video. This toxic gas represents the oppressive forces of the world that Harlow is fighting against. The imagery of Harlow and his followers, as champions of hope and freedom, rising above the toxic gas and ultimately overcoming it, sends an empowering message to viewers.

The music video has been praised not only for its visuals and symbolism, but also for its lyrical content. The lyrics, which have been described as “resilient yet playful”, discuss the struggles of 2020 and the importance of standing together in order to create change. Ultimately, “Poison” is a powerful statement on the current state of our society.

It’s clear that Jack Harlow’s “Poison” is a powerful anthem

Analysis: Interpretation & Legacy

Jack Harlow’s song ‘Poison’ is a track that gained widespread popularity upon its release in 2020. The track has since gained over 290 million streams on Spotify. It is an ode to the hustle and ambition of a young man to achieve his dreams. The lyrics and production of the track evoke a strong sense of motivation and an unwavering determination to reach the top.

The lyrics serve as an anthem for the youth, as they narrate the journey of someone who has been through tough times and is ready to take on the world. Harlow’s verses touch on topics such as the power of hard work, the importance of self-belief and the need to stay focused on the goal. He speaks to the listener, offering advice and encouragement. In the chorus, Harlow expresses the idea of no longer being held back and being able to take control of his own destiny.

The production of the track is a combination of modern hip hop and trap elements. The combination of these elements create a powerful and catchy beat which is perfect for the content of the song. The listener is hit with a mix of both melodic and aggressive sounds that fit perfectly with the lyrics and help to convey the message of the track.

The track has been praised for its positive message and uplifting vibes. Through the use of clever wordplay and a catchy production, Jack Harlow has created a song that offers motivation and inspiration to anyone who listens to it. ‘Poison’ has become an anthem for the hard


Jack Harlow’s song “Poison” is an uplifting track that will bring joy to anyone who listens. The upbeat and catchy beat combined with meaningful lyrics make it an enjoyable and relatable song. While it may not be the most profound lyrical work, it is a tribute to living life to the fullest and embracing the good and bad. It is a call to action to appreciate the little things in life and to live with no regrets. As Jack Harlow says in his song, “It’s never too late to make it right, too late to have a good time.” So, go out and enjoy life, no matter what it throws your way.