Kick The Dust Up Lyrics

As a fan of country music, I have always been fascinated by the lyrics of the genre. One song that has always stood out to me is “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan. This upbeat and catchy tune has some of the most cleverly written lyrics that I have ever heard. Every time I listen to it, I find a new layer of meaning and interpretation to the song. In this article, I will be discussing the lyrics of “Kick the Dust Up” in order to explore their hidden depths and their effects on the listener. Through this analysis, I hope to provide a better understanding of this timeless classic.

Kick the Dust Up

The song “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan is an upbeat country song about living life to the fullest. Released in 2015, the track quickly became a fan favorite and reached #1 on the US Country Airplay chart. It was certified 2× Platinum by the RIAA and won the CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year.

The lyrics of the song focus on taking risks and embracing the moment. It encourages listeners to “let the moonlight show you how to dance, just like you ain’t afraid of nothin’,” and to “go on and kick the dust up.” This message of not worrying and just having fun resonates with a lot of people, which is why the song has been so successful.

In addition to its infectious beat and positive message, “Kick the Dust Up” has also been praised for its instrumentation. The track features electric guitars, a banjo, and a percussive beat that all complement the song’s theme. The combination of these elements creates an uplifting sound that captures the spirit of the lyrics.

Overall, the song “Kick the Dust Up” is a popular country hit that has touched the hearts of many people. It has earned numerous awards and achieved impressive chart success, and is sure to continue being a fan favorite for many years to come.

Country Singer: Luke Bryan

Country singer Luke Bryan’s song ‘Kick the Dust Up’ is a summertime anthem that celebrates the joy of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Released in 2015, the song captures the spirit of freedom and revelry with its infectious chorus and peppy instrumentation.

According to Billboard, the song peaked at number two on the Hot Country Songs chart and topped the Country Airplay chart for two weeks. The single was certified platinum by the RIAA, indicating more than one million copies had been sold.

The lyrics paint a picture of warm summer days spent outdoors, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. The chorus sings of “Kickin’ up dust, makin’ memories with you,” encouraging listeners to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the summer months. The verses outline a day of fun, with references to activities like mudding, fishing, swimming, and playing music.

The lyrics have resonated with listeners, with some even declaring the song as the best of Bryan’s career. Others have suggested that it captures the spirit of summer more than any other song. It’s no wonder the song has become the soundtrack for summer activities, reminding us all to take a break and enjoy the season.

To this day, ‘Kick the Dust Up’ remains a fan-favorite and a staple of summer playlists everywhere. With its contagious chorus and timeless lyrics, the song will likely continue to be enjoyed for many summers to come.

Meaning of Lyrics

The country music song “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan is a summertime anthem about living life to the fullest. The song is about taking risks and being spontaneous, and its lyrics encourage listeners to seize the moment. According to Luke Bryan, the song is all about being “young, wild, and free.” The chorus of the song reads: “Kick the dust up, come on, kick the dust up / All four wheels off the ground, come on, kick the dust up / Gonna take it way out to the boondocks, come on, kick the dust up.” This line is about escaping into the countryside and embracing the beauty of nature.

The lyrics of “Kick the Dust Up” are a reminder that life is short and that we should take risks and live while we can. The song was an instant hit, topping the US Country Airplay chart and the Hot Country Songs chart. It was also certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It has become a summertime anthem and a reminder to live life to the fullest.

The song resonates with people of all ages, as it encourages us to take risks and explore new places. By breaking away from our everyday routines and taking time to appreciate nature and the moment, we can gain new perspectives on life. The lyrics of “Kick the Dust Up” remind us that life is too short and that we should make the most of it.

Music Video

The music video for the country hit “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan was released in June 2015 and quickly went on to become an award-winning favorite. Filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, the video features vibrant cinematography that captures the music and lyrics of the song. With over 200 million views on YouTube and over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, “Kick the Dust Up” has become a staple for country music fans.

The music video follows Luke Bryan and several of his friends as they embark on an adventurous day filled with joy and fun. From a tractor race, to a slip-n-slide competition, and even a mud fight, Bryan and his friends have a blast as they “kick the dust up”. The music video also features short snippets of the song lyrics, which help enhance the visuals and further bring the story to life.

The “Kick the Dust Up” music video has earned numerous awards including the CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year and the Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year. The video was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance.

The immense success of the “Kick the Dust Up” music video is a testament to the power of country music and the ability of Luke Bryan to create a fun, energetic, and uplifting song. From the visuals to the lyrics, the music video offers a unique experience for fans of country music.


Lately the song “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan has gained much attention in the world of country music. This single was released in June 2015 and has since become one of his most popular songs. In 2019, the song was certified 3x Platinum in the United States and has been streamed over 425 million times on Spotify. It was also number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart for two weeks in July 2015.

The lyrics of “Kick the Dust Up” have been praised for their clever and uplifting take on country music. It tells the story of a couple driving down the highway in an old pickup truck, looking for an escape from the mundane. The song evokes a feeling of nostalgia and freedom by combining country twang with a modern beat and catchy lyrics.

The song’s success can be attributed to its popularity among country music fans as well as its ability to cross into other genres. The upbeat tempo and positive lyrics have made it a favorite among pop and hip-hop fans, as well as country fans. It has even been covered by pop-punk group blink-182.

The success of “Kick the Dust Up” has been reflected in the awards it has won, including a CMA award for Single of the Year in 2015 and a Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song in 2016. The song is now considered to be one of Luke Bryan’s signature songs and is often performed in concert.

In conclusion, the song “Kick the Dust Up”

Fan Reactions

The phrase “kick the dust up” has been popularized by the country song of the same name, released by Luke Bryan in 2015. The song quickly became a fan favorite, earning over 95 million views on YouTube, and climbing up the US Country charts to the #1 spot.

The lyrics describe a typical summer night’s activities in the country. Parties, barbecues, and a joyous sense of freedom prevailed. The narrator takes pleasure in the simple joy of a night spent under the stars and out of the confines of society.

The song resonated with many fans, particularly those in small towns and rural areas. Its easy-going, joyful nature was an escape from the mundane daily routines. It also managed to strike an emotional chord with listeners, who related to its strong sense of nostalgia.

The song has become a classic, with some fans even going so far as to call it “the anthem of summer.” It still remains a popular choice at summer gatherings, and is a surefire way to get people out on the dance floor.

It’s clear that the song “Kick the Dust Up” has provided its own special kind of relief to many fans, and remains a classic to this day. With its upbeat vibe and nostalgic lyrics, it’s a timeless reminder of what a night of carefree fun can be.

Critical Reception

The song “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan has been a massive hit since its release in 2015. It peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and was certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2017. It’s become a staple of country live shows, often a go-to for encores. Critics have praised its easy-going, upbeat vibe and catchy chorus. Rolling Stone Magazine called it a “holler-along jam” and USA Today said it was an “anthem of fun”. It has become a country classic, and its popularity is still growing. Fans appreciate Bryan’s creative blend of traditional country and modern sensibilities, and the song continues to inspire joy in concert audiences around the globe.


“Kick the Dust Up” is a great country song that will get you up and dancing. The lyrics are relatable, and the catchy beat will have you humming the tune all day. Luke Bryan conveys a sense of fun and nostalgia throughout the track. Its upbeat energy is contagious, and it’s one of those songs that will never get old. It’s a great song for a night out with friends, a summer drive, or a party. So don’t be afraid to kick the dust up and have some fun!