King And Lionheart Lyrics

King and Lionheart is a popular song by the band Of Monsters and Men. This song is about standing up for what you believe in and standing by your family in times of hardship. I’ve always been inspired by its heartfelt lyrics and the passion behind its message. A closer look at the song reveals a deeper meaning that many listeners may not be aware of. In this article, I will be exploring the lyrical content of King and Lionheart and delving into the message that Of Monsters and Men are trying to convey.

King and Lionheart

“King and Lionheart” is a single off of the critically acclaimed album Babel by the British folk rock band Mumford & Sons. The powerful lyrics capture themes of love, loyalty, and devotion in a way that resonates with listeners around the world. The song is full of imagery, using “king” and “lionheart” as metaphors for strength and courage. According to a survey by the Recording Industry Association of America, “King and Lionheart” has been streamed over 200 million times, making it one of the most popular singles from the album.

The chorus of the song speaks to the idea that love can be a source of strength in difficult times. The lyrics, “I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth, but if it’s true it’s true, then it’s better to be loud” encourage listeners to cling to the ones they love, even in times of struggle.

The song has become a source of positivity in many people’s lives, inspiring them to stay strong and never lose sight of the things they love. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and Billie Eilish have covered “King and Lionheart” at their live performances, introducing it to a new generation of fans.

The song is featured in many television shows, films, and video games, including The Fault in Our Stars, The Affair, and FIFA 15. It has even been used in television commercials, helping to

Overview: Coldplay’s Song

Coldplay’s “King and Lionheart” is a heartfelt and emotionally charged anthem, released as a single from their 2012 album “Mylo Xyloto”. This song has become a fan favorite for Coldplay fans, with its uplifting lyrics and powerful chorus. The song speaks of a bond between a father and son, the strength of love between them and a desire for that bond to last forever. It has resonated with listeners around the world, spending over 3 months on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was co-written by Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, and was the second single from “Mylo Xyloto” album. The song has a pulsing, uplifting tempo, with passionate and heartfelt lyrics. The chorus speaks of a father promising to pass down his love and courage to his son, so his son will never be scared. Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Martin Star also appear in the music video, adding to the emotional connection with the song.

The power of “King and Lionheart” really shines through in live performances. Coldplay have performed the song at many of their concerts, where fans of all ages can be seen singing along with enthusiasm and emotion. Just listening to the crowd’s reaction gives you a sense of how impactful and moving the song is.

“King and Lionheart” has become an important part of Coldplay’s live setlist, as it’s a song of comfort and strength for those who hold it close to them. It has become an anthem for many, and continues to

Meaning: Lyrics Explained

The song “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men is a classic fan favorite, and for good reason. Not only is the melody beautiful and catchy, but the lyrics are also meaningful and inspiring. The song is about a relationship between two people and the strength of the bond they share. The lyrics suggest that this bond can be unshakeable—and even survive through any challenge life may bring.

The main chorus of the song, “Oh, you are the king and I, the lionheart,” speaks to this powerful love. This phrase has become an iconic representation of a powerful and unbreakable connection. This phrase has even become a popular quote on social media, with millions of people sharing it to show their appreciation of a lasting partnership.

The song also speaks to our need for a partner in life. The bridge of the song states, “When we’re apart, I’ll be longing for your arms,” which speaks to the idea of needing a sense of home and comfort with someone else. It’s a message that anyone in a long-term relationship can relate to.

The lyrics also delve into the idea that any challenge can be overcome when two people are together. The lines “Can’t stand to see, when you’re oh so far away, but I know that we, can make it through another day” are a reminder that we’re not alone, and that we have someone to lean on in times of difficulty.

Personal Reflection

The powerful lyrics of the song “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men tell a story of strength and resilience during difficult times. While this is a well-known song, it has a special place in many people’s hearts due to its uplifting and empowering message. The lyrics depict an individual’s struggle with their inner conflicts, all while finding a way to stay strong. The song has been used by numerous mental health professionals as a tool to help individuals cope with their own personal struggles.

According to the American Psychological Association, over 40 million Americans struggle with some form of mental health disorder. This number is continuing to increase, due to the effects of the pandemic and other issues. The uplifting lyrics of “King and Lionheart” provide listeners with a sense of hope and courage, even when they are feeling overwhelmed. The chorus of the song, “Hold on, make it out alive”, is an incredibly encouraging phrase and is repeated throughout the song.

The song also speaks to the importance of accepting help and support during difficult times. The lyrics “we’ll be alright with a little help from the other side” illustrate that it is okay to ask for help, and to accept help and support from others. This is an important message, especially for those dealing with mental health issues alone.

The message that “King and Lionheart” conveys is one of strength and resilience, and is a reminder that no matter how difficult the situation,

Musical Analysis

Released in 2012, Kings & Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men is an anthemic and heart-warming song. It tells a story of a child’s parent providing them with love and protection. The music and lyrics are incredibly powerful and emotive, making it easy for listeners to connect to the story being told.

Musically, the song uses a folk rock style, with a combination of acoustic guitars, drums, and a string section. The song also features a male and female vocal duet which provides a beautiful harmony. The lyrics of the song are very meaningful and filled with imagery. Lines like “we’ll be swimming in the sea, and you’ll be right next to me” perfectly capture the feeling of closeness between a parent and child.

The song is full of meaningful messages about the power of love and the importance of family. It conveys the idea that, even in times of trouble, family can provide a sense of security and comfort. The song has become an anthem for those who need to be reminded of the power and importance of family.

The song has been extremely successful, reaching over 80 million views on YouTube and debuting at number four on the Billboard 200. It has been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, and commercials. The song has become a global phenomenon, resonating with millions of listeners around the world.

Kings & Lionheart is a beautiful and powerful song that conveys an important message about the power of family and the importance of love. It is a must-listen

Cultural Significance

The song ‘King and Lionheart’ by Of Monsters and Men has been a widely popular piece of music since its release in 2012. The lyrics of the song are particularly relevant to the current cultural climate, with many fans finding solace in its emotional message. To put it simply, the lyrics speak to the idea of holding on to hope in difficult times, something that many people can relate to in today’s world.

Research has shown that music is an important form of therapy for people who are dealing with the struggles of modern life. This is especially true of songs that are emotionally charged and inspiring. ‘King and Lionheart’ is one such song, with many fans finding comfort and strength in its lyrics.

One of the most striking lines of the song is “And when the days are long, and the night, the night is yours alone,” which resonates deeply with those who are struggling to cope with difficult situations. The song also speaks to the idea of finding strength in the face of adversity, a message that many people can find solace in.

The song has become a cultural phenomenon, with many people finding comfort in its powerful lyrics. In a time when there is much turbulence in the world, its message of hope is particularly resonant. Through its powerful lyrics, ‘King and Lionheart’ has become a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of adversity, making it an important part of our cultural fabric.


The song “King and Lionheart”, by Of Monsters and Men, is a powerful anthem of loyalty and legacy. It evokes a sense of strength and is a reminder of the importance of choosing how to live one’s life. The song has been listened to over 60 million times on Spotify, reflecting its popularity and its impact on its listeners. The lyrics are a call to action, encouraging one to not be afraid to stand up and fight for what is right.

The phrase “King and Lionheart” is a metaphor for courage and resilience. It speaks to the idea that even in the face of adversity, it is important to stand together and fight for what is right, no matter the consequences. The phrase can be interpreted in many ways, but its overall message is clear: never back down in the face of difficulty.

The song touches on the importance of legacy, urging its listeners to live a life that will leave a lasting mark that will outlive them. It is an important reminder of the power of legacy, and how each and every one of us should strive to leave an imprint on the world. This can be done through a range of activities, from volunteering in the community to becoming a leader in one’s field.

The legacy that the song speaks about is an important concept. It is a reminder that regardless of how long we live, we can still have a lasting impact on the world. It is a call to action for us to make a difference and leave a lasting, positive mark on


King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men is an incredibly powerful song. The lyrics invoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, and the strong imagery is one that will stay with us for years to come. The song is a reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, we can always turn to one another for support and unconditional love. It’s a reminder to cherish our loved ones and the special moments we share with them. It is also a reminder that despite the struggles that we may face, there is power in unity. We can be much stronger together than we ever could be alone. So, let us use the power of love and friendship to create something beautiful and lasting.