Kinks Come Dancing Lyrics

Kinks Come Dancing is a classic song from the British rock band, the Kinks. Released in 1982, it quickly became a hit on the British and American charts. Since then, it has become a fan favorite, known for its catchy melody and insightful lyrics. As a long-time fan of the Kinks, I’m always intrigued by the story behind the song’s lyrics. In this article, I’m going to take a deep dive into the lyrics of Kinks Come Dancing and explore the meaning behind them. Through this analysis, I hope to provide a clearer understanding of the song’s message and its lasting impact on fans.

Kinks Come Dancing

Kinks Come Dancing is a classic song that was released in 1983 by the British rock band, The Kinks. Written and produced by Ray Davies, the lead singer and principal songwriter, the song reached No.6 on the UK Singles chart and No.20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It is also considered one of the band’s best-loved singles and is part of their compilation album, Come Dancing with The Kinks: The Best of The Kinks 1977-1986.

The song tells the story of Davies’ sister, Rene, who would go out every Saturday night to the Palais De Dance in Muswell Hill, North London. Davies used the song to express his own feelings of nostalgia and longing for the past. The lyrics also blend the nostalgia of the past with the contemporary reality of the 1980s, and the music video features Davies and his sister reminiscing and dancing at the Palais.

Kinks Come Dancing has been praised for its inventive music and lyrical themes, and it has been covered by many artists, including Hugh Cornwell, Elliott Smith, The Kooks, and The Divine Comedy. The song has also been sampled by artists like OutKast, Migos, and G-Eazy, and was used in the 2017 video game, The Sims 4.

The Kinks Come Dancing is an iconic song from the 1980s and is still remembered and appreciated by fans around the world. It is a testament to the longevity of the band’s influence and a reminder of the

Verse 1

Kinks Come Dancing is an iconic song by The Kinks, released in 1983 and written by Ray Davies. The song is unique in its combination of an upbeat, jubilant sound and lyrics that are tinged with nostalgia and sadness. The main theme of the song is the idea of dancing as an escape, a way to forget one’s troubles and to connect with others.

The first verse of the song paints a picture of a ‘dancing girl’, a figure of both beauty and sadness, and an emotional connection is established between the singer and the girl. The lyrics express a desire to ‘hold her close’ and yet also to move away from the moment of intimacy. This is followed by a bridge section which speaks of how ‘Kinks come dancing’, a phrase that can be interpreted as a call to find solace in music.

The chorus of the song is a plea for someone to ‘come on, come on, come on’ and join in the dancing and the emotion of the moment. This is followed by a final verse about a couple finding connection and solace in each other, while the music continues to provide an escape.

Kinks Come Dancing is a classic song that has resonated with many generations of fans. It has been covered by a number of artists, including The Rolling Stones, and it was featured in the 2002 movie ‘About a Boy’. The song has also been sampled by several hip-hop artists, and it continues to be


The popular song “Kinks Come Dancing” was written in 1982 by Ray Davies of The Kinks and released as the lead single from their album State of Confusion. The catchy chorus of the song is what has made it so memorable, singing “Kinks come dancing, Kinks come dancing, Kinks come dancing, and they’ll do it ’til the moonlight fades away”. It is an anthem of freedom and underground culture which has resonated with music fans for generations.

The single reached number 8 on the UK Singles Chart which helped the album to reach number 10 in the UK Albums Chart. It has since been recognized as one of the best-loved Kinks songs and has been covered by a variety of artists. In 2001, it was ranked number 251 on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone.

The lyrics of the song focus on the narrator’s desire to break away from pressure, to escape from everyday life and to celebrate a night of freedom with friends. The chorus speaks of the power of music to bring people together from all walks of life. The song looks at the power of music to create a haven, a place where people can forget their troubles and just be themselves.

The Kinks Come Dancing single has gone on to become a classic in the world of rock and roll. It has been covered by a wide range of artists from Bruce Springsteen to The Libertines, and has been featured in films, TV shows, and adverts

Verse 2

Verse two of Kinks Come Dancing is a classic example of Ray Davies’ witty song writing. In the second verse, Davies tells the story of a young man from an upper-class family who invites a dancer to a fashionable party. The lyrics are an interesting commentary on class, gender, and generational differences.

The narrator in the verse is a young man from an affluent family who is bored with the typical classy parties. He then meets a dancer named Lorraine, who he invites to the party. The lyrics mention the disapproval from his parents and from his friends. This is a nod to the older generation’s disapproval of the younger generation’s behavior.

The verse also mentions the differences between the two classes as Lorraine’s “attire was not the same”. This shows that the two classes were viewed differently and that the extravagant parties that the upper-class threw were not open to everyone.

The lyrics show Davies’ ability to use wit and clever writing to create a story. The story itself is a commentary on generational differences and the divide between classes, but the lyrics also show his great songwriting skills.

Kinks Come Dancing is an iconic song that has been covered by many artists. It is a classic example of Ray Davies’ witty and clever songwriting, and the lyrics are both entertaining and thought-provoking. It is no surprise that this song has been so popular over the years.


The “Kinks Come Dancing” bridge is an exciting and unexpected section of the song as it departs from the lighthearted and whimsical nature of the chorus. It’s a reflective moment for the narrator and speaks to the listener in a more earnest and direct manner.

The bridge is composed of three lines of lyrics and utilizes vivid imagery to tell the story of the narrator’s past experiences. He reflects on the joy of being part of a group and going to dances as a youth, as well as the sorrow of heartbreak and loneliness. This bridge is a powerful example of how music can be used to express complex emotions.

The bridge is just one part of the song, yet it is integral to understanding the narrative and provides a unique perspective on the protagonist’s story. Additionally, it serves as the climax of the song, leading listeners to a deeper understanding of the narrator’s journey.

According to the Kinks’ official website, the bridge was written by the band’s lead singer and lead guitarist Ray Davies and was inspired by a real-life experience he had after a bad break-up. This is a common theme in Davies’ work, and the bridge serves as a reminder of the importance of connecting with people and experiences that bring us joy.

Overall, the bridge of the Kinks’ song “Kinks Come Dancing” is an emotionally charged and impactful section of the track. In addition to telling a story, it serves as a reminder of the importance of living life to its fullest, and how joy can be found


Kinks Come Dancing is an iconic song from the English rock band, The Kinks. Written by Ray Davies and released in 1983, it was their highest-charting song in the United States, peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is about the singer’s nostalgia for his teenage years and all the fun he had with his friends dancing to the music of The Kinks. The refrain of the song, “All the kinks come dancing”, captures the energy and good times of that era.

The lyrics of Kinks Come Dancing paint a vivid picture of the times. The singer remembers the “shaky disco lights”, the “loud guitars” and the energy of the crowd as they all danced to the music. He also remembers the joy of “falling in love” with a girl on the dance floor. The whole song is an ode to a time when life was simpler and filled with delight.

The song has become a classic over the years, often featured in movies and television shows. It was included in the soundtrack of the cult classic movie “The Breakfast Club” and was used in a memorable scene in the series finale of HBO’s “The Sopranos”. In 2017, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, an award given to recordings that have permanent cultural and historical importance.

The song remains popular to this day and has been covered by numerous artists, including Green Day, As


Kinks Come Dancing is a classic hit song by the British rock band The Kinks. Written by Ray Davies and released in 1982, the song’s lyrics tell the story of a young girl who has an affinity for dancing and how it gives her solace during difficult times. The song has been interpreted in various ways by fans, but is largely focused on the idea of taking joy in the small moments of life, no matter how hard things get.

The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for the simpler times of childhood, when life was more carefree and filled with joy. Along with vivid imagery and a catchy melody, the song paints a vivid and heart-warming picture of a young girl who finds solace in dancing, and how it gives her the strength to persevere in the face of hardship.

The chorus of the song is especially powerful, with lines like “Kinks come dancing, and the night is young,” and “Dancing is the only way to carry on.” The lines encourage us to take joy in the small moments of life and to find solace in the simple act of dancing, no matter how hard things get.

The song has become a timeless classic and has been covered by many other artists, including Bruce Springsteen and Phish. It has also been featured in numerous films, including “Forrest Gump” and “The Princess Bride.”

Kinks Come Dancing is a song that has stood the test of time and is


Kinks Come Dancing is a classic song that will never go out of style. Its lyrics are timeless and evoke a nostalgic feeling of simpler times. The song brings forth a sense of joyousness and energy, and the upbeat tempo encourages listeners to get up and dance. Listening to Kinks Come Dancing is a great way to bring a little joy into your life. Whether you’re dancing in your living room or singing your heart out in the car, this song is sure to bring a smile to your face. So put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and let the Kinks come dancing!