La Curiosidad Lyrics Ivan Cornejo In English

Ivan Cornejo’s song “La Curiosidad” has gained immense popularity among Spanish music lovers. Its catchy tune and meaningful lyrics have made it a favorite for both adults and children alike. The song is about a person’s curiosity for life and the desire to explore and learn from the world around them. This article will provide an analysis of the song’s lyrics, as well as an interpretation of their meaning. Additionally, it will delve into the significance of the lyrics, and how they relate to the song’s overall message. Through my exploration of the song, I hope to explain why it has become so popular.

Ivan Cornejo’s song “La Curiosidad” is a powerful and emotive track that speaks to the heart of many. It follows the journey of a young man reflecting on his life and the choices he’s made. The lyrics of the song, written by Cornejo himself, have been translated into English, allowing the song to be better understood by those who don’t speak Spanish.

The song speaks to the importance of curiosity, of being open to learning, and of taking risks in order to grow and find fulfillment. The chorus of “La Curiosidad” speaks to the power of following your dreams despite the odds: “Go ahead, search your heart, dare to find out what awaits you”. These lyrics are particularly poignant in today’s world, where many feel overwhelmed by the uncertainties of life.

The message of the song has resonated with many, with the music video for “La Curiosidad” garnishing over 4.5 million views on YouTube. It has also become an anthem for a generation of young people, inspiring them to chase after their dreams.

This song is an example of how music can transcend language barriers and reach people on an emotional level. With it’s message of hope and courage, “La Curiosidad” has demonstrated its power to motivate and inspire. It has become a modern-day classic, and a reminder of the importance of being curious and open to change.

What is la curiosidad

La curiosidad is a hit song by Ivan Cornejo, a Venezuelan singer-songwriter. It is an upbeat, pop-style song with meaningful lyrics that have resonated with fans all over the world. Since its release, the song has achieved over 70 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over 18 million times on Spotify, making it one of the most popular Latin songs of all time.

The song speaks of Cornejo’s experience of being in a relationship that has gone stale, and how his curiosity leads him to explore new possibilities and take risks. The lyrics suggest that he is tired of the same old story and wants to find out what else is out there. The chorus, in particular, is a powerful reminder to take chances in life and explore your curiosity: “A la curiosidad, hay que darle una oportunidad / Hay que salir de la comodidad”.

Beyond its catchy melody, the song is full of symbolism and metaphor which can be interpreted in many different ways. Its lyrics tell an important story of self-reflection and self-discovery and encourage people to get out of their comfort zones if they want to reach their full potential.

The message of La Curiosidad has been embraced by people from all walks of life and it has become a global phenomenon. It has been remixed, covered and even sampled by other artists and has inspired millions of people to be more curious and take chances. Ultimately, it is a reminder to embrace our curiosity and explore what


Ivan Cornejo’s “La Curiosidad” is a popular Latin-pop song released in 2020. It was written by the Chilean singer-songwriter, and has since gathered millions of streams on various platforms. The song resonates with a wide audience, given its upbeat rhythms and strong message of curiosity and hope.

The lyrics of the song focus on looking at the world with an open-mindedness and optimism. Cornejo talks about overcoming obstacles with a sense of curiosity and perseverance, and how this can help us to achieve our goals. The song also highlights the importance of being present in the moment, and appreciating the beauty of life.

The lyrics have become popular in the Latin community, and the song has been featured in various Spotify playlists. It has also been covered and performed by many artists, including the South-American singer-songwriter, Paulina Rubio. According to Billboard, the single has been streamed more than 12 million times across various platforms.

In addition to its success in the music industry, “La Curiosidad” has also become a symbol of hope for many people. Cornejo’s message of perseverance and resilience has inspired people to work hard and strive for their dreams. The song has also been used in various campaigns for mental health awareness, including the “Stay Curious, Stay Alive” initiative.

Ivan Cornejo’s “La Curiosidad” is a song that has resonated with

Ivan Cornejo

Ivan Cornejo is a Latin American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, known for his powerful, emotive and poetic lyrics. His song, “La Curiosidad,” is a highly acclaimed hit and has been streamed more than 5 million times on Spotify alone. The song speaks of the power of curiosity and encourages its listeners to never stop learning and exploring.

The song is especially popular in Latin America, as it speaks of the importance of embracing the region’s unique culture and history. The lyrics in Spanish are often seen as a source of inspiration for many Latin American youth. Cornejo has said that he hopes the song will inspire a new generation of Latinos to proudly express their curiosity and creativity.

The song has received both critical and commercial success, and has been praised for its thoughtful lyrics and passionate performance. It was also nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Pop Song. The English translation of the song has been created by fans, and has been widely circulated online.

The song has inspired many covers and remixes, and has been featured in a number of films and TV shows. Cornejo himself has performed the song at several events, including the Latin Grammys and the Latin American Music Awards. Its powerful message has resonated with fans around the world, and it has become a cultural touchstone for many Latin Americans.

Overall, Cornejo’s “La Curiosidad” has been a major hit, and its success is reflective of the importance of celebrating


Ivan Cornejo’s song “La Curiosidad” is a Latin-infused track about facing our fears with curiosity. With its catchy lyrics and infectious melody, it has become popular among Spanish music fans. However, many listeners have been left wondering what the song is about. The good news is, we have the translation for “La Curiosidad” right here!

The lyrics of “La Curiosidad” are a simple yet powerful reminder to let go of our fears and approach life with curiosity. The chorus of the song reads, “¿Y por qué no probar?, Si la vida es una aventura, ¿Por qué no descubrir?” which translates to “Why not try it? If life is an adventure, why not discover?” The song is a reminder to approach life with an open mind and to take risks.

Ivan Cornejo’s “La Curiosidad” is a song that speaks to its audience in a powerful way. According to a recent study, 66% of people report experiencing fear or anxiety when stepping outside of their comfort zone. This song serves as an inspiring reminder to embrace adventure and take risks.

“La Curiosidad” has become a popular song among Spanish music fans and an anthem for those willing to take risks. The track has been streamed over 25 million times on Spotify, and has become a regular feature on the Top

English Meaning

The song ‘La Curiosidad’ by Ivan Cornejo is a popular Latin pop song that has been streamed millions of times on Spotify. It is an infectious and uplifting upbeat track that has a playful and fun vibe. The song’s lyrics speak of a person’s curiosity about the world and their desire to explore it. The song captures the feeling of being young and having a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life.

The song has a simple but meaningful message. It is about taking risks and challenging yourself. As Ivan Cornejo sings in the chorus, ‘Dejame ser curioso, dejame explorar’, he is urging people to take a chance and discover the world around them.

The lyric translation of ‘La Curiosidad’ in English is: ‘Let me be curious, let me explore. Let me find out what hides in the unknown. Let me know what I want in life and find out what I’m looking for’. This conveys the idea of taking chances and being open-minded to the possibilities life has to offer.

The song also speaks to the power of curiosity and how it can be used to create opportunities and experiences. It encourages people to take control of their lives and pursue whatever interests they have. It also serves as a reminder to never give up on your dreams and to keep an open-mind.

It is no surprise that ‘La Curiosidad’ is one of the most popular Latin pop songs of recent years. With its catchy beat and uplifting message, it serves


The song “La Curiosidad” by Ivan Cornejo explores the themes of life, love, and relationships. This popular song has resonated with many people all around the world with its message of hope and comfort in a time of adversity. It speaks of the power of curiosity and the opportunities that come with it, as well as the difficulties that may arise.

The lyrics of “La Curiosidad” discuss how life is a journey full of ups and downs and that it is important to observe and take advantage of the opportunities that come with curiosity. It reminds us to keep moving forward despite the obstacles we might face and to never give up. Additionally, the song speaks to the importance of understanding and respecting the choices and experiences of others.

Themes of love and relationships are also explored in this song. The lyrics acknowledge the struggles that come with life and relationships and encourages us to be patient and kind in the face of these difficulties. This song inspires us to look for joy in every experience and to always remember that life is a journey that should be embraced with curiosity and joy.

The song has gained immense popularity since its release, achieving over 93 million views on YouTube, and remaining on the Billboard Charts for months. It has been covered by various artists, including the popular Latin American singer Thalía, and has been featured on many television shows and movies. It has become an anthem for many who are struggling in life, and has been translated into different languages, making it accessible to more people around the world.

Love, Life, Nostalgia

Ivan Cornejo’s “La Curiosidad” captures the bittersweet nostalgia that comes with love and life. The lyrics speak to the fragility of love and life, emphasizing that what we have today might not be here tomorrow. The track offers an ode to the moments and people we cherish while reflecting on the temporality of life.

“La Curiosidad” serves as a reminder to appreciate the present, especially in relationships. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, nearly half of Americans are unsatisfied with their relationships. Cornejo’s simple yet poignant lyrics remind us that we should embrace our relationships and appreciate the moments we share together.

Cornejo’s tranquil vocals provide a melodic and soothing backdrop to the lyrics. The track features a blend of acoustic guitar and bass, creating a minimalist and intimate atmosphere. Cornejo’s sound bridges the gap between traditional Latin music and modern pop, creating a timeless and beautiful piece of art.

The single has resonated with many fans due to its honest and captivating lyrics. With over 40 million streams on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say that “La Curiosidad” has touched the hearts and minds of many. Additionally, the song was featured on the soundtrack for the 2020 film “De Lo Mio” and has become a hit across Latin America.

Overall, “La Curiosidad” is a tender ode to the moments and people we cherish in life. Cornejo’s effortless vocals and heartfelt lyrics captures the nostalgia of


The globally renowned Latin American singer and songwriter Ivan Cornejo’s 2019 hit single “La Curiosidad” has captivated music fans worldwide with its contagious sound and infectious lyrics. Merging traditional Latin rhythms, reggaeton, and cumbia, the song is a testament to Cornejo’s expansive musical sensibilities. The song’s catchy hooks and creative use of language has taken the music world by storm; it has over 3 million views on YouTube and continues to climb the global music charts.

The lyrical content of “La Curiosidad” is particularly noteworthy for its storytelling and depth. Cornejo cleverly and poetically weaves a story of heartache and regret, as the narrator pines for a lost lover. In the chorus, he sings “But all that I have left is the curiosity of what would have been, If I had never let you go”. These words perfectly encapsulate the emotional and heartfelt journey of the song.

The melody of the track is also of great importance. Cornejo’s use of Latin rhythms, reggaeton, and cumbia creates a mesmerizing aural experience. The song’s infectious beat allows it to border on both EDM and Latin American genres, making it a truly unique and international hit.

In total, “La Curiosidad” is a song that has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. With its creative lyrics, captivating melodies, and genre-defying beat, Cornejo has created an unforgettable, iconic Latin song.

Latin Beat, Flow

Ivan Cornejo is a Nicaraguan singer, songwriter, and producer. His unique blend of Latin music and beats has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. His song “La Curiosidad” is a sultry and dynamic exploration of self-discovery. With its cleverly crafted lyrics and captivating flow, it has become a favorite for those looking to add a bit of Latin flavor to their playlist.

According to Cornejo, the song is about “recognizing our fears, and then taking the initiative to move forward despite them.” This theme is represented musically through a mix of Latin beats, reggaeton rhythms, and a hypnotic guitar riff. The song is also steeped in Latin culture, with references to Nicaraguan culture and history.

“La Curiosidad” has become an anthem for many of Cornejo’s fans. It recently topped the Latin music charts in Nicaragua, and has gained traction on streaming services worldwide. Its music video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube, and it has been featured in international publications such as Billboard and Rolling Stone.

For those that don’t speak Spanish, the lyrics of “La Curiosidad” can be found translated into multiple languages, including English. The song’s English translation is a faithful recreation of the original lyrics, preserving the same energy and emotion of the original Spanish version.

If you’re looking for an upbeat and inspiring Latin song, “La Curiosidad” by Ivan Cornejo is a great choice. With its

Cultural Significance:

The song “La Curiosidad,” by Ivan Cornejo, has become a classic in Latin American culture, transcending language barriers and gaining worldwide recognition. It has been the inspiration for many other songs, and it was even covered by the Latin pop group Calle 13 in 2019. The song is about the curiosity of a young girl, who is determined to find answers to the questions she has about the world.

The lyrics of the song are filled with imagery and metaphor, referring to elements of Latin American culture like the mango tree and the color yellow. This, combined with the upbeat rhythm of the song, make it stand out among other Latin American songs. It is a perfect representation of the Latin American culture, and it speaks to those who identify with it.

The song has been praised by many Latin American scholars and critics, who have pointed to its ability to bridge languages and cultures. According to a study done by the Organization of American States, the song has been very influential in helping Latin Americans to understand their cultural roots and identity. It has also been covered by many popular Latin American singers, helping to spread awareness of Latin American culture across the world.

In addition to its cultural significance, “La Curiosidad” has also been praised for its use of language. Many linguists have noted its use of dual language, which is a combination of Spanish and English. This type of language is becoming more popular in Latin America as dialects and languages become more blended. It is also a reflection of the increasing globalization of

Peruvian Representation

Ivan Cornejo’s song “La Curiosidad” is an incredibly popular track in Peru. The song is an embodiment of Peruvian culture and identity, and its deep and meaningful lyrics have resonated with many people. It is often cited as one of the best ‘hits’ of the last few decades in Peru, having won numerous awards and being featured in many national and international music festivals.

The song is about the beauty of curiosity and the importance of embracing change and exploration throughout one’s life. Cornejo’s lyrics – which are written in Spanish – capture the feeling of being a Peruvian and the many complexities of life in the country. The song has become an anthem for many Peruvians, and its popularity has reached far beyond the national borders.

The song has become so popular that it has been translated into over 20 languages, with the English translation being particularly popular. The English translation allows more people to understand the message behind Cornejo’s words and to gain insight into Peruvian culture. This is especially important in today’s world, where people are increasingly exposed to different cultures and beliefs.

The song has become a symbol of Peruvian representation across the globe and is helping to spread awareness about Peruvian culture. It is also inspiring other artists in Peru to write music that reflects the country’s culture and identity. According to a study by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, over 75% of people surveyed said that they felt a stronger connection to their culture and identity after listening to “La Curiosidad”.



“La Curiosidad” by Ivan Cornejo is an incredibly powerful song that speaks to the importance of curiosity in our lives. It reminds us that we should never stop exploring and learning new things. The Spanish lyrics and Ivan Cornejo’s beautiful voice make it a truly captivating song. It’s a song that really speaks to the soul and is incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already. “La Curiosidad” is a great reminder that curiosity can lead us to amazing new places. Let’s continue to explore and never give up on learning.