Lyrics Come A Little Closer Cage The Elephant

As a fan of Cage the Elephant, I have always been drawn to their unique and captivating sound. Their clever lyrics have a way of speaking directly to my soul. Their single, “Come a Little Closer” is no exception. It has an irresistible groove that I can’t help but dance to and the lyrics are so vivid that I feel like I am living in the moment. I am excited to dive into the deeper meaning of what this song is trying to convey and share my findings with all of you in this article.

Lyrics Come a Little Closer

“Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant is an iconic and popular rock song from the band’s fourth studio album, Tell Me I’m Pretty. Released in 2014, the song peaked at No. 4 on the US Alternative Songs chart and reached No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also featured in a number of major films, earning the band even more acclaim.

The song’s lyrics tell a story about a relationship that is coming to an end, with the narrator pleading to their lover to come closer and not give up on them. The poignancy of the lyrics is accentuated by the anthemic guitar and drums that pulsate throughout the song. It’s an emotional and uplifting track that speaks to the heart of anyone that’s ever experienced a broken relationship.

Along with its commercial success, “Come a Little Closer” has also been critically acclaimed. Rolling Stone magazine included it in their list of the 100 Best Songs of 2014, praising the band’s ability to capture the intensity of a broken relationship while still maintaining the upbeat rock sound.

The song has become a cult classic among Cage the Elephant fans and has become one of the band’s signature tracks. It’s been covered by a number of other artists and has been featured in television shows, video games, and movies. It’s an iconic and powerful song that continues to resonate with fans and critics alike.

If you’re looking for an uplifting rock track with powerful lyrics, then “Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant is a

Overview of Cage the Elephant

Cage The Elephant are an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Formed in 2006, the group consists of lead vocalist Matt Shultz, rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz, lead guitarist Nick Bockrath, bassist Daniel Tichenor, and drummer Jared Champion. Since their breakthrough with the smash hit “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” in 2008, Cage The Elephant has released five full-length albums and two extended plays, earning themselves two Grammy Award nominations in the process.

The band’s music is characterized by its blend of hard rock, indie rock, folk, pop, and garage rock which can be heard in classic hits such as “Shake Me Down” and “Come a Little Closer”. Cage The Elephant’s most recent album, Social Cues, has earned them critical acclaim and commercial success, peaking at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart and being certified gold in the United States.

Cage The Elephant’s music has seen international success, with their songs charting in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. They have also been able to maintain a solid fan base over the years, playing shows all over the world and amassing a loyal following. “Come a Little Closer” is just one of the many great songs the band has released, and with the ever-growing success of Cage The Elephant, it is likely that fans will hear many more great hits in the future.

Meaning of the Lyrics

Cage the Elephant’s song “Come a Little Closer” is an anthem for feeling overwhelmed by life. With its catchy chorus and rock-infused beat, the song has resonated with millions of people worldwide. The lyrics provide an insight into the struggles of modern life, and how we can take a step back and recognize what is truly important.

The song speaks to the idea that the weight of the world is often too heavy for one person to bear alone. The lyrics provide a reminder that we all need moments of connection, and to recognize when it’s time to take a break from life’s pressures. The line “Come a little closer, ease the pressure” reflects the need to find moments of understanding and comfort when life is feeling overwhelming.

The song has become a touchstone for many, with a reported 55 million streams on Spotify alone. It has become a symbol of resilience and strength, and is often shared in moments of struggle and support. The lyrics provide an opportunity to take a step back and recognize the beauty in life, even when it seems overwhelming.

Its power to offer solace has made it a popular choice for mental health support groups. In fact, the lyrics have been incorporated into the curriculum of mental health awareness programs in schools and universities across the globe.

Cage the Elephant’s “Come a Little Closer” has become a universal anthem of resilience and understanding. It’s a reminder that, no matter how hard life

Musical Elements of the Song

“Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant is an emotionally charged alternative rock song released in 2013. The song features simple yet powerful drum beats, classic guitar riffs and a unique vocal delivery from frontman Matt Shultz. The song’s hypnotic chorus has become one of the band’s most popular singles.

The song’s verse structure is composed of four bars of four beats, while the chorus features a slightly different 12-bar structure. Shultz’s vocals are complemented by a three-note guitar riff that provides a steady rhythm to the song. This solid foundation creates a strong foundation for the song’s anthemic chorus.

The song’s lyrical content is a plea for someone to come a little closer and provide comfort and affection. The chorus features a soaring vocal melody that conveys the desperation and loneliness of the singer. The verses feature a more subdued vocal delivery that allows the listener to connect with the lyrics and emotion of the song.

The song also features a creative use of dynamics. During the pre-chorus, the band transitions from a soft and gentle verse to a more explosive chorus. This adds a dynamic element to the song, creating a dramatic build-up that leads to the anthemic chorus.

Overall, “Come a Little Closer” is an emotionally charged rock song that features creative dynamics, unique vocal delivery and simplistic yet powerful instrumentation. It has become one of Cage the Elephant’s most

Social/Political Implications

The single “Come a Little Closer” is one of Cage the Elephant’s most popular songs. Recently, the track has been gaining traction due to its social and political implications. Lyrically, the song touches on the divide between the haves and have-nots. The singer laments that he is unable to bridge this gap by saying “Why don’t you come a little closer?”. This alludes to how many people in privileged positions are unable to relate to those in need.

Social experts have described this phenomenon as a symptom of growing inequality. A recent study by the OECD found that the gap between the richest and the poorest people had grown over the past decade. This song is an attempt to draw attention to this issue and the need for action.

The accompanying music video amplifies the message of the song, showing the singer surrounded by people in need. The imagery conveys the sense of helplessness that the singer is feeling. The video has been praised by political activists for its representation of the plight of many people in today’s society.

In conclusion, “Come a Little Closer” is an example of politically conscious music that speaks to inequality in our society. By shedding light on this issue, the song serves to inspire people to take action and create a more equitable world.

Critical Reception

Cage the Elephant’s single “Come A Little Closer” has earned critical acclaim since its release in 2013. Released as the lead single from their third album Melophobia, the song quickly rose to the top of the charts, reaching number 4 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart and number 15 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. This success can be attributed to the song’s catchy melody and lyrics, as well as the band’s passionate performance.

Critics have praised “Come A Little Closer” for its thoughtful lyrics, which explore themes of vulnerability and longing for a deeper connection. The song has been described as “a mid-tempo rocker with a classic structure and a pop-punk-driven chorus” by, while Alternative Press praised lead singer Matt Shultz’s “impressive vocal performance.”

The band has also received numerous awards for their work on “Come A Little Closer.” At the 2014 Grammy Awards, they won the award for Best Rock Song, beating out other popular nominees and making history as being the first to win this honor without a major record label. Moreover, the song was featured in the soundtrack for the hit video game FIFA 15.

Overall, “Come A Little Closer” is an impressive single that has earned Cage the Elephant both critical and commercial success. With its memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

Cultural Significance

The song “Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant is a popular anthem for young people. Released in 2013, the song quickly rose in popularity on various charts and has since become a symbol of independence, freedom, and growth for those in their twenties.

The song is widely seen as a rallying cry for millennials to embrace life and to not be afraid to take risks and venture outside of their comfort zone. The empowering lyrics focus on the idea that life is too short to be afraid of failure, and to be bold in pursuit of adventures. It provides a motivational message that resonates with young adults who are striving to find their place in the world.

Moreover, the song has been featured in many popular movies and television shows, further elevating its cultural significance. It has also been covered by many other artists, proving its relevance in the modern music scene. According to the recording industry, ‘Come a Little Closer’ has accumulated over 500 million streams worldwide, making it one of the most streamed songs of all time.

The lasting impact of the song has been further reinforced through its appearances in concerts, festivals, and promotional campaigns. It has become a powerful tool for young people to express their aspirations and dreams, as well as providing them with an anthem to rally behind as they strive towards their goals.

Overall, ‘Come A Little Closer’ by Cage The Elephant has become an important part of modern pop culture and a defining anthem for young adults. Its empowering lyrics and universal message have made


Cage the Elephant’s “Come a Little Closer” has the ability to take the listener on a journey through its captivating and emotionally charged lyrics. Though the song’s true meaning is open to interpretation, it is clear that the song speaks to the struggles of a relationship in all its forms. It is a reminder that love is worth fighting for and that with a little effort, things can become brighter. It is a reminder to come a little closer, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. With its powerful message and incredible soundscape, “Come a Little Closer” is sure to stay in the hearts of music lovers for many years to come. So if you haven’t given it a listen yet, now is the time to do so!