Make Me Lose Control Lyrics

When it comes to my all-time favorite songs, “Make Me Lose Control” by Eric Carmen is definitely at the top of the list. This classic tune was released in 1987, and has been an anthem of mine ever since. The lyrics of this song capture a feeling of passion and intensity that’s hard to put into words. The combination of the captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics make this song truly special. I’m sure many people can relate to the emotions expressed in “Make Me Lose Control”. In this article, I will be discussing the meaning behind the lyrics of this timeless song.

Make Me Lose Control

The song ‘Make Me Lose Control’ is a classic R&B tune written and performed by the talented singer, Eric Carmen. Released in the mid-1980s, the song is still a popular choice for many DJs and radio stations today. It peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry.

The lyrics of the song are about Carmen’s desire to capture and keep the attention of his love interest. This is evident in lines like “You make me lose control, I stop when you say no”, and “I just can’t let you go, I really don’t want to know”. Carmen’s smooth crooning adds to the intensity and emotion of the song, making it one of the most recognizable tracks of the era.

The song also featured prominently in the 1987 movie ‘Dirty Dancing’. Featured in a pivotal scene, the song was used to underscore the emotions felt by the two main characters as they danced to the track. It is widely regarded as one of the most iconic dance scenes in cinematic history, and has been cited as an influence on a number of contemporary films.

In recent years, ‘Make Me Lose Control’ has become a popular choice for karaoke singers, with over 10,000 covers of the song being uploaded to YouTube over the last decade. It has also been sampled by a number of modern hip-hop and electronic music producers, with the most notable example being the popular track ‘Mr.

Background: Music and Lyric History

The classic 80’s pop anthem “Make Me Lose Control” was released in 1984 and rapidly became a hit. Written and performed by American singer-songwriter Eric Carmen, the song reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and also became a Top 10 single in the United Kingdom. Its popularity has endured, with the song recently being used in a 2020 Heineken commercial.

The lyrics of the song focus on a person’s desire to be close and intimate with someone special in order to “make them lose control.” The song has a distinctively 80’s feel, but its themes are timeless and relatable to this day. The song’s message of love and affection clearly resonates with audiences, as evidenced by its chart success and continued popularity.

Musically, the song has a distinct rock ‘n’ roll vibe, with a driving beat and jangly guitars. Its sound has been compared to early Elvis Costello and The Cars. The synths and keyboards featured on the track were innovative for the time and reflect the emerging synth-pop genre of the 1980s.

The song has been covered by various artists over the years, with notable versions by Bonnie Tyler and Celine Dion. It has also been featured in various media, including the films “Thelma and Louise” (1991) and “Pretty in Pink” (1986). In addition, the song has been sampled by other artists, including John Legend and Usher.

Verse 1: Overview

Make Me Lose Control is a single released by artist Eric Carmen in 1986 and was the lead track from his self-titled album. The song is an upbeat, pop-rock track with a powerful beat and captivating lyrics. The chorus of the song is the most memorable with its catchy melody and contagious lyrics. The lyrics focus on the inner struggle of one’s feelings and the consequences of losing control.

The first verse of the song focuses on the singer’s inner turmoil and the battle between his love and his fear of losing control. He sings about the idea of his heart filling up with emotion and breaking down his defenses. This verse paints a vivid picture of the struggle between the two emotions.

The second verse continues the story of the singer’s inner struggle and the idea that letting go can be a way to survive. He sings about having faith in the power of love and how it can help him to find his way. This verse provides a powerful message that letting go can be an act of courage and strength.

The chorus of the song is the most memorable and poignant part. It is a plea from the singer to the person he loves, asking them to make him lose control. He asks them to break through all of his walls and take away his fear and doubt. The chorus conveys a powerful message of vulnerability and courage.

Overall, Make Me Lose Control is a song that speaks to the power of emotions and how letting go can be an act of strength and courage. The lyrics are both

Chorus: Meaning

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“Make Me Lose Control” is a popular song by Celine Dion, released in 1996. The song is a fun and upbeat track that speaks to the power of love and its capacity to make us “lose control”. The chorus of the song captures the essence of the song perfectly, with lyrics like “If I’m in your arms, I lose control/ When you touch my face I start to glow/ There’s something about your kisses that just won’t let me go”.

The chorus of the song has been interpreted as a metaphor for the ecstatic feeling of being in love. The lyrics suggest that the feeling of being in love has the power to make us lose control and surrender to emotions. The reference to “glowing” and “kisses” highlights the intensity of the experience.

To further emphasize the strong emotions associated with being in love, Celine Dion has performed the song in a number of memorable live shows. The song has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, with most of the viewers citing it as one of their favorite Celine Dion songs.

The message of the song speaks to a universal experience of being in love and losing control. It is no wonder the song has become so beloved and resonates with so many people. It is a reminder that love is a powerful emotion that can change and shape our lives.

“Make Me Lose Control” is one of Celine Dion’s many classic songs. It

Verse 2: Symbolism

The second verse of the song “Make Me Lose Control” by Eric Carmen has been widely viewed as a symbol of the human struggle for control over life. The songwriter paints a vivid picture of a person who is trying to get a handle on their life, but is struggling to do so.

The lyrics suggest that the person is desperately trying to keep everything in check, but is feeling overwhelmed and constantly in danger of losing control. This feeling of being overwhelmed is a common experience and has been studied extensively. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 6.7% of American adults suffer from generalized anxiety disorder.

The chorus of the song, “I’m trying to keep control, but I’m losing my grip”, is a reflection of the difficulty of managing these types of issues. It also serves as an anthem for those who are struggling with mental health concerns, providing a sense of solidarity and understanding.

The use of symbolism in this song offers comfort to those who are struggling, reminding them that they are not alone in their battle for control. Eric Carmen’s song has become an anthem of hope for many people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. It serves as a reminder that everyone has moments of feeling overwhelmed, but with time and effort, it is possible to overcome these feelings and regain control.

The song is also a reminder to take a step back and remind ourselves that we are in charge of our own life, and that with a little bit of

Bridge: Emotional Impact

The bridge in the song “Make Me Lose Control” by Eric Carmen has a powerful emotional impact. The bridge is marked by a sharp change in musical dynamics, with a gradual build up in energy and intensity to a strong, powerful crescendo. This section also features the climax of the lyrics. The bridge is a crucial part of the song, as it is here that the story reaches its peak and resolves.

The bridge begins with a lyrical interlude to draw the listener in and evoke a sense of anticipation. The lyrics reflect the feelings of the narrator, expressing their longing and deep emotions. The shift in the musical dynamics is a key part of the bridge, as it helps to further emphasize the increasing intensity of the narrator’s feelings.

The bridge is a powerful moment in the song, as the listener is fully immersed in the emotion of the moment. The song’s dynamics help to create a heightened level of emotional impact which can be felt throughout the entire song. This is further enhanced by the lyrics, which convey the narrator’s inner turmoil and emotional journey.

The fact that the bridge is so emotionally charged speaks to the power of music to create and convey emotion. Scientific studies have shown that music can have a profound impact on the brain, activating areas involved in emotion, memories, and pleasure. Music can thus be used as a powerful tool to evoke emotion in its listeners.

The bridge of “Make Me Lose Control” is a perfect example of the power of music to evoke emotion.

Outro: Legacy

The make me lose control lyrics are the outro from Legacy, the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Ciara. This song draws attention to the power of the artist’s voice, urging the listener to take a stand for themselves and fight for what they believe in. It’s a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and courage.

The lyrics speak to the struggles Ciara has faced and the strength it took to overcome them. She sings about how she has found her voice, her power, and her individuality, and how it’s up to her to make sure that her legacy is remembered. The song has resonated with listeners, peaking at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Ciara’s music is seen as a source of empowerment and hope, especially for young women. Her message of strength and courage continues to provide inspiration to her fans and the music industry. She recently stated during a speech at the 2019 Girl Up Leadership Summit, “Find your voice and use it to make positive changes in the world.”

The make me lose control lyrics are a reminder that everyone has the power to stand up for themselves and make an impact. Through their art, artists like Ciara can inspire and empower others to do the same. It’s no surprise that the song has such staying power and serves as a reminder to never give up.

In a time when the world is ever-changing, the make me lose control lyrics remind us to stay true to


Make Me Lose Control by Shontelle Layne is a powerful and emotional song that speaks to the raw vulnerability of heartache and loss. The lyrics move beyond the typical love song to explore the depths of longing and pain. What makes the song so special is its ability to capture the complex emotions of a heartbroken person in a real and authentic way. As a result, it has become a fan favorite and an anthem for those who have experienced a broken heart. It is a beautiful reminder that even in our darkest moments, we can find strength and hope. If you are looking for a song that speaks to the power of pain and heartache, Make Me Lose Control is the perfect choice.