Moneytalks Lyrics

After decades of being a classic rock staple, the song Moneytalks by AC/DC still speaks to fans all over the world. The lyrics to Moneytalks, written by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, have become an anthem for those looking to make a statement about the power of money. The song captures the idea that money can bring success, but it can also bring corruption. Despite being written thirty years ago, the song is still a powerful reminder of the power of money and its impact on our lives. With its classic guitar riffs and strong lyrics, Moneytalks remains a timeless classic that speaks to all generations. In this article, I will explore the lyrics to Moneytalks and examine the timeless message that the song conve


Moneytalks is a song released by AC/DC in 1990. It was written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Brian Johnson and is the lead single from their album The Razors Edge. The song is an anthem for those striving to make it on their own terms in life and is about the pursuit of money and the power it brings. The song peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has since been covered by several other artists.

In the lyrics, the narrator speaks of struggling and striving to make it in the world, dreaming of the power, money, and influence it will bring them. The catchy chorus repeats the phrase “Moneytalks” and encourages the listeners to follow their dreams and chase after their goals. The song is a great example of how money and power can be sought out and found by anyone willing to work hard.

Moneytalks has become a popular song for many reasons, but mainly because of its catchy chorus and empowering message. The song went on to be featured in films such as Dumb and Dumber, Wayne’s World 2, and Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. It has also been sampled by other artists, including 50 Cent, The Black Eyed Peas, and Pitbull.

This song has been a staple of the rock and roll genre for over 30 years. It continues to inspire people to chase their dreams and pursue their goals. Moneytalks is proof that anyone can achieve success if they are willing to put in the necessary work. It is an inspirational

Verse 1: “It’s All About the Benjamins”

The first verse of ‘Money Talks’ by P Diddy is iconic. It perfectly encapsulates the idea of money and the power it wields. The song itself was released in 1997, and quickly became a classic hip-hop anthem. The lyrics go “It’s all about the Benjamins, stack your money, keep it real”. It’s a catchy phrase that has stuck with many for years.

The “Benjamins” being referred to in the lyrics is slang for Benjamin Franklin’s face, which has been printed on the US $100 bill since 1914. The message of the song is that money is something to be respected and handled with care. It talks about the importance of being able to provide for oneself and protecting one’s wealth. The song offers an insight into the world of hip-hop and luxury that a lot of people aspire to.

Money has the power to provide security and stability for many. It can give access to a better education, healthcare and even opportunities to travel. Research shows that having access to money can reduce stress, improve physical and mental health and even increase happiness.

Money talks, and it’s important to understand its impact and the power it can have on individuals and society. It’s important to know how to use it in a responsible manner and to ensure that it is being used to benefit people in need. Investing in yourself and the people around you is a great way to ensure that money is being

Chorus: “Money Talks”

Money Talks, a hit single by AC/DC, is an iconic anthem of the power of money. The chorus of this song, “Money Talks,” is highly memorable and has been referenced in many movies, books, and television shows. According to an analysis of the song, it is a reminder of the importance of money in the modern world and its power to influence our lives.

The lyrics of the chorus emphasize how money is often the deciding factor in many situations. It suggests that the possession of money gives people more options and can make decisions easier. It also serves as a warning to be wary of those who flaunt their wealth, as it can be used to control others.

Money Talks has resonated with many people, and is often used as a representation of the power of wealth. It has been featured in films such as The Big Short, as well as television shows such as The Simpsons. It has also been used to make political statements, with campaigns such as the Occupy Wall Street movement using the lyrics to express frustration with the influence of money in politics.

In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 76% of people surveyed said that they felt that money had a significant impact on their lives. This illustrates just how significant money is in our everyday lives, and the impact it has on our decisions.

Overall, Money Talks is an iconic song that explains the power of money, and the impact it has on our lives. It is a reminder that money can be a powerful force, and that it should always

Verse 2: “Money Ain’t a Thang”

Money Ain’t a Thang is the second verse from the incredible Jay-Z song “Money Talks” which featured Jermaine Dupri. Released on the 1998 album “Vol 2… Hard Knock Life”, this song is one of Jay-Z’s most popular and lyrically iconic songs.
In this verse, Jay-Z reflects on the power of money and how it can be used to elevate a person’s status and lifestyle. He goes on to compare himself to a king who’s got the means to buy a castle and a throne. He also references the luxury items he can now afford with his newfound wealth.
According to the voice of the rapper himself, money can make the world go round and it can be used to show love and bring joy to those around you. He’s not afraid to show it off either; in the chorus he raps “Money talks, and if it don’t then it can’t be that serious!”.
This song and its lyrics are highly influential and still widely quoted in popular culture today. It has been sampled in over 150 songs, featured in movies, and even used in a commercial for the U.S. Mint. Money Ain’t a Thang is an anthem of financial empowerment and a reminder to appreciate the power of money and the freedom and opportunities it can bring.

Verse 3: “Money Changes Everything”

Money can be a source of great power and influence, as illustrated in the third verse of the song “Moneytalks”. In the verse, the singer acknowledges that “money changes everything” and that with its power “you can buy anything”. This idea is supported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which reports a correlation between wealth and power. In addition to having the ability to purchase items, money can also open doors to opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. For example, wealthier individuals are more likely to be able to invest in higher education, allowing them to build successful careers and increase their income.

In the song, the singer warns that “money talks but it don’t sing and dance”, reminding us that money is not a cure-all for all of life’s problems. While money can create an easier path to success, it is not the only factor in determining a person’s success. In fact, research suggests that individuals with higher incomes who rely on money as their sole source of motivation are less likely to achieve their goals.

While money can play an important role in our lives, it is important to remember that money alone cannot bring about lasting happiness. As the singer states, “you can’t buy back your soul”, reminding us that money cannot buy us love, friendship, or any other meaningful connections. Studies show that having strong relationships with family and friends is one of the most important factors in achieving long-term happiness.

Bridge: “Money Makes the World Go ‘Round”

Money truly does make the world go round. It is a powerful tool that drives many aspects of society from buying goods to trading stocks. According to the World Bank, global cash flows exceeded $3.2 Trillion in 2018. This shows just how much money is necessary to keep the global economy running.

In the bridge of Money Talks, the lyrics “Money makes the world go round” serve as a reminder of how powerful money can be. Monet can often bring out the worst in people, as it can persuade them to do unethical and immoral things.

But money also has the capacity to do good. It can be used to help those in need and provide resources for communities that are struggling. By donating and investing in organizations, people can use money to create positive change.

Having a healthy relationship with money is important. It is not the only thing that matters, but it does play a critical role in supporting our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The lyrics in Money Talks remind us of this and encourages us to use our money wisely.

Outro: “Money Talks”

Moneytalks lyrics have been popular for decades, with the song first being released in 1991. Written by the Australian rock band AC/DC, the song is about the idea of money being the most important thing in life. The outro of Money Talks, in particular, is known for its catchy and memorable chorus that encourages the listener to “give it all you got” and “get the money, money, money.” This chorus has been a source of inspiration for many people, motivating them to succeed in life.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the song was certified double platinum in the United States, having sold over two million copies. It was also commercially successful in other countries, with the single reaching the top 5 in the UK and Australia. The song has also been covered by various artists, including Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and Metallica.

Although the song is mostly associated with its catchy chorus, there are deeper messages in the lyrics. The song discusses the idea of money being a powerful force and how it can drive people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This message is especially relevant in the current world economy, when people have to make tough decisions in order to make ends meet.

Moneytalks is an important song that has been influencing people for decades. It is testament to the songwriting talent of AC/DC and its ability to make a powerful statement about the role money plays in our lives. With its catchy chorus and deeper messages, Moneytalks is


Moneytalks lyrics are a great way to explore the themes of money, power, and success. They evoke emotion and make us think about our own values. Through the clever use of metaphor and analogy, the songwriter succeeds in conveying a powerful message about the importance of money. Moneytalks lyrics are a great way to learn more about our culture and the power of money in our lives. It is an important reminder that money does indeed talk. I hope that this article has given you a better appreciation of the song and its message. Now it’s time to go out and put it into practice.