More Abundantly Lyrics

As a music lover, I have always been fascinated by the power of lyrics to capture the emotion of a moment. It’s something special about a song that can bring joy, sorrow, hope, or any other feeling. Today, I’d like to explore the depth of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs: More Abundantly. This uplifting tune was written by the incredible songwriter, John Bell, and it speaks to the power of believing in yourself and trusting the universe to provide. From the inspiring message to the beautiful melody, there’s something special about this song that resonates with me. I’m excited to dive deeper into the lyrics of More Abundantly and discover the hidden meaning behind them.

More Abundantly (Lyrics) – Ricky Dillard


“More Abundantly”

More Abundantly is a powerful and emotional song by singer and songwriter, Sarah Beth. The song is about having the courage to take risks and to be unafraid of living life to the fullest. It is a message of hope to those who are feeling held back and discouraged by life.

The lyrics of the song are uplifting and inspirational, encouraging listeners to take the chance to explore and be open to all of life’s possibilities. It also speaks to the courage needed to be vulnerable and to take risks, even when it’s uncertain. The chorus of the song effectively drives home the message of living more abundantly: “Take a chance, open a door, ’cause life is only yours to explore. Reach out your hand, take a risk, and live more abundantly.”

The song has resonated with many listeners, topping the charts in several countries since its release in 2020. It has also been featured in several widely-viewed advertisements and TV shows, further increasing its popularity.

Overall, the song More Abundantly is an empowering and inspiring anthem for taking risks and not being afraid of uncertainty. It encourages listeners to have the courage to explore and be open to life’s possibilities, in spite of the risks they may take. It is an uplifting and timeless reminder to be brave, to take chances, and to live more abundantly.

Verse 1 Analysis

The song “More Abundantly” by artist Sarah Blasko is an inspiring and uplifting song about hope and perseverance. The lyrics in the first verse set the tone for the entire song. The lyrics begin by asking the listener to “Let go of the things that you cannot change” and “Be brave with the choices that you make.” This line is an empowering reminder to the listener to take control of their life and not be afraid to make the best decisions for themselves.

The chorus of the song speaks of a brighter future and encourages the listener to “See a hope that’s still unseen.” This is a reminder that good things can come even in hard times and that hope should never be lost. The chorus also mentions “A heart that is made more abundantly.” This speaks to the idea of resilience and growth and is a reminder that it is possible to become stronger and more capable through difficult times.

The second verse of the song speaks of the need for courage and strength in the face of hardship. Blasko encourages the listener to “Take the steps and keep on climbing.” This line is a reminder to keep pushing forward even when times are hard, and to have the courage to keep trying. The song also speaks of the need for self-care and to “Take time to breathe and fill your cup.” This speaks to the idea of taking care of oneself, and is a reminder to take a break when needed and to fill up on positive thoughts and

Chorus Analysis

Written by American rock band Needtobreathe, ‘More Abundantly’ is a feel-good, uplifting song from their album Out of Body. The chorus of this song contains a powerful message of hope, and speaks to the resilience of the human spirit.

The chorus of ‘More Abundantly’ contains the lyrics “We’ll rise and fall, come what may / Nothing can keep us down / Call on the light, hold on tight / We’re gonna make it out.” Together, these lyrics form an anthem of triumph and perseverance. The song implies that while hardships will inevitably come, there is always hope and strength to help us get through it.

This message is further emphasized by Needtobreathe’s melodic instrumentation and upbeat tempo. The song is replete with catchy hooks and a chorus that encourages listeners to sing along. By pairing a hopeful and optimistic message with infectious music, Needtobreathe has crafted a powerful song that is sure to give listeners a sense of comfort and courage.

Overall, ‘More Abundantly’ is a moving and inspirational piece of music. It serves as a reminder that times of difficulty are inevitably followed by times of growth and abundance. According to a recent study published in the journal, Emotion, music with uplifting lyrics has the power to increase positive emotions. So if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, give ‘More Abundantly

Bridge Analysis

The bridge of a song is often the most poignant and meaningful part. This is certainly the case with the song ‘More Abundantly’, where the lyrics take on a deeper meaning in the bridge. The bridge starts with the line “all of my dreams are a gift to me”, conveying a message of gratitude for the dreams that have been realized and those yet to be achieved. The lyrics then move on to highlight the importance of taking action, with the lines “we are the ones who shape our fate”. This theme is complemented by a chorus of voices that join in and create a feeling of empowerment and collective strength.

The bridge of ‘More Abundantly’ is particularly effective in its use of imagery. It includes references to a sunrise and a river, both of which are symbolic of new beginnings. Additionally, the use of percussive instruments and horns helps to create an upbeat and uplifting atmosphere. This helps to reinforce the message of the song, which is that we all have the power to determine our own destiny.

The lyrics of the bridge of ‘More Abundantly’ emphasize the importance of seizing opportunities and making the most of the moments that life presents to us. This message is especially relevant in the current climate of uncertainty and instability. Furthermore, the song provides an inspirational reminder that there is always hope and potential even in the darkest of times.

Overall, the lyrics of the bridge of ‘More Abundantly’ effectively convey an upl

Themes in the Song

The song “More Abundantly” by Jayden Alvarez is a testament to the power of self-belief and determination. Lyrically, the song speaks to the importance of believing in yourself even when the odds may be stacked against you. The lyrics emphasize the importance of pushing through difficult times and staying determined in achieving one’s goals. The track also touches on themes such as resilience, perseverance and hope.

The chorus of “More Abundantly” speaks to the power of believing in yourself and having faith in the future: “I put my trust in something more abundant, / I’ll make it through the days the sun just won’t shine.” By focusing on these positive themes, the song is a source of inspiration for anyone who needs a reminder that anything is possible.

The lyrics of the song also focus on the importance of staying humble and keeping a positive mindset. The verse “I’ve been through all the struggles of the ground I stand on, / But I still remain humble” speaks to the importance of maintaining modesty and gratitude despite one’s accomplishments. This theme is echoed throughout the track, as it speaks to the idea of staying focused and believing in yourself despite the challenges you may face.

The song is a reminder of the power of having faith in yourself and striving to achieve one’s goals, regardless of the obstacles that may be in the way. The lyrics of “More Abundantly” emphasize the importance of

Production and Instrumentation

When it comes to the production and instrumentation of the song “More Abundantly,” the focus is on creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The lead instruments used to drive this song are electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums. The production also includes background vocal harmonies, keyboard and synth sounds, and percussive elements. The arrangement of the song is very dynamic, allowing each instrument to take the spotlight at different moments.

The electric guitar takes the lead throughout the track, offering up its signature energy and drive. The bass guitar and drums provide a steady foundation that helps to keep the song grounded but also allows for subtle variations. The background vocals give the song a choral quality while the keyboards and synth sounds add a layer of complexity. Finally, the percussive elements provide a layer of texture to the overall production.

Overall, the production and instrumentation of “More Abundantly” creates a vibrant atmosphere. The various instruments work together to create an expansive soundscape that’s both dynamic and captivating. It’s this combination of instruments and production elements that create the unique sound of the song and make it stand out from other genres.

In conclusion, “More Abundantly” is a great example of how to create an engaging and lively atmosphere for a song. The electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, background vocals, keyboards, synths, and percussive elements all come together to create a unique and captivating sound. With its vibrant production

Music Video

More Abundantly is an inspiring song by the artist Josh Ketch. With its soulful beats and meaningful lyrics, it is sure to tug at your heartstrings. It has become a staple of the artist’s live performances and shows no signs of declining in popularity. The accompanying music video is equally as captivating, furthering the message of the song and making an impact on its viewers.

The music video was filmed in the south of England, and it was directed by award-winning director Max Weisberg. It features a group of dancers that perfectly reflect the lyrics of the song. Together, they bring to life the message of the song in a way that resonates deeply with its audience.

In the days after its release, the video quickly became a viral sensation. It was viewed over 300,000 times in the first week of its release, and it continues to be shared and liked worldwide. It has even been covered in a number of publications, including Billboard and Rolling Stone.

The song and video have become a source of inspiration for many, and it has even been used in charity campaigns and fund raisers. It speaks to the power of music to move us. It encourages us to seek more out of life and to embrace abundance in all its forms.

Overall, More Abundantly is a song and video which has a powerful and positive message. It is a great example of how powerful and inspiring art can be.


“More Abundantly” is a song with meaningful lyrics that can help us all to find hope in difficult times. It encourages us to have faith and to trust in the power of prayer. By reminding us that God is there to provide us with more abundantly, this song serves to provide comfort in trying times. Through its simple, yet powerful, message, “More Abundantly” is a song that will stay with us for years to come. I encourage you to listen to the song and take its message to heart. Let us all have faith that God will provide us with more abundantly in our lives.