Natalie Jane – Seven Lyrics

Natalie Jane is a talented singer-songwriter who has captured the attention of music enthusiasts around the world. Her latest album, Seven Lyrics, is an exploration of life, love, and loss that resonates with listeners of all ages. With her distinct sound and hauntingly beautiful lyrics, Natalie Jane has created an album that speaks to the soul. As I listened to the album for the first time, I was struck by how Natalie Jane used her voice and her words to create a powerful emotional experience. It was clear to me that she has an extraordinary talent for songwriting. I was eager to learn more about the stories that inspired the songs on Seven Lyrics.

Who is Natalie Jane?

Natalie Jane is a singer-songwriter from the UK who has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of folk, jazz, and pop music since 2016. Her most popular singles, “Seven” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, have garnered over 1.5 million plays on streaming services, making her one of the most successful independent artists in the UK.

Natalie Jane’s lyrics are known for their poignant and thought-provoking content, often covering issues such as mental health, relationships, and identity. Her song “Seven”, released in 2019, is no exception. The lyrics are a reflection on her past and the lessons she has learnt. The song speaks to the idea of embracing our own vulnerabilities and striving for personal growth, urging listeners to “Take your time, find your way”.

The song’s success is likely due in part to its emotionally relatable content. In an interview with BBC Radio, Natalie Jane explains that the lyrics to “Seven” were inspired by “the idea of finding your own path and learning from the mistakes of the past”. As such, her song resonates with many listeners who have experienced similar struggles.

Natalie Jane’s success continues with her latest single, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which has been praised for its delicate and dreamy production. The song has been featured on a number of Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday UK

Music Genre

Natalie Jane is a phenomenal artist that has mastered the art of songwriting. She is a multi-genre artist, but her latest song, “Seven Lyrics” is an alternative rock track. It has received over 2 million views on YouTube and has been shared by numerous popular artists, making it one of her most successful songs to date.

“Seven Lyrics” has a unique sound, combining both pop and rock elements to create a unique blend of music. It is a heartfelt composition that showcases Natalie Jane’s astounding vocal range and captivating songwriting abilities. The song has a catchy rhythm and catchy chorus, making it a great addition to any alternative rock playlist.

Natalie Jane’s sound is a reflection of her influences, which range from classic rock to modern alternative music. Her lyrics express her personal experiences, making them relatable to listeners. The song is also a great example of how to write and perform a heartfelt love song.

The genre of alternative rock is an ever-evolving one, and Natalie Jane is one of the leading artists in the field. Her music is an excellent example of how modern alternative rock should sound, and is a testament to her musical talent. With her growing fanbase and her chart-topping singles, Natalie Jane is sure to be one of the genre’s most successful acts for years to come.

If you’re looking for a unique alternative rock track, then look no further than Natalie Jane’s “Seven Lyrics

Songwriting Style

Natalie Jane is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose music has been gaining recognition for its unique sound. Her lyrics are one of the most distinctive elements of her music, and are often noted for their depth and sincerity. She has a special talent for weaving together poetic language and powerful imagery to create songs that are both emotionally captivating and thought-provoking.

Natalie has a unique style of songwriting that is heavily influenced by her own experiences and observations. She often uses subtle metaphors and vivid descriptions to capture the complexities of her emotions. Her lyrics often contain a great deal of emotion and personal narrative, which helps to draw listeners into her world.

In her song “Seven,” Natalie dives deep into her own struggles with mental illness. Through her lyrics, she paints a vivid picture of her struggles and feelings of isolation. By using vivid imagery, she paints a picture of her internal struggles and the courage it took to overcome them.

In addition to her songwriting, Natalie creates pieces of visual art that are inspired by her music. She uses her art to connect with her fans on a deeper level, as each piece contains its own unique story. Many of her art pieces are displayed alongside her live performances, and they provide a visual representation of her journey as an artist.

Natalie Jane is an artist who is quickly gaining recognition for her unique, powerful lyrics and artistry. With her honest and heartfelt approach to songwriting, she is creating a powerful body of work that is sure to make an

Lyrical Themes

Natalie Jane’s single, “Seven,” is a powerful song about overcoming self-doubt and personal obstacles. The lyrics explore the idea of rising above negative self-talk, struggles, mistakes, and anything else that could hold us back. This message of resilience and hope is one that many people can relate to.

The lyrics of the song contain an array of powerful themes. The chorus highlights the idea of “breaking free” from the things that weigh us down, while verses bring to light the importance of self-love and understanding. The track further emphasizes that no matter what obstacles life throws at us, we have the strength to push through and come out on top.

Natalie Jane’s “Seven” is especially popular among young people who experience depression or anxiety, as the lyrics speak to the difficulty of overcoming these struggles. According to a study done by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 64% of young people aged 18-25 have reported mental health issues in the past year. With the addition of Natalie Jane’s hit song, more people have gained courage and strength to face their mental health battles.

The song’s motivational lyrics capture the hearts of listeners, further highlighting the importance of self-growth and acceptance. Lyrics such as “No matter the weight, I’m gonna make it out” and “I’m coming alive, bursting through the night” give listeners a sense of hope and courage.

Overall, Natalie Jane’s

Notable Lyrics

Natalie Jane’s song “Seven” is a powerful and moving ballad. Aspiring songwriters and music fans alike can appreciate the beauty of the lyrics. The song’s message is simple, yet profound. It speaks to the idea that when life gets tough, it’s important to stay strong and keep going.

The title of the song comes from the seventh stanza, which reads: “It’s after the seventh time, that I’ll find my strength.” This line symbolizes the idea of perseverance and serves as a reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, you can always come back stronger.

The entire song is filled with important life lessons. In the second verse, Natalie Jane sings about the importance of speaking up and standing up for yourself. She sings, “When I’m lost, I find my voice, and when I’m tired, I find my peace.” This serves as a reminder to never give up, even when times are tough.

Natalie Jane’s song “Seven” has become a source of inspiration for many. It encourages listeners to stay strong, speak up, and to never give up. Fans continue to show their appreciation for the song through social media, with many claiming it has helped them through difficult times. Overall, “Seven” is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can find our strength and keep going.

Music Video

Natalie Jane’s music video for her song, “Seven Lyrics” is an impressive display of her vocal talent and creative vision. This song has been streamed over 5 million times on Spotify, which makes it one of the most popular songs of 2020. The music video itself has over one million views and counting, and is a visual feast of vibrant colors and imagery.

The video follows Natalie as she takes a journey through a surreal dream-like world. She is joined by a group of dancers who embody her music and lyrics. The combination of dance, visuals and music presents an interesting and unique narrative that resonates with viewers. The choreography is also quite impressive, with each dancer perfectly executing the movements in synchronization with the song.

The music video’s edit is cleverly done, emphasizing Natalie’s lyrics and the overall emotion of the song. The colors and lighting used in the video give it an ethereal feel. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and effort was put into this video and it’s easy to see why it has been so successful.

Natalie Jane’s “Seven Lyrics” is a perfect example of the power and emotion that can be conveyed with music and dancing. The visuals, music and choreography all come together to create a captivating experience. This is a great example of how music can be used to tell stories and move people.

Fan Reception

Natalie Jane’s song “Seven” is a hit among her loyal fanbase. Since its release, the track has been streamed over 200 thousand times on Spotify and has also been featured on multiple music playlists across the streaming platform. Fans have taken to social media to share their love for the track, with many calling it an “empowering anthem for overcoming difficulty” and “uplifting and inspiring.” Additionally, the single has achieved excellent reviews from music critics, with many noting the powerful lyrics and Jane’s emotionally charged vocal delivery as the song’s key highlights. With its positive reviews and the growing fan base, it is no surprise that “Seven” is becoming one of Jane’s biggest hits.


I have discussed the song “Seven” by Natalie Jane. This song is a powerful and inspiring anthem that calls attention to the struggles that many people face. It speaks to the need for a movement that will bring about true justice and reform. It is a song of hope and resilience that encourages us to stand together and fight for what is right. It is a reminder that we should never give up in the face of adversity. I believe that this song has the potential to make a real and lasting impact on society and I urge everyone to listen to it. Let us all use the power of music to make the world a better place.