Nba Youngboy Gravity Lyrics

As a long-time fan of NBA Youngboy, I’ve been eagerly anticipating his latest album, ‘Gravity’. The album has certainly lived up to the hype and the lyrics have been nothing short of amazing. With his unique blend of genres and his signature style, NBA Youngboy has created some of the most impressive and powerful lyrics to date. In this article, I’m going to break down the lyrics of one of the standout songs on the album, ‘Gravity’. From the narrative to the metaphors, I’ll be exploring every aspect of this brilliantly written track.

Verse 1: “Gravity”

NBA Youngboy’s single “Gravity” is featured on his 2019 project “AI Youngboy 2”. The first verse of the track has sincere and reflective lyrics on the struggles of life. In the opening lines Youngboy raps, “I don’t need no sympathy, been through a lot of shit in life, I’m not ashamed of me.” These lyrics depict a sense of resilience and perseverance in the face of hardship.

The subsequent lines provide poignant insight into Youngboy’s struggles with depression and loneliness, “I be feelin’ like I’m losin’ my mind, I feel like I’m all alone, I’m losing my god damn mind.” This verse serves as a reminder that mental health is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.

Youngboy continues to tell his story of pain and hurt, “I been through so much agony, I be feelin’ like I’m stuck in a tree, but I’m alright.” This line conveys a somber message that pain and suffering can be all-consuming and overwhelming, yet there is still hope of overcoming these challenges.

The final lines of the verse provide a glimmer of hope, “Gravity, gravity, livin’ life in misery, but I’m alright.” This indicates that although life can be hard and difficult, with determination, resilience, and a positive outlook, an individual can survive the struggles of life.

In short, the song “Gravity” offers a message of hope and resilience, and serves as an important reminder

Chorus: “Hold Me Down”

The chorus to NBA Youngboy’s song “Gravity” is a powerful reminder of the strength of resilience and the importance of staying rooted in hope. The line “it don’t matter how much money I make, I still gon’ hold me down” conveys the concept of staying true to oneself, regardless of one’s financial situation. This line has become an anthem for those struggling with poverty and inequality. It has resonated deeply with the hip-hop community, being featured in many rap songs and even inspiring a mural by artist, Derrick Summit in Memphis, Tennessee.

The idea of “holding oneself down” is a recurring theme in NBA Youngboy’s music. He has spoken extensively of the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity. His music has been praised for its honest and insightful appraisal of life on the streets. In an interview with XXL Magazine, Youngboy stated that “I just want people to feel what I feel and know what I know. That’s really the whole goal.” His lyrics serve to inspire and encourage, providing a much needed source of comfort and strength.

The “Gravity” music video further emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself, with Youngboy reflecting on his childhood and the struggles he faced growing up. His lyrics are a reminder that although the world may not be fair, we never lose hope and stay rooted in our values and beliefs. His message of resilience and strength has been embraced by the hip

Verse 2: “On My Own”

NBA YoungBoy’s ‘Gravity’ is a compelling track from his 2018 album Until Death Call My Name. The song’s second verse, ‘On My Own’, showcases the rapper’s raw emotion as he reflects on his struggles with fame and the pressures of life. It is a poignant ode to personal resilience and determination.

Beginning with the line “They want me to fail, but I’mma make ’em hate it”, YoungBoy illustrates the challenges he faces from his critics. He then continues with a vivid description of his journey as he raps “I just got off the bus, I’mma take it all the way to the top, I’mma master the game, they can’t tell me nothin’.”

The lyrics in ‘On My Own’ are full of determination and grit, as YoungBoy expresses his dedication to proving his doubters wrong. He further emphasizes this message with lines such as “I’mma make it happen no matter what/Ain’t no breakin’ me down” and “I’mma keep standin’ no matter what, I ain’t gonna move.”

As one of the most popular tracks off his album, ‘Gravity’ has achieved commercial success, reaching #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and garnering upwards of 360 million views on YouTube. The song resonates with many fans for its empowering and uplifting message, and is a

Bridge: “Different World”

NBA Youngboy’s track ‘Gravity’ is a powerful song about the struggles of life and the power of perseverance. The bridge of the song, ‘Different World’, is especially poignant. The lyrics speak to the stark disparity between life for those who have and those who don’t. The line “Don’t have to see it to feel it, different worlds different people” encapsulates the idea of an unequal society. According to a recent report by UNICEF, over 3 billion people live in poverty. This is an immense number and highlights the importance of addressing the issue of inequality in our world. Despite this, the song is ultimately an inspiring message of hope and resilience. NBA Youngboy’s words are an anthem for those who face difficult circumstances, encouraging them to keep pushing. The song also serves as a reminder of the need for social justice and equality. With this in mind, we can gain a better understanding of the power of ‘Gravity’ and the bridge ‘Different World’.

Verse 3: “Valuable Pain”

NBA YoungBoy’s third verse on his track “Gravity” pays homage to his struggles and experiences growing up in Baton Rouge. The lyrics are honest and depict the realities of a life surrounded by violence and poverty. According to 2018 US Census data, out of East Baton Rouge Parish’s 440,000 estimated citizens, one-third of them live in poverty. YoungBoy reflects on the valuable lessons he’s learned, using his pain to propel him forward. He speaks of his past and present, and his future ambitions to make it out.

YoungBoy has made numerous references to his hometown in his music, painting a vivid picture of the streets he grew up on. This verse in particular is especially powerful; delivering a raw and emotional account of his upbringing in the midst of turbulent times. From his rapping style to the instrumentals, YoungBoy captures the struggles of his city and gives a voice to the voiceless.

In addition to rapping, NBA YoungBoy has released multiple albums and projects. He is currently one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers in the game. With his unique sound and bold lyricism, YoungBoy has managed to gain thousands of fans and millions of streams. His passionate story-telling has allowed him to stand out from his peers and reach a wider audience.

The “Gravity” verse paints a portrait of the resilient spirit of the people in Baton Rouge and the artist’s commitment to turn his pain into something valuable. YoungBoy has transformed his experiences into a powerful form of expression, giving fans

Outro: “Time”

NBA Youngboy’s Gravity is a powerful and emotive hip-hop track that captures the pain and struggles of life in poverty. The track’s outro, ‘Time’, is an especially powerful section of the song. The lyrics discuss how time is inescapable and how each day brings new obstacles and challenges to try and overcome. It paints a vivid picture of the struggles of growing up in an impoverished environment, and of how even one’s own success doesn’t mean an escape from the issues they may face.

The lyrics in ‘Time’ are a reflection of the hard reality of the African American experience in the United States. Statistics show that African American families make up over 13% of the total population in the US, yet they make up over 30% of all households living below the poverty line. This is a stark reminder of the systemic racism and economic disparity that exists in the US.

The message of ‘Time’ is an example of NBA Youngboy’s ability to craft powerful music that speaks to the struggles of inner city life. His lyrics are able to take complex issues and boil them down to their essence, providing an understanding of the situation that is easy to comprehend and relate to.

The outro of ‘Time’ serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of time and how it shapes our lives. It is a reminder of the need to make the most of the time we have, and to never take a single moment for granted. It is a


“Gravity” by NBA YoungBoy is an emotionally charged song with an unforgettable beat. The song is full of powerful lyrics that speak to the struggles of life and the strength of human spirit. It is a song of resilience and hope in the face of overwhelming challenges and adversity. The song is a testament to the power of music to inspire and motivate us to pursue our dreams and never give up. It is a powerful reminder that no matter how hard life can be, there is always hope and potential for redemption. Listening to “Gravity” can be a source of strength and motivation in times of difficulty. So if you’re looking for a song that will help you push through tough times, NBA YoungBoy’s “Gravity” is the perfect choice.