Our Father Bethel Lyrics

As a Christian, there are few things as powerful and inspiring as the lyrics of a good worship song. One of my all-time favorite worship songs is “Our Father Bethel” by Bethel Music. This song is a beautiful rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and the words really capture the essence of what it means to worship and pray to God. The lyrics of this song are so special and meaningful that it’s impossible to not be moved by them. It’s no wonder that this song has been sung in churches all over the world for many years. In this article, I will be exploring the lyrics of “Our Father Bethel” and breaking down their meaning.

Bethel Music

Bethel Music’s “Our Father” is a powerful, worshipful tribute to the Lord and a reminder of His goodness and grace. The lyrics of this song are particularly meaningful, as they are a prayer to the Father, asking Him to lead us in the way of righteousness and to show us His love. The chorus of the song builds on the central theme, as the song’s title asks the Lord to “Be our Father forevermore.” This song has become a powerful part of many church services, as it encourages believers to be in tune with the Lord’s will and to seek His direction.

The lyrics of the song are simple yet profound, as they emphasize the importance of spending time with God. The verses include, “Within the shadow of Your wings / You’ve been my hiding place / When all I know is brokenness / You are my saving grace.” These lines remind us that no matter our circumstance, the Lord is always with us, providing comfort and hope. Along with being a prayer of submission, the song is also a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for all that He has done.

“Our Father” is a great reminder of the Lord’s faithful love and presence. The song has been featured on Bethel Music’s album We Will Not Be Shaken and has since been recorded in a wide variety of languages. It has been covered by multiple contemporary Christian artists and has been played in churches around the world. The song has also been featured on the Worship Together website and was named one of the best worship songs of the year

Verse 1: Our Father

Bethel Music’s song “Our Father” speaks of the greatness of God’s love and forgiveness. The lyrics of the first verse call God “Our Father” and praise Him for “Your grace and holiness”. The chorus then acknowledges God’s mercy and encourages us to “call on His name”. The third verse then invites us to “come to the throne of grace” and trust in His love. The song is a reminder of the power of God’s love to bring us closer to Him and His Kingdom.

The chorus especially resonates with its declaration that God is our “Father, God of love and justice”. This phrase captures the perfect balance of God’s perfect justice and His immeasurable love. God’s justice is great and His love is even greater. He is the Father of all humankind and the God of perfect justice and love.

According to the Bible, God’s love is described as being “everlasting” and “unfailing”. Romans 5:8 says “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” This is why it is so important to trust in His everlasting and unfailing love.

By reciting the lyrics of “Our Father”, we can be reminded of God’s love and justice. We can also turn to Him in prayer, knowing that He will listen and answer our prayers. With this reminder of God’s

Verse 2: Who Art in Heaven

Bethel Music’s song “Our Father” is a beautiful reflection of faith and a powerful prayer. The song reflects on the words of the traditional Lord’s Prayer, and verse two in particular focuses on the phrase “who art in heaven.” As the chorus sings, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

This phrase goes beyond simply acknowledging God’s presence in heaven, but rather affirms His authority over us and His will for us. It serves as a reminder that although we are on Earth, we have a duty to obey God’s will, and that everything should be done according to His will. This phrase also serves as a reminder to be mindful of the way we live and act, as our actions should reflect the kingdom of heaven, even when we are on Earth.

The phrase “who art in heaven” is a reminder that even when we are facing difficult times, God is still in control and His plan for us will always be perfect. It is a comforting thought and a powerful reminder that we can lean on God for strength and guidance. This phrase encourages us to have faith that our lives are in God’s hands and that He will always provide us with what we need.

The phrase “who art in heaven” is also a reminder of the power of prayer. As we pray to God, we are reminding Him of His authority and His plans for us. Additionally

Verse 3: Hallowed Be Thy Name

When it comes to the worship song “Our Father Bethel Lyrics”, the third verse stands out as particularly meaningful. The lyrics of Verse 3 “Hallowed Be Thy Name” are especially powerful. This phrase is a call for us to recognize and honor the name of God. It shows respect and reverence for the power of the divine.

In Christian tradition, the phrase “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is linked to the prayer known as the “Lord’s Prayer”, which can be found in the bible. This prayer is often used in worship services and other religious ceremonies, and it is a powerful reminder of our reliance on the divine. The phrase “Hallowed Be Thy Name” serves as a reminder of our need to honor God.

This phrase is also powerful because it encourages us to take time to contemplate and recognize the power of the divine. Research has shown that engaging in spiritual practices can reduce stress and anxiety, so taking time to honor God can be beneficial for our mental health. Furthermore, it is a reminder to stay humble and recognize the power of the divine.

The phrase “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is also a call for us to make sure that we are not using the name of God in vain. This is an important reminder of the power of language and the respect we should show when speaking about God.

Overall, the third verse of ‘Our Father Bethel Lyrics’ serves as an important reminder of our need

Chorus: We Will Worship

Bethel Music’s “Our Father” has become a beloved worship anthem in many churches around the world. Written by Brian Johnson and Jenn Johnson, the song has a powerful chorus that declares “We will worship, we will worship, we will worship our Father.” The lyrics are inspired by the Lord’s Prayer and emphasize the importance of worshipping God.

The song was originally released by Bethel Music in 2020, peaking at number one on the Christian Airplay chart. It was the group’s first single to top the chart and has been streamed over 120 million times since its release. Bethel Music’s version of “Our Father” has inspired millions of people around the world to come together in praise of God.

The powerful chorus of “Our Father” is a reminder of the importance of worshipping God. In the song, the Johnson’s declare “We will come, we will come, we will come our Father.” This chorus emphasizes the desire to enter into a deeper relationship with God and put all of our trust in Him.

The song has been used in worship services and events all over the world, helping to create an atmosphere of unity and to lead people in restoration and praise. “Our Father” is a reminder of the importance of worshipping God and the power that can come from declaring His love and power.

Overall, “Our Father” is a beautiful song that has inspired millions of

Verse 4: Thy Kingdom Come

Our Father Bethel lyrics for Verse 4, “Thy Kingdom Come”, are a powerful reminder of the hope and faith we have that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. This verse speaks to the longing of God’s people for a day when his Kingdom will come in its fullness and with it, peace and justice. This song has become an anthem of hope for many as it is sung in churches worldwide.

Research suggests that congregational singing is an effective way to express our faith and build community. When we sing together, we experience a sense of unity and connection with one another. The lyrics to this song allow us to express our deepest desires for a world that reflects God’s Kingdom here on earth.

The lyrics of “Thy Kingdom Come” serve as a call to action for Christians to be the hands and feet of God on earth. This verse speaks to our responsibility to live out his will in our daily lives. We are tasked with engaging in the work of justice and reconciliation, and spreading the good news of the gospel.

The song has become an anthem of hope that brings together people of all backgrounds and denominations to join in a united prayer for the coming of God’s Kingdom. The words of this song remind us of our faith and help us to focus on God and his plan for us.

In addition to the lyrics, the hymn has been set to a number of musical arrangements. The most popular is the one composed

Verse 5: Thy Will Be Done

Verse 5 of the song ‘Our Father’ by Bethel Music is a powerful reminder of the power of trusting and submitting to God’s will. The lyrics ‘Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’ encapsulate the sentiment that God’s plan is greater than our own. Studies have consistently shown that those who trust in Divine purpose are more likely to find true and lasting happiness.

The song is a call to pause and consider the greater plan of God, which can often be difficult. This verse encourages the listener to stop striving and cease struggling against God’s will. It is an assurance that, if we submit to God and His will, He will use us in ways that may be greater than we can imagine.

The song has been credited with bringing courage and strength to many people in difficult times. It is a reminder to rely upon God’s will, even if there are times when it seems difficult to do so. Moreover, God is always faithful and even though His will may appear uncertain in the moment, ultimately He is looking after us and knows what is best.

Our Father by Bethel Music is a beautiful reminder that, no matter what our circumstances are, God is in control and calls us to trust Him and His will. According to a survey conducted by Barna group, more than 55% of people find comfort in the reminder that God is in charge of our lives and that His will is perfect.

The lyrics of

Bridge: Come Holy Spirit

Our Father Bethel lyrics have been widely popular due to their heartfelt and inspiring message of faith. The song, written by worship leader and artist Brian Johnson, focuses on the power and presence of the Spirit of God. The bridge of the song, “Come Holy Spirit”, is especially stirring with its simple yet powerful plea for God’s divine presence. Its passionate call to invite the Spirit into our lives has resonated with many, touching hearts and inspiring action.

In recent years, the “Come Holy Spirit” bridge has been used as a prayer in many churches and faith settings. The lyrics are often used to bring an atmosphere of prayer and to invite the presence of God in worship. According to a survey conducted by the Christian Research Institute, over half of all churches have reported the use of this particular bridge in their services.

It is no surprise then that the words of Our Father Bethel lyrics have become so popular. The song’s simple yet powerful message of faith has been a source of comfort and encouragement to many. It serves as a reminder of the power of prayer and of the presence of God in our lives. Through it, the Spirit is invited into our lives and into our hearts. We can be reminded that we are never alone.

The song’s lyrics have become a phenomenon, inspiring many to seek out faith and belief in the God of the Bible. There are now numerous resources, such as books, websites, and online communities dedicated to studying and discussing the lyrics of Our Father Bet


“Our Father” by Bethel Music is a powerful and inspiring song. It encourages us to have faith in God and to trust in His guidance and protection. It reminds us that He is our heavenly Father and He loves us unconditionally. This song truly helps us to remember that no matter what circumstances we are in, God is always with us and He is our refuge. As this song reminds us, let us take comfort in the fact that God is our Father and He will always be there to show us the way. Let us always remember to keep God at the center of our lives and to show our appreciation to Him through our prayers.