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Welcome to an exploration of the iconic lyrics of Sandy Marton’s ‘Camel by Camel’, a song that has come to symbolize the 1980s and the power of music to transcend time and place. As a music lover and fan of the 80s, I have a special place in my heart for this classic pop-disco track. Its catchy beat, vibrant energy, and timeless lyrics have been inspiring people to dance and sing along for decades. In this article, I will go through the lyrics of ‘Camel by Camel’ line by line, exploring the deeper meaning behind the words and how they have become so widely known and loved. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the lyrics of this classic track!

Camel by Camel by Sandy Marton | LYRICS (HQ)


Sandy Marton

Sandy Marton is a popular Italian singer and songwriter, born in Florence in 1948. He is best known for his single “Camel by Camel”, released in 1985, which reached the top of the Italian charts and made it into the top ten across Europe. This song was part of his album ‘Exotic and Erotic’, which has since gone double-platinum.

“Camel by Camel” is a catchy and light-hearted song about searching for the perfect love story. It was written by Sandy Marton and his long-time collaborator Mario Lavezzi and produced by Giampiero Bigazzi. The lyrics feature a playful and unique approach to romance, describing how a single camel can be a symbol of a greater connection between two people.

The song has been covered by many artists since its release in 1985, such as Lionel Richie and Christina Aguilera. It was even used in the hit romantic comedy “Love Actually” as the background music for a memorable scene. Sandy Marton’s version remains the most popular, having been featured in various French and Italian films and TV shows.

It’s not just fans of the song who appreciate Sandy Marton’s work. In 1987, he was nominated for a World Music Award for Best Selling Italian Artist, alongside Eros Ramazzotti and Vasco Rossi. In 2017, the song was included in the list of most-played Italian songs of the ‘80s by the Italian Society of Authors and

Overview of the Song

“Camel By Camel” is a song by the Italian singer and songwriter Sandy Marton. Released in 1985 as part of his album Exotic and Erotic, this hit single was written by Marton and Italian composer Mauro Malavasi. The song combines elements of dance, pop, and rock and its distinctive catchy instrumental and its lyrics of longing for the past became an instant international hit and climbed to the top of the charts in Europe in 1985.

The song follows the story of a man who is reflecting on the memories of a past love. The chorus is evocative as it paints a picture of his feelings, singing “I ride my camel by camel, searching for the love I lost that day”. The lyrics also capture a sense of hope that he will find his love again, although he is still uncertain if it will happen or not.

The success of “Camel By Camel” was further increased by the accompanying music video, which featured Sandy Marton and his band on a beach in Egypt, dancing and singing along to the song’s catchy tune. The music video has earned over 15 million views on YouTube and has become an iconic classic from the 1980s.

Today, “Camel By Camel” is still widely known around the world and has been covered by artists such as Gloria Estefan and Liza Minnelli. It is also featured in a number of soundtracks, including the films Grease 2 and How to Be Single. The song is a testament to Sandy Marton’s

Meaning of the Lyrics

Camel by Camel is a song by French-Italian singer Sandy Marton, released in 1984 as a single from the album People from Ibiza. The song was a massive hit in Europe, reaching number 1 in Italy and the top 10 in the Netherlands, France, and the UK.

The song tells the story of a man who is searching for a woman, as described in the lyrics “camel by camel I’m looking for you, searching every corner of the world.” The narrator is determined to find his beloved, even if it takes him a long, difficult journey.

The lyrics draw on the imagery of a desert camel, representing the narrator’s loneliness and longing for the woman he loves. The song has become an iconic symbol for the struggles of love and heartbreak, and its message is still relevant today.

Camel by Camel has been covered by a variety of artists and is still widely popular today, with over 4 million plays on Spotify. It’s also been featured in multiple films, including the 1994 cult classic “Clerks”.

The song’s message of resilience and determination in the face of love’s hardships remains as strong today as it did when Sandy Marton released it in 1984. Whether you’re looking for someone or searching for your own inner peace, Camel by Camel will always be there as a reminder to never give up.

Musical Structure

“Camel by Camel” by Sandy Marton is a classic 80s dance hit that has remained popular to this day. The song is packed with catchy hooks and an infectious beat, which contribute to its enduring appeal. The song features an interesting structure, which is divided into two sections. The first section is the verse, which consists of two eight-line stanzas and a four-line chorus. The second section features a bridge, which is a four-line rap section. This creates an exciting contrast between the different sections and helps to keep the listener engaged. Additionally, the song is perfectly structured musically, with a tempo of 116 beats per minute and a 4/4 time signature. This creates a strong rhythm and helps to make the song instantly recognizable and danceable. With its memorable lyrics and infectious beat, “Camel by Camel” is a timeless classic that will surely continue to be enjoyed for years to come.


“Camel By Camel” is a track by the Italian singer-songwriter Sandy Marton. The track was released in 1984 as a single, and was later included on Marton’s debut studio album, Exotic and Erotic, which was released in 1986. The production of the track was done by the legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, who is renowned for his work on the soundtracks of films such as Midnight Express and Scarface.

The track showcases Moroder’s signature electronic sound, which is characterized by its driving, percussive synths and basslines. It also includes a vocal performance from Marton, who delivers her lyrics with a unique combination of passion and emotion. The resulting track is an infectious and danceable piece of music that has been a favorite among disco fans worldwide for decades.

The song has been featured on numerous compilations and soundtracks, including the 1995 movie Showgirls. It has also appeared on numerous DJ mixes and remixes, the most notable of which is the 2006 “Camel By Camel Reloaded” mix by Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino. This mix is notable for its use of both modern and classic elements, and it is one of the most popular remixes of the track.

Since its release, “Camel By Camel” has become a timeless classic, and it has been sampled by various artists such as 2Pac, DJ Shadow, and Marky Mark. It is an iconic track of the 1980s, and it stands as one of Marton’s

Cultural Impact

The song “Camel by Camel” by Sandy Marton has had a long lasting impact on culture since it was released in 1984. It has been covered by multiple artists and even sampled by some of the biggest acts in the industry. This timeless track has been a part of various soundtracks due to its catchy melody and cultural relevance. According to the International Music Licensing Association, ‘Camel by Camel’ has been sampled at least 10 times over the years by high profile musical acts such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and Kanye West.

The lyrics of the song offer a unique insight into the early 80s pop culture scene and have been a source of inspiration for many. The song speaks to the struggles of life and the idea of struggle to get through it all, no matter what challenges come your way. It has been credited with inspiring people to overcome their obstacles and fight for what they believe in.

The song has even been referenced by current artists in their own music. In 2018, an artist by the name of DJ Mustard sampled the iconic song in his hit titled “Pure Water” which was featured on his ‘Cold Summer’ album. The track has since gone on to become a top 10 hit and has redefined the cultural impact of ‘Camel by Camel’.

As one of the most iconic songs of the 80s, ‘Camel by Camel’ continues to be a timeless classic. Its lyrics have inspired millions of people all over the world and its


The song “Camel by Camel” by the renowned Italo-disco singer Sandy Marton was released in 1984 and quickly became an international hit. This track, with its catchy chorus, is one of the most successful songs of the 80s. It was the lead single of Marton’s album “Exotica”.

The song was met with a positive reception, reaching the top 10 in countries such as Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. It also charted in the US and the UK, peaking at #39 and #58 respectively. Additionally, it was certified Gold in Italy, and was awarded the “Hit of the Year” award in that country.

The song has since become a classic of the Italo-disco genre, inspiring many re-recordings and remixes. In fact, in 2019, it was voted the most popular Italo-Disco track of all time in an online poll by the Italian music website Dream Machine.

The success of “Camel by Camel” also opened doors for Sandy Marton, allowing him to become an international artist recognized for his unique sound. This track has become a cult classic, popular among both the older and younger generations for its infectious melodies and lyrics.


“Camel by Camel” by Sandy Marton is a lyrically beautiful song that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of listeners everywhere. It is a song that speaks to the joys of being alive and of appreciating the beauty of life in all its forms. The lyrics are filled with imagery that transports the listener to a peaceful, sun-filled world of acceptance and love. This song has the power to bring joy and harmony to any situation and it is a reminder of the importance of living life to its fullest. It is a timeless classic that will continue to inspire and bring joy to people for generations to come. I encourage everyone to take a moment to listen to “Camel by Camel” and experience the joy and peace it has to offer.