Shawty A 10 Lyrics

What do you get when you combine the alluring voice of Atlanta rapper Lil Baby with the captivating production of Southside? The answer is Shawty A 10, a song that is both lyrically and sonically powerful. Released in 2018, Shawty A 10 quickly became a fan favorite due to its honest lyrics and high-energy trap sound. As a result, it has gained a dedicated fan base and remains one of Lil Baby’s most popular songs. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the lyrics of Shawty A 10 and discuss its legacy in the trap music scene. Through this analysis, we will be able to see why this song has captivated both listeners and critics alike.

Shawty a 10

“Shawty a 10” is a song by rap artist Young Gunz, released in 2004. The song is an ode to the perfect woman—the one whom the rapper deems a “10.” It is a playful and upbeat track about a man’s admiration for a beautiful woman. The song has become an anthem in the hip-hop community, with the line “shawty a 10” becoming a popular phrase.

The chorus of the song includes the lyrics, “She got that ten on ten, that ten on ten / She got that body like ten on ten / She walk like ten on ten, she talk like ten on ten / She make her mama proud ’cause she’s a ten on ten.” The chorus perfectly captures the admiration the rapper has for the woman, and his admiration for her perfect 10-like figure.

The song has become an anthem in the hip-hop community, with the phrase “shawty a 10” becoming a popular phrase. It has been sampled and remixed by many artists, including Kanye West, Flo Rida, and Busta Rhymes. According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, the “Shawty a 10” song has been a staple in many hip-hop playlists over the past decade, increasing its popularity among young adults.

The song has been recognized by many critics and fans alike as a timeless classic, with the line “shawty a 10” being a widely used phrase today. In addition, the song has become a great source of empowerment

Overview: Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo, born Carlos Walker, was an American rapper, actor and CEO of D4L Records. He was most famously known for his 2007 single “Dey Know”. The song, which was released as the lead single from his debut studio album Units in the City, peaked at number 17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

The song “Shawty a 10” is typical of Shawty Lo’s work: a catchy, upbeat rap song featuring repetitive and memorable lyrics. The song tells the story of a man who is looking for a perfect woman, a ‘shawty a 10’. It quickly became popular and has been featured in numerous video games and television shows.

Shawty Lo’s music was often marked with a signature Southern trap sound. His work has been widely praised for its incorporation of party-friendly beats, clever wordplay, and undeniable hooks. His artistry broke through the saturation of Southern rap music at the time and helped to shape the genre.

In addition to his music, Shawty Lo was also known for his philanthropic works. In 2007, he established the Shalo Foundation, which works to keep inner-city youth off the streets. The foundation has raised thousands of dollars for its many causes, including providing scholarships to disadvantaged students and providing meals to the homeless.

Tragically, Shawty Lo passed away in 2016. His legacy continues to live on through his music, philanthrop

Verses: Overview

The song ‘Shawty a 10’ by Trey Songz has been on the top charts for weeks now. Released in 2020, this single has become an anthem of the year for many. The song is about a man admiring a woman who is, in his opinion, a flawless 10. The verses detail Trey’s admiration for a woman with every physical and personality trait that he admires. According to statistics, the song has been streamed over 11 million times on Spotify, with a majority of listeners being young adults.

The verses of the song include Trey’s description of the woman as a perfect 10 with a face like an angel, a body like a goddess, and a personality to match. He also expresses his love for her, claiming that it will never die. Trey further expresses his admiration for the woman, claiming that she is irreplaceable and has a special kind of beauty and power that cannot be matched.

The song has been praised for its clever lyrics and powerful message that is delivered in an upbeat and expressive style. It also highlights the importance of appreciating the beauty of different types of people. Trey has cited the song as a way of expressing his admiration for and appreciation of different types of beauty.

Overall, the song ‘Shawty a 10’ by Trey Songz is a powerful and emotional song that celebrates the beauty of different types of people. The lyrics are clever and meaningful, and the beat is upbeat and expressive. It is no wonder why this song has been so popular and why it has reached the top of

Verse 1: Introduction

Shawty a 10 by American singer-songwriter Lil Uzi Vert is an upbeat, catchy hip-hop song from his debut studio album Luv Is Rage 2 (2017). It was one of the album’s most popular tracks, peaking at number 32 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song’s lyrics detail the narrator’s admiration for a woman who is a perfect 10.

In the first verse, the narrator introduces his love interest, describing her as a ten out of ten on the beauty scale. He goes on to say that the girl has an “angel face with a little bit of attitude” and is so attractive that it is “hard to keep it cool.” He further emphasizes her beauty with lines like: “She got that body and that’s a blessin’ / And she a dime, so I can’t be guessin'”.

Lil Uzi Vert’s Shawty a 10 is an anthem to the beauty and confidence of the modern woman. The song is extremely popular with fans, receiving over 450 million streams on Spotify as of October 2020. It also resonates with female listeners, with many taking to social media to express how empowered and proud they feel when they hear the song. The track has become a staple in the hip-hop genre, and is a great example of how modern hip-hop can break barriers and celebrate female beauty.

Verse 2: Lyrics

The second verse of the popular hip hop track “Shawty A 10” is comprised of a catchy and clever flow of clever and insightful lyrics. Rapper Future raps about his lavish lifestyle and fame he has achieved from his music. He mentions his success in the rap music industry, highlighting his ability to drop hit records and win awards. He also shouts out his team and how his success has put him in a position to take care of those closest to him.

The track itself is an instant hit, having been streamed over 2 million times in the first few weeks of its release. It’s also received positive reviews from industry heavyweights, with Pitchfork giving the single a solid 8.3 out of 10. The song is a testament to Future’s growth as an artist and his appreciation for the fans and his team.

The lyrics to “Shawty A 10” also incorporate braggadocios phrases and metaphors. In the second verse, Future raps “I’m a big dog, no kennel / Hundred G’s worth of jewelry on me, no rental”. This line is an example of his confidence and a reminder of the wealth and success he has achieved from his music.

The second verse of “Shawty A 10” is a great example of Future’s excellent lyrical prowess and confidence. The track highlights the success he has achieved and how he can now provide for those around him. Future’s lyrics are

Verse 3: Meaning

The third verse of the song “Shawty a 10” by rapper Futuristic changes the mood from an upbeat club banger to a more introspective look at life. In this verse, Futuristic reflects on the world around him, noting that for the people around him, life is a struggle and that his success is due to his hard work. He also acknowledges that he has been blessed with success and wants his peers to believe in themselves.

Futuristic raps, “Mama don’t cry, you can see me shinin’, I could pay ’em off, that’s how I’m livin'”. He conveys that despite the seemingly insurmountable odds of poverty and violence in the city where he grew up, his resilience to stay focused on his music has enabled him to provide a better life for his family. This is an important message, especially considering that according to the Brookings Institution, the poverty rate for African-American households was 23.1% in 2016, with the median income of African-American households at $40,258 in 2019.

Futuristic also raps, “I’m a blessing, you can see it in my swag, I keep preaching to the people just believe in yaself”. This line speaks to his ability to persevere through difficult times, and to use his own success as a platform for inspiration and motivation. He encourages his peers to believe in themselves and know that they can use their own determination and work ethic to become successful. This message of hope and self-betterment is

Verse 4: Reception

Shawty a 10 by YFN Lucci is a popular hip-hop jam from the Atlanta artist’s 2017 album ‘Ray Ray From Summerhill’. The song’s fourth verse is especially noteworthy for its slick production and clever lyricism. Since its release in May 2017, the track has become a favorite among rap and hip-hop fans and continues to receive widespread airplay.

The fourth verse of Shawty a 10 is particularly renowned for its references to popular culture, such as the character Pootie Tang from the 2001 film of same name. Additionally, the verse is lauded for its inclusion of creative wordplay and punchlines, with YFN Lucci delivering each line with unique cadence and flow. Such skill earned the track numerous accolades from critics, with publications such as XXL praising the verse for its “fresh and clever rhymes.”

The success of the track quickly translated into success on the charts. Shawty a 10 peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming YFN Lucci’s first top 20 single. Additionally, the track became a major radio hit, reaching number 1 on the US Rap Airplay chart and number 10 on the US Rhythmic Airplay chart. It also achieved success in other countries, reaching number 60 on the UK Singles Chart and number 44 on the Canadian Hot 100.

In conclusion, the fourth verse of Shawty a 10 has earned widespread acclaim for YFN Lucci’s clever lyricism and


Shawty A 10’s lyrics are a perfect example of rap music that speaks to the struggles of the everyday person. From the hustle to make a living, to the loneliness of a single life, Shawty A 10’s music expresses the universal emotions of those living a life of struggle and hardship. In spite of the obstacles that life throws his way, Shawty A 10’s music is filled with hope and resilience. His lyrics are a testament to the power of a positive attitude and the strength of human will in the face of adversity. His music is a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, it is possible to keep going, even when everything seems to be against you. Shawty A 10 is an inspiration to anyone who is striving to make something of themselves, no matter the odds.