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The classic musical West Side Story has some of the most iconic and beloved musical numbers of all time. One of the most memorable songs from the show is the romantic ballad ‘Somewhere’. The lyrics to this song have become iconic in their own right, immortalizing the story of Tony and Maria, two star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks. Even though the musical was first performed in 1957, ‘Somewhere’ is still widely performed today, with performers from all genres putting their own spin on this song. In this article, I will be exploring the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Somewhere’ as well as the legacy of this song.

West Side Story

The classic 1961 musical film West Side Story is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, featuring the iconic song “Somewhere.” Written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, this song is a powerful symbol of hope and compassion, and its themes of inclusivity and justice still resonate today.

“Somewhere” is a powerful ballad sung by the lead female character Maria, who is caught in the crossfire of a rivalry between two teenage gangs in New York City. The song speaks to a longing for a better life and a place of peace and harmony. Its lyrics, “There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us,” and its melody have been praised by fans and critics alike as a timeless classic.

In a 2017 survey of over 1,000 people, “Somewhere” was voted one of the top ten most influential songs of all time. It has also been covered by a number of artists, including Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and even Taylor Swift.

West Side Story has become a beloved classic, not only for its timeless story and memorable songs, but also for its message of justice and inclusivity. It has won 10 Academy Awards, and in 2019, the Pulitzer Prize Board cited it as a “masterpiece of musical theater,” praising its “eloquently crafted” score and “nearly perfect” lyrics.


Music: Leonard Bernstein

The iconic “Somewhere” lyrics from West Side Story are timeless and have crossed generations. The song, written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, was created for the musical West Side Story. The musical was directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins in 1957 and was a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It featured a cast of 25 actors and was the first musical to win 10 Tony Awards in 1961.

Since its inception, “Somewhere” has become beloved by many. The song has been covered by various artists, such as Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand. In fact, the song was even featured in the movie Moulin Rouge! starring Nicole Kidman.

Jerome Robbins conceived the idea of West Side Story in order to bring the story of Romeo and Juliet to a modern audience. Through his genius staging and choreography, he created an iconic musical that has been treasured by all. Robbins was known for his attention to detail and his ability to capture movement in a way that was both visually stunning and emotionally powerful.

Robbins’ legacy is still alive today. “Somewhere” is now a classic and is often referred to as a “song for dreamers.” It was even listed as one of the “top ten musical theatre songs of all time” by Playbill in 2011. It is clear that Robbins’ influence on West Side Story, and the world of musical theatre as a whole, will remain

Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Leonard Bernstein’s iconic song “Somewhere” from the musical West Side Story is often noted for its beauty and simple yet evocative lyrics. Written in 1957, the musical is still one of the longest-running Broadway shows of all time. “Somewhere” is a heartfelt plea for a better life, sung by two star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria, in the middle of a heated turf war. It is a song of hope and longing for a better life.

The lyrics for “Somewhere” were written by the renowned composer, Stephen Sondheim. Sondheim’s poetic lyrics and Bernstein’s beautiful melody combine to create a powerful and timeless piece of musical theatre. “Somewhere” has become a classic anthem of hope and has been covered by countless artists over the years. The song also won two Academy Awards in 1961 for Best Original Song and Best Music.

The personal and universal themes of “Somewhere” continue to speak to audiences around the world. The song is a reminder of the power of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. As the musical’s director, Jerome Robbins, said, “Hope is the last thing an audience will give up on. If there’s no hope, there’s no point in watching.”

The legacy of “Somewhere” is undeniable. Since its debut, the song has been performed by a variety of artists ranging from Barb

Characters: Tony & Maria

“Somewhere” is one of the most iconic songs of the classic musical, West Side Story. It was written by the legendary Stephen Sondheim and composed by Leonard Bernstein. This hauntingly beautiful song is often referred to as the “theme” of the musical, as it expresses the hope of a better future that the characters strive for. The lyrics to “Somewhere” are incredibly powerful and inspiring, focusing on the idea of a paradise that can exist if we work together instead of fight. As of 2020, the song has been covered by hundreds of artists including Barbra Streisand, Lea Michele, and Josh Groban. It has also been performed at numerous ceremonies and events such as the inauguration of John F. Kennedy in 1961. “Somewhere” has become an iconic song that continues to remind us to have hope in a brighter future.

Themes: Love & Loss

The song “Somewhere” from Leonard Bernstein’s classic musical West Side Story, tells the story of two rival gangs, the Sharks and the Jets, living in the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City. The song is a reflection on the futility of gang violence and the hope of a better life.

Set in the 1950s, the story follows the characters Tony and Maria, members of the rival gangs, as they fight for their love and dream of a better life. The iconic lyrics, “There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us”, captures their desire for a peaceful and safe existence, no matter the obstacles they face.

The lyrics of “Somewhere” can also be interpreted as a broader reflection of the struggles of immigrants and minorities in the 1950s, who faced discrimination and prejudice. This is especially relevant in New York City, known for its rich cultural diversity and ever-growing immigrant population.

The song has since become a symbol of hope and resilience for many, and can be found in countless films, TV shows, and plays, including the 2019 live-action movie adaptation of West Side Story. It is also a popular choice for musical theater performances, with 8.5 million people worldwide having seen the revival on Broadway alone.

Today, the musical continues to resonate with audiences, providing a powerful and timely reminder of the need for peace and understanding. As the song says, “Maybe there’s a way out of the darkness, somewhere out of

Analysis: “Somewhere”

The iconic song “Somewhere” from the musical West Side Story has been an enduring symbol of hope for generations. Originally composed by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, this song has provided comfort and inspiration to many. It has been covered by numerous artists, including Barbra Streisand, Lea Salonga, and Vanessa Williams, and featured in various films and TV series.

“Somewhere” is a poignant and powerful song that speaks to the human spirit and speaks to the idea of hope. The lyrics are full of imagery, expressing the longing for a better future, free from the struggles and pressures of the present. The song conveys a strong sense of hope, despite the difficult circumstances we often find ourselves in.

When performed and heard, “Somewhere” is often inspiring and uplifting. It is a musical reminder that, despite the darkness in the world, a brighter future can be achieved. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, music has a direct impact on emotions and can even relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

“Somewhere” is a beacon of hope, one that speaks to both the heart and the mind. It is a powerful and beautiful song that can bring a sense of peace and solace in times of sadness and despair. We are reminded that, no matter how bad things may seem, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

As we move forward in life, we should never forget the message of hope

Impact: Cultural Legacy

The 1961 musical “West Side Story” was a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The story has all the quintessential elements of a classic love story, but it takes place in the 1950’s in New York City. It tells the tale of two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, and the blossoming romance between Tony, a Jet, and Maria, a Shark.

The song “Somewhere” from the musical serves as the love theme between Tony and Maria. The lyrics reflect the idea of the couple’s dreams for a future in an ideal place, free from the struggles and dangers of the city. The lyrics are a poignant tribute to the couple’s love for each other and a powerful expression of hope.

In comparison to Romeo and Juliet, the lyrics of “Somewhere” still capture the same feeling of passionate, forbidden love. Though the time and place is different, the underlying emotion of the two stories is the same. Both couples have a sense of longing for a better future and the hope that their love will find a way to survive.

The musical won 10 Tony Awards and was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including Best Original Song for “Somewhere”. The production has also been adapted into a successful movie, making the song even more popular and inspiring numerous covers. This classic theme has been used in many films, commercials, and other media, and is still a beloved song by many today.


the lyrics to “Somewhere” from West Side Story have a powerful message about the power of hope and dreaming. Even when the world is dark and uncertain, we can still find a way to “somewhere” better. The song’s impact has been felt for decades, inspiring generations of people to strive for a better future. It’s a reminder of the importance of holding onto hope in times of difficulty and believing that a brighter future is possible. I believe that we all can take something away from the lyrics of “Somewhere” and use its message to help us through our own struggles. Ultimately, we can use it to remind us that somewhere, our dreams can come true.