Tangerine Lyrics Glass Animals

The lyrics of Glass Animals’ song “Tangerine” are some of the most evocative and captivating of recent memory. As a fan of Glass Animals, I have to admit that the song is one of my favorites. From its upbeat melody to the intricate and thoughtful lyrics, “Tangerine” is a song that resonates with listeners in a powerful way. The song’s lyrics are so vivid and descriptive that it’s as if the listener is in the midst of the experience described in the song. In this article, I will be taking a deeper look into the lyrics of “Tangerine” to examine their meanings and significance.

Tangerine Lyrics

Tangerine by Glass Animals is an infectious, dreamy track that quickly makes its way into the hearts of many. It is the second single off the band’s third studio album, Dreamland, released in July 2020. The song expresses a desire to escape into a world of imagination, which is expressed through its mesmerizing synth-filled chorus and mellow verses. The lyrics of “Tangerine” tell a story of a secret place that the singer wants to run off to – a place they can “dream in color” and find true happiness.

The track has since gained a huge following all over the world, reaching over 28 million streams on Spotify alone. The band’s music has been featured in many shows and movies, such as HBO’s Euphoria, which has added to their already established fanbase. The track has also been praised by many critics, with Rolling Stone Magazine giving it four stars and describing it as a “dreamlike, synth-pop-tinged ode to escapism.”

In addition to the track’s catchy and dreamy sound, the lyrics of “Tangerine” are also incredibly powerful. The lyrics express the desire to find freedom and escape from the everyday struggles of life. The chorus lines “I want to run away, I want to fly away” and “I want to dream in color, chase the thunder of the sky” evoke a sense of longing and hope for a better future.


Overview of Glass Animals

Glass Animals is a British rock band from Oxford, England, comprised of members Dave Bayley (vocals, guitar), Drew MacFarlane (guitar, keys), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass, keys), and Joe Seaward (drums). The band broke onto the scene with their 2014 debut album, Zaba, which catapulted them to stardom. Since then, the quartet has earned a plethora of accolades, including three Grammy nominations, and have released two additional studio albums, How To Be a Human Being (2016) and Dreamland (2020).

One of Glass Animals’ most popular songs is “Tangerine,” which was released in early 2020. This dreamy, soulful track has become one of the group’s signatures, and its lyrics explore themes of heartbreak, isolation, and longing. The chorus is especially poignant, with lyrics like “I thought I left you on the hillside / But you’re right there in the tangerine.”

The song’s accompanying music video was directed by Dave Bayley himself. It features Bayley and a cast of dancers in a dreamy, surreal landscape, with Bayley himself donning a peculiar costume. The video has been viewed over 47 million times on YouTube and has earned the band a Vevo Certified award and a nomination for Best Rock Video at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

The success of “Tangerine” has only further solidified Glass Animals

Lyrics Analysis

Tangerine by Glass Animals is an incredibly popular song, with over 120 million views on YouTube. It’s easy to see why it’s such a hit – the laid-back beats and enigmatic lyrics make for a captivating track. But what makes the song so special? It may be the way the lyrics intertwine with the music, creating a dreamy, dream-like atmosphere.

The lyrics of Tangerine tell a story of a summer romance gone wrong. The narrator is reminiscing on the good times, but eventually comes to terms with the fact that it’s over. The song is filled with vivid imagery of nature, such as “tangerine skies” and “pineapple breeze”. These visual elements are used to illustrate the narrator’s longing for the past.

The chorus further emphasizes the idea of nostalgia. The narrator sings “I used to think I was special, but now I know I’m not”. This line resonates with many listeners, as it reflects a feeling of disappointment many of us experience at some point in our lives.

The song’s production also contributes to its charm. The dreamy atmosphere created with gentle beats and keyboard synths is mixed with an underlying sense of sadness. This creates a powerful emotional response in the listener.

Tangerine by Glass Animals is a beautiful and powerful song. Its relatable lyrics, dreamy production and vivid imagery make it a timeless classic. It’s no wonder why it has become so popular – it speaks to so

Meaning Behind the Song

“Tangerine” is a song by indie rock-electronic band Glass Animals. The track was released in 2016 as part of their second studio album, How to Be a Human Being. The song is about a failed relationship and the feelings that come with it. The lyrics, which were written by Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley, are full of metaphors and imagery that convey the pain of being left behind.

The song is primarily about the singer’s feelings of guilt and regret after a relationship ends. The title refers to the citrus fruit, which is described as having an “acidic taste,” and is used to symbolize the bitterness of the singer’s emotions. The singer also mentions the concept of “staining the water” as a metaphor for how the pain of the breakup has changed his perspective on life.

The music video for the song was released in October 2016 and has since gained over 18 million views on YouTube. In the video, the band performs on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The video explores the idea of being adrift and how it can symbolize the loneliness that comes with heartache.

The lyrics of “Tangerine” have been praised for their poignancy and for their ability to capture the pain of unrequited love. According to Rolling Stone, the song is “a powerful exploration of how love can leave us feeling lost and stranded.” The track has become a fan-favorite and it continues to resonate with listeners all around the world.

The song has been praised for its

Musical Elements

Tangerine by Glass Animals is an eclectic piece of music that blends together a bevy of musical elements. It takes the listener on a sonic journey of soundscapes, from a deep beat to a delicate piano rhythm and a soulful vocal melody. The song combines a vast array of instruments and noises, coming together to create a dreamy atmosphere.

The track opens with chord progressions on a Rhodes electric piano. A steady beat filled with samples of crunchy synths and soft percussive sounds build underneath the melodic piano. Layers of warm backing vocals add to the atmosphere. The beat intensifies with a distorted bass guitar and drums, adding to the already powerful sonic landscape.

The chorus is the highlight of the song. The beat switches up with a heavy drum and bass pattern that drives the song forward. The vocal melody plays off of the chord progression, creating a catchy and memorable hook. The outro of the song features a soft piano melody that is accompanied by a filtered vocal sample.

Tangerine by Glass Animals is a creative and unique piece of music that combines a variety of musical elements to create a captivating atmosphere. It is a perfect example of how to use a blend of sounds and instruments to create a vibrant and evocative sonic landscape. From the subtle piano rhythms to the heavy bassline, the song creates a captivating atmosphere that will keep the listener engaged and entertained.


The lyrics of the song “Tangerine” by the band Glass Animals has held a special place in the hearts of fans since its release in 2016. The song is often cited as being one of the most meaningful and thought-provoking songs of its time. The song’s lyrics explore a variety of themes, including the power of nostalgia, longing for a simpler life, and the pain of heartache and loss.

The lyrics of “Tangerine” have been interpreted in many different ways, but the themes of nostalgia and longing remain constant. In the song, the narrator yearns for a simpler life, one that is removed from all the distractions of modern life. This longing is captured in the lines “And I, I feel the tangerine, I remember what it means, I want to live that life again.” This line reflects the narrator’s desire to go back to a simpler time, one where things were more peaceful and straightforward.

The song’s lyrics also explore the pain of heartache and loss. This can be seen in the lines “Can I love you more than I’ve ever known? Can I love you more even when I’m alone?” This line reflects the narrator’s feelings of longing and sadness after a break-up. The narrator wants to show how much they still love the person even after they’ve moved on.

The lyrics of “Tangerine” have resonated with listeners


Tangerine by Glass Animals is an alt-rock song from their third album Dreamland. It has become one of their most popular songs and its lyrics have been widely discussed and interpreted in various ways.

The song’s chorus includes the lyrics “Don’t you feel so tangerine?” which has been interpreted to be about a sense of being out of place and the desire to fit in. This interpretation is often attributed to the song’s themes of identity and self-love as well as its upbeat production, which gives the song a dreamy, surreal feeling.

The verses of the song are also packed with symbolism and imagery. The line “I’m a rabbit in the headlights” has been interpreted to represent feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a situation, while “I’m a strawberry in a wine glass” could be seen as a metaphor for being taken advantage of.

The song also explores themes of nostalgia and childhood, with lines such as “The days of our youth” and “Tangerine, like the roof of my mouth when I was eight”. These could be interpreted to be about looking back fondly on those carefree days, or alternatively, missing the innocence of childhood.

The song has resonated with many listeners and is currently Glass Animals’ second-most popular song on Spotify, with over 80 million streams. It also appeared in the top five in the UK singles chart, which shows its widespread appeal and the


“Tangerine” by Glass Animals truly captures the essence of a summer romance. Its dreamy, melancholic sound, with its subtle yet powerful lyrics, makes it a perfect track to listen to when thinking about a loved one. The song serves as a reminder that sometimes a summer fling can be a beautiful thing, no matter how short-lived it may be. Listening to “Tangerine” will surely bring back fond memories of summer love and the bittersweet emotions that come with it. With its creative and emotive sound, this track will remain a favorite for many years to come. So if you’re ever in need of some summer romance vibes, take a break and listen to “Tangerine” by Glass Animals – you won’t regret it!