Tems Lyrics

Tems lyrics are some of the most thought-provoking and creative words to ever exist in the music industry. I have been a fan of her music for years, and I am constantly in awe of how she can craft such meaningful and poetic lyrics. Her songs are inspired by her life experiences, and she manages to capture complex and diverse emotions in a few words. Tems lyrics reflect her Afrofusion sound and her ability to blend different genres of music. Every time I listen to her music, I am taken on a journey through her lyrical world. Whether it is a slow jam or an up-tempo song, Tems lyrics always captivate my attention.

Tems – Free Mind (Lyrics)


What are Tems Lyrics

Tems is a Nigerian-born alternative R&B artist who has captivated the music industry with her soulful voice and emotionally charged lyrics. Her evocative songwriting style has been praised by fans and critics alike, and her earworm-y melodies have gained her millions of streams worldwide. With her unique sound, Tems is redefining the genre of R&B and pushing the boundaries of music production.

Tems’ lyrics are incredibly intimate and revealing, often discussing themes of love, heartbreak, and self-reflection. Her words evoke an emotional response from her listeners, allowing them to connect to her art on a deeper level. In her song, “Try Me”, she sings, “I’m not perfect but I’m worth it cuz I try, try, try.” These words serve as a powerful reminder to listeners that even when we make mistakes, we are still worth it.

Tems’ lyrics also advocate for self-love and acceptance. In her song, “Interference”, she encourages listeners to practice self-care and to look after their own mental health, singing, “I just need some interference, just some time to clear my head.” Through her lyrics, Tems is inspiring her fans to prioritize their wellbeing and to take care of themselves.

Tems’ lyrics have resonated with many fans around the world, and her music has been streamed over 230 million times on Spotify alone. She has reached #

Tems’ Early Career

Tems is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose career has been rising in the music industry since her debut in 2019. The singer-songwriter is known for her real-life lyrics, soulful vocals, and captivating sound. She has been featured in numerous hits, such as “Try Me” and “Mr Rebel”, and has received multiple awards, including the AFRIMA award for Best Female Artist in West Africa.

Since her music career began, Tems has graced stages in various parts of the world, from Lagos to London and even Los Angeles, and has collaborated with notable stars such as WurlD, Davido, and Wizkid. She has also released her own EP, For Broken Ears, which has been met with critical acclaim and has spawned her first major hit, “Damages”.

Tems’ music is deeply rooted in the stories of her generation. Her lyrics are often honest and direct, touching on topics like heartbreak, empowerment, and inequality. Her songs are often seen as anthems of hope and resilience, as she passionately sings about overcoming obstacles and finding inner strength.

Tems has won multiple awards in the past few years, including the Headies Awards for Best Vocal Performance (Female) and Best Alternative Song. She was also listed as one of the “15 African Artists to Watch in 2021” by BBC and one of the “20 Most Promising African Artists” by OkayAfrica.

Tems’ Popular Tracks

Tems is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her music is known for its unique combination of traditional afropop and alternative R&B sounds, making her one of the most celebrated African female artists of recent years. Her unique sound and lyrics have captured the attention of millions of listeners around the globe.

Tems’ most popular tracks include “Try Me”, “Mr Rebel”, and “Damages”, with “Try Me” being the most streamed song out of the three. Her lyrics are known for their thought-provoking themes and heartfelt melodies. She often writes about the struggles of everyday life, relationships, and mental health, making her music relatable and therapeutic for many.

Tems’ emotionally charged lyrics and soulful sound have earned her numerous awards and recognition from fellow artists. She has been featured in Rolling Stone, BBC, and NPR, among other notable publications. According to Apple Music, her song “Damages” was the most popular Nigerian hit of 2020, and “Try Me” was the 3rd most streamed song by a female artist in the African continent in 2020.

Tems’ music has resonated with many and has encouraged many to channel their emotions into art. She has become a source of inspiration for artists all over the world, and her music has been featured in a variety of films, television shows, and advertisements.

Tems’ music is an example of how music can be

Songwriting Style

When it comes to songwriting, Tems has stamped her unique style in the music industry. She is known for her thoughtful and poetic lyrics. With her distinct sound and relatable lyrics, her music has resonated with listeners from around the world. Her lyricism is often described as being filled with vivid imagery and deep reflection.

Tems has achieved her unique style by utilizing a variety of weaponry. She often uses metaphors and analogies to describe emotions, creating an intensity that draws the listener in. As a result, her music carries an emotional weight that is both captivating and moving. She also draws inspiration from her personal experiences, allowing her to further emphasize her feelings and perspectives.

Her music has been praised by critics and has been recognized by the NAACP Image Awards. Her single, Try Me, peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200—making Tems the first Nigerian female artist to reach the chart. As her career continues to grow, Tems’ lyrics are sure to remain a model of songwriting excellence.

Tems has become an inspiration to many upcoming artists. By combining her poetic lyricism with her vivid storytelling style, she has crafted a signature sound and style that sets her apart. With her impressive accomplishments in the music industry, Tems continues to show why she is a leader in the genre. It is clear that her creative approach to songwriting will live on for many years to come.

Musical Influences

Tems lyrics are known for their artful compositions that draw heavily from the Nigerian music scene. From Afrobeat to rap, her works are an ode to the musical influences that have shaped her sound. Tems has cited the likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, Nonso Amadi, and Odunsi as inspirations for her music. She embraces her African heritage in her lyrics, blending traditional sounds with modern day R&B and hip-hop to create a unique sound that resonates with her fans. Tems’ songs are also notable for their deep and meaningful lyrics, which often explore themes of love, heartbreak, and women’s empowerment. Her single “Try Me” was nominated for Best Performance at the 2020 Headies Awards, cementing her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Tems’ Impact

The Nigeria music scene has been on the rise for the past few years and one of the biggest artists to break out from the pack is Tems. With her signature afrobeats vibe and conscious lyrics, Tems has quickly become a fan favorite. Her music has resonated with the Nigerian youth and has become an anthem for the generation.

Tems’ lyrics are often a reflection of the struggles of the everyday Nigerian. She speaks to social issues such as mental health, relationships, and identity. Her ability to effectively capture these topics in her music has made her a source of inspiration for many. Her songs bring hope and encouragement to those that relate to her words.

In the past year alone, Tems has made several chart-topping hits. Her song “Damages” was the first Afrobeats track to be certified platinum in Nigeria. Her other singles “Try Me” and “Ice T” were also included in the top 10 songs of 2020 in Nigeria.

Tems has also been featured in various magazines, newspapers and tv shows. She has used her platform to speak out on social issues and offer advice to her fans. In addition to her music, she has also established a charity foundation to provide food and support to those in need.

Ultimately, Tems has become a cultural icon for her generation. She has an undeniable influence on her fans and beyond. Her hard work and dedication continue to inspire and her impact is felt throughout the Nigeria music scene.

Fan Reception

The reception of Tems’ lyrics has been overwhelmingly positive. She is known for her use of storytelling in her songs, her expressive delivery and her lyrical depth. Her music paints a vivid picture of the lives and emotions of her listeners, particularly young people. The themes of her music are often relatable to the everyday experiences of her fans, which has led to an increase in her fan base over the years. According to statistics from the Nigerian Music Industry, her music has been streamed over 200 million times on various platforms. Tems has also been featured in several international and local publications, such as Rolling Stone, Complex and Pulse Nigeria, further solidifying her place as a prominent voice in today’s music culture.


analyzing the lyrics of popular songs can be both fun and educational. We can learn about the culture of the time period, the artist’s feelings and experiences, and even about ourselves. Music is a powerful medium, and understanding its lyrics can give us a better sense of our own feelings and experiences. It can be a great way to explore our own emotions and to gain a better understanding of the world around us. It can also provide us with a sense of connection, as we can relate to the lyrics and express ourselves in new ways. Music has the power to touch our hearts and enrich our lives, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to explore it through these lyrics. Let’s continue to appreciate music and its lyrics – it can bring us joy and understanding.