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As a fan of soul and funk music, I have always been a big admirer of James Brown’s work. His musical style is unique and unrivaled, and he has provided us with a huge array of timeless classics over the years. One of his most iconic songs is “Try Me”, which is still a favorite of mine to this day. In this article, I will be discussing the lyrics of “Try Me” and breaking down the meaning behind them. I will also be exploring the background of the song and discussing the impact it has had on music and culture. So, let’s dive into the lyrics of “Try Me” by James Brown.

Try me – James Brown Lyrics


Try Me Lyrics

The legendary James Brown hit Try Me is a soulful classic that has been around since 1958. It was written by James Brown and Johnny Terry and produced by Smash Records. It debuted on the U.S. R&B and Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1959 and peaked at number two. It’s known for its catchy rhythmic groove and simple lyrics.

Try Me is about a man trying to win the heart of a woman. Throughout the song, the singer urges her to try him and give him a chance. He assures her that he will love her and treat her right if she does. The song is filled with optimism and hope that his efforts will pay off.

Try Me has been covered and sampled by numerous artists over the years, including David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey. It has been featured in television series and movies such as The Wire, Better Off Dead, and Coming to America. It’s also been used as the backdrop for fashion shows and car commercials.

The song continues to be a popular choice among soul music fans and is recognized as an historic piece of music that has stood the test of time. Try Me is an important part of James Brown’s legacy and remains a staple in soul music culture.

Verse 1

James Brown is the renowned “Godfather of Soul”, and the opening lines of “Try Me” set the stage for the classic soul groove the song will become. Released in 1959, “Try Me” skyrocketed to the top 10 on the R&B charts, eventually earning the distinction of becoming the most successful single of Brown’s career. In the opening verse, Brown sings about a woman who he believes deserves the chance to give love a try. He is willing to take the risk, telling her “you’ll never know how good it can be, unless you try me.” This sentiment is one that has resonated with listeners for more than sixty years, and its lyrics are as relatable now as they were in 1959.

The success of “Try Me” paved the way for James Brown to become one of the most beloved entertainers in the world. His influence on popular music is still felt today, and his music has become iconic in the annals of history. “Try Me” is a classic example of Brown’s signature sound, and its lyrics are as timeless as the artist himself.


James Brown’s iconic song “Try Me” was released in 1958 and quickly became one of the most memorable soul records of the era. The chorus of the song has been sampled and referenced numerous times in the ensuing decades. It contains the iconic line, “Try me, I know I can satisfy you,” and it’s no wonder why this chestnut of soul music has been so popular over the years.

James Brown’s relevance and influence on popular music has stood the test of time and continues to be felt to this day. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, James Brown is the 7th most sampled artist in history. His music has been sampled over 2000 times, which includes artists like Mariah Carey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Public Enemy.

The legendary producer and musician Quincy Jones once said, “There would be no hip-hop without James Brown.” That’s because his music has been sampled in an estimated 1,500 hip-hop recordings, from LL Cool J to Kanye West. Brown’s influence helped shape the foundation of the genre.

The chorus of “Try Me” has been the perfect sample for many artists over the years who have wanted to capture the soulful feel of the original. From the Rolling Stones to Big Daddy Kane, this classic line has been used in countless rap and hip-hop songs. The song is also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto V, further proving the timelessness of the catchy phrase.

James Brown’s classic song “Try Me”

Verse 2

James Brown’s “Try Me” is an R&B classic. Released in 1958, it was Brown’s second chart-topping single. Its chorus- “try me one more time”- was an instant hit.

The song’s second verse is especially noteworthy. In it, Brown sings about his determination to succeed, despite the odds. He is resilient and refuses to give up. The lyrics read: “Got a heart full of desire, I’m gonna try and reach the top, I’m gonna try me, try me, try me, try me, one more time.”

The song is an anthem of sorts, encouraging listeners to keep pushing in the face of adversity. It is a powerful message and has resonated with fans for over 60 years. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, “Try Me” is one of the 500 songs that have shaped rock and roll.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this is the song to listen to. Its powerful lyrics can act as a catalyst to reach for success despite the odds. As Brown sings, “All I need is another try, I’m gonna make it if I try, try me, try me one more time.” Through its timeless message, we can all learn a lesson in resilience from James Brown and “Try Me.”


According to Songfacts, “Try Me” was James Brown’s first recorded single released in 1958. This song has become a classic and is still popular today. The bridge of “Try Me” is a particularly memorable part of the song and contains the lines “Try me, I know you want to, try me, I’m sure you need to, try me, I’m not too hard to please.”

The bridge of “Try Me” speaks to the idea of being open-minded and giving someone a chance. It suggests that there is something to be gained from trying something new, and that it doesn’t need to be a difficult or overwhelming experience. The bridge is a reminder to people to take risks, and to not let fear of the unknown stop them from exploring and experiencing new things.

James Brown’s influence on popular music is undeniable. He was one of the first artists to combine multiple musical styles, like funk and soul, and create a unique sound. His music has been sampled by countless popular artists, including Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye West.

The bridge of “Try Me” is a reminder to people to take chances and not be afraid to try something new. The message is timeless and speaks to the idea of courage and taking risks. For those looking to explore new music, James Brown is a great place to start. His music has influenced numerous genres and he has left a lasting legacy in the music industry.


As one of the most iconic songs of James Brown, “Try Me” has been covered by many artists over the years. Released in 1958, it reached number one on the R&B chart and remained there for nine weeks. The song has a simple yet powerful message encouraging listeners to never give up. Its uplifting chorus strikes a chord with many people, and its staying power is apparent in its frequent covers.

The lyrics of “Try Me” are encouraging and full of hope. They were written by Brown himself, and the song was recorded in New York City. The outro of the song is particularly powerful, with the words “Try me one more time, and you won’t be sorry” repeated several times. This line is a reminder to never give up, no matter how dark the circumstances may seem.

The influence of “Try Me” can be seen in many different genres, from hip-hop to rock. It has been covered by artists such as The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, and even Whitney Houston. This is a testament to the song’s enduring message and its ability to speak to different generations of people.

The success of “Try Me” is widely attributed to its inspiring lyrics and infectious beat. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and was ranked #242 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. The song is featured in numerous collections celebrating James Brown’s music, including his box set Star Time

Musical Analysis

James Brown is a renowned artist who has influenced the music world for decades. His iconic song “Try Me” is a representation of his signature soulful blues sound. The track was released in 1958 and charted at number one on the Billboard R&B chart. It was also Brown’s first song to be certified gold.

The lyrics of the song depict a man’s plea to a woman to be patient and try to stay with him, despite his flaws. The song’s ingenious composition and the heartfelt vocal performance by Brown helped him to capture the audience’s attention. The use of blues chord progressions and repetitive riffs helped craft a unique sound that has stood the test of time.

Furthermore, the lyrics are cleverly written and contain several metaphors. Brown’s vocal style is quite distinctive and his phrasing is masterful. His high notes and vibrato help to emphasize the emotion of the song. It is considered one of Brown’s greatest works and a classic blues track.

The success of the song has been measured by its lasting legacy. The song is frequently sampled by many modern artists and has been covered by multiple contemporary artists. It has been cited as a major influence by several big names in the music industry, such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and Beyoncé.

Overall, James Brown’s “Try Me” is a powerful and timeless classic. With its clever lyrics and unique musical composition, it is no surprise the track has endured


“Try Me” by James Brown will always be a classic song for generations to come. It has a timeless message of hope and resilience that will continue to inspire people for years to come. The lyrics have a powerful energy that can motivate us to keep trying, no matter the circumstances. After all, James Brown reminds us that “the key of life is try”. The song’s upbeat tempo and jazzy melody make it a fun and uplifting song to listen to, no matter the mood. So, if you ever need a pick-me-up, give “Try Me” by James Brown a listen. You won’t regret it!