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Are you looking for a song to describe your current relationship status? If so, you might want to consider ‘We’re Just Friends’ by singer/songwriter Ryan Higa. This catchy tune perfectly encapsulates the bittersweetness of a platonic relationship. In this article, I’ll be exploring the lyrics of ‘We’re Just Friends’ and analyzing how the song expresses the feelings of a friendship-turned-romantic. The song’s catchy chorus and clever wordplay make it a fun and meaningful tune that you can listen to again and again. So whether you’re stuck in the friend zone or just looking for a song to share with your buddies, ‘

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“Were Just Friends”

The pop-rock ballad “Were Just Friends” was written and performed by the band, The Higher. It was released as the third single from their 2009 album, “The End Is Now”. The song tells the story of a young couple who are struggling to stay together while coming to terms with the fact that they may just be better off as friends.

Since its release, “Were Just Friends” has been streamed over 15 million times on Spotify and peaked at number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The Higher vocalist, Alex Vasquez, has said that this song is about the “tension between wanting to stay together and the reality of just being friends”.

The music video for “Were Just Friends” features a young couple arguing and eventually separating. It was directed by Eric Wohlfeld and has over 11 million views on YouTube. The video conveys a feeling of heartache and longing that many viewers have been able to relate to.

Despite its relatively low chart performance, “Were Just Friends” has become a beloved fan favorite and an anthem of unrequited love for The Higher’s many fans. It has also been featured in many movies and television shows, including “Gossip Girl” and “Trouble Is My Business”.

The lyrics are raw and honest, showcasing the band’s ability to craft meaningful music that resonates with their audience. Whether you listen to “Were Just Friends” to reminisce about a past relationship or to anticipate the future, it’s sure to evoke emotion.

Meaning of Lyrics

Were Just Friends lyrics, as performed by the R&B singer, Tank, tell a familiar story of unrequited love. Although the phrase “just friends” is often used to let someone down gently, Tank’s lyrics tell a much more heartbreaking story. He passionately sings of his love for this person, lamenting how both of them can feel the same way but can never express it.

The lyrics can be interpreted as a metaphor for society’s restrictions on relationships and the struggle many people experience when it comes to love. Tank narrates his story with a relatable and emotional performance, making it one of the most well-known love songs of all time. It’s no surprise that the song peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains one of the most popular singles from Tank’s album.

The lyrics also represent a common experience for many young people. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that nearly one in three adolescents in the U.S. experience unrequited love. According to data from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, over half of individuals aged 14 to 24 have experienced an unrequited crush.

Although it can be difficult, it is important to remember that unrequited love is a normal part of life and is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it’s through the lyrics of Tank’s song or through the words of a friend, it is essential to remember that you are not alone.

Were Just Friends by Tank

Analysis of Song

Were Just Friends by Lyfe Jennings is a song that speaks to the struggles of maintaining a platonic relationship when there are hidden feelings between two people. The song starts off addressing the difficulties of not being able to act on the feelings and how it is ultimately detrimental to both parties. In the chorus, Jennings acknowledges that although this situation is not ideal, remaining just friends is the best option.

The lyrics of the song focus on the pain of having to suppress these feelings. Jennings argues that although it’s tempting, it’s in both of their best interests to remain “just friends” because acting on them would only cause more heartache and complications. His lyrics suggest that the best thing to do is to acknowledge the feelings and move on.

The music video for the song emphasizes this point. It shows two people being close with each other in a variety of settings, including a beach and a carnival. While the visuals are lighthearted and joyful, they also show Jennings’ struggle and the internal tension between the two people. It also highlights the idea that even if they can’t act on their feelings, they can still be friends.

The song resonates with people struggling to maintain a platonic relationship with someone with whom they’re in love. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, over 60% of participants had experienced unrequited love. Were Just Friends acts as a reminder that while it may be difficult to suppress these feelings, it’s the best decision for everyone involved

Musical Style

The song “We’re Just Friends” by American singer-songwriter, Jhené Aiko, is a soulful, flowing R&B tune. It features a mellow, yet upbeat vibe, with smooth, jazzy drum and bass lines. Aiko’s soft and ethereal voice is a perfect accompaniment to the gentle, mid-tempo melody. The song speaks to a relationship that has ended, but two people remain close. It is a reflection of the bittersweetness of loving someone, but ultimately being unable to be together.

The song’s musical style has been compared to the likes of Sade, Anita Baker, and Erykah Badu, with its classic R&B elements mixed with more modern, jazzy sounds. The instrumentation is minimal, relying heavily on piano, bass, and drums to drive the track. It is a perfect example of how less can be more in the realm of music production.

The lyrics are simple and straightforward, yet very effective. Aiko speaks to the situation of two people who are not together, but still maintain a deep connection. She also touches on feelings of guilt, regret, and lost opportunities that accompany the situation. Her use of simile and metaphor help to convey these emotions in a creative way.

In conclusion, “We’re Just Friends” is an upbeat, soulful track that speaks to the bittersweet feeling of loving someone, but ultimately not being able to be together. Its musical style blends classic elements of R&B with more

Production Elements

A big part of the success of any song lies in its production. Good production elements create a cohesive composition and can be the difference between having a good song and having a great one. When it comes to the song “We’re Just Friends”, production elements are no exception. The track was produced by Marlon “Rvssian” Venegas, a Jamaican music producer who has worked on tracks with some of the biggest names in music, including Drake and Rihanna. His production style marries electronic elements with reggae and hip-hop elements, creating a unique sound. He uses samples, synthesizers, and drum machines to create a combination of sounds that keep the listener enthralled. He also uses vocal effects to add texture and depth to the track. This combination of production elements makes “We’re Just Friends” stand out from other songs in the same genre. It is an example of how using the right mix of production elements can create a masterpiece.

Reception & Legacy

The hit single, “We’re Just Friends,” released by the musical superstars, Twenty One Pilots, instantly became a worldwide phenomenon. Since its release, the song has been streamed over 690 million times on Spotify, making it one of the most popular songs of the decade. The lyrics of the song capture the feeling of being in a complicated relationship and the fear of ruining a friendship by crossing boundaries. It is a perfect combination of melodic sounds and emotional depth that resonates with fans of all ages.

The song’s reception was immediate, as it topped the Top 40 charts in over fifteen countries and held the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard chart for six weeks. It has also been the focus of numerous covers, remixes, and parodies that have made it an even bigger hit.

The song has also made an indelible mark on contemporary culture, with its words frequently quoted on social media platforms and used in many movies and television shows. In addition, the song has been used as an anthem for those struggling with complicated friendships and relationships.

The song’s success has been credited to its message of hope and friendship, and its popularity is still going strong. The music video for “We’re Just Friends” has been viewed over 300 million times on YouTube, cementing it as an iconic song of the era. It is an ever-present reminder of the power of friendship and the importance of understanding each other’s boundaries.

Music Video

The music video for ‘We’re Just Friends’ by Kiana Lede was released in February 2020 and quickly became a hit, garnering over 50 million views in just a few months. The video, directed by frequent collaborator David Strbik, draws inspiration from the lyrics of the song, which detail the struggles of trying to maintain a platonic relationship with someone you have feelings for.

The video stars Canadian actors KJ Apa and Vanessa Morgan as the two friends, struggling with the uncertainty of their relationship. With the help of extravagant sets, interesting sets, and a few dance sequences, the video brings the song to life.

The video has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, garnering positive praise from both fans and critics alike. It has been praised for its quality production values and its ability to capture the feeling and tone of the song. The video has also been acknowledged for its portrayal of a healthy platonic relationship, which is something that is often overlooked.

The music video brings the beautiful song to life, while also providing an important message about platonic relationships and respecting boundaries. It’s no surprise that the video has been a success, and it’s clear that ‘We’re Just Friends’ is going to be Kiana Lede’s next big hit.


“We’re Just Friends” is a melancholic song that captures the feelings of a relationship that ends without closure. The lyrics explore the difficulty of accepting the end of a relationship and the pain of moving on. The song’s yearning for resolution and understanding is a universal experience that many can relate to. The song’s message is a reminder that life is full of surprises and not all stories get a happy ending. It is a testament to the power of music to evoke emotion and reconnect us with our shared humanity. Listening to this song can help us to accept our own experiences with loss and to find the strength to move on.

We all have moments of sadness and loss, and it’s important to remember that we’re not alone in these feelings. Listening to “We’re Just Friends” can be a helpful reminder of that.