When I Am Baptized Lyrics

The lyrics to the beautiful hymn “When I Am Baptized” have been a source of inspiration and comfort for many generations. Growing up, I remember singing this song in church and feeling a sense of peace and joy. The words of this hymn have an uplifting effect and have always had a special place in my heart. It wasn’t until I was older that I began to truly understand the meaning behind the lyrics and the importance of being baptized. In this article, I will explore the lyrics of this hymn and explain why it is so meaningful.

Song Overview

When I Am Baptized is a beautiful, hymn composed by Paul L. Cook and is a favorite amongst the Christian community. This beloved song speaks of trusting in the Lord and being baptized for forgiveness and salvation. The lyrics were translated from the original Norwegian poem written by Petter F. Unstad in 1877 and have been recorded by several artists over the years.

The song is simple in its lyrical structure, with just two verses and a chorus. The lyrics are mostly comprised of biblical references, with lines such as “Jesus, Lord, I come to Thee/ Promise Thou wilt wash me/ Clean from sin and misery” emphasizing the importance of baptism and the Lord’s power. The chorus is a plea to be “ Clothed in His righteousness alone”, and speaks of being reborn through baptism.

When I Am Baptized has been covered by multiple artists over time, from The Statler Brothers, John Michael Talbot, and The Boys Choir of Harlem to the likes of Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It has been featured in several Christian movies and television shows as well, including The Chosen, Touched by an Angel, and 7th Heaven.

The lyrics of When I Am Baptized show that we are all forgiven and cleansed of our sins if we accept Jesus into our lives and are willing to be baptized. It is a powerful reminder that although we are imperfect, we can be saved and renewed through the Lord’s love and mercy. This beloved hymn is

Verse One: Lyrics Meaning

The song “When I Am Baptized” is a classic hymn from the Latter-day Saint tradition. Written by Egbert F. Watson in the late 1920s, the song remains one of the most beloved of our hymns today. The first verse of the song talks about being “renewed” and “cleansed” through baptism. It is a powerful reminder of the power of baptism to transform us spiritually and bring us closer to God.

When we are baptized, we make a covenant with God to follow Him and live according to His will. The lyrics focus on the promises made during baptism and the peace and joy that come with being in a relationship with the Lord. In the first verse, the lyrics speak of the joy of being “born again,” of being “washed clean in the tide” of baptism. This imagery of a tide is common in baptismal songs, as it symbolizes the cleansing power of the act.

The lyrics also emphasize the importance of baptism not just as an outward sign of commitment, but as a way to receive the Holy Spirit. This is a key part of Latter-day Saint theology and is referenced in the lyrics: “The Spirit will be my guide and my light/As I follow in His sight.” The song is a beautiful reminder of the power of baptism and the importance of following the will of the Lord.

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Chorus: The Blessing of Baptism

Baptism is an important part of many religious traditions. It is a ceremony where someone is cleansed of their sins and welcomed into a faith. The lyrics of the song “When I am Baptized” by Elder Dennis B. Neilsen are a beautiful expression of faith in the power of baptism.

The chorus of the song states, “When I am baptized in Jesus’ name, I am no longer the same; sins are washed away, I have a brand new start today.” These lyrics express the cleansing power of baptism and the fresh start one may have when they are baptized in the name of Jesus.

The song also expresses the blessings associated with baptism. It states, “The Spirit of God, like a dove, descends from above. And I feel the power, I’m filled with love.” This lyric expresses the feeling of joy that is associated with baptism and the love of God that follows from it.

The ritual of baptism has been practiced for centuries in many religious traditions around the world. According to one survey, approximately 66% of adults in the United States reported they had been baptized as part of a religious ceremony. This number is reflective of the importance of baptism in many religious traditions.

The lyrics of “When I am Baptized” highlight the importance and power of baptism, as well as the joy and love that comes with it. By reflecting on these beautiful lyrics, individuals can further appreciate the strength and blessings of baptism in their own faith.

Verse Two: Growing in Faith

The second verse of the song “When I Am Baptized” is a beautiful reflection of the growing faith journey. It states, “When I am baptized in Jesus’ name, Heav’n’s gate will open wide; When I am baptized, my soul is free, To walk and talk with God.” This song reflects the joy and growth that we experience when we are baptized. Baptism is a meaningful sacrament for Christians, as it is a public declaration of faith and a symbol of new life in Christ.

According to statistics from the National Association of Evangelicals, 83% of Americans believe that baptism is important and should be done soon after conversion. In addition, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod estimates that nearly 93% of their members have been baptized. These numbers demonstrate that baptism is an important and cherished part of the Christian faith.

Most Christians seek baptism at a church or with family and friends present. During the ceremony, the person being baptized is immersed in water and a prayer is often said on their behalf. Following baptism, many Christians are welcomed into a church family and experience a newfound sense of love and support.

No matter your background, age, or denomination, baptism is an important step of faith. It is a powerful way to publicly declare your faith and begin a new life in Christ. May we all remember the joy and hope that comes with being baptized and grow in our faith every day.

Bridge: The Power of Covenants

The bridge of the hymn “When I Am Baptized” speaks to the power of covenants. This bridge is particularly meaningful as it casually highlights the importance of covenants, an essential element of the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Covenants are two-way promises between God and us, and they have the power to safeguard us from temporal and spiritual dangers. According to a study by the Church, when members make and keep promises with God, they are more likely to stay in church and be less likely to become inactive.

Covenants also have the potential to protect us from the influence of the adversary. The atonement of Jesus Christ gives us the strength to overcome temptation and give us the power to make and keep covenants. These covenants provide us with spiritual power and protection in our everyday lives. Additionally, these covenants deepen our connection with God and allow us to become more like him.

Covenants, formed with the help of the Holy Ghost, give us the strength to choose the right and stay true to our beliefs. Living up to our covenants gives us a sense of purpose in life and can bring to us a deep sense of joy. In the hymn “When I Am Baptized”, the bridge speaks to this power of covenants. The bridge’s words remind us that when we make covenants with God, we can trust in him to protect us and help us stay on the path of righteousness.

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Chorus Outro: Commitment to Follow Christ

When I Am Baptized is a popular Christian hymn written by Paul L. Oakley in 1977. Its lyrical message of faith and commitment to Jesus Christ is featured in many church services, and continues to be an anthem for church members. In the chorus outro, the song speaks of making a commitment to follow Christ and be devoted to Him.

The song’s lyrics represent a common theme in Christian music: the decision to serve Christ and the promises that come with this commitment. The chorus encourages listeners to “keep the faith, and follow Him, his word will lead you through.” This is an inspiring and uplifting message for Christian believers.

The message of When I Am Baptized is shared with millions of Christians around the world. According to a 2018 report by the Pew Research Center, there were over 2.2 billion Christians in the world, representing nearly a third of the world’s population. This song speaks directly to this audience and provides a message of hope and encouragement.

When I Am Baptized is also a popular choice for baptisms and other Christian ceremonies. It speaks to the significant spiritual transformation that takes place when someone chooses to commit to Jesus Christ. The song’s lyrics can also serve as a reminder for believers to stay strong in their faith.

When I Am Baptized provides a powerful and meaningful message for Christian believers. Whether used in a church service or as part of a personal worship setting, the song is sure to be a reminder of the power of faith and


“When I Am Baptized” captures the essence of the baptismal covenant and the joy of being a part of God’s kingdom. It is a beautiful song of commitment and dedication to our Heavenly Father, and to the covenants we’ve made with Him. This song has the power to help us remember our promises and our commitment to living a Christ-like life. I have found that singing this song can bring me a feeling of peace and assurance that I am doing the right thing. I hope that this article has helped you to appreciate the power and beauty of “When I Am Baptized” and that you can use it to help you draw closer to our Heavenly Father. May we each take the time to reflect on the promises we have made and to recommit ourselves to keeping those sacred covenants.