Wont He Do It Lyrics

As a fan of the artist, I have been anxiously waiting for the release of the song ‘Won’t He Do It’. I have been a fan of this artist for quite a while now and I am excited to see what they have in store for us with this song. As soon as I heard the release of this song, I instantly felt an urge to dive deeper and analyze the lyrics. After listening to the song multiple times, I have come to the conclusion that the lyrics are full of meaning and emotion. In this article, I am going to analyze the lyrics of ‘Won’t He Do It’ and explain why the song is so powerful.

Wont He Do It

The gospel song “Won’t He Do It” by Koryn Hawthorne has become a favorite among believers around the world. Its uplifting lyrics and soulful melody offer a perfect reminder of how powerful and faithful God is. The song’s lyrics convey a deep faith that our Lord will come through in any and every situation.

The lyrics encourage the listener to have faith in God’s plan, even when faced with adversity. The song highlights that with faith, any challenges we are facing can be overcome – because God always has a greater plan. The song speaks of the Lord’s unfailing love, and how He is faithful to us no matter what.

The song has become immensely popular since its 2018 release, with over 57 million views on YouTube. It has also become a staple in Christian music, with many artists and churches performing it in their Sunday services. It has even been sampled in songs by prominent artists such as Drake and Kanye West.

The song’s message is one of hope and faith. It reminds us that no matter how difficult things may seem, God will always be with us and will provide us with the strength we need to get through any challenge. As the song says “He won’t fail, He won’t change, He won’t forget, He’s faithful – and I know He won’t leave me”.

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Overview of Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a multi-award winning gospel artist, songwriter, and producer. He has won 10 Grammys, 44 Stellar Awards, and has sold over 10 million albums worldwide. He is one of the top gospel artists of all time and widely renowned for his influence and work in the gospel music industry. His song “Won’t He Do It” is a classic gospel anthem that was released in 2005 and instantly became a hit. The song is inspired by faith and encourages listeners to trust in God and believe in the power of prayer. It’s a reminder to keep believing even when life gets hard and to put faith in God’s plan. With its uplifting and soulful lyrics, “Won’t He Do It” is a timeless song that continues to be performed and loved by audiences.

Kirk Franklin’s Inspiration

Kirk Franklin’s ‘Won’t He Do It’ is an inspirational, viral hit that’s been inspiring listeners for years. Franklin’s lyrics are an ode to the all-powerful God, praising his authority and majesty. The song is empowering and uplifting, and it was inspired by Franklin’s own difficult journey. At the time, he was struggling with his faith, and it was his own spiritual growth that fueled the song’s writing. According to Franklin, he was inspired by his own experience of being in a place of spiritual darkness and feeling the power of God’s love and grace.

The song has become a powerful anthem and has been a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. Over time, it has become a popular song with over 35 million streams on Spotify, and it has been featured on television shows such as Empire and The Voice. Additionally, it has been covered by several top artists, including Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

The music video for the song has an additional powerful message, and it features people from all different backgrounds and cultures, demonstrating that God’s power is all encompassing. The video has been viewed over 25 million times on YouTube and has earned a VMA nomination for Best Gospel Video.

Kirk Franklin’s ‘Won’t He Do It’ is an inspirational, powerful song that has been a source of hope and faith for many. It’s a reminder of

Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The song ‘Won’t He Do It’ by Koryn Hawthorne has resonated with listeners due to its uplifting and inspiring lyrics. The song speaks to the power of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity. It encourages listeners to trust in God and the promise of his power, no matter the challenges one faces.

The song’s chorus speaks of faith and strength: “No, He won’t let go, no, He won’t break His promise, no, He won’t let go, won’t He do it?” This theme is echoed in the song’s bridge: “He will come through, never give up, He will come through, if we just hold on.” These lyrics contain a powerful message of hope, faith, and resilience that speaks to the hearts of people from all walks of life.

It is no surprise that ‘Won’t He Do It’ has resonated so deeply with listeners. A study published by the University of Michigan found that religious music can have a significant impact on people’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Those who listened to religious music experienced feelings of comfort, reassurance, and optimism.

The lyrics of ‘Won’t He Do It’ capture the spirit of this research. They speak to the power of faith and courage in times of hardship. They offer listeners a reminder of hope and the promise of God’s power.

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Verses of the Song

Won’t He Do It is a song by gospel artist, Koryn Hawthorne, released in 2018. The lyrics of the song encourage reflection on faith and hope, through the story of a believer’s journey of faith. The song quickly rose to the number one spot on the gospel music charts and was nominated for a Dove Award for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Song of the Year.

The lyrics of the song focus on the idea that God will answer prayers no matter how difficult the situation. It speaks to God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, even in the midst of trials and tribulations. The chorus of the song states, “I’m not gonna worry ’cause I know He will come through, won’t He do it? I’m holding on, I’m standing strong, He’s never failed me, no He won’t fail me now.”

The verses of the song contain powerful metaphors to illustrate the story of the believer. The first verse speaks of how God can lift us up like an eagle and shield us from our enemies. The second verse speaks of how God can turn a dark night into a bright morning. The third verse speaks of how God can make the desert bloom like a rose, no matter how barren it may be.

The song is a reminder of God’s power and commitment to us, no matter how difficult the journey. It has become an anthem of hope for those who are in tough times, and a reminder of faith and God’s love. It is estimated that the song has been shared and streamed over 3

Themes Reflected in the Song

The song “Won’t He Do It” by Koryn Hawthorne reflects the overall theme of faith, hope, and trust in God. The lyrics tell a story of an individual learning to trust in God’s plan, no matter what it may be. The uplifting lyrics of the song act as a reminder that God has a plan and encourages listeners to keep the faith and never give up.

These themes are further reinforced by some of the song’s key lyrics. Hawthorne sings, “Whatever you go through, He will see you through. He will never fail, He will never leave.” Through these lyrics, Hawthorne encourages listeners to keep their faith in God, no matter what struggles they may face. This theme of faith in God is further encapsulated by the song’s chorus, “Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no / If He did it before, He’ll do it again / He will never fail, He will never fail you.”

Themes of trust and faith in God are further echoed in the figures of speech presented throughout the song. Hawthorne expresses her faith in God using a metaphor when she says “He can do it like no other,” implying that God is greater and more powerful than anything else. Additionally, Hawthorne also uses a simile when she says, “When hope is lost, He will be your lighthouse,” emphasizing that God will provide guidance and direction in times of need.

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Reception & Impact

The single “Won’t He Do It”, released by gospel artist Koryn Hawthorne in 2018, has been a major success, both critically and commercially. It rocketed to the top of the Billboard Gospel Airplay Chart, becoming the most-streamed gospel track of the year and ultimately being certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA. The song’s lyrics serves as a powerful encouragement to have faith in God to fulfill his promises, as Hawthorne sings “He will come through for me, He will show out for me, He will turn it around for me, Won’t He do it?”. It has received widespread acclaim, with Billboard praising the song as “catchy, spiritual… and truly inspirational”. Additionally, it was the most-performed gospel track of 2019 according to BMI, and was even nominated for a Grammy in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category. Clearly, “Won’t He Do It” has had an enormous impact on the gospel music industry, and will likely remain a classic for years to come.


“Won’t He Do It” is a powerful and inspiring song that reminds us to trust in God’s timing and His promise to take care of us. It encourages us to keep our faith, no matter how challenging the road ahead may seem. The song’s lyrics are a testament to Koryn Hawthorne’s faith and determination, as well as a reminder that God is always with us and willing to help us through difficult times. May we all come to trust and rely on God’s promises, and remember that He will never fail to deliver. He is always faithful and will not forsake us. Let us carry this reminder with us in all of our days and have faith that He will do it.