Young Dolph Talking To My Scale Lyrics

As a rap fan, I’m always on the lookout for new music that stands out from the crowd. The latest release from rapper Young Dolph is a testament to his lyrical prowess. His single “Talking to My Scale” has a unique subject matter and clever wordplay that make it a standout among other current rap songs. The song is an anthem for anyone who has ever wanted to make a change in their lives and has been an instant hit among fans. I’m eager to take a deeper dive into the lyrics of this track and analyze how Young Dolph has crafted a unique and meaningful song.

“Young Dolph”

Young Dolph is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is best known for his breakout track “Get Paid” in 2016, which was certified Gold in the United States. His song “Talking to My Scale” is from his seventh studio album, Role Model, which debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200.

The lyrics of “Talking to My Scale” reflect on Dolph’s life before rising to fame and how his weight has fluctuated throughout his career. The song is an anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with weight and self-confidence. He raps about being “real light” in his teenage years and then “real heavy” as he tried to make it as a rapper.

The chorus of the song is a one-sided conversation between Dolph and his scale. He tells his scale that “we ain’t gotta talk if you don’t wanna” but then goes on to explain why he’s gained weight and how he isn’t scared of it. He talks about being able to “pull off” any look regardless of his weight.

The song speaks to the power of self-love and self-acceptance. Dolph is able to recognize that no matter what his weight is, he is still a “badass” and will continue to be successful in his career. The positive message of “Talking to My Scale” encourages listeners to practice self-care and remind

Song Meaning

Young Dolph’s song “Talking to My Scale” has become an anthem for many, with its empowering and motivational message. The lyrics urge listeners to “leave the past in the past, and take care of the present.” Dolph explains that he’s been through bad times, but despite that, he has managed to stay focused and continue to move forward.

The lyrics also emphasize the importance of self-care. Dolph talks about how he listens to his scale, which is a metaphor for his inner voice. He explains that the scale has reminded him that he should be his own motivation and take care of himself before anyone else. This line is a reminder that no one can do it all on their own, and that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

The song also features other inspiring lyrics, such as “I don’t accept defeat” and “I’m making moves.” These words serve as a reminder to listeners that they should never give up on their dreams and continue to keep pushing even when times are hard.

Overall, Young Dolph’s song “Talking to My Scale” provides listeners with an inspirational and motivational message. It encourages them to never give up, take care of themselves, and stay focused on their goals. Research shows that listening to uplifting music has a positive effect on our mental health, so this song can be a great tool for helping to boost motivation and encourage positive thinking.

Verse 1: Lyrics

Young Dolph’s “Talking To My Scale” is a captivating rap song about the grind of a self-made entrepreneur. The first verse of the song paints a vivid picture of Dolph’s rise to success, with the chorus emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself. The lyrics tell a powerful story of resilience in the face of adversity and the importance of chasing one’s dreams.

The first verse begins with Dolph rapping about his hustle, with lines such as “Every day I put in work, like a surgeon with the shirt off” and “Never get caught sleepin’, I’ma keep eatin’ ’til I’m full”. Dolph then reflects on his journey and the challenges he’s faced along the way. He raps about the tenacity of his ambition, “I ain’t never been a quitter, the first time I dropped outta school, I still was a winner”.

The chorus of “Talking To My Scale” amplifies the song’s theme of self-reliance and perseverance. Dolph raps “The only person I’m talking to is my scale”, a metaphor for his focus on achieving his goals regardless of the obstacles. His message to stay focused on his own journey is further emphasized in the next line “I’ma keep going until I can walk in my own shoes”, which serves as a reminder to stay true

Verse 2: Lyrics

Young Dolph, a Grammy-nominated rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, released the single “Talking To My Scale” from his album Role Model in 2019. The song features a catchy beat and sharp rhymes, and the second verse contains some of the most thought-provoking lyrics of the song.

The second verse of “Talking To My Scale” begins with Young Dolph rapping about how he’s ‘’on a mission to make a million’’. It’s a reminder to not be complacent, to set ambitious goals, and to work harder to achieve them. He then goes on to rap about the importance of being your own motivator. He raps about the power of making something out of nothing and how to take responsibility for your actions.

The second verse of “Talking To My Scale” continues with Young Dolph rapping about understanding that money is a powerful force, but it’s not the only thing that matters. He encourages listeners to stay grounded and find solace in what truly makes them happy. The lyrics remind people that success means more than just the amount of money they make and that they should be aware of the less tangible things in life.

The second verse of “Talking To My Scale” is a powerful reminder of the importance of setting goals, taking responsibility for your actions, and finding balance in life. It’s a great message for anyone looking for motivation and wanting to make something out of nothing. For more insights

Verse 3: Lyrics

Young Dolph’s “Talking to my Scale” is a musical piece off of his 2019 album, Role Model. It is a reflection on the rapper’s struggles and successes as he recounts his journey from the streets to the rap game. The third verse of this song specifically, talks about his newfound success and how his life now consists of counting money and celebrating victories.

The lyrics of the third verse read “My life is like a movie, I’m like a king in it, Counting up money, sippin’ champagne in it”. This reflects the way Young Dolph is now able to live his life, as he has achieved great success in the rap game. The lyric furthers the idea of celebrating as he says “Poppin’ bottles, getting money, I ain’t talkin’ to no scale”.

In this lyric, Young Dolph is conveying the idea that his newfound success is allowing him to live a more luxurious life, no longer having to worry about the “weight” of his problems. This is a metaphor for his new life as a successful artist, no longer having to worry about the hardships he faced on his journey to the top.

Young Dolph’s “Talking to my Scale” has been streamed over two million times on Spotify. It is a popular among fans as it reflects Young Dolph’s come up story and is a reminder of what can be achieved with hard work


Young Dolph’s single “Talking To My Scale” is an upbeat hip-hop track released in 2017. It was produced by the DJ Suede, the same producer who had previously worked with artists such as Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar. The production of “Talking To My Scale” is marked by the use of a pulsing 808 and catchy melodies. The cadence of the beat is infectious and allows for a seamless delivery of Young Dolph’s powerful and motivational lyrics. The song is both an infectious banger and a reminder of the importance of self-care and personal growth.

The production of “Talking To My Scale” is a testament to the growth of hip-hop production. In 2017, hip-hop production was at an all-time high, with producers like Metro Boomin and Mike Will Made It dominating the soundscape. The production of “Talking To My Scale” draws from this sound, combining hip-hop beats with more melodic elements. Additionally, DJ Suede’s production is a reminder of the importance of artists collaborating and working together in order to create something unique and powerful.

The lyrics of “Talking To My Scale” further demonstrate the song’s innovative production. Young Dolph’s lyrics combine braggadocious lyrics with motivation and self-care. The song is a reminder to take care of yourself and to strive for greatness. Young Dolph’s lyrics are inspiring and powerful, and they are

Music Video

Young Dolph’s “Talking to My Scale” has become a cultural phenomenon since its release in March 2021. The song, which was featured in the music video, has seen considerable success and has received millions of views on YouTube. It has become a popular anthem with fans of hip-hop and rap and has been hailed as a modern classic.

The video, directed by fellow rapper Ricky Racks, contains a variety of visuals that come together to tell a story about Dolph’s journey to self-acceptance and the importance of self-care. The video also includes a variety of cameos from other rap artists, adding to its appeal. The song lyrically tackles issues such as mental health, self-love, and body positivity, making it highly relatable to many listeners.

In addition, the song has gained a huge amount of attention for its use of clever wordplay and punchlines. It has been praised for its creative use of samples and spoken word to emphasize the importance of its message. This has led to the song being featured on a variety of playlists and radio stations, helping it to gain even more attention.

Overall, Young Dolph’s “Talking to My Scale” has been a huge success and continues to be popular among hip-hop fans. Its impact on the music world is undeniable, and its clever lyrics, visuals, and message have resonated with many. With over 50 million views on YouTube and millions of streams on streaming services, the song is sure to be remembered for a long time.


Young Dolph’s song “Talking to My Scale” is a powerful and inspirational track about believing in yourself and having the courage to pursue your dreams. It is a reminder that success is a choice, and that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals. This song is a great source of motivation for anyone who needs a little push or a reminder to keep going. No matter what life throws at us, we should always remember that we are in control of our own destiny. We can choose to be successful and take our lives to the next level. So, if you ever need a reminder to stay focused and keep pushing forward, “Talking to My Scale” is the perfect song for you. It’s time to take control and make your dreams come true!