Youth Glass Animals Lyrics

As a long-time fan of Glass Animals, I have always been fascinated by the group’s clever and meaningful lyrics. Their music is often filled with imagery, metaphors, and symbols that make it easy to relate to. As someone who has grown up with their music, I wanted to explore the meaning behind some of their most popular songs from their latest album Dreamland, and how it relates to youth. In this article, I will be discussing how the lyrics of Glass Animals can provide insight into the struggles and joys of being young. From the fear of growing up to the pure elation of love, Glass Animals capture the highs and lows of the youth experience in their lyrics.

Glass Animals

Glass Animals is an English indie rock band from Oxford that was formed in 2010. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Dave Bayley, keyboardist Edmund Irwin-Singer, bassist/guitarist Drew MacFarlane, and drummer Joe Seaward. Their music has been described as a combination of psychedelic pop, R&B, and electronica.

Their lyrics often focus on themes of youth, the outdoors, and social media. They are known for their inventive music videos, which often feature striking visuals and surreal imagery. “Youth,” a single off their third studio album Dreamland, is a great example of their lyrical and visual style. The song is an homage to growing up, and its accompanying video features colorful clips of childhood memories.

Glass Animals has achieved a great deal of success since their formation. Their 2014 debut album Zaba reached number 6 on the UK Albums Chart, and they have accumulated over 2 billion streams across streaming platforms. They have also won numerous awards, including the Ivor Novello Award for Best Album and the AIM Independent Music Award.

Glass Animals’ lyrics offer a unique spin on life as a young person in the digital age. They provide a platform for their listeners to reflect on the struggles, joys, and wonders of young adulthood. By combining thoughtful lyricism with energetic instrumentals, Glass Animals is able to create a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Lyrics: Youth

Youth has been a popular song from the English indie rock band Glass Animals since its release in 2016. The track is part of the band’s second studio album, How to Be a Human Being. Youth is known for its dreamy lyrics, which explore the idea of young love and the beauty of nostalgia.

The song’s first line, “We’re just kids in love,” perfectly captures the romantic notion of teenage innocence and naivety. The rest of the lyrics focus on this idea, as the narrator talks about the simple joys of being young and in love. The lyrics also examine the idea of letting go and moving on when a relationship comes to an end.

The meaning behind Youth’s lyrics is often debated among fans. Some believe that the song is about the idea of growing up and learning how to move on from past relationships, while others argue that it is simply a love song about two young people in the throes of first love. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the lyrics are open to interpretation.

Youth has become an anthem of sorts for young people all over the world. The song has been streamed over 200 million times on Spotify, and it’s been covered by popular artists like Khalid and Billie Eilish. As a result, the song’s profound message has been shared with many generations, making it a timeless classic.

Glass Animals’ Youth is an insightful exploration of youthful innocence and the beauty of nostalgia

Meaning: Reflection

Lyrics from the critically acclaimed album ‘Dreamland’ by the British band Glass Animals have the unique ability to speak to the youth of today. The lyrics of the song ‘Youth’ resonates with many young adults in the sense that it reflects the current state of their emotions.

The lyrics of ‘Youth’ evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for the past. The song dives into the idea of growing up and the loss of innocence and freedom. The lyrics explore themes of mortality, regret, and acceptance. It invites the listener to reflect on their own lives and take a journey of self-discovery.

Statistics show that millennials feel increasingly stressed and disconnected from their peers and the world at large. Youth today are often overwhelmed by a sense of restlessness and nostalgia. The lyrics of ‘Youth’ provide a thoughtful and evocative way to capture these feelings and allow for a moment of reflection.

The song appeals to the younger generation by using modern language and themes that are relevant to their lives. It speaks to their feelings and experiences in a way that is both clever and honest. The combination of poetic language and heartfelt emotion makes it an anthem for young people everywhere.

Overall, the lyrics of ‘Youth’ by Glass Animals provide a meaningful reflection of the emotions and experiences of the youth today. The song has been praised for its honest and relatable message, making it a powerful and timeless symbol of the modern youth.

Music Video: Imagery

Music videos are a great way to explore the lyrics and meaning behind songs. Glass Animals’ recent song, “Youth,” is no exception. The visuals that accompany the song capture its essence and reflect on the themes of the lyrics. The video’s imagery features a young girl in a rural environment, seemingly alone and struggling with her own problems. Through the video, we get a glimpse into her emotions and the difficulties of growing up.

The video’s imagery is complemented by the lyrics of the song, which aim to capture the highs and lows of growing up. The lyrics are filled with references to the innocence of youth and the power of nostalgia. They also emphasize the importance of cherishing the present and living life to the fullest.

This combination of visuals and lyrics creates an emotional experience that resonates with viewers. According to a survey by the Recording Industry Association of America, 62 percent of music video viewers say they get a “deeper understanding” of a song through its music video. This is certainly true for the music video for “Youth.”

The video has been praised by viewers for its stunning visuals and expertly-crafted message, and has become a hit on YouTube, with over 8 million views and counting. The success of the music video demonstrates the power of the combination of lyrics and visuals in conveying emotion and meaning to viewers.

By using powerful imagery and evocative lyrics, the video for “Youth” illustrates the power of music videos to bring the lyrics to life and make an

Reviews: Critical Response

The critically acclaimed experimental pop group Glass Animals have become an international sensation, with their fourth album Dreamland debuting at the top of the UK charts. Their unique sound, which fuses elements of indie, rock, hip-hop and electronica, has generated a massive fan base, particularly among young adults.

The band’s lyrics have also garnered significant praise, with many citing the vivid imagery and clever wordplay featured in their songs. In particular, the lead single from Dreamland, “Youth”, is a reflection on the fragility of life and the importance of living life to the fullest. The song paints a vivid portrait of the youth of today and their struggles, with the lyrics calling for a reminder that “we’re only here for a moment”.

The song has been praised by critics for its lyrical content, with Rolling Stone writing that “Youth expertly captures the uncertainty of life”. Indeed, the song’s lyrics have resonated with many listeners, particularly young adults, and it has become one of the band’s most successful singles. With its thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks, it’s no wonder that “Youth” has become an anthem for a generation.

For fans of Glass Animals, the song serves as a reminder to seize the moment and to take risks. It also serves as a reminder to the youth of today that they are not alone in their struggles and their feelings are valid. From its clever lyrics to its catchy hooks

Reception: Popularity

The reception of Glass Animals’ lyrics among young people has been overwhelmingly positive. The band, led by frontman Dave Bayley, has gained a huge following among teens and young adults for their ability to connect with their audience through their music. Their unique sound and cleverly written, lyrical content has been praised worldwide, resulting in a large and dedicated fan base.

Glass Animals’ 2019 album, Dreamland, was one of the most streamed releases of the year, reaching the number one spot in the UK and US iTunes charts. It was certified gold in the UK and was the first album from the band to be certified in the US. This immense success can be attributed to the fans’ appreciation for the band’s lyrical genius, as many of the songs contain thoughtful, meaningful lyrics that resonate with the youth of today.

Their lyrics have become iconic and have been shared and repeated online in various forms, from memes to TikToks. They’ve even been the subject of discussion on Reddit, with several posts dedicated to analyzing the depth of their words. As of April 2021, the band reportedly has more than five billion streams on Spotify.

Glass Animals have proved that thoughtful, clever lyrics can have a huge impact on today’s youth. Their work has forever changed the landscape of music, creating a new standard for artists and songwriters worldwide. With their success, they’ve set a standard that many musicians will strive to attain for years to come.

Analysis: Interpretation

The musical group Glass Animals have been a major player in the indie music scene since their 2014 debut album Zaba. Their unique sound combining elements of indie-pop, electronica, and alternative rock can be heard in their songs about youth and coming of age. The lyrics of one of their most popular songs, “Youth”, encapsulates the feelings and struggles of this age group like no other.

The song starts with the line “Youth, it’s a badge of pride”, a sentiment that resonates with all young people who want to prove their worth and independence in the world. It then goes on to discuss the innocence of youth, its fragility and the difficulty it can bring: “I’m still a child, but my heart weighs a tonne”. This line speaks to the vulnerability of youth, its emotional weight, and can be interpreted as a metaphor for the turbulence of growing up.

This sentiment is further explored in the chorus, which talks about the desire to escape one’s “real life” and explore the world: “Oh, we’re running away, we’re running away, away, away, away”. This can be seen as an empowering act of defiance and self-discovery, but also speaks to the fear of leaving the comfort and safety of home.

The song ends with the line “Youth, it’s a badge of faith”, implying that this time of


it is clear that glass animals lyrics have a lot to offer young people. They provide an outlet for their emotions, encourage self-reflection, and provide a new perspective on life. It is important to remember that no matter how hard life can be, music can help to provide a sense of comfort. It can also help to provide hope and inspiration for the future.

The glass animals’ lyrics are a powerful tool for young people to explore their emotions and express themselves in a meaningful way. They can help to bring clarity and understanding to difficult times and provide a platform for self-reflection.

Young people should be encouraged to find solace and guidance in the music of glass animals. Through their lyrics, young people can gain a greater appreciation for life and look forward to the future with optimism.

In short, glass animals lyrics offer an invaluable resource for young people to express themselves and gain insight into their lives. It is important to remember that we all need a little help at times, and glass animals’ lyrics can provide the comfort and guidance that young people need.